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Summary: Maria Stoljar talks with Australian painters about how they became an artist, their painting techniques, influences and current work. A new episode released every fortnight.


 Ep 65: Nicholas Harding - Talking with Painters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:17:36

Nicholas Harding is one of Australia's most celebrated artists. He has been awarded the Archibald prize, the Archibald People's Choice award, the Kilgour prize and the Dobell drawing prize amongst others. His work crosses portraiture, landscape and still life. Harding's oil paintings are created with a glorious impasto technique, he uses gouache to capture the lifesize portraits of many a famous sitter and he is renowned for his magnificent ink drawings. He has had over 30 (often sell-out) solo shows, major survey shows of his work have been held at the S H Ervin Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery and his work is in the collections of many public institutions including the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the National Gallery of Australia, the National Portrait Gallery, and in private and corporate collections around the world. One of the major impacts on his work was coming to Australia after spending the first 8 years of his life in England and, in particular, his observation of the different light and how its glare created contrasts which were so different to the muted tones of England.  It was his time in the bush and the beaches as a child which caused him later to move further from the English influence to make Australia the subject of his work. In this episode we talk about his influences, painting from memory, the strengths and weaknesses of using photographic references, failing in order to succeed, making art during the dark times and much more. To hear the episode press 'play' under the feature photo above or listen however you get your podcasts. See short video of Harding in his studio below. Current Upcoming shows Destination Sydney Re-Imagined (together with work by Wendy Sharpe and Jeffrey Smart)  at S H Ervin Gallery until 17 March 2019 Solo show at Philip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane, 20 August - 14 September 2019 Show Notes Nicholas Harding Nicholas Harding on Instagram Nicholas Harding at Olsen Gallery Nicholas Harding at Philip Bacon Galleries Nicholas Harding at Sophie Gannon Gallery Simone de Beauvoir Memento mori Willem De Kooning Mark Rothko Howard Hodgkin JMW Turner Vincent van Gogh Henri de Toulouse Lautrec Russell Drysdale Brett Whiteley Lloyd Rees Arthur Boyd Sidney Nolan Francis Bacon Chuck Close Malcolm Morley Frank Auerbach Leon Kossoff Walter Sickert John Bell Robert Drewe Catherine Hunter Anna Volska John Olsen   John Singer Sargent Hugo Weaving  

 Ep 64: Luke Sciberras - Talking with Painters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:11:36

If you've ever met Luke Sciberras you’ll know he’s larger than life. Full of joie de vivre and good humour, he attacks life with gusto from his fabulous garden to his renowned cooking skills so it’s no surprise that this life force is also manifested through his art. He's known chiefly for his landscape paintings which are created with layers of glorious colour and a variety of marks. His drawings and plein air works have an immediacy which take us into his experience - whether it's a boab tree a bird or a portrait. His art is always interpreted from life or from drawings made en plein air and brought back into the studio. But paradoxically what is most important to him as a landscape painter is in fact people. Those who are the custodians or owners of the landscape are just as important to him as the landscape itself and he needs to connect with them in order to create his work. He’s painted landscapes around the world from Europe to China but it’s in Australia that he’s spent most of his painting life – interpreting the landscapes of far northern Queensland to Bruny Island in Tasmania, from the Kimberley coast in Western Australia to the central desert areas where he’s created his art with the indigenous people of those lands. He's had 40 solo shows, his work has been hung in the Art Gallery of NSW, is contained in the collections of many regional galleries, in corporate and major private collections and his upcoming show of paintings from Western Australia’s Kimberley coast opens at King Street Gallery on William in Sydney in March 2019. I spoke with Luke in historic Hill End about 4 hours from Sydney where he has his studio in the midst of a wonderful artists' community. To hear the interview press 'play' beneath the feature photo above. A short video of Luke in his studio will be uploaded to this website  and the Talking with Painters YouTube channel soon. Upcoming show Solo show 'Rose into view' at King Street Gallery on WIlliam 19 March - 13 April 2019 Show notes Luke Sciberras Luke Sciberras on Instagram Luke Sciberras at King Street Gallery on William Luke Sciberras at Scott Livesey Galleries Wedderburn artistic community Suzanne Archer David Fairbairn Elisabeth Cummings Al Poulet Giorgio Morandi John Peter Russell Belle Île Euan Macleod Catherine Hunter Margaret Tuckson Garry Shead Martin Sharp Ann Thomson Guy Warren Gria Shead Tim Storrier Hill End Russell Drysdale Donald Friend Margaret Olley John Olsen Jeffrey Smart Bullecourt Charles Bean John Olsen Wendy Whiteley Brett Whiteley                                          'Gallipoli Study 6, 2014, gouache and pastel on paper, 40 x 55cm  

 Ep 63: Tony Tuckson (part 2): Artist Aida Tomescu - Talking with Painters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:19

In episode 62 I spoke with senior curator Denise Mimmocchi about the late abstract expressionist artist Tony Tuckson and the exhibition ' Tuckson:the abstract sublime ' which is currently showing at the Art Gallery of NSW. The exhibition continues until 17 February 2019. In this episode I look at a few of the paintings themselves with artist Aida Tomescu.  I spoke with Aida about her own life and art in episode 33 where you can hear a great story of her arrival in Australia from communist Romania and her rise to becoming one of our most respected painters. She has won many awards including the Wynne prize, the Sulman prize and the Dobell prize and has exhibited in over 30 solo shows. We talk about the paintings, paint, what the paint’s doing, guessing the intention of the artist and ponder on what effect it’s having on the viewer. You don’t have to see the exhibition to appreciate these episodes but if you get a chance to go why not listen to it as you’re walking around? You’ll see I’ve marked at the top of this page the point where we speak about each work so you can see them in any order you like. The book accompanying the exhibition, edited by curator Denise Mimmocchi, 'Tuckson' is widely available including from the Art Gallery of NSW bookshop. Images are reproduced with the kind permission of the Art Gallery of NSW. To hear the episode just press 'play' under the feature photo above. Scroll down to also see a YouTube version of this episode with images Here are the works we talk about in this episode 2:29      White lines (vertical) on ultramarine 1970 - 73  (room 4) 9:55      Yellow (room 3) 15:10    Untitled  [Late Drawing No.19 ] (room 3) 20:20   Untitled  [White Sketch] 1970 - 73 (room 3) 24:20   Swirl c1962 - 65 (room 2) 28:10   Untitled 1973 (room 4)

 Ep 62: Tony Tuckson (part 1): Curator Denise Mimmocchi - Talking with Painters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:57

Denise Mimmocchi, senior curator of Australian art at the Art Gallery of NSW, has brought together a magnificent exhibition of the abstract works of the late Tony Tuckson: 'Tuckson: the abstract sublime' showing at the Art Gallery of NSW until 17 February 2019. Tony Tuckson, who died about 45 years ago, is considered by many to be one of Australia’s most significant abstract expressionist artists but he kept his art under wraps for most of his painting life. In this episode I spoke with the Art Gallery of NSW’s senior curator of Australian art (and mastermind of this show) Denise Mimmocchi and we talk about his life and career. You can then follow on in episode 63 and listen to my conversation with renowned Australian abstract artist Aida Tomescu where we talk about a few of the works in depth. If you happen to be in Sydney before the show ends and get a chance to get there you could listen while you look. You’ll see in the notes to episode 63 that I’ve marked the point where we speak about each work so you can skip ahead to any work you like. Images of all the works I talk about with Aida are also reproduced on the page of episode 63 with the kind permission of the Art Gallery of NSW. The exhibition is current until 17 February 2019. Details here. The book 'Tuckson' (pictured below) is available at the Art Gallery of NSW book shop.  

 Ep 61: Michaye Boulter - Talking with Painters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 49:04

From the age of 2, when she sailed with her parents from Australia to Canada, Michaye Boulter's life has never been far from the sea. Spending weeks at a time in her childhood sailing  on the ocean spending time staring out at that vastness, Michaye’s very being is connected with the water. So it’s no surprise that she paints what she knows. In her recent show, ‘Shelter’, at Sydney’s Arthouse Gallery, her works of Tasmanian seascapes were breathtaking. They depict the Australian coastlines and ocean often with no sign of human life when the sun is not out in full force, creating a low light which darkens the land making the sky and the water the main players in her work. We talk about her childhood memories but also about her current work and studio practice. Notably she's been a finalist in the prestigious Glover landscape prize 7 times as well as many others. She's had 20 solo shows and her work is also held in various public and private collections around Australia, including the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and Parliament House, Canberra. We start this conversation at a time when Michaye was just 2 years old when her parents built a boat  when they were living in Brisbane in Queensland and they decided to take the family back to Canada with Michaye and her baby sister on board.  It would be the start of a childhood of travel and life on the sea. To hear the podcast episode press 'play' beneath the feature photo above. Scroll down to see a short video of Michaye talking about her work at Arthouse Gallery. Upcoming show Solo show at Handmark Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania, December 2019 Show notes Michaye Boulter at Arthouse Gallery Michaye Boulter at Handmark Gallery The Glover Prize Caspar David Friedrich's 'The Monk by the Sea' Langridge Gerhard Mausz Linda Fredrich

 Ep 60: Justin Williams - Talking with Painters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45:40

Press 'play' above to hear the podcast episode and click here or scroll down for YouTube video! Over the last six years Justin Williams has not only been exhibiting all over Australia but in Europe and the US, with his work hanging in galleries in New York, L.A, Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Athens and London. Williams depicts the world outside the mainstream, usually set in nature or a seemingly imaginary or folkloric world.  He's interested in the characters who represent the archetypal outsider such as Baba Desi, the wizard living in the Dandenongs and 'The Family' cult leader Anne Hamilton-Byrne. He feels, though, that not all outsiders live on the fringes of society and that it could include all of us to some extent. From working on fishing trawlers to single handedly building his own cabin in the forest, Williams does not seek out the safety of the comfortable life and it's only been relatively recently that he has found a stability of sorts in comparison to his earlier, less predictable, life. His current show Arcana II, showing at Galerie L'Inlassable in Paris, depicts scenarios inspired from a tarot card reading by a Parisian clairvoyant. The works are mysterious with a hint of foreboding. Powerful colour combinations and brushwork makes the viewer linger. He believes he is a relatively unknown in Australia but that that has given him the freedom to work without restraint. It was a  thoroughly enjoyable conversation. To hear it just press play beneath the feature photo above! Scroll down to see a short video of Williams in his studio. Current and upcoming events 'Arcana part II', Galerie l'inlassable, Paris until December 22, 2018 Solo show at SADE LA, May 2019 Show Notes Justin Williams at Silas Von Morrisse Gallery Justin Williams at Galeries l'inlassable Andy Warhol Pablo Picasso Jean-Michel Basquiat The Family sect (Anne Hamilton-Byrne)    

 Ep 59: Melinda Harper - Talking with Painters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 44:31

Melinda Harper is one of Australia's leading abstract artists. Her works, filled with geometric forms and often with an explosion of colour, have been fascinating art lovers for over 30 years. Whether its hundreds of rectangles crammed onto the canvas or wavy forms filled with psychedelic stripes, your eye is going to be subjected to a feast of colour and form. In this episode we talk about, amongst other things, colour, why she paints in oils when acrylics would appear to be the obvious choice, and how, when she was at art school, her approach was not at all in fashion. Harper has been exhibiting for over 30 years and has had over 25 solo shows. In 2015, one of Australia's leading art institutions, Heide Museum of Modern Art, held a major survey of her work called 'Colour Sensation: The Works of Melinda Harper'. Her work is contained in the permanent collections of the National Gallery of Australia, National Gallery of Victoria, Art Gallery of NSW and other public and private collections. I caught up with Harper at her home near the town of Castlemaine, in the beautiful goldfield regions of Victoria. To hear the podcast interview press 'play' under the feature photo above. A short video of Harper in her studio will be posted to this website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube soon. Show Notes Melinda Harper at Olsen Gallery Judy Chicago Judy Chicago's installation 'The Dinner Party' Hans Hofmann Jackson Pollock Lee Krasner Hans Hofmann's painting 'Pre-dawn', 1960, National Gallery of Australia Marcel Duchamp Hans Hofmann website demonstrating the 'push and pull' theory      

 Ep 58: Natasha Walsh - Talking with Painters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 54:38

Natasha Walsh is one of Australia’s most exciting emerging artists. A few months ago, over a period of about 12 weeks, she won three prestigious art awards; the Kilgour Prize, the Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship and the Mosman Art Prize. She’s also been a finalist in the Archibald Prize for the last 3 years in a row with stunning self portraits. And she’s only 24. But the road to this success has not been smooth. Experiencing dyslexia as a child, she struggled both academically and socially in her early years and had to learn strategies to fit in. There’s also been an intermittent struggle with depression and she speaks openly about those experiences and how they have impacted her fascinating self portraits. Painting on canvas has never really interested her. She’s  more interested in transforming materials into ideas. Those materials have ranged from wax and copper to marble. Walsh displays wisdom beyond her years and it was great to meet her. Press 'play' which appears beneath the feature photo to hear the podcast episode. Scroll down to see a short video of Walsh in her studio. Current and upcoming shows Mosman art prize (winner) Mosman Art Gallery current until 18 November 2018 Archibald Prize, Geelong Gallery current until 18 November 2018 Dominik Mersch Gallery, 2019, date TBA Show notes Natasha Walsh Natasha Walsh at Dominik Mersch Gallery Archibald Prize Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship Mosman Art Prize Kilgour Prize National Art School

 Ep 57: Joe Furlonger - Talking with Painters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 58:54

Joe Furlonger is one of  Australia’s most respected painters, with his work crossing landscape, figures and portraiture. He's probably best known for a particular kind of landscape which he returns to time and time again. He paints those flat areas of the Australian farmlands and bush, the places where at first glance there doesn't seem to be much going on, where the horizon seems to stretch out forever. Places like Moree and the Darling Downs.  But he always seems to find a way to interpret those spaces which injects an excitement into the image and that invariably involves multiple layers of paint energetically applied. Furlonger's not concerned with traditional rules of landscape painting or the restrictions of gaining an exact likeness in portraiture. His methods appear to be instinctive in one sense but, on the other hand, also drawn from keen observation. What emerged from talking with him, though, was his constant struggle to avoid stagnation and his desire to always be looking for a new approach until even that method is exhausted and it’s time to move on. He’s a multi award winning artist and has had 35 solo shows. His work is held in the National Galleries of Australia and Victoria and the Art Gallery of NSW as well as many other public and private collections. We recorded this conversation when his work was hanging in Defiance Gallery's show  'Six Artists | Seven Days' which was brought about together with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy when six artists were taken to one of the AWC's sanctuaries  in Newhaven in the Northern Territory. Scroll down to see a short video taken at the gallery. To hear the interview press 'play' beneath the feature photo above. Upcoming shows Nock Art Gallery, Hong Kong, 2019, date TBA Show Notes Joe Furlonger at Defiance Gallery Ann Thomson on Talking with Painters Kevin Connor Sidney Nolan Pablo Picasso Ernst Kirchner Pierre Bonnard Lucian Freud Ray Hughes Australian Wildlife Conservancy      

 Ep 56: Jacqui Stockdale - Talking with Painters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 47:41

Jacqui Stockdale paints, sculpts, collages, creates animations, has staged live performances and produces exquisite portrait photography. When I visited her Melbourne studio I was bowled over by a huge horse she had sculpted – a life-sized Phar Lap in the middle of the studio piled high with a large collection of masks on its back; masquerade masks which she first came upon on a trip to india and kept collecting. Bright, expressive and slightly creepy. Horses and masks feature again and again but her work is never predictable. She’s always shaking it up a bit, adding a touch of shock value along the way. Her photographic art work 'Historia', of a topless female Ned Kelly, would have raised the eyebrows of one or two historians. Over the time she spent in Sydney in the late 90s she painted prolifically and was awarded five art prizes in less than two years and has won several prizes since then including the Moran Contemporary Photograhic award. She has exhibited in 20 solo shows and has a show coming up at Sydney’s Olsen gallery in November 2018. Stockdale's work is held in public institutions including the National Gallery of Australia, many private collections, and has even been hung in the Louvre in Paris. She is also one of only 20 artists recently commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery to create work for its 20th anniversary. This conversation was recorded before an audience at Town Hall Gallery in Melbourne on 22 September 2018 in the midst of a show brought together by the artist Ilona Nelson, through her creative project 'This Wild Song'. To hear the podcast interview press 'play' under the feature photo above. Scroll down for a short video of Stockdale in her studio.  More videos of podcast guests can be seen on the  Talking with Painters YouTube channel. Feature photo by Martin Nahon (cropped) Current and Upcoming events  Group show 'This Wild Song', Town Hall Gallery, current to 21 October 2018 'Jacqui Stockdale', Olsen Gallery, 21 November - 9 December 2018 Show Notes Jacqui Stockdale at This is No Fantasy Jacqui Stockdale at Olsen Gallery Jacqui Stockdale on Instagram This Wild Song - Ilona Nelson Lewis Miller on Talking with Painters Hugh Ramsay John Singer Sargent Nora Heysen Diego Velazquez Ned Kelly Paul Kelly Rose Chong Costumiers Sidney Nolan MONA Mofo  

 Ep 55: Alexander McKenzie - Talking with Painters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:09:00

In Alexander McKenzie's paintings the sun hides below the horizon and a low light illuminates the mysterious landscape. It might be a manicured garden or a hill covered in trees and there will probably be water nearby. Perhaps the sea, a lake, a channel. Perfectly still but brightly reflecting the sky. One thing's for sure. You're going to venture in for a closer look. At first it might look familiar but as you get closer you realise it’s not a place that you're likely to find on this earth.  You’ll discover things you didn’t notice at first glance; a closed gate with its key lost in the painting, a bridge taking you to another place, a red flag warning you to reconsider. Those elements are not accidental. They’ve been deliberately placed by the artist who is himself looking for answers where spirituality is key. Even the symbols in his portraiture lend themselves to a metaphoric interpretation. He’s had twenty five solo shows in Australia and the UK, has been a finalist in the Archibald six times, seven times in the Wynne Prize and is hugely popular. McKenzie’s shows often sell out and his superb mid-career survey show ‘The Adventurous Gardener’ currently at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery in Sydney has been what could be called a blockbuster for a regional gallery, with 2000 people going through the doors on the first weekend. We recorded this episode in McKenzie's studio with some of his paintings in progress propped up on milk crates against the walls destined for Martin Browne Contemporary and his November solo show. To hear the conversation press 'play' beneath the feature photo above. Or listen however you get your podcasts. Scroll down to see a video of McKenzie talking about his survey show 'The Adventurous Gardener'. Current and upcoming events 'The Adventurous Gardener', Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, current to 21 October 2018 Solo show, Martin Browne Contemporary, 15 November - 9 December 2018 Show Notes Alexander McKenzie Alexander McKenzie at Martin Browne Contemporary Julian Ashton Art School Leonardo Da Vinci Claude Monet Edouard Manet Paul Klee Dutch Golden Age painting John Bokor King Street Gallery Blake Prize Matt Corby

 Ep 54: Ann Thomson - Talking with Painters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:06:06

Ann Thomson is one of Australia's most significant artists. She’s been painting for over 60 years, has exhibited in over 40 solo shows and there’s no sign of her slowing down. Her works are filled with colour and movement which command the viewer’s attention. They’re all about feeling and touch, delving into abstraction in her unique way. She’s won the Wynne prize, the Geelong Contemporary art prize, the Kedumba Drawing prize, the Tattersall's art prize and others. She’s also an acclaimed sculptor and, as with her paintings, likes to work in large scale.  Her incredible installation selected for the Seville Expo in 1992 was 11 metres high and took 3 months to complete when it was shipped over to Spain. I had a great conversation with Ann in her huge studio in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. We talked about why we need musicians and artists, what makes a strong painting, how to tap into creativity and lots more. Her work is included in the forthcoming show '6 artists | 7 days' at Defiance Gallery which opens on 23 September 2018. Thomson grew up in Brisbane and this episode starts at a time when she was 9 years old, during WWII, when her school had been closed down amid fears of enemy attacks. Press 'play' beneath the feature photo above to hear the podcast interview. Scroll down to see video of Thomson in her studio.   Feature photo of Ann Thomson above (cropped)  by Greg Weight   Current and upcoming events National Art - Part one, group show, National Art School, current to 27 October 2018 Mary Place Group Exhibition, Defiance Gallery, current to 20 October 2018 Six artists | Seven days, the AWC Newhaven exhibition, group show, Defiance Gallery, 23 September to 19 October Exhibition with Joe Furlonger at Nock Art Gallery 2019, date TBA Show notes Ann Thomson at Defiance Gallery Ann Thomson at Nodrum Gallery Ann Thomson at Stephane Jacob Gallery John Molvig Betty Churcher Caroline Barker Robert Helpmann Kenneth Noland Anthony Caro Claude Monet Exhibition at Musee de l'Orangerie - American Abstract Painting and the last Monet National Art School (formerly East Sydney Technical College) John Passmore Watters Gallery John Olsen Tim Storrier Piet Mondrian Ian Fairweather Grace Clifford Australian Wildlife Conservancy Cite Internationale des Arts Noel McKenna Joe Furlonger Fiona Mcdonald

 Ep 53: Laura Jones - Talking with Painters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 55:13

What do you imagine when you think of a painting of flowers by a woman artist? It might be a Margaret Olley still life set in her crowded Paddington terrace or a Margaret Preston with a striped tablecloth or it might be a close up Georgia O'Keefe with all its erotic interpretations. But it might also be considered less serious - just a pretty picture painted in a domestic setting. It was partly for that reason that Laura Jones initially resisted the flower as subject matter, until it was clear to her that that’s what she should be painting. Her exploration of the flower has developed over the years and took an interesting direction in her spectacular recent show ‘Too Much, Not Enough’ at Sophie Gannon Gallery. The show sold out quickly and a waiting list is in place for collectors. Jones is also a passionate environmentalist and her show at Olsen gallery last year resulted from residencies in the Great Barrier Reef after a severe bleaching event. Those works were both awe-inspiring and shocking. In this episode, we talk about the flowers and the reef as well as Jones' portraiture and a lot about process and colour. Jones grew up in Kurrajong near the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. This episode starts off with her talking about a time when she was studying for her Masters at the College of Fine Art at the UNSW, working part time as a florist and planning to move into a new studio which was to become the creative Birmingham studios in the Sydney suburb of Alexandria. Feature photo above (cropped) by Rachel Kara Upcoming events 'Laura Jones', Olsen Gallery, 17 November - 8 December Solo show with Olsen Gallery 2019, date tba. Show notes Laura Jones Laura Jones at Olsen Gallery Laura Jones at Sophie Gannon Gallery Leah Fraser at Arthouse Gallery Abdul Abdullah Alan Jones Ben Quilty Euan Macleod Nicholas Harding Elisabeth Cummings Marieke Hardy YouTube video with audio from the interview with footage from 'Too Much Not Enough', show at Sophie Gannon Gallery (below)

 Ep 52: Gina Kalabishis - Talking with Painters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 54:38

Gina Kalabishis's work is about relationships and connection; connecting with nature and connecting with each other. Her recent show at Flinders Lane Gallery, 'Bundanon Floor to Sky', drew on her time spent within the landscape of Bundanon, the gift that artist Arthur Boyd and his wife Yvonne gave to the Australian people. Bundanon is a property of over 1000 hectares on the Shoalhaven river in NSW which offers residencies to artists and writers, an extensive education program and much more. From her time at Bundanon, Kalabishis has produced an astonishing body of work. Her triptych 'Bundanon Floor to Sky - You are always a part of me now (after Van Morrison)', which is over three and a half metres long, immerses the viewer into that lush landscape from the roots of the trees to the sky above. Other works in the series, too, explore the area from the ground all the way up to the troposphere, far above the landscape. Kalabishis also combines ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, with native Australian plants, taking them out of the domestic setting into the landscape. Bones and shells also form part of the imagery which she creates through a combination of sculpture and digital technology. Last year she was awarded the Eutick Memorial Still Life Award and has won many other awards including the Rick Amor drawing prize. She has exhibited in 18 solo shows and her work is held in the National Gallery of Australia and many other institutions and private collections. Kalabishis grew up in Melbourne - her parents were Greek migrants - and this conversation starts with her memories of work experience at the National Gallery of Victoria when she was 16.  It was 1985 and the ‘Golden Summers’ exhibition was showing  at the gallery. The exhibition was very popular at the time and included works by Australian impressionists of the Heidelberg school including Arthur Streeton and Tom Roberts. Kalabashis talks about her recent exhibition and generously reveals much about her process which takes advantage of 21st century technology. To hear Maria Stoljar's conversation with Gina Kalabishis press 'play' under the feature photo above. Recent exhibition 'Bundanon Floor to Sky', Flinders Lane Gallery, 17 July - 11 August 2018 Show notes Gina Kalabishis Gina Kalabishis at Flinders Lane Gallery Gina Kalabishis on Instagram Eutick Memorial Still Life Award Bundanon Trust Arthur Streeton Tom Roberts Eugene Von Guerard Van Morrison Norman Sparnon Michael Kiwanuka Nick Cave Else Torp Lost by Frederick McCubbin Irene Hanenbergh Bundanon Siteworks 2018 Anya Mckee Art Spectrum Luke Istomin on Instagram    

 Ep 51: Marc Etherington - Talking with Painters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:33

There's the Archibald portraits but there’s also the other stuff; a painting of a home aquarium where a scuba diver is caught in the tentacles of an octopus, the cast of Seinfeld are looking for their car in that famous episode, Michael Jackson and Bubbles the chimp sit in a cloud while a jet skiier zooms along a lake below. There are also the stills from movies and TV shows from Jaws and Rambo to Magnum PI and the Dukes of Hazzard. Welcome to the wonderful world of Marc Etherington’s art. Etherington is a self-taught artist who took up painting when he was housebound one snowy winter in Canada 12 years ago. He's been selected as a finalist in the Archibald Prize for the last four years in a row and twice for the Sulman Prize. His portraits of artists Del Kathryn Barton, Ken Done and Paul Williams stopped me in my tracks in the Art Gallery of NSW and the story behind this year's self-portrait 'Me and Granny' reveals as much about his personality as his painting skill. His use of colour and composition combine with his imagination to take us into an alternate reality at times nostalgic, absurd or humorous but always tapping into something we can connect to. Pop culture references from 80s and 90s TV shows and movies are interpreted in his distinctive style and trigger memories for those who loved them. He's been in over 20 group shows, has had 6 solo shows and his much awaited show 'Couch Potato' opens at Michael Reid in Sydney on 9 August 2018, about a week after this podcast goes online. This interview was recorded in Etherington's home in Sydney where he had wooden sculptures he’d been working on on the bookcase nearby. He’s self-effacing, honest and committed to his art and it was a thoroughly enjoyable interview.  To hear it, press 'play' beneath the feature photo above. Upcoming events Solo show 'Couch Potato' Michael Reid Gallery, Sydney, 9 - 28 August 2018 Sydney Contemporary, Sydney, 13 - 16 September 2018 Show notes Marc Etherington at Michael Reid Marc Etherington on Instagram Del Kathryn Barton Ken Done Ken Done video on Talking with Painters YouTube Channel Paul Williams Lynda Draper Idris Murphy Kate Etherington on Instagram


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