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Summary: Maria Stoljar talks with Australian painters about how they became an artist, their techniques, influences and current work. A new episode released every fortnight.


 Megan Seres | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:19

Although she first went to art school at 15, it wasn’t until she was 38 that Megan Seres started on her path to become a practising artist - when she enrolled in Sydney's National Art School. Then in 2016, encouraged by a friend, she reluctantly entered the prestigious Doug Moran National Portrait Prize and was shocked when it was announced she'd won. The winning portrait of her daughter Scarlett dressed as a colonial girl thrust her into the limelight and she has been creating works which have been catching the attention of art lovers ever since. In the last few weeks alone she has been shortlisted in both the Percival Tucker Portrait prize and the Wyndham Art Prize. In this podcast episode, she talks about the struggles she faced in becoming an artist, recalls the overwhelming experience of winning the Doug Moran portrait prize and talks about the aftermath of that win, including the decisions she had to make regarding the direction her work was taking. The interview was recorded in her studio in beautiful Gerringong, on NSW’s south coast. A video of Seres talking with Maria Stoljar in her studio can be seen on the Talking with Painters YouTube channel. Current and upcoming events 'Out Front', group show, contemporary artists, diverse practices, by Melbourne gallery initiative Here We See - Gallery There, pop-up group exhibition, 424 Smith St, Collingwood, VIC, 8 March to 8 April 2018 Percival Portrait Painting Prize, Perc Tucker Regional Gallery,  Townsville, QLD, 27 April - 15 July 2018 Wyndham Art prize, Wyndham art gallery, Werribee, VIC, 29 March 2018 Group shows at A K Bellinger Gallery, Inverell, date TBA Four commissioned portraits of the founding women of Adderton: house and heart of mercy, opening to the public November 2018 Show notes: Megan Seres Julian Ashton Art School National Art School John Bloomfield Ella Dreyfus Euan Macleod Euan Macleod on Talking with Painters Bill Henson Louise Hearman Louise Hearman on Talking with Painters Marion Borgelt Doug Moran National Portrait Prize Why entering the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize is a life changer and one worth considering by Megan Seres Liquin by Winsor and Newton Megan Seres talking with Maria Stoljar in her studio on the Talking with Painters YouTube channel    

 Peter O’Doherty | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:22

If he doesn’t have a paintbrush in his hand it’s likely he’ll have a guitar because Peter O'Doherty is as much a musician and songwriter as he is a painter. It wasn't long after leaving high school that he filled in for a guitarist of his brother's band who had gone on holidays and ended up never leaving. That band was Mental As Anything which rocketed to fame in Australia in the late 70s and 80s. During those years he taught himself to paint and that life - immersed in music and art - continues to this day. O'Doherty's paintings are mostly landscapes, many of them focussing on the manmade environment: fibro houses, red brick apartment blocks, cityscapes, quintessentially Australian. But he has also painted domestic still lifes: retro armchairs, a closeup of the washing up in the kitchen sink. His work has been recognised with awards including the Paddington art prize and he has exhibited in over 30 solo shows in Australia and New Zealand. But what I found most fascinating about our conversation were the parallels he drew between painting and music which added an extra dimension to how I view his work. To hear the conversation press play under the feature photo above. A short video of O'Doherty talking with Maria Stoljar in his studio is now on the Talking with Painters YouTube channel Upcoming events Solo exhibition 'Somewhere to live', King Street Gallery, 27 February to 24 March 2018 Links to things and people we talk about in the show Peter O'Doherty at King Street Gallery on William Kurt Schwitters Mental as Anything Reg Mombassa (aka Chris O'Doherty) on Talking with Painters Susan O'Doherty on Talking with Painters Dog Trumpet Rover Thomas Mark Rothko Paul Klee Piet Mondrian Jean Michel Basquiat Charlie Parker Thelonious Monk Dizzy Gillespie Grandmaster Flash Video of O'Doherty talking with Maria Stoljar in his studio on the Talking with Painters YouTube channel      

 Renee French | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:36

Born in the US and currently living in Australia, Renee French is an artist acclaimed for her hundreds, if not thousands, of drawings in the form of original works, art books, graphic novels, underground comix and children's books which she has created over the last 25 years. Her art has been exhibited in solo shows in New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo (several which sold out) as well as in many group shows. And now there is a waiting list for her paintings. They are effectively sold before they are started even though she has only been painting full time for a year. Free from the restrictions of narrative, she now paints characters whose images speak for themselves; a mummified bunny, a cute chihuahua, a bird with an elongated beak and bulging eyes, a raccoon smoking a cigarette. French's imagination brings to life these creatures which stare out at the viewer with soulful eyes. French has over 100,000 followers on Instagram, many who tune in to her live video feeds where she paints and answers questions about her process and technique - often with a TV series like Neighbours or Blue Heelers playing in the background. You'll often see her works labelled with the hashtags 'pop surrealism' and 'low brow art' on Instagram - art movements which have been influenced by surrealism and popular culture. We spent hours talking and laughing and this interview starts at the relatively recent point when she decided to learn to paint.  We talk about  Instagram, why Australia made her want to be a painter, galleries in the age of the world wide web and lots more. Press 'play' below the feature photo above to hear the interview. Upcoming events Exhibition at Beinart Gallery, Melbourne, November 2018 Links to things and people we talk about on the show Renee French on Instagram Renee French at Adam Baumgold Gallery Renee French blog Julian Ashton Art School Brett Whiteley Baby Bjornstrand Ben Smith Nick Stathopoulos on Talking with Painters Alla prima painting The Archibald prize David Gulpilil by Craig Ruddy (Archibald prize winner 2004) Neighbours Blue Heelers A Country Practice All Saints Gregory Jacobsen Suzanne Archer on Talking with Painters Martin Sacks La Luz de Jesus Gallery Giant Robot Store Beinart Gallery

 William Mackinnon | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:05

William Mackinnon's landscapes are at the same time familiar and unexpected. Car headlights illuminate a dark country road revealing improbable markings; a coastal scene viewed through a tangle of gums unveil pink and aqua islands in the distance; a suburban setting is dominated by a flattened brick path and geometrically striped grass verge. He calls them ‘psychological landscapes’ which explore his environment and his response to it, using everyday imagery to evoke human experiences. Through his use of materials and colour he takes us into his mind’s eye. And it’s fascinating. Like many artists before him he went through a period of learning and exploration in his twenties, working in jobs which exposed him to great art. He spent time working and studying in London but went on to work for two years in Australia’s remote communities facilitating the work of Aboriginal elders. It was this experience which ultimately led him to find his own voice as an artist - although not in the way you might expect. In this podcast episode he describes that experience. We also talk about how he became an artist and how he goes about a typical day's work. Mackinnon has exhibited in Australia regularly since he was 19, with over a dozen solo shows and many more group shows.  His works are held in various private and public collections.  His much anticipated solo show ‘Twin Palms’ opens at Jan Murphy Gallery on 27 February 2018. To hear the podcast interview press 'play' below the feature photo. A short video of Mackinnon talking about his work can be seen on the Talking with Painters YouTube channel here. Feature photo - Mackinnon with his work 'The World is as you are', 2016, acrylic oil and enamel on linen, 212 x 317cm Current and upcoming events Solo show 'Twin Palms' at Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane, Qld, 27 February - 24 March 2018 Work included in 'Triennial', National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Victoria, until 15 April 2018 Links to things and people we talk about on the show William Mackinnon William Mackinnon at Jan Murphy Gallery William Mackinnon at Hugo Michell Gallery William Mackinnon on Instagram Katherine Hattam Katherine Hattam on Talking with Painters Roger Kemp Tim Maguire Papunya Tula Fitzroy Crossing Naata Nungurrayi Philip Guston David Hockney Sunshine Bertrand Video of William Mackinnon talking about his recent work on the Talking with Painters YouTube channel

 Vincent Fantauzzo | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 48:22

Vincent Fantauzzo is one of Australia's most popular portrait artists.  He has won the Doug Moran National Portrait prize, is a four time winner of the Archibald People's Choice award and was recently commissioned to paint the official portrait of former prime minister Julia Gillard for the Parliament House collection. But his wasn't a smooth path to success. He grew up in a tough neighbourhood where you literally had to fight to get by and he learnt to survive by becoming someone that went against his true nature. Unaware he had dyslexia, he struggled at school and was kicked out at 13 years of age.  He worked from job to job but never stopped drawing and ultimately realised that was what he did best. How he got into and finished university is a story in itself. He is now an adjunct professor of that university, RMIT. In this episode he also tells the story behind many of his famous portraits: of actor Heath Ledger, film director Baz Luhrmann, acclaimed actress Asher Keddie (who is also his wife) and former prime minister Julia Gillard. He also talks about his passion to take art to people who might have never set foot in a gallery. Press 'play' above to hear the interview.   Current and upcoming events Work included in 'Heath Ledger: A Life in Pictures', Art Gallery WA until 18 January 2018 Unveiling of  portrait of the Hon. Julia Gillard AC at Parliament House Links to things and people we talk about on the show Vincent Fantauzzo Vincent Fantauzzo on Instagram Archibald Prize Doug Moran National Portrait Prize Heath Ledger Baz Luhrmann Asher Keddie Julia Gillard AC Nic Cester Matt Moran Harley House   

 Paul Ryan | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 41:01

Paul Ryan has had a huge year – 3 solo shows across Australia with Nanda Hobbs, Edwina Corlette and James Makin galleries as well as work being shown with all three at Sydney Contemporary. He has exhibited his work in over 20 solo shows. He’s won numerous art prizes and has been shortlisted many times – 13 times in the Archibald Prize - and on two occasions he achieved the rare distinction of being a finalist in the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman prizes in the Art Gallery of NSW in the one year. His work is characterised by the liberal application of paint, mainly with a palette knife, producing stunning portraits, figures and landscapes. Ryan lives and works in Thirroul, a coastal oasis south of Sydney, where his paintings share space with his surfboards. It's this landscape, with the backdrop of a dramatic escarpment, that Paul paints time and time again, often through the lens of Australian colonial history which has been inspired by literature and music. This subject has not been without controversy, however. In 2010 his show ‘No Country for Dreaming’ was briefly shut down after negative reactions within some parts of the Aboriginal community and he talks about that in this episode. Ryan also talks movingly about his adoption as a child and how that’s impacted his life and art. He also gives many insights into his process and techniques. A short video of Paul Ryan in his studio will be posted on the Talking with Painters Youtube channel soon. Upcoming events Solo show at Edwina Corlette Gallery, Brisbane, February 2018 Links to things and people we talk about on the show Paul Ryan at Nanda Hobbs Contemporary Paul Ryan at Edwina Corlette Gallery Paul Ryan at James Makin Gallery Paul Ryan on Instagram Elisabeth Cummings The Commonwealth of Thieves by Thomas Keneally Wanting by Richard Flanagan Tony Albert Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy Noah Taylor Adam Cullen Bill Callahan Vivid Sydney Ashley Frost Richard Tognetti Jon Frank Saudade

 Prudence Flint | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:34

Prudence Flint paints women. Usually in an interior setting and often in an intimate, solitary moment. Her subject might be in the bathroom, showering, or lying on a bed staring at the ceiling or in the kitchen drinking a glass of water. She explores that moment in time in a unique way, through her use of light, colour, portrayal of space and magnificent use of distortion. Flint has won many art awards including the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, the Portia Geach Memorial Award and the Len Fox Painting Award. Her work has also been shortlisted many times - thirteen times in the Portia Geach alone. If you have an interest in painting in Australia, it’s very likely you’re familiar with her work. In this episode, Flint talks about her life and how she found her way to her subject matter and painting methods.  She also gives interesting insights into the workings of the inner critic - something most artists have encountered. Her approach to that is inspired and taps into the mysteries of the creative process. See a short video of Flint's studio and work in her latest show at Australian Galleries on the Talking with Painters YouTube channel here. Upcoming Events Solo show 'Bedsit' at Australian Galleries, Sydney, 14 November to 3 December 2017 Links to things and people we talk about on the show Prudence Flint Prudence Flint at Australian Galleries Prudence Flint at Bett Gallery Jenny Watson Vivienne Shark LeWitt Doug Moran National Portrait Prize Archibald Prize Urszula Dawkins Video of Flint's studio and show 'Bedsit' at Australian Galleries

 Ken Done | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:43

Ken Done has the most widely recognised name and work of any living Australian painter. His paintings are about the good things in life - happiness, joy, beauty. And they're about colour.  Lots of colour. He had his first solo show 37 years ago when he was 40 after a successful career in advertising. Since then he has had nearly 100 solo shows, received an Order of Australia, gained celebrity status in Japan and has been a finalist on multiple occasions in the Archibald, Wynne, Sulman, Dobell and Mosman art prizes. But of course, Done is also known for his successful lines of clothing, homewares and other products all emblazoned with his artworks. From t-shirts to bedlinen his work has appeared on more than just a canvas.  His business at one point boasted 15 stores across Australia, licensing arrangements in Japan and America and employed 150 people.  Its turnover was in the millions. For many years, though, Done has concentrated purely on his painting, where his passion lies. In this episode Done talks about his early life, career, and how he started off exhibiting in Sydney ultimately avoiding the conventional gallery system. He also generously reveals a lot about his process and materials, talking in detail about several paintings.  We also talk about the curious situation in which the 'art establishment' (Done wonders who they may be) has chosen to largely ignore his work. The interview was recorded in Done's harbourside home where he has his studio and lives with his wife of more than 50 years, Judy. Click here to see a video of Ken Done in his studio on the Talking with Painters YouTube channel. Current and upcoming events Current exhibition of 'Paintings you probably haven't seen' in conjunction with the release of the publication of the book with the same title, Ken Done Gallery, Sydney Links to things and people we talk about on the show Ken Done The Argonauts Club Jeffrey Smart Encyclopaedia of Australian Art Emile Bonnard Peter Brock Gerard Richter Julian Schnabel Milton Avery Billy Connolly    

 Aida Tomescu | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:57

She fled communist Romania in 1980, arriving in Australia knowing no-one. But Aida Tomescu has gone on to become one of Australia's most important abstract painters. She has exhibited in over 30 solo shows - including a major survey of her work in 2009 with the Drill Hall Gallery - and her work is held in many public and private collections both in Australia and internationally. Tomescu has also won many awards including the Sulman, Wynne and Dobell prizes - but you get the impression that, although she appreciates that recognition, she doesn't see those awards as her greatest achievements. It became clear in our conversation that her primary aim is to convey meaning through her work and that appears to have been a lifetime pursuit. We talk about her childhood in Romania, her arrival in Australia and the challenges she faced and how she quickly connected to the Australian art scene. Tomescu also explains what she calls 'found' colour, why she isn't chasing texture in her paintings and also gives some great advice for art students (which is also relevant for the rest of us!). This episode has been edited for the podcast but a longer version can be heard on YouTube here. Tomescu's show 'Under the Iron of the Moon' opens at Jensen gallery in Sydney on 19 October 2017 and we talk about the work in that exhibition as well as her beautiful Wynne finalist painting 'Bribie'. Images of all the works we talk about are posted below. Upcoming Events 'Under the Iron of the Moon' at Jensen Gallery, Sydney, 19 October to 9 December, 2017 Links to things and people we talk about on the show Aida Tomescu Aida Tomescu at Jensen Gallery Titian Paul Cezanne Gallery A, Sydney (1964 - 1983) Piet Mondrian Sulman Prize Wynne Prize Dobell Drawing Prize Ian Fairweather Camille Pisarro Giorgio Morandi Heide Museum of Modern Art Jean-Paul Sartre Longer interview of Aida Tomescu on YouTube  

 Vanessa Stockard | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45:26

Vanessa Stockard's work is powerful. If you look into the eyes of her ‘Self-portrait as new mum’ which is hanging in the Archibald Prize this year you’ll probably see something different to the person standing next to you. Her expert use of colour and mixture of some looser and other more deliberate marks makes it one of those beguiling paintings where the expression is so subtle that it’s open to multiple interpretations. She's been painting for over 20 years, had over 15 solo shows in Australia and the US and has been in many more group exhibitions, but this year Stockard has really stepped it up a gear with her selection as a finalist in both the Archibald Prize and the Portia Geach Memorial Award. She lives in Bowral in the southern highlands of NSW with her husband and 18 month old daughter in the beautiful and fabulously eclectic home her husband William Wolfenden designed and built. The plans included a roomy studio where she spends as much time as she can, constantly exploring new ideas. In this episode, we talk about what it’s been like being a parent for the first time, why she forced herself to do dozens of self portraits, life at boarding school and why humour is so important in her life.  We also talk about Instagram, taking risks and her fascinating Derek Milkwood series - all with a good dose of humour. She's vivacious, funny and incredibly talented  -  don't miss this interview! See a short video of Stockard taken on the day of the interview on the Talking with Painters Youtube channel here Current events Archibald, Wynne and Sulman prizes, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney until 22 October 2017 'Inside out', AK Bellinger Gallery, Inverell Links to things and people we talk about in the show Vanessa Stockard Vanessa Stockard on Instagram Vanessa Stockard at Van Rensburg Galleries Vanessa Stockard at AK Bellinger Gallery Viola Dominello Fred Williams Archibald Prize - AGNSW Portia Geach Memorial Award Derek Milkwood on Instagram Video of Vanessa Stockard in her home and studio on the Talking with Painters YouTube channel      

 Jonathan Dalton | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 43:41

In 2007, Archibald prize finalist, Jonathan Dalton, decided to let go of the photography business he had built up in his homeland of Ireland and started teaching himself to paint. Just two years later he won two of the country's major art prizes. It was clear he had taken the right path. With the prize money he and his wife spent time travelling and lived in Spain for a few years before arriving in Australia. In the last few years he has exhibited in five solo shows in Ireland, Spain, China and Australia. His success continues here with his selection as a finalist in the 2017 Archibald prize with a magnificent work titled ‘Lottie and James’ - a portrait of artists Lottie Consalvo and James Drinkwater. It was the first time he had entered the prize. Dalton's aim is to take the viewer beyond photorealism to what he calls ‘theatrical realism’. He imbues his works with a sense of drama, causing the viewer to wonder what’s going on beyond the picture plane.  His exhibition with Nanda Hobbs Contemporary earlier this year was a perfect example of this theatricality where he turned the traditional still life on its head. In this episode we talk about how he got started, the Archibald experience and the benefits and limits of photography when using photographs as a reference in painting. He also gives great insights into his painting techniques as well as revealing a lot about his process. He also tells of how online poker helped him in the early days of taking up painting! See a short video of Dalton in his studio on the Talking with Painters YouTube here. Current and Upcoming events Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prize, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney current until 22 October 2017 '9 Hours Underground', Artesian4, Wilson Car Park, Opera House, Sydney, 25 - 29 September 2017 Links to things and people we talk about on the show Jonathan Dalton Jonathan Dalton at Nanda\Hobbs Contemporary Jonathan Dalton on Instagram Archibald Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW Lottie Consalvo James Drinkwater Michelangelo Leonardo Da Vinci Ralph Hobbs Giles Alexander Chuck Close Alan Jones Video of Jonathan Dalton in his studio on the Talking with Painters YouTube channel

 Amanda Penrose Hart | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45:26

Armed with her favourite palette knife which she’s used for the last 10 years, Amanda Penrose Hart dynamically captures the landscape in paint both en plein air and in her studio. She won the Gallipoli Art Prize this year with her painting ‘The Sphinx, Perpetual Peace' and her upcoming show at King Street Gallery on William in Sydney will be her 25th solo show. She has won and been shortlisted in other art awards and her portraits have been recognised in the Portia Geach Memorial Award and the Salon des Refusés on numerous occasions. Over the years Hart has depicted countless landscapes. From the coastal vistas of Moonee Beach in northern NSW and Bruny island in Tasmania, to the drier landscapes of Fowler's Gap, Hill End and Sofala, Hart captures the landscape with a sweep of paint which captures the mood of her surroundings. She's also been involved in projects with other well known Australian painters, travelling to historic sites including Anzac Cove in Turkey and the Western Front in France, returning home with plein air paintings and ideas for new works. In this episode Hart talks about how she got started, those painting trips, commissions and how to get bugs off oil paintings as well as lots more - all with a wonderfully dry sense of humour! Click here to see a short video of Amanda Penrose Hart talking with Maria Stoljar in the King Street Gallery stockroom in the lead up to her September 2017 show To hear the podcast interview just click 'play' below the feature photo at the top of the page, press  'subscribe' - or listen via your favourite podcast app! Current and upcoming events 'New Paintings', ReDot Fine Art Gallery, Singapore,  30 August 2017 'High Tide', King Street Gallery on William, Sydney, 12 September 2017 Links to things and people we talk about on the show Amanda Penrose Hart at King Street Gallery on William Amanda Penrose Hart on Instagram Robert Linnegar Elisabeth Cummings at King Street Gallery on William Wendy Sharpe at King Street Gallery on William Peter Anderson 'Your Friend the Enemy' - Gallipoli project (Artist Profile Magazine) Preview of documentary 'Your Friend the Enemy' produced and filmed by Bruce Inglis (Vimeo)  Brad Manera, historian Roderick 'Roddy' Meagher AO QC Luke Sciberras Alan Jones  Video of Amanda Penrose Hart talking with Maria Stoljar on the Talking with Painters youtube channel      

 James Drinkwater | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 50:55

He’s a musician, singer, songwriter, poet and sculptor but of course James Drinkwater is primarily a painter and one of the most exciting contemporary artists creating work in Australia today. Drinkwater started his art training at 10 years of age and now, at 33, has exhibited in 20 solo shows in Australia, London, Singapore and Berlin. He’s been awarded the coveted Brett Whiteley Travelling Art scholarship and Marten Bequest scholarship, has won a number of art prizes and been finalist in many others including three times in the Wynne prize. In this episode of the podcast we talk about what artistic influences he had as a child growing up in Newcastle, his time overseas and the fascinating stories behind two of his impressive Wynne finalist paintings: 'Passage to Rungli Rungliot' and 'Encrusting the Marvellous Heart'. He also talks about his optimistic outlook which seeks out beauty in the world and how nearly every aspect of his life contributes to his art. Upcoming Events Sydney Contemporary, Sydney, September 2017 Links to things and people we talk about on the show James Drinkwater at Nanda Hobbs Contemporary James Drinkwater at NKN Gallery James Drinkwater on Instagram Anne Von Bertouch Judy Cassab Lottie Consalvo at Dominik Mersch Gallery Marten Bequest Scholarship Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship Damien Minton on Instagram Sunday Painting/ James Drinkwater/ Berlin - Video by Osvaldo Budet Lottie Consalvo - Evenings in Residence (Kaldor Public Art Projects) Adam Cullen Jasper Knight Ralph Hobbs Holy Holy - That Message (Youtube) Conrad Marca-Relli Wynne Prize Video of James Drinkwater talking with Maria Stoljar in his studio on the Talking with Painters YouTube channel

 Jude Rae | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:30

Jude Rae is as interested in faces as she is in gas bottles and airports with her work crossing genres from portraiture to still life and architectural interiors. Amongst the very few artists to have won the Portia Geach Memorial Award for portraiture twice, she was also awarded the Bulgari Art Award last year with her painting 'SL 359', a meditative still life. She has exhibited in over 45 solo shows across Australia, New Zealand, Germany and the US, has been involved in many more group shows and her work is held in major public and private collections across Australia and internationally. We talk about growing up in an artistic home (her father, David Rae, was a painter whose work is held by the Art Gallery of NSW), the challenges of portrait commissions and illusion and materiality in painting.  She also talks about her interest in the viewer looking beyond the narrative a painting might suggest and tells of how she came about painting those gas bottles! Upcoming events 'Jude Rae: A Space of Measured Light' Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra, ACT, 18 August to 15 October 2017 Links to things and people we talk about on the show: Jude Rae Jude Rae at Jensen Gallery David Rae at the Art Gallery of NSW Frank Watters  Cy Twombly Cy Twombly's Le Panto Cycle (YouTube) Diego Velazquez Portia Geach memorial award Professor Ian Chubb AC Bulgari Art Award Jude Rae at the Drill Hall Gallery Video of Jude Rae talking with Maria Stoljar in her studio - Talking with Painters YouTube channel  

 Joanna Logue | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 44:51

Joanna Logue is an award-winning painter whose work distinctively reflects her experience of the countryside and bushland. Through her sensual application of paint, she transports the viewer into a dreamlike landscape. She has exhibited in 34 solo shows and her work has been included in over 65 group shows. Her work is held in public and private collections and she has received many commissions. As this podcast goes online her solo show ‘Heartland’ hangs in Sydney's King Street Gallery on William. In this podcast episode, Logue talks about her early life growing up in a small town of NSW before moving to Sydney, she tells of how her relationship with her twin sister impacted her early years, and generously gives many insights into her painting process. She also talks about how she changed her approach to painting from one of seeking perfectionism in the early years to her free and visceral approach today where 'there are no rules'. To hear the interview press 'play' above. To see a short video of Logue talking with Maria Stoljar in the lead up to her exhibition click here. Feature photo:  Joanna Logue with Cinnamon in front of 'Heartland I' (left) and 'Merri Creek' (photo courtesy of the artist) Current show 'Heartland', King Street Gallery on William, Sydney, 18 July - 12 August, 2017 Links to things and people we talk about on the show Joanna Logue Joanna Logue at King Street Gallery Joanna Logue at Anna Pappas Gallery Simonne Logue Guy Warren at Olsen Gallery Idris Murphy Idris Murphy at King Street Gallery Hill End artists in residence Donald Friend Russell Drysdale Arthur Boyd Bruny Island residency Camie Lyons at Olsen Gallery Camie Lyons on Instagram Susan Baird Susan Baird at Arthouse Gallery Elisabeth Cummings Elisabeth Cummings at King Street Gallery Martin Pera Kym Bonython Video of  Joanna Logue talking with Maria Stoljar on the Talking with Painters YouTube channel      Recent paintings in response to the landscape of Mount Desert Island, Maine, USA    


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