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Summary: Yoga, breath, prayer - these three things have the ability to heal our wounds, ground our spirit, and deepen our connections to ourselves, our God and our world. Frequent pauses devoted to mindfully integrating the body and mind, to realize the significance, compassion and sustenance hidden gently within our breath, and to realize the magnificence of the reality that we are held, known and surrounded by a Great Love has the ability to change our hearts, our minds, our muscle memory and in time the entire life we live. Join me in continual process of coming to know the safety, love, and grace already present in the life and body we live within. Grace, peace & hope, Rachel

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 39 - Practing Trusting Our Wholeness, Worthiness & Lovability | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:07:32

We are all worthy of love and belonging. We don't have to earn this, we can't mess it up. It is given to us before we were born and will be true of us no matter what we think, feel, say, do. It's whether we believe this about ourselves or not that has the ability to change the way we live our lives. This practice will help us all clothe ourselves in this given worthiness and love. It will help calm our bodies and nervous systems from feeling seen, felt and loved again no matter what has happened. Use this practice anytime you need a little extra acceptance and reconnection to your goodness. Thank you for listening. Grace, Peace & Namaste. I intend to expand the practices I offer beyond this medium in the future. Please visit and or follow @yogabreathepray on social media for new expanding practices when they are available. If this podcast impacted you or continues to at all, there are costs associated with it and your becoming a patreon or donating will help this work continue to grow and be available. Donate through the links on and you will be part of making this work available. Each of you matters! If you've not done so yet, I highly recommend reading Brene Brown's book The Gifts of Imperfection where she shares research on all of the concepts I've created practices to help internalize. This book is life-changing in my own life: Thank you again dear ones. Live brave. Live true. Live loved. God's got you. Rachel

 38 - Reclaiming Our Bodies - Enjoying Having A Body | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:07:28

One of the beautiful things about being a human and having a life is having a body. We can't deny that it's a part of our whole self. And somewhere along the way we forget how good it is to have a body. We hold shame in them through past hurts, messages or labels that stick with us. But that is not our fate or truth. Our truth is that God made us embodied. Our truth is that before we knew any different, it was a joy to have a body - to breathe, to smile, to laugh hard, to sing loudly, to dance free, stretch and move around. As kids we loved them! As adults, we can remember this. We can re-member ourselves in our body. Through moments like this one, we can pause, feel deeply the goodness of our bodies right now, remember and embody past times we felt great in them, and slowly over time with practice, enjoy having a body - this body! - once again. Give yourself time. Practice a little everyday, and in time, it's my prayer and trust that you will find you love this skin you're in a little more. Trust it. You are beloved. Grace, Peace & Namaste. Please connect with me at where you can sign up for e-mails so you can be informed about anything outside of this podcast in the future that is released. You can also connect with me on facebook and twitter where you'll find links to these meditations and encouragement. And please donate to keep this podcast going in the future. Your support is what will make that possible! Recommended reading is Brene Brown's The Gifts of Imperfection. Her 10th guidepost in that pivotal book is on laughter, song & dance and reclaiming them in our lives and why that matters. Go grab it and dive in deeper for more on this subject from today's podcast. Thanks for listening!

 37 - Remembering What Brings Us Most Alive | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:06:26

We are so uniquely and wonderfully made. Each of us comes into this world created with unique gifts & talents and things that make us feel most alive, filled with meaning and purpose when we do them. Somewhere along the way we may stop doing those things, living out of messages we've picked up of who we "should" be instead, or "should" do instead. Let's all pause. Take a moment to remember times when we felt most alive, doing something we love to do. Let's see what messages may get in the way, and in seeing them, have the power to choose whether we will live from them or our truer, deeper, voice. May we all in time, continue to do the things we love most and bring the gifts and talents only we can bring to this beautiful God-filled world! You are enough. What brings you joy brings our world and the God who made you even more when you do them. Grace, peace & Namaste friends. The research on this topic of cultivating meaningful work and reclaiming the messages that hold us back from that is from Brene Brown's incredible book The Gifts of Imperfection. I highly recommend you read and digest her work. If this podcast is one that you find nourishes your soul, help keep it going through donating even as little as a dollar or becoming a Patron: You can also sign up for e-mails if you'd like to be informed of future works on Thanks so much for listening! May you be well. May you soak in your truth of how beloved, whole and enough you are now, right now, and always.

 36 - Taking A Moment To Create Calm & Stillness | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:06:54

We all need calm & stillness to be our healthy selves. One moment has the ability to loose the chains of a spiraling mind or emotion. A practice of them can change us into our calmer, more grounded and interiorly still and buoyant selves. Your taking a moment to practice this meditation, once or as often as you like will help create the calm & stillness your heart, mind & spirit long for. I truly hope and pray that this practice becomes a life-giving tool for you so you can become all that you are no matter what happens in and around you. Grace, Peace & Namaste If this practice and others I've created benefit your life and heart, please visit where you can connect with me, donate to allow this work continue, sign up to stay in touch with new content and become a patron at $1/month or more for benefits. You matter. Your practice matters. The impact of a calmer more grounded you is greater than you'll know. Recommended reading: Brene Brown's The Gifts of Imperfection: Brene shares the research on Calm & Stillness being essentials to helping us live our fullest most wholehearted selves.

 35 - Letting Go Of Doing To Cultivate Rest And Openness | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:06:08

In our fast-paced culture it's so easy to forget we are not what we do or what we own. Our lives can feel stressful, anxious, and exhausting like we cannot keep up or get enough done. We must pause. Must must allow ourselves to rest, renew and create spaces to be open again to just being to remember on the deepest level we are human beings, not human doings. We will all feel our healthiest, most alive, joyful and whole when we actively cultivate practices of pausing from our doing and earning and allow ourselves to just be. May we all through pausing, allow our hearts, minds, and spirits remember we are enough, we can let go of our needs to achieve our worth and remember we already have it. May we all enjoy life to the fullest this week and every week. Thank you so much listening! Your doing so matters. The more you practice, the more you grow, the more you allow yourself to live from your center and that in turn helps others live from their's. Grace, Peace & Namaste, Rachel Recommended Reading: Brene Brown's Gifts of Imperfection research and teaching proves what I share from her findings here - cultivating play and rest, and letting go of productivity as self-worth are essential to fully wholehearted and fully alive with joy! If this work helps you find the rest you need, recenter, find a grounding in your being, or a little more lightness to your heavy spaces, please rate, review and donate to keep the work going and impact more lives around us all. Thanks so much for listening, for doing this for your Spirit and those you will impact from being a little more grounded and loved yourself. You matter. Your practice matters. Grace is here.

 34 - Cultivating Our Inherent Creativity | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:05:26

You are creative. Creativity is inherent in our design. Throughout life we lose that along the line. We are told we aren't creative or we compare ourselves to others who we deem as such. But in reality, before all of the messages sunk in we created and we still do. We create the stories we live by, the routines we have, the outfits, meals, ways of communicating, spending and so much more. We are endlessly creative and we are not stuck in whatever habits, messages or ways of being hold us back from being our fullest expression of ourselves. We can recreate all of these things and more. So let's pause. Let's remind our bodies and spirits of our power over our lives and breathe towards all we want to recreate. Combine this with the Spirit's creative power in you, and you can fully become all you were meant to be. In time. With God's help. Let's all be find life anew. Thank you so much for listening and taking this time for your whole self. If you feel grateful for this work and how it's helped you or you would like to see it continue, please support through becoming a Patron for $1 or more. Your connection matters. Your inner work matters. You are making this world a better place simply by being fully alive within. Thanks so much friends. I'm grateful for you. Grace, Peace & Namaste, Rachel Recommended Reading: Brene Brown's work The Gifts of Imperfection for research and beautiful life-changing wisdom on why creativity matters in our lives.

 33 - Resting In How Held & Supported You Are | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:06:36

Certainty may feel like a higher sense of knowing, but in reality it constricts us and keeps us from the bigger, wider life of faith and higher guidance. By pausing, mindfully resting in the realization our lives are already held, guided and supported we can let go a little bit; ease our tension around needing to control. And when we do, we can take beneficial risks again, be braver, calmer, more trusting of this whole thing working out for our good as we realize God's already doing that and we can sense it in our very breath & body. Thanks for taking this time for you, your life & the lives of those around you. You matter. Your practice matters. You are held and you can let go of what holds you down. Slowly, gently, by grace. Thanks for listening friends. Grace, Peace & Namaste. I truly hope you find a little more rest in your spirit through these meditations. Please rate & review the podcast if you find it beneficial to help reach others in the same way you've been reached. Become a patron of YogaBreathePray on Patreon to make this podcast possible to continue feeding you and all who listen: Thanks so much friends.

 32 - A Gratitude Practice | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:06:38

The more we can pause, let go of our story lines that feel like they are protecting us - stories of how we won't have enough, be enough or there isn't enough - we realize just how good life actually is already and always. Pause anytime to practice gratitude and notice the joy it sparks. The more often we pause, the more often we savor and appreciate the little things, the more relaxed in our lives, our skin, our surroundings we become and the more joy and appreciation we have. Life moves fast. Let's enjoy it. Grace, Peace & Namaste friends! Thank you so much for listening. If this meditation benefits you at all, you want to see it continue or help others, please become a part of making it possible. Donate $1 to support the work at I'm so grateful for you taking the time to do this, for yourself, for your heart, and also for all of those around you who will benefit from you being a more relaxed, joyful, calm, grateful human being. Together, we can change our worlds. If you have any questions or want to go deeper, please visit I highly recommend your reading Brene Brown's book The Gifts of Imperfection where she goes into the research behind gratitude and how it increases our joy and changes our lives.

 31 - Cultivating The Ability To Feel Every Emotion | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:04:56

Not every emotion or experience in life is easy. And that's natural. We have all that we need to lean into the discomfort, to find flexibility in disappointment, to weather every experience. The more we practice feeling all that arises, the more resilient we realize we are and can be. Connect with your breath, connect with God and others and trust you can feel and experience all that this beautiful, messy yet wonderful life brings your way. It's all a part of being human. Grace, Peace & Namaste friends Thank you for listening! I truly hope and pray this helps you move through the world a more whole, grounded, connected you. Please take a moment to rate, review and share this if you find it helpful. To keep this work going, please say thank you by becoming a patreon for $1/month to make it possible. You are a gift. Each and everyone of you. Breathe deep. Trust the process. Reach out. Keep going. Recommended reading: For more on the resilience research that inspires me and the science behind building hope, please read Brene Brown's book The Gifts of Imperfection:

 30 - Practicing Self - Compassion And Loving Understanding | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:06:28

If you feel stressed under the weight of however you feel, or like you're not measuring up, take a moment to rest under compassion, loving presence and understanding. Through self-compassion we can heal and break free from the weights of whatever voices that burden us or call us pain exist in our lives. May you feel the grace, peace, and a little bit of lightness every time you practice this meditation and allow real love to break in and care for you. Grace, Peace & Namaste. Thanks so much for listening! If you'd like to learn more about self-compassion and how it strengthens us, look into the excellent research and book by Kristen Neff and Brene Brown's book The Gifts of Imperfection which I love Please take a moment to rate and review this podcast if it's been helpful to you and visit my Patreon page to support this work which enables it to continue and in turn help many more listeners like you You'll also be the first to know of any added content. Thank you again for taking this time for you. You matter. Your life matters. You are loved.

 29 - Practicing Authenticity | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:09:34

We are fully whole. We are strong, lovable, wanted, free and made to live to the full. In this meditation we get to embody that. Little by little, practice by practice, our muscles through meditation rewire allowing us to bring our full, rested, loved, alive selves more fully into the world. This mediation is like a gift to the soul and so freeing and healing to the spirit. If you ever have anxiety or feel inadequate, this meditation can be a calming, healing gift you can give yourself to strengthen and cultivate and nourish your authenticity and spirit. If you really enjoy this podcast and find it helpful, I'd love to help you make a difference and further your practice. Consider becoming a patron which helps this podcast continue, ultimately making a difference in your life and others together through this work. You can do that on Patreon: I also invite you to review and rate the work to help others find it a benefit in the way you have. And follow my work as it expands. You can find and follow it on / twitter, facebook and soon more. Thank you for listening and being a part of what God is doing in and through you! Proud of your work and however you choose to make a difference in your own lives through practicing. Grateful for you. Grace, Peace & Namaste

 28 - You Are A Whole Person And Always Have Been | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:06:49

Especially at the beginning of the year, when new years resolutions are abundant, we can get caught in a cycle of needing to "fix" ourselves, improve ourselves, be different selves than we really are. Growth is beautiful and wonderful. Plants grow. Nature grows towards the light. But plants never need fixed. Growth is an outpouring of being nourished well. So this year, meditation by meditation, pausing and being aware of our thoughts, breath by breath, may we let go of the voices we've picked up along the way that make us feel we must be different to be loved, we must change our bodies, our minds, our achievements, etc. May we all come back to our Truer selves. Ourselves that came into this world out of God's love for us. Ourselves that have always been whole and always been whole. Grace, Peace & Namaste friends! Thank you so much for listening. Please take a moment to rate and review if you enjoy these mediations and visit my expanded Patreon page for additional meditations and more in time All of this is for you. For taking time to get back to our whole grounded selves so you can live more life and life to the full (Jn. 10:10) Grace, Peace & Namaste

 27 - New Year Meditation - Letting Seasons Begin And End | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:05:34

Every new year reminds us of new beginnings, areas in our lives we want to move toward and others we want to allow to fall into our past. Let's pause and breathe and allow ourselves to unwind, notice and breathe towards our new beginnings and season endings. May we allow ourselves to step bravely toward that which gives us life while making space for it by surrendering other areas. Grace, Peace & Namaste If you'd like more of these or to donate towards this work, I invite you to visit YogaBreathePray on Patreon Thank you so much for listening. I hope and pray God uses this in your life and world to create a little more grace, peace, hope and love.

 26 - Grounding Ourselves | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:05:10

When new seasons begin, we can often get caught up in all the plans and routines to come and forget we don't have to hold all of that at once. When anxiety arises for making life work out, or planning what's ahead, may we all stop, even for a moment, and recenter. May we realize all we need to hold is the present moment and may we see that God is right here and has been present this whole time. I'm grateful for you taking the time to do this for your heart, mind and spirit. It does matter and make a difference in our wellbeing and can strengthen our ability to see God, by pausing and noticing where we have. Grace, Peace & Namaste. If this work is helping you, you're invited to be a part of making it possible by supporting this work in Patreon to keep it going.

 25 - The Calm Of Being Present | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:06:17

We can only be right here. Bringing our minds right into the present moment has a gentle gift hidden within - simplicity, calm, letting go of all thoughts on the future or past. This moment is the one in which we live and love and have our being. God can be trusted with the rest. May we practice and learn how to be all here. Feeling our grounding and calm available to us as we let go of the rest in faith and awareness. Thank you so much for listening. Grace, Peace & Namaste If you enjoy these meditations, consider becoming a patron to support the continuation of this podcast and the hopes of expanding them in the future as well as enjoy a few extras like Lectio Divinas and more to come:


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