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Summary: Fun and games from an Australian guy who talks too much and drinks too much coffee. Could this be the only podcast made on a G3 ibook?


 TWT: Pancake Monday (19) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Sound quality ain't great, but there is live music. Today's show included: - Two and a half metric cups of milk - Two cups of flour - Two metric eggs - A metric splash of Vanilla extract (Makes approximately 7 large metric pancakes) myspace.com/theexactoknives The Show. Night Lads. T.

 TWT: Hot Wii! (19) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Greetings Chums! Happy New Year and all that. Well here it is. Start Special greeting from Bubba Love of the Zedcast Tom winges about the weather Tom explains the TWIM Tom talks Wii The usual endy bits, don't forget to email, tom at ten with tom dot com, call the Coldline on (US) 206 20 20 TOM, or from Australia, 0011 1 206 20 20 TOM (international rates probably apply). The Me take us out (with a song, not like in the Mafia way). Oh yes, the song is called "I Love Lamp" and can be found at myspace.com/TheMeIsMe Here is a visual representation of the TWIMS: The TWIMS Scale ZoneTemperatureDescription Orange30°C (86°F) or more “Like a bath” Yellow24-29°C (75-85°F)Pleasant Sprite Green18-22°C (64-71°F)“It's fine... once you're in” Teal17-18°C (62-64°F)Lap swimmers only! Blue17°C (62°F) or lessTurn blue and go stiff And here is my Wii number: 1886 6930 1253 3166 And the Direct Download Adios Amigos!

 TWT: Pre-pre-Christmas Special (17) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Show notes... yeah, funny thing about that. They went something like this: Opening Middle bit Ending Correct spelling of Pavlova is: Pavlova Direct download I also mentioned Daryl from the Poddog Show, whose www can be found hither.

 TWT: Banana Crisis (15) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Shnotes a-comin' Direct Link Tom.

 TWT: Sup Bro! (14) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

So anyways, I know that this isn't the most frequent podcast in existence, but this time it wasn't entirely my fault. Y'see, my usual host simply refused to accept this file for some reason, then... [insert typical boring technical excuse] ...without even so much as a snorkle. Anyhoo, here's what went down (let no man say I didn't do decent Shnotes): CairnsHigher School CertificateDeep VoicesZee and ZedDave's injuryPoddog Show called TWT: "laid back"Dad's new MacBookLinguistic Cranky PantsA bit about a tree that we should have edited outCairns againHalf my audience is CanadianTom's FrapprTen PointsCatfish Show comes upNico from Snowy Day Design signed the Frappr Twin cities?New term: "Shnotes"Charles (Mostly News) and Redboy (Redboy Podcast) also signed the FrapprNew Ten Points, go here and look for "An Auspicious Moment" Dave's MySpaces:Personal: myspace.com/daveanlezark Personal Music - The Me: myspace.com/themeisme Band's space: myspace.com/marchforjaneEmail: Tom@TenWithTom.com Frappr: www.frappr.com/tenwithtomlisteners Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/snappytom Bloggr: www.tenwithtom.com MySpacr: wwwmyspace.com/easilyoffended CommentLinr: 206 20 20 TOM (206 20 20 0866) Direct Downloadr: hither Subscribe using this feed: feeds.feedburner.com/tenwithtom

 TWT: Technically Speaking (13) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Episode - Feed - Direct Download I'm back, and this time it's personal! Well, I guess no more so than usual, what with me being a solo cast and all. The devices I reviewed are:The Griffin iTalkProThe XtremeMac MicromemoThe Belkin TuneTalk StereoI also mentioned the iLounge review of the iTalkPro (which links to the sample recording):Click hitherAnd, of course here are those raunchy photos: The iTalkPro from Griffin The XtremeMac Micromemo The TWT favourite, the Belkin TuneTalk Stereo

 TWT: Frappr Action Required (12) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Well, howdy doody. It's me. Me! Who do you think? Yeah. Well another rolicking soiree. I'll add more links anon, but here's the one that really counts: Tom's Frappr (pronounced "Frapper" - it's one of those post-modern things) See you around, love Tom.

 TWT: Atmosphere (11) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Well, due to overwhealming response (see TWT 10), I've decided to put more info in my show notes. SO here it is. The more detail. K, so here's what went down:IntroGeebung Polo Club by A.B. 'Banjo' Patterson - Google it.The Hank and Jessica SketchThe end (including corny joke) Ok, so this wasn't a fully featured show, it's what the Blue Dog Banter boys would call a Micro-Episode. (Not that I'm trying to be like BDB - although I haven't podcasted in a while...). SO no Cranky Pants, No Ten Points, just me and too many sound effects. For those of you who are interested in the real Tom, not just the poly-carbonate Mandroid that creates TWT, I've started my very own blog. Or, I've continued my old blog into a new format. Meh, I'm getting sick of explaining it to everyone. Just go on over to TodayTomWrote.blogspot.com and you'll hear all about it. I'll get you next time Gadget, Next time! The Episode (In Colour).

 TWT: I Think Therefore iMac (10) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Gad - I'm just getting lazier and lazier! Does anyone read these things anyway? Let me know. My email is:Tom@TenWithTom.com. Direct link for show is thus. And the feed is thus. Enjoy!

 TWT: The Soup Special (9) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This is a highly experimental edition. In other words, it probably won't work. In the off-chance that it does, I hope you enjoy: Ten with Tom's Soup Special. You can contact me in plenty of exciting ways: Email - tom@tenwithtom.com Leave a comment here Shout (vary volume according to distance from Newcastle) Here's a clue for Ten Points. Download the episode direct Subscribe to this feed using your favourite aggrigator Catch you next time.

 TWT: Singing Off Key (8) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Okay, so I finally, under the cloak of darkness, sneak over to the University to make use of the wireless network, and do a bit of loading (both down- and up-). The show notes are coming, as is a much neater way to display these pictures. If anyone wants to do a bit of HTMLin' for me... Anyhoo. I've got to go, Uni Security are coming. Here ae the pics: Gad, anymore sloppy work like that and I might as well move to MySpace! I'll clean it up tomorrow. Bye Kids.

 TWT: Missing Bits (7) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Call off the search party! It's okay - I'm fine. Marriage finds me very well, and at last I have been able to sit down with my orange computer and slap together a show. It's a bit longer than ten minutes, but hey, aren't they all? Yes. Send your g'days, comments, greetings and Ten Points entires to Tom@TenWithTom.com, or call the TenLine on (US) 206 20 20 Tom. Here's what went down: Comment from Tom's wedding by Tom, Phil and Dave. Welcome from Tom Banana joke from Charles More banana jokes from DJ Max and Nico Message from Michelle Cranky Pants A dumb comment Lobsters and limericks G'days from Aaron, Shelly, Dianne S, Bruce the Zedcaster, Cat, Daryl and John from Northern Ireland. Download the episode direct or subscribe to the feed! Thanks all, catch you next week, Tom.

 TWT: Something Borrowed (6) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hey Kids, this is it! The last TWT before I'm a married man. Good riddance to singledom, I say. Well, I guess you'll be wanting to know what happens in the show. You're an inquisitive lot, that's for sure. Okay, so here's the scoop: - Intro music: "March from Scipio" by an artist called George Handel. I'm assuming its podsafe. - Weather for this weekend thanks to weatherzone.com.au. - Wedding superstitions thanks to oldsuperstitions.com. - Conspiracy theorists - G'days from Shelly, Daryl and my mum. - Ten Points: How much is a lobster? - Ten Points: Banana Joke continues. E-mail Tom@TenWithTom.com for Ten Points entries. - No TWT for a couple of weeks - Send best wishes for the wedding to Tom@TenWithTom.com, or leave a message on my comment line (US) 206 20 20 TOM. - Send your g'days there too - See you guys soon... Download the episode directly

 TWT: The Hump Show (5) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Here it is folks, show 5! We're officially a podcast. To boot, we're also listen in Podcast Alley. Go do a search for Ten with Tom and vote. And if you are Steve Jobs, how about putting me into the iTunes directory? Here's what happened: - Tom makes a quick call to Redboy - Intro by Charles from Mostly News - Welcome to the Hump Show - Wedding countdown - Send me an iPod and I'll record the wedding - Ten Points from last week - Congrats to Charles, DJ Max and Cat. - Cranky Pants (thanks to The Global Language Monitor - New Ten Points: Send your banana joke to tom@tenwithtom.com or send your leave a message on (US) 206 20 20 TOM. - G'days from Charles, DJ Max, Cat, Daryl and Kuma. - Send your g'days to tom@tenwithtom.com, leave a message on (US) 206 20 20 TOM, leave a comment here on my blog or leave a pin in my guestmap. - Song: "The Adventures of Charlie" by The Me (www.myspace.com/themeisme). Download the episode here

 TWT: Dirty Laundry (4) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Live from the Newcastle Portable Media Expo in my kitchen. Sorry it's been a while folks, I've been up to my back teeth in stuff. But there's less stuff now. If you enjoyed the show, then you're sure to want to say g'day - tom@tenwithtom.com. Today's show included (in alphabetical order): -Greetings from Daryl and Kuma. -The Newcastle Portable Media Expo -I get excited about show 4 -Ten points from last week -I'm a happy little Vegemite. -New Ten Points -G'days from Daryl and Kuma, Charles from Mostly News, Just Pete, Shelly from Shelly's Podcast and Danni from Borderline. -I talk about tenwithtom.com -Clever clock joke -Daylight robbery Wow! Action packed, as you can plainly see! Download Now!


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