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Summary: Mario Fraioli talks with athletes, coaches, artists, business people, and various other achievers with an interesting story to learn more about who they are and how they got to their current place in life, while also uncovering hidden truths and imparting a little wisdom from their experiences.

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 Episode 1 | Scott Fauble | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:49

“That understanding—that you have to create your own value—is something that was weird to me at first, because I thought that I had value, but I didn’t. I was a 28:40 [10K] guy out of college, and had been All-American a few times, but there’s like 40 guys who do that every single year, so why would anyone take an extra interest in me? So that would be my advice to anyone who is trying to be a professional runner: really sit down and really think about where your niche is, and look at people who have created their own niches...because there are only so many spots on an Olympic team or a world team or a podium, you know?” Burrito connoisseur and 2:12 marathoner Scott Fauble comes on the podcast to discuss the movement he's trying to create around his favorite food (1:20), the business of being a professional runner (9:00), the launch of a new project he's calling "Off Course,” (25:45), training for, racing, and recovering from his first marathon (39:35), and so much more.


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