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Summary: Call in show about League of Legends Esports hosted by Travis Gafford, Mark Zimmerman, and sometimes Kelby May.

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 Foxdrop Frustrates, Worlds group predictions, pros fined, all NA win at Worlds? | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 8316

Episode 48 of Hotline League with Special Guest Foxdrop! 00:01:58 Foxdrop Intro 00:10:33 How to Call In 00:11:54 Foxdrop, how do you feel about EU this year? 00:13:52 twinkletoes: why Korea will win again this year 00:21:57 KRC25: FNC takes first seed because all of their lanes are the best in their group 00:35:16 Soupie: Overhyping NA teams causes negative fan reactions 00:55:03 Kyle0808: Competitive Ruling for worlds players was a joke 01:14:45 Nick Allen joins to talk about player fines 01:25:58 an_Arbiter: 100T is NA's best chance to get out of groups 01:43:35 folantime: G2 will get out of Groups because of Hjarnan's Heimerdinger 01:54:07 Kiing Tiitan: Korea isn't an autowin for Worlds 02:03:57 RealPrismsword: Every NA team will make it out and G2 is the only EU team

 Sjokz shocks, Worlds starts, Cloud9 caught out, and more! | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 7675

Episode 47 of Hotline Featuring Eefje 'Sjokz' Depoortere 00:03:55 Mark, how's the Broadcast going? 00:07:23 How to Call In 00:09:08 BottleGnomes: Wildcard performances 00:11:04 Regillix: Rumor of Refusal for UOL, ROC, and SPY to EULCS 00:22:10 killingy0uguy: RISE video had plot holes 00:29:39 xrelyks: Thorin's disappointment in GGS 00:38:22 Mystery Sponsor plug 00:42:59 maze: Worlds meta will be understood most thoroughly 00:55:49 Sjokz, how is LA? 00:57:04 Dr Manhattan: Caps will win the Dade award 01:07:45 eduardo salinas: C9 was dominant because their group was the weakest 01:16:34 Mintyfrills: Gambit can knock out C9 & experimental team comps 01:38:08 Celoniadh: Afreeca is being significantly underrated relative to the other Korean teams at Worlds 01:44:52 The Analyst Desk 01:55:24 SpacePope20K: Zven and Mithy leaving EU helped EU upcoming talent shine

 Groups are drawn, NA's chance, a Master sponsor, & more | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 9357

Episode 46 of Hotline League 00:05:15 Intros 00:08:54 How to Call In 00:12:38 ACTUAL Goob: TL is less likely to make it out of groups than 100T due to bad draw 00:28:31 ThePodBerry: Dire Wolves can make it to Worlds 00:36:36 !Danx0r: Ways Mastercard Sponsorship and Riot can do more for Franchised Teams 00:52:29 connorh314: LMS shouldn't be a major region 01:09:19 Praedor: FNC is the West's only chance to make Top 4 01:21:01 Glulax: FNC is overhyped like 2016 TSM 01:33:48 Interview with Quikshot about Casters staying in NA during Worlds 01:43:45 Dojoofthemojo: C9 Roster should bring Blaber over Svenskeren 01:50:44 Nox: C9 is the only NA team that will make it to Semis 02:01:47 Wayward: Worlds is a hindrance to profitability for professional LoL 02:17:02 CasualGamerKing: Casting from NA is not a big deal 02:29:20 Outro

 Meteos MEDITATES, TSM flops, how far can NA go at Worlds | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 5885

00:03:47 How to Call In 00:06:02 Theifco - NA will make it to Semis 00:20:01 Mardux - NA needs to make more native talent 00:37:372 Colin - What changes should TSM make next year? 00:57:25 DaniGrim - No team should qualify for Worlds by Points 01:09:10 FriXtion_is_Here - NA franchising hasn't increased competitiveness 01:20:10 nrj6490 - Should NA copy Korean playstyle or play their own style 01:34:28 Outro

 NA LCS Finals! TL shuts out C9, TSM Gauntlet, Doublelift MVP | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 7693

Episode 44 Timestamps! 00:11:33 Call In HLL 00:15:07 i am the one who knocks: 100 Rosters 00:34:13 IC Dom: TL will have the best NA Worlds performance 00:51:36 easybakeitup: Supporting Teams 01:04:15 Fez: TSM wasn’t the better team in the 3rd place match; C9 bad? 01:17:35 Lacunacraft: Finals was an amazing event with bad execution 01:33:50 Cade: Xmithie is top 3 player in NA LCS history 01:50:56 Noah: CG is only NA team able to make it out of groups

 Kobe kidnapped, TSM loses, CodySun benched, finals looms | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 6962

Episode 43 timestamps 00:03:07 C9 vs TSM 00:07:12 100 CodySun 00:15:35 Call In HLL 00:19:12 Tostmin: 100 is the new Breaking Point 00:33:54 Zack: C9 will stomp TL 00:46:50 Chris: 100 Rikara wasn't the problem, they didn't play around Ssumday 00:55:01 NA LCS WoW Guild 00:57:33 abaxial: TSM lost bc Grig's small champ pool and team not using Bjerg’s pressure 01:09:14 Boss Johnsky: How does TSM make Worlds? 01:18:37 Hobbes2: C9's 6 man Worlds Roster 01:29:12 Opt: C9's coaching helped GoldenGlue's rise 01:43:02 Thiizic: TSM's weak year helps NA franchising 01:50:04 Thoughts on NA Finals 01:52:02 Outro

 Casters Stranded, Monetization Mires, and 100T boring? | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 6603

Timestamps for Episode 42 00:05:05 english broadcast 00:12:46 Mickey leaves NA 00:16:58 How to Call In 00:21:29 meddling kids: purpose of lolesports 00:42:15 sam goes ham: TSM is focusing on Fortnite over LoL 00:52:38 tictactoe ninja: TSM wins because FOX sucks 01:01:15 Horizon: scaling down NA LCS 01:24:56 Chewbacca101: If TSM beat C9, they'll win NA 01:31:56 SirMalafact: Tencents pressure on Riot and Casters 01:43:18 viochi: 100 should not go to Worlds 01:52:16 sportsctc: path to pro for LoL 02:01:16 Outro

 Tony tangles, did Reapered improve NA, Chronobreak in scrims | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 6792

Timestamps for Episode 41 of Hotline League 00:01:41 Tony Intro 00:09:48 How to Call In 00:11:13 Zikz Leaving CLG 00:21:59 Eggy: Reapered Improved NA 00:32:20 Champloo: Chronobreak for Practice 00:43:35 aZooRe: Would Zikz coach LJL 00:46:47 Endworldpeace: Early game coaching 00:55:08 01_Ace: CLG shouldn't have fired Zikz because of bad players 01:06:47 The K2 72: TL intentionally let TSM win to get into playoffs 01:21:53 Darwking: C9's rise 01:29:50 Raging Pianist: Coaches workload 01:39:26 TheElite: Player subbing is a gimmick 01:48:19 Outro

 The fight for playoffs, TSM's last chance, players contracts | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 7263

Episode 40 Timestamps: 00:05:15 World of Warcraft and LoL Longevity 00:11:54 How to Call In 00:15:39 burgerbros - Esports risks oversaturation this year 00:25:00 nizzy2k11 - players don't care about contracts 00:38:24 Caluak - How to become a coach 00:44:55 Chris - Bottom playoff teams have great macro but won’t win NA LCS 00:55:47 deXfactor777 - TSM won't make playoffs and 2 NA will make quarterfinals at Worlds 01:06:01 TomShoe - NA Academy Players and CLG Academy Coach joins 01:24:35 xspiritusx - Reapered Top Tier NA Coach 01:37:14 BardsThreshlight - Riot and Tencent Relationship 01:44:55 alden paroni - TL, 100, & C9 to Worlds

 Coaches Fired, can C9 make World finals, TSM Zven problems? | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 8059

Hotline League Episode 39 Timestamps: 00:03:43 Travis trip to Michigan 00:07:40 Fired Coaches 00:14:05 NA LCS Results 00:22:08 How to Call in 00:25:26 How Can More Women be Involved in Esports 00:32:16 CLG letting go Zikz 00:34:04 Moonizzle: CLG bring Inero and Froggen 00:46:02 op_tsm_fan: TSM failure is good long term 00:55:43 the nova prospect: CG should get a Korean coach 01:03:46 Micspam: People don't know what they want from a live event 01:16:57 i am sandwich: teams gaining understanding of the coach role 01:23:07 inero: consulting coaching, zikz 01:33:01 mario: C9 will make it to Worlds 01:42:47 qazaqwertz: Season 9 will be the best or worst season 01:53:54 tostman: NA LCS top teams will perform well at Worlds 02:01:18 Call me Proto: TSM Zven is the problem 02:12:07 Outro

 C9 Rises, TSM Flops, League of Legends MMO | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 8690

Episode 38 00:08:48 What's Going on in NA LCS 00:16:10 How to Call In 00:20:23 PORO SATAN: TSM's failure was predictable 00:33:38 dangoonz: Riot will fail at an MMORPG 00:47:30 Capione7th: How NA can get out of groups in Worlds 00:57:50 Davidsson: ADC nerfs and meta changes hurt Western teams' chances at Worlds 01:07:09 Weldon: C9 Experiment and Importance of the Bench 01:22:21 iseecarlos: scrimming is a bad way to practice 01:33:22 Navi: Riot needs to integrate their community to the broadcast 01:46:08 Vaioretto Evagaden: Does NA have more communication problems than other regions? 01:57:07 Inero: NA sucks because infrastructure

 Deftly demonstrates, who is good in LCS, ADCs are slow | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 6300

Episode 37 of Hotline League 00:01:51 Deftly Intro 00:05:52 Learning Heimerdinger 00:07:42 How to Call In 00:09:25 HERO - NA is struggling with new macro 00:19:18 DivideNZL: ADCs adjusting poorly to meta 00:26:19 Zaffar: TSM won't make Worlds without Regi intervention 00:37:36 WeebMaster: Would you bench yourself? 00:43:29 PRESTIVENT: Deftly's Improvement 00:51:22 Thedgarhouse: No bottom tier teams in NA 01:02:36 Inero: Top teams are clearly defined 01:16:20 TP nerf 01:18:31 Justdoesntwork: Threat of Academy players taking Pro player spots 01:26:59 kon: less pressure for bottom teams? GGS goal management 01:32:54 Worlds Info 01:34:01 Trade Deadline 01:37:49 Outro

 Riot visits, is Doublelift right? NA LCS pro problems | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 7207

Episode 36 with special guest Riot Blaustoise (Gameplay Insights Lead) and Hunter Leigh (GGS Head of Esports). 00:01:33 Riot Blaustoise 00:04:46 Rate of Change 00:07:04 Aatrox Changes 00:10:36 Providing Data to Balance Team 00:11:55 CertainlyT Champs 00:14:30 Popularity vs Fairness vs Game Health 00:18:39 How to Call In 00:21:12 Sushi: Should NA have multiple servers 00:24:34 Correlation between updates and engagement 00:24:31 !Danx0r: Research behind defeatist mentality 00:41:41 Veels: Voting for Patches 00:52:56 killingy0uguy: power creep due to the map 01:04:22 Champion Popularity 01:06:28 Teemo and Weeb Champs 01:09:14 Last Words from Blautoise 001:14:51 Hunter Joins 01:16:03 Hunter Improving NA in the past 01:34:39 Sushi: Multiple Servers in NA 01:38:48 Ben: CLG is going to win NA 01:45:57 DivideNZL: Source of GGS Improvement this split 01:57:28 Outro Follow OMENbyHP: Support: Patreon:

 Doublelift curse, lacking ADCs, Rekkles benches himself | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 8412

Episode 35 00:03:00 Rift Rivals and Doublelift 00:11:45 How to Call In 00:17:14 Houck: Other regions had better Rift Rivals 00:31:04 Mattias: Rift Rivals is better than All-Stars 00:43:58 SableFlag: Misses seeing ADC's come back 00:58:37 And The Blowfish: ADC career security 01:11:11 Peggy: FOX's playstyle will make NA better 01:27:38 Dr Manhattan: NA's goal to getting out of groups 01:38:32 MechaLaura: Rekkles Benching Himself 01:45:47 rgibbins92: Meteos trade was good 01:53:19 Zentrix: Decline of LoL in the West 02:17:13 Outro

 Meteos TRADED! Rift Rivals NA OR EU, Players Association? | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 7473

Episode 34! 00:06:51 100 Thieves Trade Meteos 00:23:15 How to Call in 00:26:04 Kairazy - 100 Ruined Worlds' Chances 00:35:21 Knothy - 100T trade to a non-contending team 00:47:05 Shaddose - FOX has a lot to prove internationally 00:59:19 Chris - TSM should write a blank check for Meteos 01:12:41 GirlishMenace - Teams competing with their players for fans 01:26:17 TheHippySteve - Trust the orgs decisions 01:37:05 Rot - Player Associations Evolution 01:45:20 Ronin AHK - Riot should have trade control 01:58:59 Outro Follow OMENbyHP: Support: Patreon: Follow Travis on Twitch:


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