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Summary: Call in show about League of Legends Esports hosted by Travis Gafford and Mark Zimmerman


 MSI Group Stage, Travis to Berlin, Eu traitors, and more | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 7021

00:00:40 - Intro 00:03:44 - Subreddit Fire 00:08:45 - MSI 00:12:22 - Summer Finals Venue 00:13:26 - Head of Business at Riot 00:16:50 - How to HLL 00:19:35 - Chris10227: Team Dynasties 00:29:31 - OmenbyHP 00:32:22 - Davidsson: EU international success 00:46:21 - Death Reaper 33: MSI helps or hurts teams 00:58:34 - TheJammieDodger: Koreans hype other regions 01:15:07 - brandoniannn: gap between play emerging and major regions 01:24:57 - kon: Oakland is a good event location 01:35:25 - IrishBlizzard: Patch Notes in Video Games 01:49:30 - Outro Follow OMENbyHP: Patreon: Support:

 Parth prognosticates, TSM downtime & plans, & coaching | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 7407

Parth answers questions about TSM, future plans, and coaching philosophies for episode 25 of Hotline League. 00:03:20 Intro Parth 00:07:26 TSM's loss 00:10:39 TSM off-season 00:13:47 arg3nt_: Rekkles joining a Korean team 00:20:15 Exporting NA players 00:23:36 Raging Pianist: Convice Mark to coach 00:28:53 advice to get into esports 00:33:56 OmenByHP 00:37:02 ThiccGravy: how does Parth get so much player respect 00:50:55 xcell_182ss: have fans given useful input 00:57:40 weirdest living situation in esports 01:00:49 imalsomark: coaching is bloated 01:06:37 Zikzlol 01:09:06 imalsomark: future of coaching 01:14:33 Finding Peace: fixing problems on teams 01:24:36 Analyst Desk 01:28:08 Parth Tier Lists rant 01:34:19 YellowSub: TSM needs better coaching/management 01:45:58 Str1ve: More effort for Academy League 01:52:47 Talking about Caller Questions 02:00:59 Outro OMENbyHP: Patreon: Support:

 Hunter Hunts, GGS roster changes, future plans, and more | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 6673

Timestamps 00:01:22 Intro 00:05:30 GGS Hunter's Background 00:08:26 GGS Changes 00:10:32 Address Interviews 00:18:15 How HLL Works 00:22:03 EmoPorEmilio: Hai was bad 00:27:02 EmoPorEmilio: Xpecial to the roster 00:31:06 Jarge: GGS Development w/ Mickey 00:40:46 Jarge: What new processes will the org implement 00:47:58 Jarge: Replacing most of the academy roster 00:55:19 Jedimace: Veterans and Rookies on Roster 01:06:49 snoopy938: GGS blaming 1 player 01:09:21 Playoffs is the goal 01:10:21 Emilyrand: why Mickey? 01:15:18 Finding players between seasons vs splits 01:16:51 Emilyrand: Mickey's communication skills 01:20:18 GGS looking for imports? 01:23:33 Emily's Anime Pick of the Week 01:25:33 Izento: Lack of focus on player branding 01:36:51 Jacob Wolf: Hunter's qualifications 01:48:20 Outro Follow OMENbyHP: Patreon: Support:

 Olleh oppressed, Doublelift cheating w/ Biofrost, best fans | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 7911

O0:00:41 Intro 00:05:11 DoubleLift Wingman Story 00:06:39 Olleh Fan Girls 00:09:23 How HLL Works 00:10:29 MSI 00:18:37 Valorious: State of Support, Mobis in low elo, & poke champs? 00:26:23 Praer: Learning from IMT's Worlds & Impact/DoubleLift 00:37:27 Damian Estrada: Music and Olleh focused content 00:45:01 laggyloser: team culture by regions & life out of LoL 00:52:09 Shirayuri: Should Riot partner w/ Celebs for exposure 01:04:02 NotDatBoi: Hanging w/ teammates and Olleh's type 01:11:08 RoboTrigger: Riot marketing players 01:22:34 Christy: Roster changes & Mickey replacing Hai 01:33:11 jenelle: Fans by region 01:40:50 Vaqqui: GGS roster change was good 01:50:07 bluejay: best/worst thing about DoubleLift & best team to scrim 01:56:31 Expodential: TL not doing Korean bootcamp 02:03:58 Outro Follow OMENbyHP: Patreon: Support:

 LCS vs OWL, were bo1's better, does GGS care, LPL boyfriends | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 8035

LCS vsOWL, how bo1's helped viewership and fandom, does GGS care about Team, Froskurinn compares LPL and NA LCS content, & more! 00:01:28 - Kelby’s Weekend 00:02:56 - MarkZ and OfflineTV 00:10:18 - Kelby Rants about Clutch Gaming’s Social Media 00:13:16 - Discord Directions 00:16:39 - Micspam: Doesn’t care about live venues. 00:28:29 - Rocketman239: What was the affect of having new orgs in semifinals and finals viewership 00:42:59 - biotrace: GGS doesn’t care about their LCS Team 01:00:35 - Slasher: Winning vs content 01:25:15 - Ateyo, Esports clothing brand 01:31:46 - Dragonmancers: Best of 1’s are good for viewership 01:39:47 - Mighty: Roster Volatility 01:49:00 - Froskurinn: Marketing and Content of LPL vs NA LCS 02:03:56 - SnuffyTheSeal: LCK region has the best production 02:08:29 - Outro Follow OMENbyHP: Checkout Travis's friends at Ateyo: Patreon: Support:

 CG Apollo, NA LCS Miami Finals, Nadeshot's awesome, & more | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 6235

Clutch Gaming's ADC Apollo joins to answer listener questions with Travis and Mark about CG, NA LCS Miami Finals Retro, Nadeshot being awesome, and more! Timestamps for Episode 21 of Hotline League are below: 0:07:27 - How to Call-in to Hotline League 0:12:03 - Mark's Tshirt Story 0:15:30 - GoodConnectivity - 100 Thieves shotcalling impact and next split 0:20:05 - Playoff Bracket Strength 0:23:21 - The Fourth Hokage - TL looks good enough to make finals at MSI 0:33:54 - alden paroni - Small Venue at Miami 0:46:39 - Dr Manhattan - Enjoyed the Small Venue at Miami 0:57:30 - MiRaK624 - Are 3 vs 5 games series better 1:08:53 - Colin - NA teams speed in making plays 1:20:31 - Duke - Was Lira was the weak point on CG? 1:28:35 - Sgt.P3pp3rs - Nadeshot put all other owners to shame 1:38:35 - Story about Brodin 1:42:03 - End of the Show Announcements

 Live from Miami - Riot personalities, owners, fans, & drinks | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 7643

Riot personalities, team owners, and live fans join Episode 20. Timestamps (thanks Tactical Noodle) 1:30 - Jatt joins 3:50 - Franchising 12:15 - MVP 19:35 - TL will win bc doublelift > codysun 21:00 - Travis's Jatt story+Kobe joins 23:50 - New NA LCS champ negatively affect MSI 31:50 - Old or new orgs go to Worlds 40:10 - Stixxay joins 49:50 - Ovilee joins 51:55 - Growth of collegiate esports 1:02:00 - FionnOnFire Joins, #1 travis fan, finals, & IMT 1:07:10 - Rank NA LCS Finals cities 1:14:05 - New orgs doing better than the old orgs discredits the scene 1:21:00 - Dash joins 1:23:19 - NA LCS dream team 1:30:15 - Head of Esports for GGS(Hunter Leigh), & CLG VP(Nick Allen) join 1:31:35 - Funny dash story 1:41:00 - BO1s hurt teams going into playoffs 1:51:56 - CG VP(Sebastian) joins 1:58:45 - Drafting and playing vs Huni and Huni MVP 2:04:00 - Ending notes Follow OMENbyHP: Patreon: Support:

 Doublelift Debuts, TSM loss, All-Pro team, dealing w/ e-fame | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 7488

Doublelift joins the cast of Hotline League to discuss TSM's loss, the All-Pro Team votes, dealing with being e-famous, and more on episode 19. Wait, is that Doublelift from Team Liquid fame? WIN FREE OMEN STUFF: Patreon: Support:

 Prolly prostrates, 100 steals 1st, playoffs begin, and more | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 8668

Prolly joins the cast to talk about 100 Thieves, playoffs, and more. All on episode 18 of Hotline League. Follow OMENbyHP: Patreon:

 CLG's chance? Fortnite vs LoL, TSM in finals? Kelby's return | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 7546

Does CLG have a chance? Fortnite vs League. TSM in finals? Kelby's return. All on episode 17 of Hotline League. Follow OMENbyHP: Patreon:

 TSM/100/TL creators share raw takes, emotion, & BTS stories | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 8909

[Fixed Version] Show creators from TSM (Max Olivo), 100 Thieves (Gabriel Ruiz), and Team Liquid (Damian Estrada) come onto the show to take questions and discuss what it like to be working as a creative on esports teams. Follow OMENbyHP: Patreon:

 RiotChopper, Event locations, CLG sucks, NA LCS answers | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 6808

Riot Chopper joins Travis and Mark to discuss the LoL Esports Event locations, CLG's poor season, and answer other NA LCS questions for Episode 15 of Hotline League Travis wants to thank Riot for coming on the show: Follow OMENbyHP: Patreon:

 Biofrost, TSM,CLG,FOX Results | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 7353

Biofrost Blasts, what is wrong with 2017 TSM, CLG struggles, and Echo Fox's finesse on this episode of Hotline League number 14

 Saintvicious, 100/TSM Problems | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 7937

Saintvicious joins us to talk about 100 Thieves arrested, TSM's problems, NA glory days, and more for episode 13 of Hotline League

 NA LCS Miami, GGS, New Partner | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 7725

NA LCS is finally announced to be in Miami, Florida, how to help Golden Guardians, and news about a new partner. Welcome to Hotline League Episode 12


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