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Summary: Personal Finance Podcast of the Year Finalist. Join hosts Gwen & J on FIRE Drill podcast where they interview guests with epic side hustles, real estate investors, early retirees, online business owners, and other inspiring people rocking financial independence. Travel hacking, Mr. Money Mustache, Tim Ferriss and all things Early Retirement are broken down into simple, actionable steps for the average person. Step up your money game and renew your money philosophy with firedrill podcast.

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  • Artist: Gwen & J: Two millennials on the path to financial independence
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 Talking Prosperity and Money With Your Partner | Kine Corder | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45:50

How do you and your partner discuss money? Do you have a monthly budget meetup? Or is only one in charge of the money? Kine Corder is a financial planning couple coach. She set up Prosperity Club, where she helps couples talk about their ideas of prosperity, their financial goals and how to find the best connection for them. This episode is packed with a ton of actionable advice! You'll love how intriguing her story is. We also chat about... How Kine got interested in money and relationships The recurrent and main theme in a relationship with money How to put her advice into practice Advice for partners reaching FIRE Success stories For show notes and takeaways:

 Build Your Own FIRE Home | Mr Groovy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 31:10

Have you ever thought of building your own home? Today we're excited to be interviewing Mr Groovy, who retired in 2016 and is now building his very own 'Groovy ranch' in North Carolina. We explore something called 'domestic geoarbitrage'. You'll love his story. We also chat about... What he's been doing since he retired Why he chose to live in rural America The process of building a house Tips for the baby boom generation For show notes and takeaways:

 Retiring at 37 | Chris Reining | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:26

What if you could retire at 37? That's exactly what Chris Reining did. Chris Reining retired at the age of 37 after working in cyber security for over 10 years. He slowly increased his savings rate, made sure to keep his expenses low and invest in index funds and a few stocks. Classic FI strategy, and now he gets to do pretty much what he wants. You'll love his story. We also chat about... The difficulties of quitting your job The importance of focusing on your income increase Deciding what's best for health insurance The misconceptions about FIRE Chris' last two years as financially independent For show notes and takeaways:

 Managing the Scarcity Mindset | JD Roth | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:15

What does your scarcity mindset look like? Today Gwen interviews JD Roth live at FinCon! JD started blogging over 20 years ago, and started his personal finance blog in 2005. He explains what growing up poor taught him about money and how he manages his temptations nowadays. You'll love how real his story is. We also chat about... How JD discovered FI Why buying an old house and repairing it is expensive How he controls his spending habits His scarcity mindset and what it means for him For takeaways and show notes:

 FinCon, Community Wins and FIREDrill plans | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:22

Another amazing FinCon meetup! Today we talk a lot about FinCon, the Plutus Awards, an update on our lives and some great community wins and achievements. We also get some calls from guests who were on our show some while back. Some great side-hustle stories and resources shared! You'll enjoy our little chat.  We also chat about... FireDRILL nominations and awards Life updates on our side hustles Some amazing wins from the community Calls from previous guests on the podcast For show notes and takeaways:

 Crowdfunding Real Estate in Early Retirement | Big Ern | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 41:04

It's not easy deciding where to put your money as an early retiree... Big Ern tells us where he puts his! Carston (aka Big Ern) retired this year in June and is currently in his forties. After working in finance and saving up, he has quite a few ideas on where to put his money to keep it safe: real estate, options and of course, index funds.  You'll love his story and will probably learn an interesting investing strategy! We also chat about... How does it feel to be retired His travels and plans The 4% rule His alternative investment strategy Becoming an accredited investor For show notes and takeaways:

 How a Digital Nomad Earned $4,000/month in Passive Income | Digital Nomad Quest | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:30

Everyone glorifies the digital nomad. But what does it really mean to be travelling and working around the world? Today we interview Sharon, who quit her job and started living the digital nomad life for 2 years. She managed to build a passive income of $4,000/month and explore Europe, Asia and parts of North America. She then decided to go back to the Bay Area and get a job again, so she could focus more on her online businesses You'll love how refreshing this story is. We also chat about... Finding a balance between work and travel How much it costs to travel The reality of the digital nomad The network she made Her different income streams Her current focus on future goals For show notes and takeaways:

 FIRE Within the LGBTQ Community | Queer FI | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Have you ever looked at FI through the lens of the LGBTQ community? BBR and her partner are part of the community and have some extra hurdles to get through on their journey to FI. We touch on issues such as pregnancy, marriage, healthcare and multi-generational households. You'll love the angle this story takes. We also chat about... How to save up for a pregnancy The LGBTQ experience with healthcare Sharing FIRE goals with your partner Multi-generational households For show notes and takeaways:

 Sustainability and FI Through Dumpster Diving | Laura from Triple Bottom Line FI | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 27:27

Have you ever thought about dumpster diving?  Do you think the only people who dumpster dive are homeless or super poor? Well, there's a whole subculture of people out there who don't fit those stereotypes. They're called "freegans" and want to make the world a more sustainable place.  Laura is a dumpster diver. In Laura's world, few things go to waste and that's the way she wants it! She dumpster dives for food, goods discarded from local thrift shops and even plants! She then uses the items in the course of her daily life or resells the objects she can't use.  You'll come away with a whole new opinion on dumpster diving after listening to this episode! We also chat about... -how to turn wilted greens into farm fresh eggs -regenerative practices -socially responsible investing Enjoy this chat with Laura, and please subscribe to us in iTunes if you enjoyed it!

 How they paid off $200,000 in debt in 5 years | Mr. and Mrs. rich & REGULAR | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45:25

Would you be able to pay off $200,000 of your mortgage in 5 years? Julian discovered FIRE in Graduate school, and this is what pushed him and his wife to pay off their debt in such a short time-frame. They are very disciplined, although they always allow space for luxuries. They currently use rental properties and a very high savings rate to reach their FI goal. You'll love how inspiring that story is. We also chat about... Their ideal FIRE journey Their budget and luxuries they allow How they use real estate to increase their wealth How they cook regularly The obstacles when talking about FIRE within the African American community For show notes and takeaways:

 Reaching FI with Real Estate | Chad Carson | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 52:15

Real estate is the golden key to passive income. How can you use it to reach FI? Chad Carson got started with real estate right out of college. Him and his business partner started flipping houses and securing good deals on houses. Now he owns 90 properties and does amazing mini-retirements (in Ecuador!) while teaching others about real estate on his blog. You'll how interesting his story is. We also chat about... Why and how you should treat real estate like a business How Chad picks houses How he got to FI What he manages currently Chad's 17 months in Ecuador Medical costs overseas For show notes and takeaways:

 Super Frugal Teacher with Penny from She Picks Up Pennies | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 33:09

A myth about the people going after financial independence is that they're all dudes in high paying tech jobs.  Penny defies all those stereotypes. Her and her husband are teachers on the path to financial independence. It's almost as far from high paid tech bro as you can get! They live simply and cheaply after getting their finances off on the wrong foot. Literally. Penny had a problem buying designer shoes.  In this episode she covers their shift in mindset about their finances, their debt pay down strategies, how much debt they've paid off so far, and how they're living simply to do so.  You'll love their story! We also chat about... Mindful consumerism Funny looking veggies Low cost cell carriers Penny's timeline to FIRE Enjoy this chat with Penny, and please subscribe to us in iTunes if you enjoyed it!

 Digital Nomading on a Sailboat | The Wayward Home | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:36

Kristin decided the rent of her apartment was too high and started living in a car with her partner. They used the gym for showers and wifi and had storage for clothes and food. Now she lives on a sailboat and uses her van to travel all over the US. A very inspiring story that you'll definitely want to hear more about. We also chat about... Kristin's story Why and how she started living in her car How she makes money online Her different income streams including house sitting and freelance writing Her goals for the future For show notes and takeaways:

 Civil Engineer to Retired Stay at Home Dad | Justin Root of Good | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:48

Justin went from hard-working civil engineer to hard-working stay at home dad by the age of 33.  He had dreams of one day being a lawyer and quickly realized he liked engineering better. While he did like engineering, he also really enjoyed staying home with his growing family. He and his wife did the math and realized they could make it happen in just a few short years.  The rest, as they say, is history.  We also chat about... what the true definition of retirement is Justin's net worth  their portfolio allocation what their kids think of FIRE Enjoy this chat with Justin, and please subscribe to us in iTunes if you enjoyed it!

 Build the Freelance Dream with Facebook Ads | Laptop Empires | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:45

Did you know doing Facebook ads for other companies is one of the fastest ways to make money freelancing? Mike built his own $100k company starting with his own fitness business and then as a Facebook ads freelancer. He now manages several businesses and creates courses so others can earn money doing what he does. He is also a stay at home dad and has big dreams to own and live in a winery.  You'll love how inspiring his hustle story is! We also chat about... Mike's background How he decided to be a stay at home Dad How he started freelancing How to get started with Facebook Ads His thoughts on FIRE as an entrepreneur.  For show notes and takeaways:


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