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Summary: The ChickPeeps is your friendly, fun, mad-curious vegan podcast. Join us as we explore, discuss and unpick the dilemmas faced by vegans in our quest to be more compassionate towards animals. How do I be vegan? Should I be ok with my partner calling me 'honey' or is that mindless tolerance of an industry built on slave labour? Do I even like bees? Will the vegan gods flay me alive for the brief but profoundly sadistic period in my youth, when I amused myself by pouring sea salt onto defenseless slugs? Must I hold monthly vigils for the deceased slugs? Will I ever be vegan enough?! Perhaps these are some of the difficult questions that plague you as a new vegan, as you wait for vegan-Jesus to descend and press Ye Olde Book of Veganism into your outstretched hands. However, there is no vegan Jesus (we have Moby, though), no sacred text and no perfect or definitive way to go or stay vegan and you will have to answer those questions for yourself.  Enter The ChickPeeps, the new plant-fueled pod to accompany and empower your vegan journey. Join our host, actress Evanna Lynch (Harry Potter), and her co-hosts Momoko Hill, Robbie Jarvis and Tylor Starr as they discuss their philosophies, challenges and opinions on living the vegan lifestyle, and listen in as we turn the mic on some of the Animal Rights community's most inspiring and seasoned activists and try to decipher the best ways of living that is kind to animals, ourselves and Mother Nature.

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 Happy Holidays | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:05

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from The ChickPeeps! In this final ChickPeeps episode of 2017, Evy, Momo, Robbie and Tylor share their holiday vegan traditions and how we keep our spirits up when our loved ones’ are celebrating with very non-vegan conventions.

 Ep 7: Equality for All with Fat Gay Vegan | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 56:53

In this episode Evy and Robbie meet Sean O’Callaghan a.k.a. Fat Gay Vegan and learn about his hugely popular and all-encompassing philosophy on veganism, gender roles and equality in general.  Sean is a blogger, author and activist who has just finished his first book and also runs a weekly vegan market at Hackney Downs in London.  Sean highlights the importance of language when it comes to activism. 

 Ep 6: Spirituality with Ollie Wylde | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:26:00

In this week’s episode Momo and Evy delve into the idea of veganism as a core tenet of one’s spiritual practice. A lot of vegans feel that, karmically speaking, consuming products derived from violence and suffering corrupts our own energy, and their vegan lifestyle is a reflection of this belief. We interview Writer and Wayshower, Ollie Wylde who shares experiences of her work healing animals and how we can acquaint ourselves with our own personal animal spirit guides.

 Ep 5: The Dairy Problem with Animal Equality | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:26:15

This week The ChickPeeps take a more serious turn as we investigate the issue with dairy and exactly why vegans don’t consume it. We explore the reasons why taking cows’ milk is harmful to them, and discuss the results of quitting dairy products entirely. We also interview two of the founders of Animal Equality, and creators of the groundbreaking iAnimal project, Jose Valle and Sharon Nunez, who recount in vivid detail the experiences they’ve had on dairy farms and the typical life of a dairy cow.

 Ep 4: Vegan Fitness with Nimai Delgado & Bianca Taylor | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:12:04

‘Where do vegans get their protein from?’ is a question you’ll hear often as a vegan, and perhaps one you’ve ruminated on yourself. Fortunately, insufficient protein in vegan diets is a myth devised entirely by a non-vegan society, and even more fortunately we have two vegan fitness-buffs on today’s episode to show us that it’s possible to build muscle with plant foods alone. Listen in as the ChickPeeps chat to IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Nimai Delgado, and Personal Trainer & coach, Bianca Taylor.

 Ep 3: Mercy for Animals with Nathan Runkle | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:10:10

In this special interview episode with Nathan Runkle, in honour of his new book, Tylor and Evy sit down with the game-changing Mercy For Animals founder to discuss his journey starting the charity at the age of 15, and charting the victories of his team of undercover investigators in their fight for the rights of farm animals. Nathan also shares stories from his life growing up on a farm in rural Ohio and how being a gay teen in a conservative environment strengthened his conviction for his mission.

 Ep 2: How to Explain Veganism to your Peeps with Veganuary | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:33:25

This week, Evy, Momo and Robbie get stuck into the topic of talking about being vegan with your curious, skeptical and/or indignant non-vegan peers in a positive, honest way that doesn’t leave you nibbling seitan sadly in a lone cubicle. Robbie and Evy interview the co-founders of Veganuary, Matthew Glover and Jane Land, to learn about what inspired them to found their charity and the extensive experience they have in educating family and friends on your vegan choices.

 Ep 1: How To Go Vegan with Erik Marcus | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:25:19

The ChickPeeps explore the different methods of transitioning to a vegan lifestyle and interview author and activist, Erik Marcus.

 Ep 0: Meet The ChickPeeps! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:45

In this introductory episode you'll meet The ChickPeeps - host Evy Lynch and co-hosts Momoko Hill, Robbie Jarvis and Tylor Starr and we discuss our personal journeys becoming vegan.


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