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Summary: Daydreaming Wolves is a podcast that explores self- and community healing, embodiment, social justice, creative expression and ritual through beautiful conversations with magical beings. Tune in to hear authentic stories, get to know empowering tools and remember that you are not alone because we're right here with you, connecting through the wifi waves we're weaving spells with!  The project is run by Yarrow Magdalena and supported by a community of Patrons that receives access to additional programs and workshops -

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 #60 My interview with Samantha Wallen on restorative writing and searching for home | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:45:33

Hey beautiful people,  thank you for making time for another Daydreaming Wolves episode! Today I am sharing my conversation with my wonderful friend and co-masterminder Samantha Wallen about the transformative power of writing, what it means to loose and find home and many other wonderful things. Since I am in Scotland at the moment, kind of in-between worlds and life chapters, this feels very timely! :: A small but also big announcement from me: The DIY Business Collective is now open for enrolment and I am offering early bird pricing till August 10th with lifetime accessing costing $220, you can find out more here: :: Here is some more info about what Sam and I talked about:  - How Sam became a writer and why it's so powerful to claim that title - Finding presence, stillness and deep reflection through writing  - Enchantment and touching what lives beyond language  - Loosing a home, growing new roots and reclaiming a sense of value  - The radical potential of writing You can sign up for Sam's One Word can set your Free Guide here: Samantha Wallen is a writer, writing and book coach, and poet. She is the Founder of Write In Power, which offers transformative writing workshops, retreats, and private coaching programs. Sam’s mission is to restore the soul of our world, one word at a time. She is a Restorative Writing Mentor who helps you drop your agenda and write what wants to be written so you can restore what is precious inside you, and our world, by using words as a pathway to reach what lives beyond language.  Restorative Writing is memoir-based writing that awakens your voice and heals your spirit. It slows you down and tunes you in to the heartbeat and deep purpose of your life. Restorative Writing deepens our shared conversation of aliveness–the ordinary, the mystical, the brilliant, and the wounded, forgotten, grieved and silenced parts. It brings all of us home to rest on the sacred ground of our shared human story so we can connect to and serve life more fully on and off the page.

 #59 My interview with Bri of Tadpole Magic on astrology for sceptics | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:51:10

Hey friends, I am sending a really beautiful episode with the wonderful Bri of Tadpole Magic your way! This one I think is particularly cool if the recent eclipses got you curious about astrology, but you're maybe a bit sceptical or not sure where to start.  Here is what we talked about:  - Learning from experiences rather than only from books - Making astrology touchable  - Why being sceptical is totally okay - The value of archetypes for our relationships, careers and spiritualities - Why we think no one should let the internet tell them who they are  Bri is a witch, astrologer, writer for their blog, Tadpole Magic, and co-host of the podcast, Open Magic. They want magic, tarot, astrology, and all metaphysical practices to feel usable, to help provide language and perspective to your lived experiences, and to act as a doorway to tapping into your inner wisdom. They recently launched an astrological offering called Learning Your Astrology that is focused specifically on helping you navigate your personal natal chart through 12 weeks of one-on-one sessions and personalized exercises such as meditations, rituals, and spells. Bri deeply values the wisdom that each person holds within themselves and sees astrology as a means for us to recognize it within ourselves. ---- The giveaway for the DIY Small Business School I mentioned is here: And you can find out more about the upcoming school intake here:

 Podcast #58 Personal myth making and embodied writing with Janelle Hardy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:50:38

How to I introduce this episode and my wonderful friend Janelle? Honestly it's been such a joy to talk to and write with her - I can't wait to start her program and work some more with the free resources she is sharing. I guess this episode is much groovier than a normal interview, we are writing and laughing together and you can get pen and paper out and join us! Janelle shares her thoughts about why writing can be such a powerful tool for healing and transformation and she offers us a few really juicy exercises to try out. If you can't write right now you can also totally enjoy this episode on the go and explore what comes up for you in your beautiful mind or on paper later. Enjoy and let us know what you think!  Janelle Hardy is a writer, artist, host of the Personal Mythmaking Podcast and the creator/teacher of a 5-month transformational memoir-writing course called The Art of Personal Mythmaking. She’s a born and raised Yukoner, a solo mother, who has been working as a trauma-informed bodyworker in the hands-on healing arts fields for 13+ years and as an artist (writing, painting + dance) for 17+ years. Throughout that time she’s taught adults out of her living room, arts centres, universities and community colleges. For the past 4+ years she’s integrated all of her expertise, including a BA in Anthropology, an MA in Dance and a Diploma in Structural Integration, into supporting people in their creative healing work via the alchemy of transformational memoir-writing. Sign up for the Outline Your Memoir workshop: Website: The Art of Personal Mythmaking - online course: Instagram: Facebook: Free gift (see below): &

 Podcast #57 My interview with Gina Wisotzky of Incandescent Tarot on tarot adventures and intuition | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:44:50

Hey folks, happy Friday! Glad to be bringing you another tarot related episode - June seems to be a month of refreshing and re-inventing my practice, so I hope you are excited too! This time I spoke with the wonderful Gina of Incandescent Tarot about all these beautiful things:  - How Gina became a tarot reader and found the name for her business - Tarot as a creative, fluid, creative art and a tool for self-discovery  - Learning to trust our own minds - Disagreeing with the cards and working with archetypes  - Tarot maps as a way to navigate big life questions Gina Wisotzky is a professional tarot reader, teacher, and intuitive with 18 years experience reading the cards. Her practice centers around cultivating, honoring, and giving voice to each individual's sense of intuition through classes, gatherings, and in-person sessions. Having experienced the power of tarot and intuition-building through many phases of her life, it's her joy to share these tools with others, reintroducing them as innate and accessible to all of us, no matter our backgrounds. She hosts two local meetups - The Durham Tarot Club & Craft Night - and is co-host of the podcast, Open Magic.   Website: Instagram: Facebook: Open Magic: ------------------------------------------- Here are the business workshops I mentioned: Here is more info about the Magic of Embodiment: And this is where you can become a Patron:

 Podcast #56 My interview with Nancy Antenucci on creative advocacy and tarot rituals | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:56:32

Happy Solstice, sweet ones!  I hope you get a chance to celebrate the longest or shortest day of the year in a way that connects you to the magic of cyclical living and everyday ceremony.  It feels so special to bring you a really beautiful interview with my former mentor Nancy Antenucci today - I adore her book, received so much great guidance from her and am always excited to read her newsletters. Here is what we talked and laughed about:  - Being a creative advocate  - Speaking with our bodies and getting out of our heads - Tarot as a big mansion with a room for each card - What it can mean to be psychic  - Writing to stay sane Nancy Antenucci of Between The Worlds LLC ( is an innovator whose creative take on tarot, and how it can be woven into a variety of other work, including movement, performance art, and deep ritual, makes her a highly sought-after teacher and presenter around the country and internationally.  She is the author of “Psychic Tarot – Using Your Natural Abilities to Read the Cards”.  She founded Twin Cities Tarot Collective which produces the North Star Tarot conference, an innovative monthly Meetup and training for readers. She is currently branching into creative strategizing for start ups and mid sized businesses as well as creating multi-media videos bringing the divine into the everyday. She is a faculty member of the Arcana Company in Chengdu, China.  More info about the business workshop series I mentioned is here: And here is more info about The Magic of Embodiment program:

 Podcast #55 My interview with Dorothee Sophie Royal on flower magic and cyclical bodies | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:47:45

Hey sweet friends, I am so excited to bring you another beautiful conversation on this sunny last Friday of May!  I spoke to the beautiful, magical Dorothee of MoonTent about all this good stuff:  - Adorning ourselves with flowers - Running a product based business - Developing a cyclical relationship with our bodies - Moon magic  - Building community beyond social media Dorothée Sophie Royal is an artist, writer, medicine maker, and mother. She is the founder of MoonTent, a media platform dedicated to wisdom from the heart of the feminine. She is the host of #moonwisepodcast which features monthly lunar forecasts and interviews with women of power. She was selected in 2018 as one of fifty women for #50WomenCan Change the World in Media and Entertainment.  Born in Germany and raised in the U.S. and abroad, Dorothée has a deep love for the natural world and an appreciation for cross-cultural healing. After completing a degree at the University of Chicago and working in the film and nonprofit worlds, she found herself longing for a more holistic approach to life and went on to become a student of herbal medicine, nutrition and earth-honoring wisdom traditions. She is wildly grateful to her elders and teachers, her family and the mountains, rivers, trees and flowers that inspire her. You can support Daydreaming Wolves by leaving a review or becoming a Patreon (which also gets you access to all kinds of programs and magic):

 Podcast #54 My interview with Jade Alicandro Mace about making plant friends and building community | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:36:43

Hey folks, I am delighted to bring you another interview episode with the wonderful Jade of Milk and Honey Herbs! As you know I adore talking to plant people who are finding radical and nourishing ways to support themselves and their communities! Here is what Jade and I dreamed and giggled about:  - What a herbalist's workday can look like - Discovering plants as allies for our health and wellbeing  - Connecting with different bioregions  - How we can give back to our environments   - Simple herbal selfcare strategies  - Running a community clinic  - Teaching and building community through Patreon Jade Alicandro Mace weaves a love of bioregionally abundant herbs and kitchen medicine into her work as a community and clinical herbalist. When she’s not teaching bioregional herbalism to students and apprentices, you can find her roaming the hedges with her harvest basket in-hand or at home in the kitchen brewing-up some potent food as medicine. She’s a mother to her 10 and 6 year-old daughters, partner, tender of chickens and cats and new puppy, blogger and writer, and half-gardener to her mostly wild gardens. In 2012 she co-founded the Greenfield Community Herbal Clinic, dedicated to affordable herbal care, and also maintains a long-distance clinical practice. Through her Patreon community she offers monthly online classes and plant study groups, and she teaches an online kitchen herbalism course each winter as well. She makes her home in the rolling hills of western Massachusetts, in unceded Nipmuk territory. Website- Facebook- Instagram- Patreon- ------ You can learn more about the Season of Radical Love program here: And become a Patron for Daydreaming Wolves here:

 Podcast #53 In Full Bloom: some ideas for your Beltane celebrations | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:20:01

Hey folks, this is a little solo episode with some ideas and inspiration for your Beltane celebrations. I am sharing a tarot spread I will be doing, ways in which I am exploring pleasure of my own understanding in May, some ritual ideas and I am reading some beautiful words on flower essences by Dori Midnight as well as a few lines from adrienne maree brown's book Pleasure Activism for your delight!  Here are the questions for the tarot spread:  What does being in full bloom mean to me right now? What does my body need to be in full bloom? What does my mind need to be in full bloom? What does my spirit need to be in full bloom? Here is Dori Midnight's instagram love: This is where you can find adrienne maree brown's book: Here is the Healing Justice podcast episode about flower essences with Dori Midnight that I mentioned: Here is more info about the A Season of Radical Love program I am offering: This is where you can book a reading with me: And here is my Patreon if you want to support my work and get access to all kinds of magic:

 Podcast #52 Pink full moon magic + the healing power of ceremony | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:18:49

Hey friends, I am sending another mini episode with some thoughts about magic for the full moon and the healing power of ceremony and ritual your way. I recently completed the first part of my celebrant training and am excited to explore and experience more rituals - especially self-marriages, friendship commitment ceremonies, re-namings and all kinds of transitions! If you feel you want to mark an important milestone in your life in some way and you need support for that, please hit me up!  In the episode I also talked about the things I love doing on the full moon, how you can create your own rituals and how important it is that we are making space for grieve to stay emotionally engaged with climate justice (and all kinds of other things we believe in!).  The A Season of Radical Love Program I mentioned can be found here: I am now also offering self + community care circles online on the first Sunday each month for all Patrons - would love to see you there! And here is the Daydreaming Wolves Patreon you can support: Thank you for listening and sharing, I love you!

 #51 My interview with Manisha Tare on emotional healing | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:39:33

Hey friends, it feels so good to be back! This Friday I am sharing a beautiful conversation with my friend Manisha Tare who is an incredible mentor, guide and healing professional. I love her thoughts and approaches to emotional healing and the many many things she is putting out there to help us come home to our bodies and be present with what is unfolding in our lives. Tune in to hear more about:  - Injuries as an invitation to pause and explore our experiences  - Being in a body and making it a home - Living with chronic pain  - Transitioning into work that is sustainable and aligned with who we are  - Practices for grounding in times of transition  Manisha Tare serves an intuitive guide, healer & mentor for highly sensitive and empathic people who are on a journey back home to themselves. Through a combination of energetic, intuitive and somatic approaches, she guides her clients to connect to their inner knowing in order to heal & clear old emotional trauma at its core. Through their work together, her clients feel more grounded, have greater clarity and confidence in who they are, can ask for what they need, trust their decisions more, and direct their lives with increased inner trust. She works with clients virtually all over the world. To learn more about her background, approach, & philosophy, visit   Free Gift -- Using Your Body as  Compass Consultation call to learn more about working together IG: @manishatare Here is more info on the Magic of Embodiment program: And you can become a Patreon here:

 #50 Spring magic + practices for tough times + finding faith | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:35:13

Friends, I can't tell you how grateful I feel to bring you the 50th episode of Daydreaming Wolves just in time for the spring equinox and the full moon in Libra.  Damn, it's honestly been so beautiful to have all these conversations with like minded people, to explore and dream together and to build community with you all. I feel you, even if it's just through the screen.  In this anniversary episode I am talking about my rituals and dreams around the spring equinox (low energy spring cleaning, deeper tarot readings, flower essences, planting seeds and shaking winter off!), about practices for tough times and starting small and about finding faith and inner authority. I'm also reading from Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown, which is a book I think you might love too!  And finally - I have re-designed and am offering more mentoring PLUS The Magic of Embodiment program is now ongoing with new practices and sharing circles every first Sunday of the month. You can pledge $3 or more on my Patreon and receive access to the program, the past six modules, the community on Mighty Networks and the monthly group calls. I love you! Thank you! Please share!

 #49 My interview with Sarah Elisa Kelly on creative expansion, rituals and embodiment | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:44:39

Hey folks, thank you so much for your patience with this episode, I have really missed podcasting! This time I was really excited to speak to Sarah Eliza Kelly who is a beautiful artist of many disciplines and who facilitates the Artist's Way groups. I think this episode is for you if you are feeling a little creatively stuck and want to try something new. Here is what we talked about: - Loving many different creative expressions - Our experience of the book the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron - Movement, embodiment and unstimulated rest - Wanting a container and a commitment to feel free within - Morning pages and taking yourself on artist dates Sarah Elisa Kelly is a visual artist, papermaker, dancer and published poet who has been exploring her own relationship to creativity and facilitating creative workshops for over ten years. She is a Movement Medicine apprentice teacher and is currently completing a PhD at the Royal College of Art. She is passionate about embodiment, radical rest, slow time and interconnectivity, and holds spaces that are affirmative and honest with an emphasis on permission and trust.  Sarah also offers a 13 week online support group for the Artist's Way starting March 3rd that I will be part of and we would love to have you join us too! The price is 30 - 100 GBP sliding scale and you can find out more here: Here is Sarah's instagram:   You can support the Daydreaming Wolves podcast by becoming a Patreon, which also gets you access to the year long The Magic of Embodiment program as well as my business courses:

 #49 A solo episode on starting the year in a gentler way and working with the strength card | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:17:54

Hey folks, thanks so much for your patience while I had a creative hibernation break! I really missed podcasting and am SO glad to be back. In this episode I am talking about: - What I've been up to and how I started a whole new community - What self-care practices I love in January - The rituals I create around my card for the year and which one I chose - Things that feel good and inspiring and exciting right now - How I try to avoid getting sucked into January self-improvement The DIY small business school with its live round I mentioned is here: This is the Magic of Embodiment program: And here is the Patreon you can support if you like the show:

 Podcast #48 My interview with Danette Relic on self-marriage and creativity | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:48:12

Loved listeners, this is my last episode for 2018 and I am so so happy to end with such a beautiful, honest and inspiring conversation. Danette was my writing coach many moons ago and her love and wisdom is still with me all the time! She is incredibly funny and wise and has taught me so much about life, writing and loving myself.  Here is what we talked about:  - How Danette got married to herself on a beach 17 years ago - Creating new traditions that are authentic and real - Getting clear on what we really want to do with our lives  -Sustaining commitment to ourselves and our creativity in the long run - Why we love podcasting so much - Making awkward art Danette Relic has been married to herself for almost 18 years and it has been by far the hottest and most profound relationship in her life. She is a personal life coach, artist +  writer, based online at Radical Creative Sanctuary and at home in Toronto. Her mission is to help people transform their relationships with themselves. All of her work centers around self love - healing, dreaming, loving and creating from the core of who we are in a new, radical way.  Heartbreak has been her favourite method of learning the importance of self love in her own life. After many spectacular lessons, Danette began writing her first book, Crash Bloom: the 7 Houses of Heartbreak, a creatively empowering guide to heal from a breakup without skipping over the beauty of your own emotions. The book is in the final stages but you can get a quick map of the 7 Houses of Heartbreak when you sign up for her newsletter.  Danette loves to work with individuals who are ready to say yes to falling in love with themselves + their one precious life - even if it scares them. Her most popular coaching program, Radical Self Engagement creates space for her clients to ask what might happen if they treated themselves like someone they truly love - and develop the beliefs and practices to cultivate that change.  The best way to get a taste of Radical Vows and Danette's approach to self marriage (or simply enjoy some self love pep talks on topics such as boundaries and singing to yourself in the mirror) is by listening to her new favourite project, The Soft Shoulder Podcast.  Radical Creative Sanctuary: The Soft Shoulder Podcast You can listen on her website:   And itunes: Danette's Instagram: Mentioned in this episode: Her awesome friend Allison Tarr's witchy tech vibes Instagram: Her awesome friend Elena Skoreyko's paper-cut illustration Instagram: Here is more info on the Magic of Embodiment program: And here is the Patreon through which you can support my work:

 #47 A minisode on herbal oils and self-massage | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:14:23

Hey wonderful listeners, I am a bit sleepy this week, so I will keep it soft and simple: I am sending a solo minisode on herbal oils and self-massage your way, because these are practices that are really supporting me right now. Cannot tell you how grateful I am to the plants all around me! Listen to hear about:  - How I infuse oils at home - What plans I love using  - How I am using oils straight or turn them into a balm - My thoughts about essential oils - My favorite self-massage practices - The magic of affirmation labels  As always I would so appreciate you leaving a review and you are also welcome to become a Patreon to support the show and get access to my programs if you like:


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