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 Haunted Napier Prison, New Zealand | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 9:24

If walls could talk what would they say? In Napier, New Zealand there is a stone building that seems to speak volumes. From the disembodied voices of orphaned children, to those of the wildly insane to famous serial killers Napier, New Zealand is home to one of the most haunted spots in New Zealand.This is Unsolved Mysteries of the World, Season 5 Episode 3, Haunted Napier Prison, New Zealand.Napier Prison was constructed in 1862 upon a large hill overlooking the town of Napier on the northern island. It was in operation since then and decommissioned in 1993 where today it stands as a historical landmark offering tours into its dark past.Napier Prison held both male and female inmates which worked in the early years in a nearby quarry, extracting and building the very walls they would be confined too. Conditions in the prison were fair for the time, but as with all prisons saw a lot of violence and desperate men and woman. Suicides were not uncommon and fights and murders between prisoners were commonplace.In 2002, after the prison was decommissioned and abandoned for nearly 10 years, an entrepreneur opened it as a backpackers hostel – offering cheap rooms in a very unique environment. That is when the stories of hauntings began and within years the hostel had all but closed its doors.One backpacker claims that while asleep in one of the cells a wispy dark figure held a hand over her mouth and threatened to slice her throat. Others saw shadow figures, heard ghostly whispers and footsteps all over the prison.Please Remember to visit our show sponsor:www.experiencethis360.com

 Jane Doe Rainbow Falls, Colorado | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 15:17

On June 15th, 1993 a young woman's body was found in a campground just northwest of Colorado Springs, Colorado. She was found half naked, only wearing a Harley Davidson T-shirt, and some jewellery. She had no other belongings or identification on or near her body.Investigators determined she had a head injury, which mostly likely was her cause of death.The case has been one of the most frustrating of all cold cases in Colorado. Investigators have re-opened the case numerous times throughout the years in an effort to keep the case alive and in hope of bringing justice for the victim and closure for a family.In 2012 the coroner's office was directed to exhume her body, which lay in a pauper's field to extract new DNA in hopes of finding a database match. Her femur was extracted for isotope testing and sent to the Smithsonian Institute.They determined that Jane Doe was most likely Canadian coming from the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Newfoundland, Labrador and possibly, but with lower determination - Eastern Quebec. They also believe she may have come from the state of Alaska.Her DNA and finger prints had been sent to all US States in the past excluding Hawaii and Alaska. Now, investigators have sent both to Alaska and Canada in hopes of finding a match.Two artists used clay to come up with a physical, three dimensional model of what Jane Doe may have looked like. These images, along with others will be made available on our Facebook Group. Even though these images went out locally to the public, no tips surfaced.Locally, a new DNA extractor called an MVAC was used on the T Shirt to extract Jane Doe's DNA along with any possible murder suspect DNA. In addition, local law enforcement are presenting the case to the FBI to see if they can help in any manner.Just before Jane Doe was discovered, there was a Vietnam Veteran's Motorcycle gathering just north of the area and investigators believe someone there may know more about Jane Doe, especially with her attire of a Harley Davidson T Shirt. However, many of the individuals from this group have ever spoken up, little alone come forward to even say they don't know anything.Investigators also believe that an arrest of three individuals just prior to Jane Doe's murder may be connected. Officers arrested three young individuals, one of which somewhat matches Jane Doe's description, however, these individuals all gave false identification to law enforcement.None of these individuals have come forward. Their images will also be made available on our Facebook page.Jane Doe was about 17-25 years old at the time of her murder in 1993. She was 5' 3” to 5' 8” in height weighing between 130 to 160 pounds. Her hair was shoulder-length, light brown to blonde, and may have been dyed. She was found wearing a black short-sleeve “Harley Davidson” t-shirt with a picture of a motorcycle. She was also wearing a yellow metal pinky ring, a yellow metal necklace with a black crystal pendant, clear stone stud earrings and a necklace with wizard hands holding a round tiger-eye stone pendant. She had pierced ears and excellent teeth with no fillings. She had a well-healed horizontal surgical scar on her upper left abdomen, the result of her spleen having been surgically removed during her lifetime.No trace of illegal drugs were found in her body, nor evidence of sexual assault by intercourse, however they have not ruled out the possibility of non-intercourse sexual assault or contact.Investigators found characteristics that indicated she might have been very well cared for prior to her death. She was healthy with no sign of disease.Investigators also hint that she may be a runaway from Louisiana, however, this information is very weak. Prior to the discovery of Jane Doe, a runaway teenager had been arrested saying she was from Louisiana. She gave a fake name, but her photo was taken. She ran away from the halfway house she was staying at and initially officer's believed it may have been her they found at Rainbow Falls as the photo and the reconstruction somewhat matched.Investigators determined that Jane Doe had been deceased about 2-3 days prior to her body being discovered by a hiker. The makeshift campground was rural but it appears as if the perpetrator or perpetrators didn't care that her body was left out in the open and easily discoverable. Another possibility is that she was dumped at the site and the crimes happened elsewhere.Somewhere there is a family wondering where there daughter is. Somewhere there is a murderer who has not yet been brought to justice.If you have any information about this case and can identify this Jane Doe please contact: Douglas County Coroner’s Office at 303-814-7150 or at coroner@douglas.co.usPlease remember to visit our show sponsor:www.experiencethis360.com

 The UFO Patrol Car | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 12:43

It was 2AM on August 27, 1979 when Val Johnson, a deputy sheriff of Val County Minnisota experienced one of the most unusual events in modern times. His vehicle collided with a UFO.This is Unsolved Mysteries of the World, Season 5 Episode One, The UFO Patrol Car.Val Johnson was on night patrol and it was a slow night on the rural backgrounds of Val County. He gave a warning to one speeding motorist and watched as the hours and minutes ticked away. It was going to be just another routine night with no major incidents.However, just before 2AM while driving along State Highway 220 near the town of Warren he noticed something strange ahead of him. Something he had never witnessed before or since.In the middle of the roadway was a brilliant ball of light. Val estimated it to be about 8 to 12 inches in diameter and about 3-4 feet above the blacktop. He said even though it was glowing, the edges were clearly defined.Val Johnson, curious as to what this could be, watched the light for some time and noted that it was moving. Then it suddenly moved in his direction and collided with his patrol car.Remember to visit our show sponsor:www.experiencethis360.com

 Starved Rock, Illinois | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:28

Voted as the #1 Tourist Spot in the state of Illinois, Starved Rock is a world apart from the windy city of Chicago and of the flat farmland that covers much of the state. Starved Rock State Park is characterized by its large canyons, tall trees, and 2600 acres of wilderness.It is also known for an native American legend, where Indians were starved to-death upon a huge rock outcrop after being besieged by a rival tribe. It is also famous for the horrific rape and murder of three women and the subsequent haunting and paranormal activity throughout the park.This is Unsolved Mysteries of the World, Season 4 Episode 15, Starved Rock, Illinois.Remember to visit our show sponsor for great travel articles, cheap airline tickets and much more:www.experiencethis360.com

 The Bothell Hell House - Demons in Seattle | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 15:05

The Bothell Hell House – Demons in Seattle?This is Unsolved Mysteries of the World, Season four, Episode 14, The Bothell Hell House, Demons in Seattle.The seemingly nondescript, modern family home in Bothell, Washington State gained instant notoriety when it was featured on the popular Ghost Adventures show. It was popular on two fronts, one from those who believed that home was manifesting extreme demonic activity and haunting the occupants for the past several years and from those who believed the house was nothing more than an ordinary dwelling with individuals hell-bent on publicity and notoriety.Keith Linder, a Bothell native and published author of “The Bothell Hell House: Poltergeist of Washington State”, lived in the house with his then girlfriend Tina for four years before moving out in 2016.Keith Linder claims that various paranormal incidents plagued him and his girlfriend Tina, including floating objects, strange symbols and spontaneous fires. The incidents were reportedly increasing to such a magnitude that they would be nearly daily occurrences.Keith explains that the incidents of the haunting happened almost as soon as they moved in. While unpacking they heard a child like cough coming from one of the bedrooms. Joking, as they have never experienced a haunting before, they thought, although it was strange, it was probably explainable. Then as the years went on, Keith and his then girlfriend, whom rented the house, experienced one of the most active hauntings ever recorded.It became known online through Keith's Youtube channel chronicling the haunting as The Bothell Hell House. Keith videotaped and used audio recording devices to capture Electronic Voice Phenomenon, or EVPs – a way paranormal investigators believe is a way to capture the voices of the dead.The Bothell Hell House gained little traction in terms of video views or comments but Keith pressed on determined to find a reason why this seemingly normal house had so much strange activity.From 2012 until 2014 Keith and his girlfriend are said to have witnessed paranormal activity numbering in the hundreds. Keith claimed that it wasn't just an ordinary haunting and contacted the local press to showcase his home. He claimed objects flew across rooms, cupboard doors were opened on their own, crosses would go missing, objects would disappear and reappear later in different locations, security alarms would go on and off and electrical devices did not work properly.Keith also reached out to his community for religious support and is said to have had to house blessed, dosed with holy water, and smudged with sage. He claimed nothing worked and the activity just increased.Now bibles would burn, their were strange Native American symbols painted on the walls and 666 painted over doors. Keith believed after these incidents that he was dealing with some sort of dark energy and perhaps demonic activity. But Keith also claims to have seen ghosts in the house including a grey lady and a white lady.Now, armed with a multitude of video cameras, recorders and gadgets he attempted to get the activity recorded for proof. Yet, besides the audio, nothing appeared on camera. All of the activity was off camera and no definitive proof was captured.Here are a few EVPs, Keith has displayed on his Youtube Channel.The rest of the recorded audio is very hard to determine what it is, or what if anything they are. Skeptics will point out that if demonic forces were responsible for the haunting, and they could paint on walls, draw pictures and burn bibles, why would they only say one word phrases and mumble nonsense?Using a ghost box program that scans radio frequencies and plays pre-recorded words the paranormal investigations revealed some further information. In fairness, even Keith Linder is skeptical about the programs use. The program takes words and plays them over top of radio static. The list of words pre-programmed into the machine are all ones you would think ghosts or demons would say like “Help Me” and “You are Not Alone” and “Demons!!” Here is a sample of the Bothell Hell House Ghost Box recordings and investigations:With all the evidence gathered, the regular audio EVPs seem to be the most tangible, however, no one can accurately say what each EVP is saying and there is wild speculation about each one. This may simply be a case of audio paradolia. One person hears the word “No” while another hears “Stop” while yet another hears the name “Keith”. Without prompting the words and phrases are open to speculation and even with prompting it is evident no one hears the same thing.With no luck capturing the activity on camera, Keith contacted the producers of Ghost Adventures, the popular, yet, often sensationalistic and ridiculous ghost investigation television show. The production team arrived along with its star cast and they proceeded to investigate the house in total darkness. At one point, Zak Bagans the main character of the ghost investigators comes face to face with Keith's girlfriend. Keith's girlfriend acts odd in this clip – she approaches Zak and gets into his face with her eyes wide open. Zak claimed it frightened him and he scurried off. Yet, Keith tells a different story that was cut on the editing floor. Keith claims Zak and everyone laughed off the incident as each had almost bumped into each other in the near perfect dark room.The production continued for another five hours yet when the show finally aired, the Ghost Adventure crew found zero evidence of a haunting, let alone any demonic or poltergeist activity. Now, this is peculiar because in each episode the Ghost Adventure crew finds all sorts of activity. And let's face it, this is entertainment at best, you don't maintain or increase your audience by standing around in the dark on television for an hour finding nothing but moth balls.So this left the paranormal community thinking that Keith had made the entire story up and even the Ghost Adventure crew could not find any activity. But there is more to this story than that simple explanation. For months prior fans and skeptics of the show pointed out the fact that no matter where the crew went, even to known fake haunted locations, they found activity. With online rumours swirling that Keith is making the haunting up, did the Ghost Adventure crew note this and follow up to show their fans that indeed they are truthful and not every location is haunted? Or did Zak Bagans find that the house was competitive with his very own Demonic Hell House – remember the Indiana Hell House Zak Bagans purchased and was making a book and documentary about? It seems you can't have more than one Hell House.Keith, disappointed that the production found no evidence of a haunting, he sent them a photo of the latest incident that happened in his house. Apparently, the demonic forces took his blue jeans and nailed them his wall.After the airing of the show, Keith came out and told his side of the production and to no surprise he was quiet harsh about the whole endeavour.Keith continued to live in the house and disappointed with the media attention he contacted two paranormal investigators: Steve Mera and Don Philips. Each, however, are very media focused. Their web pages, online videos and wording is highly sensationalistic and media driven. It looks like hype and a lot of it from awful animated gifs of demons to fake stamps on investigative notes reading “Confidential and Top Secret.”With the new publicity, the community was once again divided and activity again started to increase, now with heavy furniture being moved about and doors and walls smashed and broken. Keith wrote a self-published expose of the activity in the house and released an ebook in 2018. The book is poorly edited and written in a simple tone of voice. The book chronicles the activity and tries to find explanations. Keith also indicated he is working on two more books about the house. Both investigators Steve Mera and Don Philips have used the house to produce books and documentaries. Both appear to be amateurish in production value and have extremely poor logic. Apparently, they believe the anomalies found on audio are of an Irish accent.Did Keith Linder experience a haunted house? Or did he simply fake the activity to garner media attention? Keith maintains a Youtube Channel, a Twitter Account and a Facebook Page that showcases the house and the evidence he has collected. He has appeared on many podcasts and in print media to tell his story and sell his book. Visiting each of the social media outlets it is clear that, if the goal was some sort of fame, the audience is not there. At most, some posts get 3 likes and most get none at all.This is almost a cautionary tale for those experiencing any sort of paranormal activity. I applaud Keith for doing his own recordings, yet when the experts (in quotation marks) are brought in, with known paranormal entertainment celebrities the story and the truth get muddied quickly.But it appears, even though Keith is no longer living at the house, the story just keeps rolling. In a recent post Keith writes:“Part Two of The Bothell Hell House by Keith Linder comes out Mid-2019. Book will darker. More evidence. Morbid experiences will be shared. More revelations. Including why the house was haunted. Prepare yourself. This book is not for everyone.”Keith claims previous occupants of the home experienced the same kind of haunting, yet none of this can be verified. The home is now occupied by another family and they report nothing out of the ordinary, save for the curious onlooker who drives by the house trying to grab a glimpse of a ghost or demon.It appears the real story is buried somewhere in truth, in lies and in mystery.

 The Phantom Stalker - The Cindy James Mystery | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 22:23

On June 8th, 1989 police on route to a scene where a body had been found near an abandoned house in Richmond, British Columbia, already suspected who it may be. As they arrived on scene, their police instincts were correct. The body was that of 44 year old Nurse Cindy James, who had been reported missing since May 25th, 1989.The same day she had gone missing, police located her automobile in a neighborhood parking lot a short distance from where she had lived. There were groceries in the backseat and a wrapped gift for a friend. Underneath the car were the scattered contents of Cindy's purse. And even more alarming there was blood on the driver's side door. There was no sign of Cindy and a brief search was initiated without results.On June 8th, when police investigated the scene at the abandoned house, they noted that it appeared Cindy was abducted and brutally murdered. Her hands and feet were tied behind her back and a black nylon stocking was bound tightly around her neck. At first glance it appeared as if she had expired by asphyxiation, but later, during an autopsy, it was determined that she had died from a lethal dose of morphine and other unattributed drugs.The Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigated extensively and came to the conclusion that Cindy James died of either an accident or suicide. The official cause of death, however, was determined by the coroner who indicated that Cindy was not a victim of a vicious murder, nor accident nor suicide. Officially, the corner ruled that Cindy James' death was a result of an unknown event.This is Unsolved Mysteries of the World Season XX Episode XX The Phantom Stalker, The Cindy James Mystery.Otto Hack, Cindy's father stated “The police did not investigate the possibility of homicide, of somebody murdering her, but zeroed in on trying to prove that she committed suicide.”Cindy once told her mother that she needed help and that she feared, not only for her own life, but that of her mother. But she remained silent about what exactly it was that was so menacing.Cindy, by all accounts had a good upbringing and graduated nursing school in 1966. At 19, she married Dr. Roy Makepeace, a man 18 years her senior. She worked as a nurse, but loved her second job as a Councillor to children with emotional problems. She enjoyed working with children but had none of her own.In 1982, however, her life started unraveling. Her marriage to Dr. Makepeace ended in divorce and Cindy found herself alone working longer hours. Four months after her marriage had ended, Cindy reported having had strange phone calls. The phone calls, Cindy claimed were from an unknown person, whispering her name and uttering threats. During one phone call, Cindy hung up and drew the blinds of her front window. The caller rang again and said that there is no use in hiding, that he knows she is in the living room. The calls continued, and the stalking would escalate significantly.For the next seven years she reported these calls and once encouraged to involve the police, the incidents were more frequent and alarming. Cindy reported over 100 incidents to police including hearing prowlers at night around her house, her porch light smashed and her phone line cut.mysterious notes would appear on her doorstep. Ones reading “You will die!” and “Cindy I see You”After dozens upon dozens of visits to the home to investigate, police thought that Cindy was perhaps just seeking attention.Then one night in January of 1983, things took a darker turn. Agnes Woodcock, Cindy's best friend came over to visit but found that Cindy was not answering the door. As she investigated she found Cindy outside crouched down with a nylon stocking tied around her neck. Cindy said she had went outside to the garage to get a box and someone had grabbed her from behind and attempted to murder her. She claimed all she saw was white sneakers.Afraid for her life, Cindy moved out, painted her car a different color and changed her last name.But the phone calls continued. The notes left on the doorstep were ever present and now, they were accompanied by strangled cats.Police were monitoring Cindy and investigating each time an incident was noted. Frustrated by the lack of police help with the situation, she hired on a private investigator who would act as a personal body guard and who would hopefully find out who the phantom stalker was.Ozzie Kaban, the private investigator, said he felt Cindy was not telling the whole story and that she was holding something back. He said she would be evasive, would withhold information, and simply would not act as a normal victim would act. When the police gave her a polygraph, the examiner claimed that she was withholding information. Her mother, Tillie Hack, thinks the reason for her daughter's reluctance was that her attacker had threatened her sister and family. By naming him, her family would be killed.Ozzie Kaban had taken this into consideration and on the night of January 30, 1984, he heard strange sounds coming over a two-way radio he had given Cindy and went straight to her house.He arrived at her front door, but it was locked. The back door was also locked. Looking through a window, he found her lying on the floor with a paring knife through her hand.She was taken to the hospital where she later recalled being attacked and a needle going into her arm. She was also treated for superficial cuts all over body, face and head.Police investigated once again, but found no forced entry, and could not find any other evidence to suggest someone had been at the house, other than Cindy James.Police tried to trace the ongoing phone calls but they were all too short to be of any value. No suspect description was given by Cindy, but now she claimed that there may be multiple stalkers as she said she had witnessed perhaps two or three during the knife attack. Police now openly admitted that they were questioning Cindy's mental health.Shortly after, her garage was deliberately set on fire, but after a quick investigation, police indicated they believed Cindy started the fire herself.Her friend Agnes along with Agnes' husband Tom were asked to spend the night at Cindy's house one evening as she felt particularly paranoid about a call she had received earlier. As they retired for the evening they heard a noise and when Tom went to investigate they found the basement in flames. When Agnes went to call the fire department, the phone line was cut. The three managed to escape the fire, but when Tom went to alert the neighbors he came across a man standing on the sidewalk a short distance away. When Tom asked him if he could call the fire department, he simply turned and ran away.When the fire was out and investigated, again, police suspected Cindy had set the blaze herself and cut the phone line just prior. They noted that the basement windows were dusty and not disturbed, nor opened and that someone inside the home had most likely been the arsonist.On December 11, 1985, Cindy was found dazed and semiconscious lying in a ditch six miles from her home. She was wearing a man's work boot and glove, and suffering from hypothermia. Cuts and bruises covered her body and a black nylon stocking had been tied tightly around her neck. She had no memory of what happened.Cindy's doctor believed she was depressed and suicidal and admitted her into a Vancouver psychiatric hospital for care and observation. In the hospital she wrote herself notes. On one note in read “I still feel as if suicide is my best option in an unbearable situation. As soon as I get out of here, I will carry on my plan.”She told psychiatrists that she was depressed and angry that no one believed she was being stalked and that someone wanted her dead. When pressed by doctors she indicated she thought her former husband, Dr. Makepeace was the stalker.After several months, Cindy was released, but the stalking, again, immediately picked up. Police were once alerted and this time a detective took a keen interest into the situation. RCMP Detective Pat McBride moved into Cindy's house to protect her and find out what was really going on. It is also suspected he was romantically involved with Cindy. While Pat was living at the house, no calls were made in his presence. And notes or other strange incidents only occurred when police were not on surveillance duties making some arm-chair detectives doubt Pat McBride's intentions and making some to believe that he was perhaps the stalker and eventually the murderer. It may be far reaching to suspect an RCMP officer of such actions, but, just like police at the time – there were no good suspects, if any at all.Pat McBride moved out of Cindy's house and left her, in her mind, with only one way forward. She was going to confront the stalker and take things into her own hands.She in turn, started stalking her ex husband, Dr. Makepeace.Police thoroughly investigated the doctor and found no evidence that he was in any way involved. In the midst of the police investigating the Dr., he presented them with a recording left on his very own answering machine from the stalker allegedly targeting his ex-wife. It was the first time he had ever received such a call. Here is the recording:Police analyzed the voice and determined it was a women's voice and most likely Cindy herself. Two weeks after they confronted her about the recording they were called to Cindy's house. She unconscious, naked from the waist down in her driver's seat with a black stalking tied around her neck. Another black stalking was loosely tied around her feet and hands and then bound behind her.In a taped interview about the incident Cindy describes what had happened to her:Police again suspected that Cindy was suffering from mental health issues and urged her to see her doctor. Cindy indicated she would do so, but according to her employer, Vancouver General Hospital, she took her paycheck and asked for a five day leave to clear her head. Her car was later found in the neighborhood parking lot, near the bank, the check not deposited. Cindy, it appeared was abducted.But later, Police believed Cindy had accidentally committed suicide. They indicate they believe she had drugged herself, tied herself and stumbled and died near the abandoned house in the yard where she was found.Ozzie Kaban, the private investigator, however, believes that it was indeed a stalking and a vicious murder. He explains that the amount of drugs found in Cindy's body would have incapacitated her and she would have never had been able to tie to knots around her body, especially tying her arms and legs behind her back. He also indicates that there was no needle on or near Cindy, as would be the case if she self-injected at the site. Further, he states she was found one and half miles from her car, barefoot and there are no witnesses that have come forward to say they saw her walking, or injecting herself, or tying herself up.Police speculate that Cindy ingested morphine tablets and did not use a needle to inject the drug. The other drug, that was more prevalent in her body was Flurazepam, a drug similar to Valium. It was also a drug Cindy was prescribed to be used to help her with her insomnia. The drug, along with the amount of morphine in her system was enough to kill her, but it would have taken between 15 to 45 minutes for the action to take effect. Police indicate that this would have given her plenty of time to tie herself up.But what about the knots and the way Cindy was tied up? Surly, one cannot tie their hands and feet behind their backs?Police also called upon an expert to look into the knots and the way the restraints were bound. He concluded that one could have done exactly the same knots and tie themselves up in a similar matter. In fact, he demonstrated it, in front of police and it took him less than three minutes to complete the task.Now clearly, this was a case of schizophrenia or some other mental health disorder and clearly a suicide, right?Not so fast. If we look at where the body was found, that conclusion starts to seed doubt. Cindy's body was found in decomposition. Rigamortus had already set in, and her body produced the sweet, awful smell of rotten flesh. She was found in the front side yard of an abandoned house, but one that was not, really uninhabited. A squatter, living in a van just five metres from the body, never noticed it, for over a week, even though Cindy was wearing a white top and a jogger had spotted her from the roadway. And that jogger said they did that same route twice before and never saw a body in that location.Furthermore, teens used to use the abandoned house as a hangout spot. They indicated they would knock on the squatters windows and rock his van to get kicks. They also indicated that they had two small parties that week at the abandoned house, yet, despite all the traffic and reveling, had not noticed a body laying in the yard wearing a bright white top and bound up.Speculation among those that believe Cindy was actually stalked and murdered is that her body was dumped there the same day as the discovery of her corpse.Further speculation is cast upon evidence gathered by police, but not followed up upon. At two of the attack scenes involving Cindy, a brand of cigarette butts not belonging to her, were collected. In addition, at one scene two grey pubic hairs were extracted from Cindy's pubic area, that did not belong to her. It is uncertain what police did with this evidence.After Cindy's case was concluded by the coroner and an inquest into her death, her ex husband, Dr. Makepeace and her sister both received odd, threatening phone calls. It is speculated that these were mean tricks pulled by pranksters.The RCMP refused to offer interviews about the case to the media and have said the case has been concluded.There are some that believe that perhaps, The RCMP, themselves were somehow involved with the harassment and ultimately the death of Cindy James. And certainly, it is very odd that an RCMP officer would end up being the move-in lover of someone they feel is mentally ill, vulnerable and defenseless. But there were over fourteen officers involved in the case, along with dozens of others on the outside that would have had to keep a secret all these years.Others point to the fact that the voice messages left were of a female, speculating that Cindy's stalker was a female lover. But, again, there is no evidence of this and it is just wild speculation.The only viable suspect is the ex-husband, but police had cleared him early on.So was Cindy harassed, assaulted and ultimately murdered by an unknown person? Or was the stalker a phantom in her unconscious mind? Is there, still a sadistic man, awaiting his next victim? Or is the human brain capable of doing sadistic deeds upon its own body and soul?

 The Grafton Monster, Grafton West Virginia | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 15:04

Grafton, West Virginia is a unique town that showcases its railroad boomtown years and wealthy mining history through extraordinary architecture, landscaped parks and pop-up mansions. The small city center is surrounded by small farms and extremely dense forests. Its big city living in rural America. The humble populace is quick to point out two claims to fame for the town. The invention of Mother's Day there in 1908 and well...the other claim to fame...the thing that prowls on the outskirts of town, the thing in the forest...the Grafton Monster.This is Unsolved Mysteries of the World Season 4 Episode 12 The Grafton Monster.It was late at night, around 11pm on June 16th, 1964 when Robert Cockrell, a reporter for the Grafton Sentinal newspaper was heading home from the office. Driving along Riverside Drive, which parallels the Tygart River, he pressed his accelerator down picking up speed to about 50 Mph. He knew the road well, and knew that there would be no traffic this late at night. He rounded a wide curve and began accelerating when he exited the corner on the long stretch of straight pavement that lay before him.Suddenly, he laid off the gas as his headlight beams hit something out of place. According to Robert Cockrell it appeared to be “a huge white obstruction on the right side of the road standing between the road and the riverbank on a cleared-off section of grass.”Instinctively, he applied the brakes and noted that the out of place object was in fact a living beast, the likes of which he says he had never seen before. He claims the beast was stark white, with slick, seal like skin, or a covering, at least, that appeared to resemble seal skin. More oddly, it appeared to have no head.His foot quickly went from brake peddle, back to the accelerator and he pressed it down to the floor board. He raced home, parked his car, went inside, locked his door and sat down on his sofa with a drink. His hands were trembling.Twenty minutes later, with his nerves back he decided he should at least investigate. He called on two friends to join him and together they returned to the straight stretch of road where Robert claims to have seen the beast but after searching up and down the roadway, along the riverbank and into the forest a short distance they concluded that whatever was there was no where in sight.They found no tracks but noted that where Robert had seen the beast, the grass was firmly mashed in to the ground. As they were about to give up on the search and call in a night, they heard an odd, low whistling sound coming from the direction of the river. The three noted that the whistling sound seemed to follow them no matter what direction they went to investigate. First, it was by the river, then down the road, then in the forest. They could not find the source and with the evening turning into the morning hours they decided it would probably be best to return in daylight and concluded the search.Robert Cockrell went to work the next day, but did not mention his sighting, nor his search there afterwards. He sat at his typewriter and finally, after talking himself into it, he walked into his editor's office and told him about the encounter. The editor told Robert that they would publish a small piece about the incident and perhaps the public would be intrigued or have a possible answer to the mystery.The June 18th edition of the Grafton Sentinel had a small article written by Robert about the sighting. The newspaper was quickly bought up that morning and word of the beast spread through town creating anxiety, hysteria and bravado. Suddenly, the small town of Grafton turned into the base for one of the largest monster hunting expeditions ever. More than a hundred adults and teens, armed with flashlights, mallets, crowbars, pitchforks, baseball bats, shotguns, revolvers and hunting rifles started searching the river bank and forested area where the monster was first sighted.More than twenty searchers said they saw it while out monster hunting. Robert Cockrell interviewed the witnesses in detail and one teen suggested the creature was an escaped polar bear, but no one could determine where or what a polar bear was doing in Grafton, West Virginia.The next day, with the town in a frenzy, local police started their own investigation. With the hysteria of the Grafton Monster now making news across West Virginia, county and state authorities also joined in on the hunt. Together, they made an extensive search of the area and found no evidence of a monster.Police had more potential issues arising, however, as more than a few hundred people now descended on the town with an extensive armament of firearms. The roads were bumber to bumper with monster hunters.It is by no coincidence, then, that The Grafton Sentinel printed off another article that day dismissing the monster as a “wildly imaginative story” inspired by “spring fever” and the areas “lack of recreational facilities.”Authorities were relieved as the monster hunting wound down and no one was accidentally shot or hurt in the process.Robert Cockrell, however, knew what he saw, and quietly pursued his investigative reporting. He found reports, both earlier than his own, and some afterwards, of a creature matching his description up and down the Tygart River as far as 180 miles away. He never reported these in print.As he collected more evidence, he contacted a native West Virginian named Gray Barker, who was a writer and researcher into the UFO phenomenon. He was best known for his 1956 book They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers which introduced the now known phenomenon as The Men In Black. Gray Barker was also interested in strange creature sightings like the Flatwood's Monster that may have a direct correlation with his study of UFOs.Robert convinced Gray Barker that his sighting was not a practical joke and what he had seen, indeed was real. Soon after, Barker drove to Grafton and interviewed Robert as he wanted to write up the case for a popular UFO Magazine. Gray wrote the article, but for some reason it never made print. The letters, notes, photographs and newspaper clippings were placed into record with the Gray Barker Collection in West Virginia.In the notes, Robert goes into much more detail about the monster explaining that it was between seven and nine feet tall, four feet wide, had a seal like texture to its skin, and no visible head. He noted the monster did not move as he passed by.Gray indicated that the monster may be headless or that because of its bulk, its head was tucked close to its chest. He made notes indicated further investigation would be required.In 2014, a highly sensationalistic and ridiculous television show called Mountain Monsters featured the Grafton Monster. They showed very hazy images captured at a long distance of spooked cattle and what appears to be a tall creature like form moving through the trees. The personalities on the show got excited to see the creature first hand, but, as it turns out, the camera never shows what they are looking at and instead, and purposefully, simply shows the men's poorly acted reactions.In 2018, gaming company Bethesda developed the next game in the popular Fallout Series, Fallout 76, which takes place in West Virginia. In the game, players can visit the Moth Man Museum and encounter various creatures born of a post nuclear era. And with West Virginia folklore melted into gameplay, The Grafton Monster makes an appearance as well.The towering mutant is headless, has seal-like skin and is a formidable opponent best suited for the more hardened vault dweller.As Fallout 76 has placed a spotlight on West Virginia, stories once forgotten about The Grafton Monster are now emerging.“I have seen the creature called 'The Grafton Monster' several times when I was a young man and it is very real. My first encounter I was with my Father cutting wood. We had finished and we’re loading the truck, when our two dogs started barking. We stood there and listened, something was walking, getting closer. My Dad told me to get the gun from the cab (He carried a double barrel 10 gauge with 00 buckshot).Whatever it was had picked up it’s pace and continued toward us. All we knew for sure was, it was big and wasn’t scared of us, the dogs or the chainsaws. It stopped about 50-55 yards from us in the tree’s and went quiet. My Dad pulled both hammers back and stood in front of me, told me to be ready. The next thing that happened I’ll never forget. It stepped out, looked at us, took 3 strides in our direction, turned and walked back into the tree line. That was my first sighting of the beast and I’ll never forget it. My 2nd encounter was about 2 months later at night, fishing alone. I spotted him on the opposite bank and I got the hell out of the area” says an eyewitness.“I saw the monster near the river early in the morning. It saw me and instantly froze. It did not move. I was fishing at the time and left all my gear there and started to run away. As I ran, and turned I saw that it, too, turned away and started running off. As I got near my truck and began opening the door I heard a whooshing sound and a bright light appear above the tree line. I drove off and got my gear two days later.” says another witness.Robert Cockrell may have been on to something when he started corresponding with Gray Barker. It seems every time an eyewitness has seen the Grafton Monster, other eyewitness in the area reportedly have seen strange lights in the sky or even saucer shaped discs flying at incredible speeds. Grafton, itself has been a hotbed for UFO activity.West Virginia is also no stranger to weird creature sightings from Moth Man to the Flatwood's Monster to the Apple Devil's. But these stories will have to wait for future episodes.

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As a child I remember my dad having described vivid dreams of airplane crashes that he would later find out were prophetic as the airplane disasters he was witness to in his dreams came to fruition on the next days nightly news cast.My dad was an airplane enthusiast, sometimes going to the airport, just to watch airplanes land and take off was an enjoyable pastime. He knew how to fly Cessna's and I believe his life long goal was to become an airplane pilot, but that was not to be.He was particularly interested, as a result of his dreams, in airplane crashes. I remember several times as a child driving with my dad along Interstate 90 through Chicago and by O'Hare Airport and a sudden silence would befall him. He would glance in the direction of the airport and his speed would slow down. He would drive solemnly past glancing whenever possible into a field beside the runways.We drove through Chicago mainly just after midnight to avoid traffic. Our destination was still hours ahead, but sometimes, I would stay up, because driving through Chicago at night was fun. Besides, I was always excited to arrive at our family's house in Wonderlake, Illinois and meet up with cousins whom I have not seen in months.On one particular night, my dad pointed to the empty field and told me the story of Flight 191, at that time, American's worst airplane disaster. He told me, also, how he had dreamed about the crash about a week before it had actually happened. And as it turns out, he was not the only one who dreamed about Flight 191.This is Unsolved Mysteries of the World Season 4 Episode 11 Flight 191

 The Unsolved Disappearance of Terry Pettit and Ron Yakimchuk | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6:52

Before we begin we would like to thank a few people for giving us a five star review. Providing reviews on itunes and other podcast directories as well as facebook helps us get the podcast out to more listeners. If you enjoy this podcast please post up a review, it really helps.Now here is a shout out to our fabulous listeners who gave 5 star reviews. We will eventually get to all of you, so hang in there!Special thanks goes out to Socrates Monsour, Kaylin Klaneski, and Lisa Sabo Your support of this podcast is truly appreciated!It was a bright sunny day when Ron Yakimchuk and his wife Terry Pettit decided to head East across Canada. They had big plans and were excited to start their new life.Ron and Terry left Edmonton, Alberta Canada on June 9, 1973 to head east to Montreal, attend a friend's wedding and then settle in the Maritimes where Ron hoped to land a teaching position, and Terry, a journalist intended to seek employment at a newspaper.En Route they stopped in to friends in Brandon, Manitoba and the next day mailed a one-word postcard back home to family in Edmonton telling them they had made it as far as Dryden, in time, and without a breakdown – and owed a $50 bet!However, Ron and Terry did not show up at the wedding as planed and were never seen from again.This is unsolved mysteries of the world season 4 episode 9 The Unsolved Disappearance of Terry Pettit and Ron Yakimchuk.Ron and Terry had packed the 1959 Volkswagen Beetle as much as possible. The tiny car was battered, but drivable. The faded red color and mismatched green hood and fender made the vehicle stand out but not nearly as much as the 6 ft bright white Kayak tied to the roof and the many boxes and household supplies packed into the tiny backseat. The bright yellow Alberta license plate would also have stuck out to any eye-witnesses.Friends said that the couple were adventurous and even said they may travel as far as Europe. At the time, however, only Terry had a passport. Ron was described as laid back and extremely sensible and mature and would have not made any quick decisions. Terry is described as more adventurous who drank scotch whiskey, rolled her own cigarettes and loved to drag friends off on adventuresThe last known location, according to police is that the couple were in Dryden, Ontario. Police are uncertain if they continued on the journey through Canada via Highway One, which at the time was narrow, hilly and very remote, or if they decided to cross into the United States at International Falls and continue to Duluth Minnesota via larger and faster interstate highways to cut across and slip back into Canada near Sue St, Marie or Detroit. At the time, no records were kept of border crossings. It is uncertain if they did cross any borders.Since their last known location their bank accounts were never used. Ron's life insurance policy was never cashed in and the couple, even after all these years has not been declared dead.What is more baffling is that the highly visible VW Beetle and all the contents, including the Kayak disappeared as well.Police indicate they have received tips over the years but nothing significant has surfaced.However, Vivian McCroary indicated she witnessed the vehicle and occupants in July of 1973 in Parry Sound, Ontario, some 1450 kilometres south east of Dryden, Ontario."I phoned the police at the time and they didn't even take my phone number and name," she said. "I swear it's the same car."Vivian says she remembers it well because the 1959 VW was parked on the roadway with the couple and another man standing near it and her husband slammed on the brakes and swerved around it narrowly avoiding an accident. She remembers seeing an Alberta license plate as well. The vehicle was in the southbound lanes of highway 69 and the rear engine hood was up. There was no sign of the white Kayak, tied to the roof, however."There was a tall, slim fellow with dark hair and ... a hippy hair cut," she says. "He was standing more in the ditch. There was this other man and woman and they were on the left hand side in front of the vehicle. I couldn't see the man particularly well. He was pretty well behind the woman. He wasn't much taller than her."OPP Det. Const. Scott Johnston says he is following up on the tip from 35 years ago and indicated there was another incident with a VW at about the same time that may be related, but did not elaborate.When the couple did not make it to the wedding friends and family were concerned but not overly taken up by the couple's absence. The report of them missing came weeks later and it took months before any earnest search of the couple began.Adding to the mystery is that friend Winston Gereluk, said "Terry told me they were going away and nobody would find them for a while.”Friends did some snooping on their own. They checked to see whether the driver's licences were renewed, or social assistance was being collected or taxes being paid."As time went on, I think we said that if they went underground, boy they did it really well because they just sank without a trace,” adds Gereluk.Police have also collected DNA from family members to check on unidentified remains. So far, there has been no matches.The case remains unsolved.

 The Valentich UFO Incident | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7:28

On October 21, 1978, a 20-year-old Frederick Valentich rented a single engine plane out of Victoria’s Moorabbin Airport with plans of heading to Tasmania’s King Island to catch seafood.But things took a terrifying turn when he noticed he was being followed by another aircraft.It has been 40 years since the young Aussie pilot disappeared over the Bass Strait and in that time no one has come any closer to finding out what happened to him.The only clue left behind was a radio conversation between him and Melbourne Airflight Service Controller, Steve Robey.It was 7pm when Valentich radioed in to ask if there were any known aircraft in the area, just after something zoomed overhead.Robey informed him that there was “no known traffic” in the area and inquired as to what type of plane it was.“I cannot affirm. It is four bright, it seems to me, like landing lights. The aircraft has just passed over me at least a thousand feet above,” Valentich said.As the transmission went on things got even more unnerving, with Valentich reporting that the mystery aircraft was “playing” with him.“It seems to me that he’s playing some sort of game,” he said.“He’s flying over me two, three times, at a time at speeds I could not identify.”The conversation continues with the controller trying to get more information about what the object actually is.Valentich describes it as long, metallic and with a green light.At one point the aircraft vanishes before suddenly reappearing on his other side.It’s at this point that Valentich says his final, terrifying words: “It is hovering and it is not an aircraft.”There is silence for 17 seconds before the transmission abruptly cuts off.An extensive search was conducted of the water and any surrounding land but Valentich nor any indication of a crash site was ever found.UFO enthusiasts suggest he was abducted by a UFO, while pilot's believe the inexperienced pilot was flying upside down and the lights he saw were his own reflections on the water before he crashed.Valentich had applied twice to the Royal Australian Air Force, and was rejected both times for inadequate educational experience. He was also studying to be a commercial pilot but had failed his examinations twice. He had also received several warnings, after flying once into a restricted zone in Sydney, and twice into clouds.Others point out that Valentich was perhaps suicidal and crashed his own plane and made up the UFO to create a story. Valentich was also known to have been studying UFOs previously and deathly scared that he would encounter one while flying.Adding to the mystery there were belated reports of a UFO sighting in Australia on the night of the disappearance.A farmer near Adelaide reportedly ­witnessed a 30m craft hovering over his property the morning after Valentich went missing.It is claimed the Cessna was stuck to the side of the craft, leaking oil. The farmer even scratched the plane’s registration number on to his tractor but never came forward with the information because he was ridiculed by the few friends he told. The farmer remains anonymous.Other witnesses claimed to have seen "an erratically moving green light in the sky" and in one instance a witnesses, located about 2km west of Apollo Bay, Victoria, stated that they saw a green light trailing or shadowing Valentich's plane, and that he was in a steep dive at the time.Search and Rescue crews tried to find his remains or that of his Cessna, but were unsuccessful at the time. Five years later, however, and engine cowel flap was located on the shores of Flinder's Island. In 1983, The Royal Australian Navy Research Laboratory confirmed the flap could have washed ashore on the island and that the part has been identified as having come from a Cessna 182 aircraft between a certain range of serial numbers which included Valentich's aircraft. It is not 100% proof, but it is very circumstantial.The only tangible thing that now remains is a small plague at Otway lighthouse commemorating his strange disappearance.We will be taking a short break over the holidays. Have a Merry Christmas and see you in the new year!

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In 1998, a military pharmacists stationed in Texas received a 3 day pass for R&R. It was an unsuspecting surprise and Gary thought the best thing to do was to make a surprise visit to his family in New York. Gary books a flight, hastily packs and is waiting in the airport anticipating his turn to go through security and the gate. He is sharply dressed in his military uniform which includes a V-Neck Sweater and name tag. As he quickly goes through security and is now waiting for his flight at his particular gate a man approaches him and asks him where he is going, where do you live, what is happening? Etc. Gary, before realizing that perhaps he shouldn't be giving so much information to a complete stranger, tells this man where he lives, what apartment complex he lives at, the number of his apartment building and so forth. The man then asks to verify Gary's name. The V-Neck sweater is partially covering Gary's name tag. That is when Gary realizes that the man has a pen and a clipboard in his hand. Gary suddenly becomes agitated and skeptical and asks him what is it to the man that he verify his name. The man said he was developing a business and Gary thought that he was just harassed by someone trying to develop some home-based pyramid scheme business. He tells the man that he needs to go and proceeds to catch his flight....

 Strange Phone Calls Part One | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 18:43

Season 4 Episode 7 Strange Phone Calls Part OneWe've all had them. The phone rings, but no one is there. You start to call a friend, but find you are already connected because they just called you. Your phone doesn't ring, but there is a voicemail. Not so strange, and easily explained, but there are some phone calls that are just incredibly strange that they defy logic. From phone calls from the recently deceased, to advanced warnings to crucial events to calls that seemingly come from the future, there is an endless amount of mysterious and unsolved phone communications.

 2018 Halloween Special - True Ghost Stories | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 24:59

The 2018 Halloween Special - True Ghost Stories from our listeners!

 The Bear Brook Murders | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 14:12

On November 10, 1985, a hunter was finishing up an unsuccessful day in Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown, New Hampshire.Walking along a roadway he passed by a long forgotten store that had been burned down. He paused as he heard an excitement rise up from children who were playing in the area from a nearby from a trailer park. The children were rolling around a 55 gallon steel drum. The lid broke free and the children ran off screaming. Curious, the hunter approached the barrel and feeling that the drum had contents he proceeded to reach for the contents. Inside found a plastic garbage partially ripped open which showed the skeletal remains of an adult female and the partially skeletonized body of a young child.

 The Hornet Spook Light | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 14:13

The Hornet Spooklight is a mysterious light that appears in a small area known locally as the "Devil's Promenade" on the border between southwestern Missouri and northeastern Oklahoma west of the small town of Hornet, Missouri.Even though it is named after a small, unincorporated community in Missouri from which it is most commonly reached, the light is most commonly described as being visible from inside the Oklahoma border looking to the west. And as a result, the light goes by many names including The Hollis Light and Joplin Spook Light.


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