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Summary: A collection of knowledge and insights from brilliant clinicians in the field of neuromotor development and childhood disability to inspire, motivate and provide you with the tools to help the amazing kids you treat develop their potential www.wiredondevelopment.com


 Dr. Cylie Williams: A Podiatrist's Perspective on Paediatric Feet & Gait Concerns | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3918

Today's guest is Dr. Cylie Williams. Cylie is a podiatrist and a senior research fellow at Monash University’s school of physiotherapy. Besides being an active clinician, she has been involved in a wide range of interesting research from whole body vibration therapy to developing clinical decision-making tools in cerebral palsy. She is passionate about knowledge translation in allied health professions and her special interest is idiopathic toe-walking. I thought it might be fun to pick her brains and dig a little deeper into feet and shoes from a different angle. Cylie delivers a practical approach to this complicated topic with some solid advice and a good dose of realism. You can dig deeper and grab some easy links to the things we've discussed in this podcast at www.wiredondevelopment.com - Enjoy

 Cole Galloway: Designing Environments for Neuroplasticity and Rehabilitation | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3891

Cole is a physical therapists, a professor, a researcher, an innovator, a designer and a neuroscientist with a post doc in developmental psychology. He is changing the world of rehabilitation using enriched environments for brain neuroplasticity and he is on a mission to make technology not only functional, but beautiful and affordable. Get the real story behind GoBabyGo, The GoBabyGo Cafe, Harness House and Gravity. Cole's research goal is: To advance technologies so all people can create their world via independent mobility. I love tech, I love mobility and neurorehabilitation and I love how Cole puts all of these together in the most real world, reachable way. Find out why outpatient neurorehab is a dead dinosaur and why "shrink it and pink it" is what's wrong with pediatric practice today. Cole's advice is not only out of the box, but cutting edge. Head on over to www.wiredondevelopment.com to dive deeper into topics discussed in the interview and get into it in the podcast here - enjoy! - Enjoy

 Pia Stampe: Maximising Motor Learning and Neuroplasticity with Intensive Pediatric Therapy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4113

Pia Stampe is a physical therapist who earned her doctor of Physical Therapy degree in the US and her undergrad degree from Denmark. This has given her a unique set of skills that, under the mentorship of Dr Karen Pape, she has used to develop a systematic and considered approach to delivering an intensive therapy model that is showing spectacular results for children with neuromotor difficulties. With the growing neuroscience research on the benefits of intensity for brain plasticity clashing with the diminishing funding available for therapy, I was super eager to pick her brains about the practical issues of providing this kind of a model in a paediatric practice - and I was not disappointed. Pia and Karen's approach is getting results. In this interview we get into the nitty gritty from a therapist's perspective: scheduling, funding, tools of the trade - Pia generously shares advice, tips and tricks, along with a framework that makes her intensive therapy approach easy to implement. Head on over to www.wiredondevelopment.com to dive deeper into topics discussed in the interview and get into it in the podcast here - enjoy!

 Nancy Hylton: SPIO, Cascades And The Art of Pediatric Physical Therapy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4320

Nancy Hylton is one of the most influential physical therapists in the world of dynamic orthotics. She has been key in bringing us both SPIO compression garments and Cascade dynamic foot orthoses. She is a brilliant example of a therapist whose clinical skills and intuitive analysis of movement has directed her interventions and paved the way for new approaches (and new research). Nancy's passion and unique take on therapy made this interview so much fun to do! It's jam packed with practical advice and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we have as therapists working in childhood disability - make sure you find the time to listen to this one! Head on over to www.wiredondevelopment.com to get more insights and info on things we've discussed in this interview.

 Ginny Paleg: Moving, Standing & Walking with Cerebral Palsy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3416

Ginny Paleg, PT, MPT, PScPT is a physical therapist who is a master at making research applicable and meaningful in clinical practice. Ginny's published papers are key resources for anyone wanting to answer questions on the whys, whats, how often and how much with gait trainers, standing frames, powered mobility and compression garments - and we get into it in this interview. Ginny's energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and contributions to pediatric therapy are awe-inspiring! If you'd like to dig a bit deeper into these topics you can find handy links and more info at www.wiredondevelopment.com Enjoy!

 Dr Brian Hoare: CIMT & Bimanual Therapy in Cerebral Palsy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4235

Dr Brian Hoare is an occupational therapist from Australia, probably known best for his contributions to the field of CIMT and bimanual training in children with unilateral cerebral palsy. At the time of this interview, he had more than 34 publications (including 2 Cochrane Reviews and an RCT) under his belt AND some cutting-edge research underway. Brian is passionate about bridging the gap between research and clinical practice through his company CPteaching. He has a highly specialized clinic for children with unilateral cerebral palsy where he continues to work as a clinician and in his spare time (apparently he still has some) he has developed and maintains his own iPhone App, CPtoys. To get links and dig deeper into the topics we covered in this interview, head over to www.wiredondevelopment.com Enjoy! Mindy

 Kim Barthel: Inspiration & Wisdom from an Occupational Therapist | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3523

From craniosacral therapy to biomechanics and neurobiology, attachment theory, neurodevelopment, sensory integration, mental health, and trauma. Kim Barthel is eclectic, grounded and everything in between. She is an OT, an author, a teacher and a visionary. Kim has worked with the World Health Organization and consulted at government level on policies and programs impacting vulnerable populations and in her spare time, she is an NDT and Sensory Integration instructor! Kim has a gift for putting things in perspective and making complex ideas simple - You will come away from her interview with a deeper understanding of many therapy approaches and a feeling that you could probably start to make headway with some of your behaviourally complex kids. For links to things Kim mentions in the interview and more, head over to www.wiredondevelopment.com

 Jo-Anne Weltman: Cuevas MEDEK Exercises (CME) in neuromotor rehabilitation for Peadiatric Physiotherapists | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2456

Jo-Anne has worked as a paediatric physiotherapist in South Africa, America, New Zealand and Canada - in hospitals, early intervention, schools and private practice. Her clinical knowledge is multifaceted and she has a life long love of hands-on learning, but her specialty is Cuevas MEDEK Exercises. Listen to the interview to find out more about CME and how it fits in with more traditional therapies plus a whole lot of useful advice. Click here: http://bit.ly/wiredOnCME to head on over to the wiredOn Development website for quick links to all the good stuff Jo-Anne shares and more in depth info and if you'd like snippets of brilliance from this interview and other brilliant minds delivered straight to you inbox in quick weekly emails that take less than a minute to read, sign up for Seriously Smart Snippets here http://bit.ly/emailSnippet

 Karen Pape, MD: How Pediatric Therapists Can Optimize Outcomes in Cerebral Palsy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4392

Karen Pape,MD, is a neonatologist and clinical neuroscientist who knows about neuroplasticity and is excited about what we can do as pediatric therapists. She is challenging the common belief that cerebral palsy and brain injuries do not recover and inviting us as pediatric therapists, parents and people living with cerebral palsy to not accept less than optimal therapy. We can do better and have better outcomes with a better approach to treating cerebral palsy. She backs this up in her recent book where she generously shares her years of keen observations, clinical analysis and practical "in the trenches" experiences that have made her an expert in neurodevelopment and childhood disability To find out how you can win copy of Karen's book click here: http://bit.ly/KPBookPodcast In this interview Karen and I dig deeper into the practicalities of how pediatric therapists can apply the interventions that she talks about in her book, including how to avoid Butterfly Syndrome and avoid chasing Rainbows. She has a great talent for simplifying complex ideas and a strong message that everybody working or living with cerebral palsy needs to hear. For a peek into a brilliant mind and a whole lot of useful advice stick on some headphones and push play. For quick links to all the good stuff Karen shares and more in depth info go here: http://bit.ly/wiredON_KarenPape Enjoy! Mindy

 Judy Carmick: Pediatric Physical Therapy & Task Specific Electrical Stimulation | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3476

Judy Carmick, MA, PT is a physical therapist that excels at weaving together the philosophies and approaches that form the bases of pediatric neuromotor rehabilitation - even ones that seemingly conflict like Brunnström and Bobath! But she doesn't stop there, she has taken their teachings, mixed in with the current literature and applied it with a curious and observant clinical approach to develop her own amazing application of neuromuscular electrical stimulation, which she calls TASES (Task Specific Electrical Stimulation). The results are fast and effective and it really does look like she has a magic wand. This interview is pure gold! I hope you enjoy learning from Judy's amazing thoughts and insights as much as I did. Sign up to get notified about our news & future guests at www.wiredondevelopment.com and you'll get free access to our "subscribers only" page with pdf summaries of all the tips and action points from selected interviews Enjoy! Mindy

 Shelley Mannell: Core Requirements for Pediatric Therapists | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3051

If you want to be an effective pediatric therapist, start here. Shelley Mannell from Heartspace PT brings a wealth of wisdom and analytical brilliance to addressing the underlying components of therapy that make everything else work better. She addresses not only what our kiddos need to improve their dynamic core and function, but what we can do ourselves to achieve excellence in our own areas of practice. If I had one word to describe Shelley, it would be "Wise" and you are guaranteed be wiser for having listened to her! Enjoy

 Liesa Persaud's Top Tips for Pediatric Therapists Treating Toe-Walking | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3248

Liesa is a pediatric physical therapist who is leading the field in treating idiopathic toe-walking. Liesa gives us some amusingly honest insights into how she developed her skills and knowledge as well where you can go to start or progress your own clinical expertise in this area. Jam packed with advice and actionable tips for treating and assessing toe-walking, Liesa explains how to apply her learning's from autism to cerebral palsy. Click on this link to get all the resources, research and links to everything mentioned in the interview: http://bit.ly/LiesaPersaud You'll also find some handy time markers so you can jump straight to a topic of interest if you're short on time.

 Beverly Cusick Interview. TheraTogs and How-to-work-it-out | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2664

Beverly Cusick, better known as Billi, is the inventor of TheraTogs and a leader in the management of equinis deformities in children with cerebral palsy. What are her thoughts on Bobath and NDT? What do you need to do to improve your problem solving skills? Pop some headphones on and enjoy listening and learning from this straight talking, no fluff thought leader in the field of pediatric physical therapy. Click on this link to get all the resources, research and links to everything mentioned in the interview: http://bit.ly/2fZAsyS You'll also find some handy time markers so you can jump straight to a topic of interest if you're short on time. Cheers, Mindy

 Living life well with Cerebral Palsy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2030

It’s a funny world, this disability world. Nobody really wants a ticket in, but once you get there, there are hidden treasures to be found. That’s the lot of the paediatric therapist – the privilege of being immersed in the lives of the most fantastic families and learning from them how to grab life and live well no matter what. The Steptember Challenge was our inspiration to capture some of this wisdom and share it with new mums or mums who haven’t yet found their support networks or just want a chuckle. Lisa and Eva are two mums who’ve figured some of the hard stuff out. They agreed (after some wine) to record their conversation about living life well with cerebral palsy on our walk to rack up Steptember miles for team Wheelie Walkers. Things that we cover o What do you know now that you wish you’d known in the early days of being a mum Working with therapists o Managing mum guilt Finding balance o Funny things that friends and family do (that they shouldn’t) o Tips for starting school o The best way to approach mums of kids with disabilities + Heaps of other good advice about coping It’s 32 minutes so put on some headphones and go for a walk whilst you listen (it was Steptember afterall!) and don’t forget to support Steptember when it rolls around again ... in September :)


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