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Brisbane is Weird

Summary: We investigate the weird stories and mysteries that Brisbane is built on - from a murder that built Queen Street to weird moments in suburban parks and everything in between. Got a weird story happening in your area or something you've heard whispers of? We'd love to follow it - message us on the contact page at


 Episode 2: The Murder that built Brisbane | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 20:41

A gruesome, psychopathic murder and robbery is committed at Kangaroo Point, a man is hung for the murder. 17 years later another man confesses. If true University of Queensland to the Royal Brisbane Hospital have blood money in their foundations... Music from & Antti LuodeLinks: The Mayne Inheritance - Kindle eBook — The incredible novel that became my main reference point for this story The location of The Bush Inn - where the murder likely occurred A Historical Walk with the Maynes 1848-1940 — A post script for The Mayne Inheritance book, featuring a current day description of some of the remaining references to the family around Brisbane. Ashgrove Historical Society - The Great Fire of Brisbane — Details on the year of disasters that hit Brisbane in it's first five years of being a capital city - while Patrick Mayne was on the council.

 Episode 1: Lights in the Wishart Bush | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 17:56

What were a group of people doing hanging under coloured lights in Wishart bushland at 2.30am on a cold May morning? From public sex to medieval religion and everything else we could find we try and work out what on earth this group was doing. Music thanks to Antti LuodeSpecial Guest: Dom Fay.Links: The location we saw the lights and gathering The original Reddit thread asking if anyone knew what was going on


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