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Blind Bargains Audio: Featuring the BB Qast, Technology news, Interviews, and more

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 Blind Bargains Qast 188: Use The Stylus | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:54

You could probably tell that we have been enjoying our summer break a little too well with this being a convention wrap up show in August instead of July. You may even detect a little podcast rust coming off J.J., Joe and Lisa Salinger during this recording. And you might even think that you have heard all we had to say about the NFB and ACB conventions from the coverage we have already uploaded. Yet, believe it or not, this isn't a typical rundown of our earlier interview s kind of episode. Tune in to hear stories and information not covered from the exhibit hall floors in this "better late than never" convention wrap up show.

 #Sponsored Convention Audio: APH Creates A Fun Pathway To STEM With Code Jumper | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 19:07

In March, at CSUN19, APH was noted as being one of our big stories in our wrap up of the event. Code Jumper leaped into the spotlight at that show and people noticed the device's unique way of making the process of learning STEM subjects more enjoyable to different skill levels and age groups. Joe Strechay, Consultant, and Michelle Cundiff, Education and Outreach Specialist for APH, sat down with our own Joe to discuss the exciting news that has emerged since March. Tune in to hear how the Microsoft Education Community will aid in the creation of plans, achievements and goals related to Code Jumper. Michelle also previews some ideas for modules, materials and possible STEM Camps that Educators can use alongside Code Jumper. If you would like to know more about Code Jumper and the importance of coding in education, and To hear the units in action, listen in to our CSUN demonstration with J.J. and Dave Wilkinson. Also, check out our interview about how partnerships will play a role in APH's future moving forward. And you can always find the latest news about products and services from APH by visiting their website

 #NFB19 Audio: Humanware Flips The Card To Reveal Updates For Keysoft And Victor Reader Trek | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 09:38

The beginning of 2019 found Humanware launching the newest member of the Braille Note family in the form of the upgraded Braille Note Touch Plus. Joe caught up with Andrew Flatres, Braille Product Manager, on the NFB Exhibit Hall floor to talk about customer feedback and how that was impacting the upcoming firmware update for the new notetaker. The duo also discuss a few features rolling out for Braille Displays, deciding which product might fit someone best and how both are avoiding the Las Vegas Casinos.

 #ACB19 Audio: There Is Always Something New Over At Guidelights And Gadgets | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 12:08

We'll let you in on a little bBQ Crew 2019 secret Joe, J.J. and Shelly all lost a recorded convention interview this year. Therefore, it seems strangely fitting that Lisa caught this curse too with her time in Rochester. But it is all good because Barry Scheur, Owner of Guidelights and Gadgets, was able to speak about his wears away from the noise of the Exhibit Hall floor as a result of the unfortunate workings of digital recording technology. Listen in as Barry tells Lisa about what was popular this year. The two talk about Bluetooth headsets, leather goods and a talking power bank. There are also descriptions of Guide Dog accessories, powerful speakers and much more. Barry notes that there is always a revolving inventory, so contact him directly, by visiting the Guidelights and Gadgets website

 #NFB19 Audio: Seeing The World Wirelessly With OrCam | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 05:10

News about the latest with OrCam sped by us At CSUN19. Joe managed to flag down Anat Nulman, of OrCam, to hear about changes that have come to the product since March. A new iOS app, voice control and on device security features are discussed. Also, for those considering an upgrade from the previous model, learn how the wireless model differs from the original wired edition. To read more about the upgrade path, or to find out more regarding the NFB partnership mentioned during this interview, visit the OrCam website

 #ACB19 Audio: Grace Your Dinner Table With Hand Painted Glassware From Loving Touch Connections | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 04:53

Kathy Keck, Owner of Loving Touch Connections, has been producing hand painted tactile glassware since 2001. She offers a wide range of styles of product that can be customized with Braille or script. Tune in to hear Kathy describe her colorful assortment of crafts to Lisa. And to learn more about the items talked about in this interview, visit the Loving Touch Connections website

 #ACB19 Audio: The Magic Is In Learning With Mystic Access | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 09:49

You might have heard Lisa's voice on our ACB coverage and thought you might have downloaded a different podcast by mistake. That s understandable since Lisa has been affiliated with the team over at mystic Access for a few years. In this interview Lisa reunites with Chris Grabowski, President, and Kim Loftis, Director of Product Development, To talk about their unique brand of audio instruction. From the almost 15 hours of tutorials on the Braille Note Touch/Touch Plus, the ongoing podcasts or the free monthly tele classes, Mystic Access has materials available on an array of technology. To learn more about them, and sample there more than 50 free offerings, visit the Mystic Access website

 #NFB19 Audio: Making A Quantifiable And Accessible World For STEM With Independence Science Tools | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 09:02

Tools for observing the wonders of our world are evolving all the time. Ashley Neybert, Curriculum Specialist and Sales Consultant for Independence Science spoke to Joe about the Talking LabQuest equipment and how the company s approaches to STEM can assist in the capturing of data for experiments. The company, who is staffed with Blind scientists themselves, have designed devices that can aid Low Vision and Blind individuals monitor and record information in a variety of ways. To learn more about the products mentioned in this interview, and to inquire about their partnership with View Plus Embossers, visit the Independence Science website

 #NFB19 Audio: What To Expect When You ™re Expecting News From Be My Eyes | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 16:58

The Be My Eyes team sure have been keeping busy since their last appearance on BBQ 179 back in April. Will Butler, VP Community, Alexander Hauerslev Jensen, CCO, and Christian Erfurt, CEO of Be My Eyes, Sat down with Joe to cover some amazing news announced for the summer convention season. Namely the new partnership with Clear Blue for identifying the results of pregnancy tests. Also, the trio lay out plans for a peer support program and what topics will be discussed on a soon to be launched Be My Eyes podcast series. To learn more about the goings on, because there seems to be more all the time for the company, visit the official Be My Eyes website

 #NFB19 Audio: That's The Share In Bookshare | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 10:58

BBQ 187 Found Jamie and Joe reminiscing about Bookshare and their announcement of 1 million books. Allison Hilliker, Customer Support for Bookshare - a part of Benetech Global Literacy Programs, breaks down the milestone to Joe and she gives some important context to the announcement post Marrakesh Treaty. The pair also discuss the continuation of the image description project and how the available Bookshare offered word document format can aid Braille and Large Print users. To learn more about positions at the company, visit the Careers page for Benetech at their website. Also, to renew or start a new subscription, travel over to the Bookshare site to learn more

 #NFB19 Audio: The Blind Shell Readies For Launch | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 07:12

We last caught up with Sam Seavey, U.S. Representative for Blind Shell, at CSUN 19 Back in March. He indicated that the launch of the Android based phone would be happening soon, and in this interview, he gives us details about the price and what carriers to expect the phone to work with in the U.S. Check out the official Blind Shell website If you would like to learn more.

 #NFB19 Audio: LVI America Adds More Than Products To Their Ranks | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 07:24

We ve been keeping a Tab on LVI America since Shelly spoke to them at CSUN19 Back in March. While the company continues to enhance their low vision product lines, it was another recent addition to the company that Joe wanted to get in front of the BBQ microphones. Kimberly Cline, Regional Sales Manager U.S. West, joined LVI America and she came to NFB as Las Vegas is practically in Kimberly s backyard. Listen in as she talks about the reasons for why these video magnifiers are, dare we say it? sexy. And to learn more about them, along with other products offered, visit the LVI America website

 #NFB19 Audio: Fantastic Feeling Fashion With Two Blind Brothers | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 06:13

There you are with a wardrobe full of unlabeled things made from fabric wondering just what they are and what color they might be. Bryan Manning, Co Brother of Two Blind Brothers, tells Joe that people need not guess anymore at their closet cornucopia in dismay. The company features soft stylish clothing with the bonus of Braille labels located at the right hem. Surfing their site gives you great descriptions of their wears, as well as, no crazy size charts. To learn more, or to make a purchase today, head over to the Two Blind Brothers website

 #NFB19 Audio: Charm Those Around You With Elegant Insights Jewelry | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 07:53

On very rare occasions the Convention Committee deals you a great hand by placing a national convention on your home turf. For Laura Legendary, co-founder of the Fashionability Channel and podcast, this meant that she could avoid the hotel entirely and restock her booth as much as possible. And restock she did as she sold out of products, like the Live The Life You Want Nevada State themed items, throughout the run of the convention. Charms were also a big hit, as well as things to accessorize the pups. You can custom order things with Laura and she notes that she can fulfill B2B orders too. To learn more about her products, or to chat with Laura in person, visit the Elegant Insights website

 #ACB19 Audio: Orbit Research Firms UP The Orbit Reader 20 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 08:26

In BBQ 185 We discussed that the new firmware for the Orbit Reader 20 allowed a user to upgrade from the SD card slot. Lisa spoke to Venkatesh Chari, CEO and President of Orbit Research, About this exciting development at ACB 19. Listen in to hear the details about this change and how you can perform the upgrade. To learn more about this update, or to purchase an Orbit Reader 20, visit the Orbit Research website


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