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Whitetail Watch Podcast

Summary: Whitetail enthusiast Aaron Warbritton talks deer hunting tips and tactics with various experts across the country.

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 25: Solutions to the Hunter Access Problem w/Randy Newberg | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:02:50

Today we welcome Randy Newberg to the podcast.  He's a widely known public land advocate that hunts western big game.  Randy has developed a great track record for his support on protecting public lands and today, we'll discuss the hunter access problems for the average whitetail hunter and how to fix them.  Learn about -the hunter access problem and how we got here -how state agencies make policy decisions -becoming an advocate for public lands in your state  Click here to view Realtree EZ Hangers Watch semi-live whitetail hunting action at Midwest Whitetail

 24: Summer Scouting Tips on Small Property and Public Lands | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:09:34

On today's show Aaron, Zach Ferenbaugh and Drake Lamb discuss summer scouting tactics for hunters in different scenarios.  Learn about -how much scouting intrusion is too much?  -trail camera strategies for low impact and high impact locations -what you can learn from watching deer right now -summer bedding areas vs. fall bedding areas -scouting small properties.  Where do you start?  -various food sources that change during late summer and fall -observation strategies and reasoning with buck behavior  Check out the Realtree online store here!  Watch semi-live whitetail hunts at midwestwhitetail.com

 23: The Death of Deer Hunting? w/Scott Vance and Chris Willingham | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:57:49

There are some alarming trends developing within the hunting community.  On today's podcast, we talk about the hunter recruitment problem and what challenges we face if nothing is done.  Each season, the average whitetail hunter grows older and are not replenished.  We'll discuss the problems we've created for ourselves and how to potentially fix them.  Learn about  -declining hunter numbers and which states are affected most -differences between teenagers now vs. twenty years ago and what that means for hunting  -state agency struggles in the political arena -the modern trophy hunter and how we've changed -factors that have contributed to the problem  -solutions to the crisis  -how to advocate for the well being of hunters moving forward To join the Union Sportsman's Alliance click here. View the Realtree EZ Hanger 3 Pack HERE!  Watch semi-live whitetail hunts at midwestwhitetail.com

 22: Understanding Deer Vision w/Dr. Shawn Tyson | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:35:21

What can a deer see?  On today's podcast we address that question with Dr. Shawn Tyson.  The University of Georgia recently did a study focusing on whitetail vision.  Dr. Shawn walks us through that study, his experiences in the field, and how to stay concealed from a buck's eyes.  Learn about  -how well a deer can see at dawn vs. midday  -a deer's ability to see lights at night  -when to enter and exit your hunting area without being detected  -how the whitetail eye works -colors to avoid wearing  Learn more about Shawn's business at http://xouthunt.com/products/x-out-odor-scent-uv-control Check out the Realtree online store here!  Watch semi-live hunting videos at Midwest Whitetail  

 21: Early Season Whitetail Tactics and Hunting Standing Corn w/Bryce Lambley | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:08:56

Aaron Warbritton and Greg Clements talk with expert traditional archery hunter Bryce Lambley.  Bryce has taken dozens of big game animals with traditional archery equipment.  He hunts nearly every day of the Nebraska season and uses creative strategies to get big bucks within range of his stick bow.  On today's podcast we're discussing early season whitetail tactics and hunting standing corn.  Learn about  -scouting for bucks in late summer  -trail camera strategies for monitoring corn fields -successful early season hunts and lessons learned -how to hunt vast open areas with archery equipment  -stalking bucks in standing corn -how to find deer in standing corn -using creative techniques to kill bucks  Check out Bryce's books at his website https://www.brycelambley.com/ Buy the NEW Realtree Monster Bucks DVD here!  Visit www.midwestwhitetail.com for semi live whitetail hunting action.   

 20: Everything Food Plots w/John Barsody | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:50:12

Today we've got a great conversation for you with John Barsody of Frigid Forage.  John specializes in food plot seed blends tailored to the average hunter.   Learn about -how and when to plant clover  -best seed blends for shaded areas or "poor man" plots -using nurse crops to enhance attraction for deer  -food plot rotation and how to get the most out of your ground -which seed blends are best for your situation -the difference between perennial and annual seed blends -planting brassicas and when deer prefer them -tips on growing plot screen  Learn more about John and his website at Frigid Forage. See other podcasts and hunting videos at www.midwestwhitetail.com Shop NEW Realtree products here.  

 19: All Day Sits and Midday Bucks w/Scott Reinmann | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:39:05

Aaron talks with Scott Reinmann of the Midwest Whitetail Pro Staff about his success using all day sits in the rut.   Scott and Paul Marshall have killed several mature bucks from the “skinny pinch” stand over the years, most of which have came by during mid day. Learn about -tips for sitting all day -best time frame to plan all day sits -Scott's best two stands for hunting during rut -terrain types that Scott is hunting  -trail camera strategies in states where baiting is not allowed -why mature bucks move during midday -planning vacation for good rut dates Watch Scott and Paul's hunts here at Midwest Whitetail Learn what the deer are doing in your area at Whitetail Watch

 18: Buying and Hunting Small Properties w/Rick and Joe Knochel | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:48:57

Aaron Warbritton talks with Rick and Joe Knochel about their success on small properties. They've killed several mature bucks on a 70 acre farm in Missouri and recently purchased another 80 acre property. In this podcast we'll discuss shopping around for the perfect property and improvements you can make to enhance your hunting opportunities.  Learn about -how to buy a property  -what habitat features to look for on small acreage -land management tips for holding and growing mature bucks  -places to search for small farms    See what the deer are doing right now at Whitetail Watch  Watch semi-live hunting shows at Midwest Whitetail   

 17: Patterning Mature Bucks, Reading Tracks, and Blood Trailing Tips w/Joe Elsinger | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:29:34

Aaron Warbritton chats with repeat guest Joe Elsinger. Joe has harvested many mature bucks on public lands and has some great insight in this podcast. Today we'll touch on patterning mature bucks by reading tracks. Trail cameras are important but learning to distinguish a mature buck's track can make the difference in success or failure. Joe also gives us some useful tips for bloodtrailing bucks and much, much more. Tons of info in this one! Good luck and hunt safe. Learn about -how to distinguish mature buck tracks vs. doe and young bucks -identifying a buck's unique track and using that to pattern him -where and when to search for tracks -successful hunt examples where Joe has used tracks to aid him in patterning a specific deer -blood trailing examples and stories that will help you find your buck  -shot selection tips that make for quicker kills  -scouting strategies for early season  See what the deer are doing right now at Whitetail Watch  Watch semi-live hunting shows at Midwest Whitetail    Learn more about Joe and his hunts at The Hunting Beast 

 16: Horizontal Rubs and Hunting Over Signposts w/Ted Miller | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:45:40

Aaron Warbritton talks with Ted Miller about horizontal rubs and creating a signpost.  Ted has harvested multiple mature bucks and is one of the most knowledgeable whitetail hunters in the state of Iowa.  He's harvested several bucks hunting over horizontal rubs.  In this podcast we'll ask him everything you need to know about horizontal rubs and creating a signpost for your bucks.    Learn about -where Ted got the idea of creating a horizontal rub -how to create a signpost   -which trees bucks prefer to rub on -location of horizontal rubs -when to hunt over signposts  -mature buck tendencies over scrapes/rubs    See what the deer are doing right now at Whitetail Watch  Watch Luke Nissen's segment on horizontal rubs here at Midwest Whitetail  Watch Ted Miller's hunts over horizontal rubs here

 15: Buck to Doe Ratios for Hunting Mature Bucks w/Wildlife Biologist Jeremy Flinn and MW Pro Staffer Drew Mclain | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:43:43

Aaron Warbritton talks with Wildlife Biologist Jeremy Flinn and Midwest Whitetail Pro Staffer Drew Mclain on buck to doe ratios and what they mean.  Drew hunts a 200 acre farm in Ohio and did a study on his buck to doe ratio.  His experiences are eye opening and make for great conversation.  Jeremy will also discuss how to conduct a deer survey on your property and talk about factors involved in maintaining a good deer herd while keeping mature bucks on your property.    Learn about -mature buck movements in relation to low vs. high ratios -opinions on correct buck to doe ratios for hunting mature bucks in different situations -trail camera surveys for buck to doe ratios  -Drew's study on 200 acres vs. Jeremy's study on 1000 acres (Winke Farm) -doe home range vs. buck home range  -what happens when you remove a mature buck from an area?     Learn what the deer are doing at Whitetail Watch    Watch Drew's segment on buck to doe ratio here at Midwest Whitetail   See Jeremy Flinn's work at the Buck Advisors    Learn more about Jeremy's DeerGro products here

 14: October Lull Bucks and Bow Hunting from the Ground w/Joe Elsinger | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:35:47

Aaron Warbritton talks with public land hunter Joe Elsinger.  Joe and his family have a wall full of mature bucks-many taken on public land during October.  We'll discuss their tactics for hunting this time frame and much more.    Learn about -how to hunt individual bucks in October -scouting tips to use during the off season  -bow hunting from the ground -timing your hunts with hot sign or a hot food source  -bedding tendencies of mature bucks  -late rut tactics for harvesting the biggest, oldest bucks    Learn what the deer are doing in your backyard at Whitetail Watch   Watch semi-live hunting shows at Midwest Whitetail    Learn more about Joe and his hunts at The Hunting Beast 

 13: Finding the Perfect Rut Stand w/Damon Detling | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:11:20

Aaron Warbritton talks with Midwest Whitetail pro staffer Damon Detling.  Damon has been killing mature bucks in Southeast Ohio for many years and has two perfect rut stands on his property.  He's killed 10 mature bucks out of one tree and talks with us about what makes the stand great and how he found it.    Learn about -different factors involved in finding the perfect stand  -how to hunt mature bucks during the rut in eastern hill country  -buck benches and how to find them  -wind and thermal change in relation to hill country and creeks  -mature buck movements during each rut phase  -how to find rut funnels    Watch Damon's hunt for his giant Ohio archery buck here   Learn what the deer are doing in your backyard at www.whitetailwatch.com    

 12: Waterholes, Managing Small Properties, and Optimizing Your Time in the Woods w/Jeff Sturgis | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:56:56

Aaron Warbritton and Erik Barber talk with Jeff Sturgis of Whitetail Habitat Solutions.  Jeff is an expert at managing property for hunting and has some great tips than everyone can use to improve their odds.    Learn about -creating waterholes and how to hunt them  -how to improve your tree stand locations  -managing small properties -finding the right time to hunt your stands  -affordable habitat improvements  -difference between bedding staging areas and feeding staging areas  -how to create the perfect bedding area  -the difference between hot and cold sign  Learn what the deer are doing in your backyard at www.whitetailwatch.com   Watch semi-live hunting videos and follow our season at Midwest Whitetail Learn more about Jeff Sturgis at Whitetail Habitat Solutions  

 11: Understanding Arrow and Broadhead Penetration with Bill Winke | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:10:44

Bill discusses his bow, arrow, and broadhead setup and explains why.    Learn about   -where to shoot a deer  -how arrow penetration works  -how to choose the correct broadhead for your setup Learn what the deer are doing in your backyard at www.whitetailwatch.com Watch semi-live hunting videos and follow our season at Midwest Whitetail Learn about Easton arrows here  


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