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Summary: Want to river cruise the Amazon, travel with an all ladies club, bike and float through Europe, sail transatlantic on the Queen Mary 2 or eat your way across the world? The Travel Agent Interview is making bucket list travel happen by connecting you to the people who plan those trips! Episodes are short but packed with information, laughs, and intrigue. You will want to break out your passport and go after hearing these gems! Have a listen, enjoy, dream and contact the experts to plan your next adventure! Megan Chapa interviews some of the most interesting people on earth - Travel Agents! The Travel Agent Interview showcases expert Travel Agents and their experiences though story. They are experts in particular styles of travel, regions or demographics. On occasion the show will feature other industry or destination experts, property managers, etc. Episodes are published each Monday. Bonus episodes might happen mid week if to feature extra topics or places from Megan's own adventures. Looking for an expert? Contact Megan Chapa - she knows the Pros! Didn't hear what you are looking for. Send Megan and email with suggestions!


 Episode 22: TAI: Oxford University Museum of Natural History & Pitt River Museum for Kids | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 21:38

Oxford is known for educating the worlds best and brightest (don't hate Ivy League, I read it in a report..) and everything tediously preserved by historians. Though this is true, you can still keep your littles busy here! Today's episode features a nice half day to the Oxford University's Museum of Natural History and the Pitt River's Museum. If you love a New England fall - you will love Oxford Fall. Autumn man, get out your beard oil and pumpkin spice latte, this is your Mecca. Megan and Orya talk through what is a nice half day outting for kids. The conversation goes something like, Oxford Half Marathon, rocks in the museum, African stuff, shrunken heads, sea bugs, food, spiders, Orya laughing uncontrollably. Additionally, if you are a runner, plan to visit Oxford in the fall. Run the half Marathon and take the family to the museum at the end point, hit up a pub for a fun half day in town!Links: O.U.M.N.H. Homepage — Fossils, Geodes and Roaches OH MY! Pitt Rivers Museum | — See the shrunken heads, seal guts coats and "African stuff" here! The 2017 Virgin Sport Oxford Half — Oxford Half Marathon Information Episode 5: TAI: Religious Travel with Judy Yirsa — Judy Yirsa Catholic Pilgrimages

 Episode 21: TAI: Amazon River Cruise Updates and How You Can Become a Travel Professional | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 22:13

Matthew Wahlgren returns to talk about the Amazon River Cruise, a new video recording with the tour provider that is available and cabin inventory. The tech minute features Matt's partner's blog that chronicles their culinary adventures traveling. If you haven't listened to episode one you need to! The sparrow - THE SPARROW! Make sure to check out Jason's entry on this mystery bird too. Matt talks about his new role helping travel lovers decide if a career in the travel world is the right professional choice for them. Interested persons can follow the link: We talk about Matt's Bay Area local travel plans and big trip to China his long outstanding bucket list destination. Then Matt asks Megan about her bucket list and it's POLAND! Bring on the pirogies! And Matt offers a curios tip to eat the pizza in Poland. Special Guest: Matthew Wahlgren.Links: Matt's Website — Find details on the Amazon River Cruise Here and everything else Matt! Careers In the Travel Industry — Interested in becoming a travel planner or travel agent? Matt will talk you through the process and if it is right for you. Matt endorses TickeT To Travel as a host agency and so do I! Jason and Matt Travel - Two guys explore the world and eat the food. — Foodie Fun! Read them all but especially the entry on the sparrow - jeepers creepers! Matt is a brave man!

 Episode 20: TAI: This Week Kelley Pearson Talks Her Favorite All-Inclusives! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:24

Good news - prior to this episode airing all if the "Wish List" items Kelley's adopted hurricane family's need have been met. The community has really rallied and done amazing things. Thank you from all of us! This week we swap the gadget minute to talk about ways to effectives help hurricane victims based on Kelley's first hand experience. The plan was to post wish lists from several families in need but the lists have been satisfied. Kelley will update us when she has another family set up for assistance. Kelley is a New York resident, wife, mom and travel agent extraordinaire focusing on all-inclusives. At the moment Kelley is loving Sandals for couples and Nickelodeon for Families. She likes these resorts for their variety of activities and abilities to cater menus for persons with dietary restrictions. Kelley participates in the second installment of ending the show with unprompted questions. Megan talks travel meds and knowing the differences in commonly purchased pain killers in different in the UK.Special Guest: Kelley Wright.

 Episode 19: TAI: Hawaii with Guest Michelle Tatum | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 21:51

Let's talk about what to do with that wet suit when you swim until take off! Stash it in a wet bag. Links in the show notes. Michelle talks about her desire to make a client's family time and vacation dollars go far and be well invested. We hear about Michelle's quick think to aid stranded clients during the hurricane. Steam guns, killing germs, food trucks and a surprise question on partially digested food round out the show. Its a fun one! Pack your suite and get to Hawaii!Special Guest: Michelle Tatum.Links: Arrow Print: Planet Wise Lite Wet Bag, To The Point : Baby — Black and white print, this is for a man - baby! Animal Print Wet Bags: Biubee 3 Pack Wet Dry Cloth Diaper Bags - Baby Waterproof Washable Reusable Hanging Diaper Organizer : Baby — Not just for kids! Cute animal print wet bags in a three pack. Chevron Print: Large Hanging Wet/dry Cloth Diaper Pail Bag for Reusable Diapers or Laundry (Grey Chevron) : Baby — Chevron, cause its classy! Home | Vacation Guru — Michelle's Website! The 10 Best Birmingham, AL Food Trucks - 2017 - Roaming Hunger — Yummm! Kebab Truck in Oxford UK: McCoy's Kebab Facebook — Haven't tried it but I will soon! Mmmmm kebab's!

 Episode 18: Diverted: Live From Royal Caribbean Oasis of The Seas with Valerie Gossett | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 20:51

Megan has the privilege to speak with Valerie Gossett for a coincidental second week in a row while she is on board the Oasis of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean International ship. Valerie is calling it the cruise that never ends! RCI is really showing their class in passenger treatment for those on board, those with canceled cruises and the islands that host their ships. This is Valerie's third time on a cruise in 10 years while there was a hurricane in the Caribbean. She is not afraid to sail during hurricane season because the ships will just go around the storms. You will hear - she sounds confident! Press play to here about life on board a diverted cruise ship.Special Guest: Valerie Gossett.

 Episode 17: TAI: Large Group Travel with Valerie Gossett | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 20:14

Back to the shows regular format! This weeks guest is large group specialist Valerie Gossett. Don't want to deal with the family? Can't handle hearing about the kennel fees for Aunt Myrtle's cats? Turn your woes to Valerie. She loves the fury friends and Aunt Myrtle too! Valerie tells a great tale showcasing the power of a travel agents connection to the industry and a Mary Kay photo finish to keep a passenger from missing the boat!Special Guest: Valerie Gossett.Links: Knock Knock Pack This! Pad: Knock Knock: 9781601061560: Books — Pack This List! Get it and share it! We love this and so will you. This way you won't forget your contact case and sleep with them in for 7 nights... oi!

 Episode 16: Part 4 Queen Mary 2 - Final Thoughts and Disembarkation | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 27:06

This is the last episode of the Queen Mary 2 mini series on sailing successfully with children in tow. Megan and Joe talk about favorite travel activity books for kids by Kumon. The Chapa family talks about family favorites, a secret elevator and fun traditions to bring along. This episode concludes with disembarkation process. Cuteness alert, there is commentary from a 5 year old little girl who is clearly part of the "Finer Things" club. #shelikesteaandfancydresses Special Guest: Joseph Chapa.

 Episode 15: TAI: Part Three of Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic, Dining Options | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:36

The tech minute takes a break and we discuss an amazing charity for combat wounded veterans, the Colorado Wounded Vet Run, and nationwide, . Shout out to Brianna and Hillary. Thanks for the feedback and for tuning in. We miss you guys! The bulk of the episode and what you've been waiting for - DINING options on the Queen Mary 2! There a many, we managed to cover most of them! Topics include, main dining, casual options, kids options, specialty dining, afternoon tea and Cunard's ability to cater to dietary needs. Commentary includes shaming of line (que) cutters and general bad manners. Step up your game folks - this is the Queen Mary 2!Special Guest: Joseph Chapa.Links: Colorado Wounded Vet Run — Our featured charity the helps local veterans in the state of Colorado. They help to cover the gaps of VA coverage or provide needs that the VA just isn't fast enough to provide for. Don't send your charity dollars into outer space or the internet black hole. Support your local heros, shake their hand and show them they are loved. Local People Helping Local Heros! ALL PROFITS TO RECIPIENTS! STAFFED BY 100% VOLUNTEERS! They Fought We Ride — Nationwide website to identify a local wounded vet run in your state. Let's be clear, these organizations have NO ties to other "wounded" veterans organizations recently fallen from grace. 100% of profits to the recipients. All are staffed by volunteers that receive no monetary compensation. Get involved and love on your local heros!

 Episode 14: TAI: Part Two of Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic, Attire and Entertainment | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 27:03

This is episode two of a four part series on a translatlantic crossing on this Queen Mary 2. The first episode featured embarkation from NYC and the children's programming. On this podcast Megan and Joe talk about the dress code and entertainment. Also in the show Megan thanks Bright Bear Technologies for solving her technology woes. They are a shining star in the blackness of the interwebs space cosmos! Additionally, Megan gives updates on many of the 2018 trips her guests are hosting and where to find their information. (Pssst - they are selling out fast! I'm not even getting paid to tell you, you're welcome.)Special Guest: Joseph Chapa.Links: Bright Bear Technology — Megan endorsed technology company! They make your technology work so you can do what you are good at. Snippet below from their website. Bright Bear Technology Solutions, Inc. 184 Technology Drive #200, Irvine, CA 92618 tel:949.988.7988 | fax:949.954.8592 ----------------------------------- We don’t know… how to file a subpoena, design an air conditioning system, or safely land a jet. Our customers do amazing things. Our job is to make technology work for them. Some technology vendors would like you to believe that the knowledge they have about computers and networks makes them very, very special. We don’t understand this approach. The way we look at it, you’re good at some things, and we’re good at other things, and that means we should be friends. When you’re looking for an IT managed service provider, it’s worth considering the tools and methods that they use (we are definitely proud of ours) but make sure you also meet some of the people who will be supporting you. We think you will find our technical competence and lack of arrogance refreshing. We help people support, acquire and defend technology. That’s the thing that we’re good at, but it’s not the reason why we’re good at it. It’s not the blinking lights and SQL queries that drive us. The reason why we get out of bed in the morning? It’s you. We hope it shows. Thanks for visiting our website. Let us know if we can help. At Bright Bear we use technology to move information to help people. Travel Agent Interview Facebook Page — Go to the calendar to see what's coming up in 2018. These are actually selling out, so if you heard an episode where you wanted to get on a trip - don't hesitate to deposit!

 Episode 13: TAI: Part 1 Queen Mary 2 Sailing With Kids | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 17:53

For the first time Megan talks about one of her specialties, travel within the UK. Adding to the "first times" on the podcast, she is joined by her hunky hubby Joe. (This is Megan writing, my husband is as good looking as he is well spoken... ;o ) This episode cusses and discusses embarkation from the Brooklyn Cruise terminal through first impressions of the children's programming. This podcast should give you some pretty clear insight into weather taking your kids on board the historical and regal Queen Mary 2 is right for your family. Special Guest: Joseph Chapa.

 Episode 11: TAI: Culinary Travel Guests Cyndie and Tabetha Heath | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 26:47

Cyndie and Tabetha are in year 7 of turning their clients culinary travel dreams into tasty adventures! Hear stories of their past trips, their future trips and a surprising trip to the ER in Costa Rica! They are tempting us with a possible South Pacific food tour for 2018. Grab something savory and join us for this sweet dish of an episode!Special Guest: Cyndie and Tabetha Heath.Links: Culinary Adventures Club — Live close to the Heaths? Join them for monthly outings and culinary experiences! Culinary Adventures River Cruise Dec 2017 — We invite you to celebrate the magic of the holiday season with us on our Christmastime cruise. Embark upon your cruise in Nuremberg, stopping to visit some of the charming towns where many beloved Christmas traditions originated. Wander the stalls of Europe’s most traditional and enchanting Christmas Markets, shopping for handcrafted toys and gifts, sipping hot mulled wine and inhaling the fragrance of gingerbread and roasted chestnuts. Experience colorful local traditions in such picturesque locales as Regensburg, Salzburg and Vienna before concluding your cruise in Budapest, which offers its own festive take on the holiday. Learn more about this river cruise… SteriPEN Traveler Holiday Bundle | Portable UV Purifier — Hey - they are discontinuing this and its on a SUPER SALE! Get them while they are hot - they won't be at this price when the next model comes out!

 Episode 12: TAI: Quilting Cruises with Alpha Daily Majors | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 19:42

If you love quilting and handy crafts this episode is for you! Alpha and Megan talk about quilting gadgets, the making of the quilt cruise and fun finding like minded artisans in Nassau Bahamas. Alpha is even collecting quilting magazines, seems rippers and other supplies to send to their new made friends. Don't quilt but your spouse does? There is plenty for you to do aboard this NCL Ship too! Special Guest: Alpha Daily Majors.Links: Cruise Details! — Keep scrolling - its down there and its good stuff! Slide Show For Stepping Stones Quilt Guild Visit — Some photos of the visit with Stepping Stones Quilt Guild. What lovely quilts and ladies! Electric Seam Ripper — A neat product that many swear by but Alpha hasn't dared to try. This one has great reviews - maybe we can get Alpha to give this one a go! Cafe Sewciety Quilts - Webster, NY

 Episode 10: TAI: Highly Customized European Vacations with MaryLyn Klein | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 18:19

MaryLyn Klein and her husband started their married lives as traveling Gypsies in Europe. After a corporate career in the dot com industry ended she went back to her first love - TRAVEL! Now she plans extremely customized trips to Europe. Through her stories you will want to travel to Europe, cheer on US Soccer and dine in style.Special Guest: MaryLyn Klein.Links: MaryLyn Klein's Website WhatsApp — With voice calls, you can talk to your friends and family for free*, even if they're in another country. And with free* video calls, you can have face-to-face conversations for when voice or text just isn't enough. WhatsApp voice and video calls use your phone's Internet connection, instead of your cell plan's voice minutes, so you don't have to worry about expensive calling charges. PLATYPUS 1L DuoLock SoftBottle Water Bottle : Sports & Outdoors — This pretty version of the Platypus has a carabiner built into its side. AND I'm pumped to order this - because that carabiner is going to keep this bottle upright and clipped to my tote! No more kid water dripping from the bottom of my tote bags! At least that is my hope...

 Episode 9: TAI: DISNEY All Day Everyday with Lisa Hill | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 23:12

Apprehensive about the Disney trip your kids are hounding about? Don't be, there is help, and at not extra cost to you! Lisa Hill has the repeat clients all travel agents want. Why? Because she takes a trip that requires extensive planning and turns it into pure joy for her clients. Disney is a BEAST but being prepared will make the trip an adventure to look forward to - not dread! Be our guest and get to know Lisa Hill during this fun podcast episode!Special Guest: Lisa Hill.Links: Magic Travel - Home — Lisa Hill's magical Facebook page. Like it to love her frequent updates on all things Disney! REVIEWS Lisa Hill - Travel Agent in Greenville, TX | Travel Leaders — These families love using Lisa as their Disney Travel Planner. Maybe you will too! In the words of Marcel the Shell, "Read On!" My Disney Experience | Walt Disney World Resort — Start here! Or call LISA HILL! First create your account here and start building the magic that will be transferred to your APP!

 Episode 8: TAI: Wine Maker Cruises with Keith and Martha Powell | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 24:52

Keith's Parting Toast: There are big ships, There are small ships, But the Best Ships and are FRIENDSHIPS! Did Keith have a glass of wine while we interviewed? I bet yes! Don't light a match - this episode is soaked in glorious wine talk. To quote Keith, "The answer is WINE". Learn about Keith and Martha Powell's niche travel offerings, wine cruises and land tours. 2017 is SOLD OUT but 2018's offerings are about to be published. Take a listen and if this is the type of travel you crave - don't hesitate of you will miss the boat! Literally, you will miss it. These cruises are hosted by the Powell's on Holland American Line Cruise Ships. Keith describes a typical day on a Wine Maker's Cruise (amazing, naps needed). Martha recounts her farm to table meal experience on board HAL and the fresh herbs grown on ship. Wine enthusiasts and culinary travel fans alike will enjoy this episode. Special Guest: Keith and Marth Powell.Links: Wine Makers Cruise Website — Interested in joining Keith and Martha for a fantastic WINE ADVENTURE!? This is the cruise for you! These trips sell out quickly. If you miss out on one don't be sad, they always plan new ones! Give them a quick call or email to see if they have one in the works. You can get on the list before they even publish the details to their website! Alaska Holland America Sailing July 29-August 5, 2017 - Departing roundtrip from Seattle 7 Day cruise - 4 Majestic Ports of Call Wine Maker's Cruise Facebook Page Black's Smugglers Winery — One of the featured wineries on the Alaska Wine Maker's Cruise! We are a small winery in Bosque, New Mexico. Located 18 miles northeast of the Ladron or “Thief” Mountains, this area was notorious in the 18th century for being a Smuggler's refuge. These hills have long served as a hideout for bandits and thieves, and local folklore is steeped in the tales of these men; tales of outlaw adventures and treasures stashed in mysterious caves. It is within riding distance of these “Thief Mountains" where Black’s Smuggler began. Black Mesa Winery — One of the wineries featured on the 2017 Alaskan Wine Maker's Cruise! At Black Mesa Winery we are proud to use only New Mexico grown grapes for our wines. We work with the greatest diversity of grape sources of any winery in the state. Some of our proprietary growers' vineyards only produce a few bins of fruit per year. Our partnerships are with more than a dozen vineyards statewide, from the most Northerly commercial vineyard in Abiquiu, New Mexico, to the "boot heel" outside El Paso in Las Cruces. We contract with New Mexico's finest vineyards for their most coveted fruit. These vineyards are often times the sole source of a chosen varietal and we retain first right of refusal of their exclusive produce.


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