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Summary: Full Hours from the Dave 'Softy' Mahler and Dick Fain show, which airs every day from 3pm-6:30pm on 950 KJR in Seattle.

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 Softy H1 - Robinson Cano suspended 80 games for banned substance / Regional Reaction / Jerry Dipoto press briefing | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2497

We already knew Robinson Cano would be out for a few weeks with an injury, but today we learned that he'll serve an 80-game suspension for testing positive for a banned substance. Cano says he didn't know he was taking the substance, but this seems pretty unlikely since the league has to prove the substance was being used as a masking agent in order to suspend him. Do you believe that he's telling the truth? We get your Regional Reaction, getting one listener from each of the five regions around the Puget Sound and gauge the overall opinion. We listen to Jerry Dipoto speak at Safeco Field with the press about the Cano incident.

 Softy H2 - Scott Servais talks to the press / Jeff Nelson on the Cano suspension / Cano's new walk up music / Textimonials | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2583

We're live as Mariners manager Scott Servais talks to the media prior to tonight's game as he addresses the Cano suspension, and who will take his place at second base. Former Mariner Jeff Nelson comments on today's news of Cano's 80-game banned substance suspension. We decided maybe, given today's events, it was time to find some new walk up music for Robbie when he comes back in August. Textimonials are not buying Cano's claim that he didn't know what he was taking.

 Softy H3 - Dee Gordon talks to the media / Bill Krueger on Cano / Your thoughts on the suspension / Baseball's Heritage Pre-Game Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3453

Dee Gordon addresses the possibility that he may move back to second base to fill the void left by Cano. Bill Krueger has a strong take on Cano's decision-making leading to his suspension. We give you the listeners the chance to sound off about the situation. On Baseball's Heritage Pre-Game Show: we hear from Scott Servais, and Bucky Jacobsen breaks down the Cano situation.

 Softy H1 - Chuck Knox passes / Felix has another rough outing / Cracks in the M's' dam / Dave Krieg remembers Chuck Knox | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2614

This weekend, Seahawks coaching legend Chuck Knox passed away at the age of 86. Some of Softy's earliest sports memories are of Knox's Seahawks teams of the 1980s. Knox, like his Hawks coaching counterparts Holmgren and Carroll, turned the team around in his first year, taking them all the way to the AFC Championship. We seem to be talking about it a lot this year, but Felix once again wasn't very impressive on the mound this weekend. It looks like we paid for a long-term ace, but only got three years of ace-level pitching. Speaking of the Mariners, the team is still five games above .500, but cracks in the dam are starting to show. Paxton seems to be the only consistent starter right now, and the bullpen has been struggling. Now, the one aspect of the team that seemed to be carrying the team, the offense, has taken a hit with Cano being injured. Hopefully everyone else will step up and the team will be in a solid place when he gets back. Former Seahawks quarterback Dave Krieg joins the program to remember his former coach, Chuck Knox.

 Softy H2 - SCOTUS strikes down sportsbetting ban / Bill Krueger on the M's / Textimonials | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2373

The Supreme Court today struck down a federal ban on sportsbetting, giving states the opportunity to make betting on sports legal. Could Washington state be one of the states that makes this move? We have a lot of problems in this region, and revenue from gambling could do a lot of good, but it seems like the politicians here aren't going to get behind this. ROOT Sports' Bill Krueger joins us for his weekly look at the Mariners. Who does he think should fill in for Cano at second base? Textimonials give feedback on the Mariners, and sports betting.

 Softy H3 - Brian Schmetzer on Sounders FC / Brett Smiley on sportsbetting / Mike Holmgren on Chuck Knox / Softy & Dick's sportsbook | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2315

Brian Schmetzer, coach of the Sounders talks about the team's last week, including a win in Toronto, and a painful loss against rival Portland. Brett Smiley of SportsHandle.com talks about today's Supreme Court decision to strike down a ban on sportsbetting, and what it could mean for gambling on games in the future. Mike Holmgren speaks on the life of former Seahawks coach Chuck Knox who passed away at 86. It's the inaugural edition of Softy and Dick's Sportsbook. We give you the bet; you tell us which side you're on.

 Softy H1 - Mariners are for real / George Karl on the Sonics and the NBA / Seattle's Mt. Rushmore of coaches | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2495

The Mariners won again last night and are on pace to win 94 games. Odds are they'll fall back a little, but it still seems likely that they'll win at least 85 games and will be in contention for the wild card until the very end. It's pretty clear at this point, the M's are for real. Sonics coaching legend George Karl joins the show to talk about his time in Seattle and his thoughts on the team moving. Dwane Casey was fired today. Coach Karl was in a similar situation a few years ago, and weighs in on the situation. How would he handle Carmelo Anthony saying he won't come off the bench on Oklahoma City? He also responds to the never-ending LeBron vs. Jordan debate. George Karl is obviously one of the greatest coaches in Seattle pro sports history, but would he make the Mt. Rushmore of Seattle coaches?

 Softy H2 - Are you concerned about the NFC West? / Back the Pac? / Corey Brock on James Paxton and the M's / Textimonials | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2276

A year ago, the Rams were clearly becoming a serious contender in the NFC West, but now with the 49ers having a quarterback, and Rosen seemingly the future of the Cardinals, is there reason to be concerned about the strength of other QB's in the division? It's pretty common to hear college sports fans justify rooting for their rivals if they think it'll help their conference. Is it really acceptable to "back the Pac?" Corey Brock comments on a story he wrote for the Athletic about a Mariners fan and his dying mother watching James Paxton's no-hitter in their last hours together. Textimonials weigh in with their Mt. Rushmore of Seattle coaches, and if it's okay to "back the Pac".

 Softy H3 - Jon Wilner explains how the Pac-12 puts its top teams at a disadvantage / Hey, Did You Hear That? / SHOT! or NO SHOT! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2199

Jon Wilner of The Mercury News explains the way in which the Pac-12 has put its top teams at a disadvantage compared to other conferences like the SEC. He addresses Washington State's improper distribution of tickets, the expanded UW Assistant Coaches' salary pool, and the conferences income tax discrepancy. On Hey, Did You Hear That?: Kenyon Martin says Chris Paul is selfish for passing the ball, David Price admits video games might have contributed to his carpal tunnel, Steve Kerr isn't worried about Houston because his guys already have rings, and Kevin Love on the drama in Cleveland. Is there a shot the M's are in first place in the division by Monday? We discuss on SHOT! or NO SHOT!

 Softy H1 - Softy's bet with Jason Puckett / Nicasoio suddenly struggling / Rashaad Penny, kickoff returner? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2251

Softy made a bet with Jason Puckett before yesterday's show that he could make it to Mill Creek in 50 minutes to make a tee time at 4:20. The problem? The start of the Sounders match was postponed, meaning the show didn't end at 3:30 as scheduled, and the tee time was canceled. Puckett says because Softy didn't make the tee time, he loses. Softy says because the golf game was cancelled, the bet is postponed. Who's right? Juan Nicasio has looked terrible in his last few appearances. It's a small sample size, and it isn't surprising that he took a bit of a step back, but the real takeaway here is that the starting rotation needs to do more. Is it possible the Seahawks use Rashaad Penny as a kickoff returner? He was one of the best kickoff returners in college football? It's crazy not to at least consider this.

 Softy H2 - Will the Sonics return before everyone retires? / Eldridge Recasner on the NBA Playoffs / Textimonials | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2460

It's been ten years since the Sonics moved to Oklahoma City. Is it possible we get an NBA team back before all of the players from that era retire? It'd be great if we got a team just in time for Durant to play his last season here. Eldridge Recasner joins the program to debate LeBron vs. MJ, and break down Cavs vs. Celtics, and Houston vs. Golden State. Textimonials weigh in on the great Softy/Puckett bet debate.

 Softy H3 - Curtis Crabtree on the Hawks / Hey Did You Hear That? / SI ranks Dawgs 4 / SHOT or NO SHOT / Matt Stretch Johnson on the Sounders | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3222

KJR's own Seahawks reporter Curtis Crabtree updates us on all the latest Seahawks news. On Hey, Did You Hear That?: Charley Barkley and Shaq go at it, Mets bat out of order and Joe and Evan react, and Floyd Mayweather's fancy dog shoes. Sports Illustrated's latest college football rankings are out, and the Huskies are ranked all the way up at number 4 after spring football. We take your best crazy sports predictions on SHOT! or NO SHOT! Matt "Stretch" Johnson, voice of the Sounders, recaps yesterday's game in Toronto.

 Softy H1 - Paxton makes history / Big Ben's reaction to Mason Rudolph / Brandon Marshall visits Hawks / Petros Papadakis | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3409

James Paxton pitched a no-hitter last night; the first Canadian to do so on Canadian soil. If he can stay healthy, he has the potential to be one of the best pitchers in the game. Jon Wilner writes about the Huskies' difficult conference schedule, and notes that most playoff contenders in college football aren't treated so roughly. Should the Pac-12 do more to protect its top teams? Ben Roethlisberger isn't exactly thrilled at the idea of a new young quarterback coming in to take his job. Is that really a surprise? Nobody wants to be replaced. Brandon Marshall is meeting with the Seahawks today. Given his past problems, should the team really take a chance on him? Petros Papadakis takes a break from his vacation to discuss baseball superstitions, Cale Millen playing for Oregon, and the Pac-12's treatment of top teams.

 Softy H1 - Will Felix be here in 18 months? / 2018 Seahawks only favored in 3 games / Contending for the Super Bowl or number 1 draft pick? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2395

With the way Felix has been playing, will he be on this team after the end of this contract? Aside from two starts, he hasn't really been that bad, but those two starts can't be ignored. Looking at the odds for the 2018 season, the Seahawks are only favored in three games, and none by more than three points. This is by far the lowest number since Russell Wilson joined the team. If you were given $5,000, would you place your money on the Hawks contending for a Super Bowl this season, or contending for the number one pick in next year's draft?

 Softy H2 - Will the Hawks really be that bad? / Justin Ferguson on Auburn / Textimonials | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2385

Lots of callers are saying the Hawks are more likely to get the number one pick in the draft than make a run at the Super Bowl? Yes, we've lost a few key pieces, but will the team really be that bad? Justin Ferguson of SEC Country with our first look at the Dawgs' first opponent of 2018, the Auburn Tigers. Textimonials continue to respond to the question, will the Seahawks contend for first pick in the draft, or the Super Bowl?


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