The Tech Blog Writer Podcast - Inspired Tech Startup Stories & Interviews With Tech Leaders, CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Innovators On This Daily Tech Podcast show

The Tech Blog Writer Podcast - Inspired Tech Startup Stories & Interviews With Tech Leaders, CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Innovators On This Daily Tech Podcast

Summary: Fed up with tech hype? Looking for a tech podcast where you can learn from tech leaders? Tech columnist Neil C. Hughes investigates how technology is transforming both business and our lifestyle as the digital transformation of everything gathers pace. In this tech podcast, Neil interviews tech leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, futurists, thought leaders and the occasional celebrity about startup stories, tech trends, innovation and startup interviews about how technology is transforming multiple industries in this popular top rated tech podcast. Guests share their success stories, experiences and invaluable advice about how the latest tech trends affecting multiple industries so that both guests and listeners can learn from each other. An eclectic mix of guests that cover every aspect of the startup scene discussing Digital transformation, Venture Capital, Technology Startups, Advice and Strategy, Angel Investors, Bootstrapping, Business Ideas, Co-Founders, and Crowdfunding. We also look at how the digital transformation and technologies such as machine learning, blockchain, crypto automation, IoT, AI, AR, VR, NLP wearables FinTech, Edtech and how everything-on-demand are impacting businesses. If you are looking for a tech podcast or a startup podcast where you can learn something every day during your commute or workout, give us a listen and remember to say hi.

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 549: DeepBrain Chain - The AI Computing Platform Driven By Block Chain | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 23:18

Crypto Podcast: DeepBrain Chain's vision is to provide a low-cost, private, flexible, secure, and decentralized artificial intelligence computing platform for AI products. The Vision of DeepBrain Chain is to provide a low-cost, privacy, flexible, safe and decentralized artificial intelligence computing platform. They believe that smart contracts are likely to be an important solution to future threats of AI and their aim is to implement safe ways for users to employ AI.

 548: Guy Kawasaki - Talking Tech, Apple, Steve Jobs, Social Media & Privacy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 18:29

Guy Kawasaki possesses an extensive knowledge of innovation, entrepreneurship, social media, and marketing. First and foremost, he is an evangelist. I wanted to learn more about Guy Kawasaki's story, his time at Apple and the lessons learned from Steve Jobs. We also discuss Privy, what inspires him and what advice he would pass down to anyone listening to the tech podcast while on their own tech startup journey. Empowering people, foster democracy and make the world a meritocracy.

 547: What Is A Customer Data Platform (CDP)? And Why It Matters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 19:45

There seems to be no escape from the rise of the customer data platform (CDP) at the moment. Gartner published “A Marketer's Guide to What Is – and Isn't – a Customer Data Platform” and “How Marketers Can Create a Business Case for a Customer Data Platform” earlier this year. Other industry groups focus on the space too. For example, the Customer Data Platform Institute, founded in late 2016, publishes educational materials, news, best practice guides and benchmarks related to CDPs too.

 546: The LastPass Psychology of Passwords Report | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 20:48

LastPass by LogMeIn, recently released findings of a new global survey, “Psychology of Passwords: Neglect is Helping Hackers Win,” revealing that despite today’s increased threat landscape and heightened global awareness of hacking and data breaches, password behaviors remain largely unchanged. Data from the survey shows that 91 percent of people know that using the same password for multiple accounts is a security risk, yet 59 percent continue to use the same password

 545: CircleCI CEO Uses Tech To Create A Diverse & Inclusive Culture | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:48

CircleCI is the leading platform for software innovation at scale. With intelligent automation and delivery tools, CircleCI is used by more than 25,000 engineering organizations worldwide, including Facebook, Spotify, GoPro, Blue Apron, Bleacher Report, and Coinbase to radically reduce the time from idea to execution. Learn how the CEO weeded out unconscious bias, decrease staff turnover, improved diversity, & most importantly ensures that the right person for the job gets hired.

 544: Oyster Protocol The Crypto With a Working Product and a Real-World Use | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 24:10

On today's podcast, I chat to Chris Garner, Chief Marketing Officer at Oyster Protocol, a website monetization and distributed storage solution built on the IOTA and Ethereum blockchains, that completed its Airdrop for its token in April this year. I wanted to find out more about crypto with a working product and a real-world use and recently reached a beta milestone of 1 Million transactions of encrypted data via its new decentralized storage and encryption service, Oyster Shell.

 543: How Tech Is Changing The Freelancing and Gig Economy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 20:59

Have found yourself wondering if the gig/freelance economy could be for you or how it's impacting business owners and professionals around the world? I wanted to delve into the facts and figures behind the freelancing and gig economy so invited Connor Gillivan from a company called Freeeup onto the show today to report on what he is seeing on the digital landscape. The FreeeUp Marketplace connects businesses with the top 1% of freelancer applicants in eCommerce, digital marketing, etc

 542: The Tech Startup That Will Change The Way You Fill Up Your Gas Tank | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:24

Filld is a gas delivery app. The tech startup was founded in 2015 and has raised over $16 million in capital to date. In a digital world where gas stations are disappearing, consumers can have someone fill up their car while it sits on their drive. However, Filld is not just about consumers, it also helps businesses such as car2go, Bentley Motors, Volvo, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car that struggle with the time constraints and fraud implications of fueling entire fleets of vehicles. 

 541: From The NHL To Tech: ObserveIT CEO On Insider Threats | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 19:34

Mike McKee, CEO of ObserveIT reveals more about how his career as a professional hockey player for the Quebec Nordiques enabled him to take the lessons he learned from sports and take them into the security space-- most notably the idea of “Moneyball.”  As more and more businesses begin to rely on contractors rather than full-time employees, in today'ss episode focuses on the cybersecurity trend of insider threats and how to protect your company.

 540: How WeGo Health Are Uniting Patient Leaders and Experts | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:23

WEGO Health is on a mission-driven company connecting healthcare with the experience, skills, and insights of Patient Leaders. They are the world’s largest network of Patient Leaders, working across all health conditions and topics. CEO Jack Barrette is passionate about the role social media plays in hacking healthcare to create a better future for patient treatment - which is an essential discussion in light of the recent #DeleteFacebook movement. I find out more on this tech podcast.

 539: How WorkCoin Is Reinventing Freelancing On Blockchain | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 24:53

WorkCoin is a ‘Google for Gigs’ professional services marketplace (now in desktop beta with iOS and Android apps coming later this year) that provides verified identities to allow employers to search any term and find relevant freelancers with a hashtag-driven search engine. They've just announced that their platform now has zero commission fees (previously 5%) to enable payments, arbitration, and dispute resolution at no cost to users. 

 538: Sony Discuss The New 10-inch Sony Digital Paper | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 38:09

Sony Electronics continues to expand and enhance its Digital Paper product offering with the release of a new “notebook-sized” 10-inch model. I last spoke to Daniel Albohn, Global Business Development at Sony North America back in episode 277, but I wanted to catch up with the latest developments at Sony. We discuss how the team is continuously evolving the product after listening to customer feedback and the new Sony Digital Paper Mobile Application,

 537: ByHours - GPS Tech and the Microstays In Hotels Travel Trend | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 18:49

The Tech Startup Story behind ByHours and how it boosting the latest travel tech trend of microstays. BYHOURS is an app that makes all this possible and freeing-up consumers to use their time more creatively. The global online booking platform and app that enables users to book microstays in more than 3000 hotels for three, six or 12 hours around the world. We discuss learn how it is giving people the ability to respond to immediate needs or lifestyle whims with efficiency and speed.

 536: New Relic - A Discussion About Digital Transformation and DevOps | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 17:54

New Relic’s Chief Product Officer Jim Gochee talks about why CEOs are now fully committed to DevOps and digital transformation and how New Relic is helping customers such as Scripps, Draft Kings and Braze who approached the company for tips and help. We also discuss the top questions and challenges companies face. As listeners are probably aware, companies of all sizes across various industries shared how they were going through a “digital transformation” and adopting a “DevOps culture”.

 535: How AI Tech Startup Audioburst Will Change How You Consume Audio Content | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 24:58

Audioburst is a revolutionary AI-powered audio search platform connecting audio content and users. With the mission of organizing the world's audio content, every day, the Audioburst AI platform listens to, understands, segments and indexes millions of minutes of audio information from top radio stations and podcasts. Powered by advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology and a proprietary AI platform that indexes audio segments into searchable “bursts” in real-time,.


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