The Tech Blog Writer Podcast - Daily Tech Podcast. Interviews with Tech Leaders, CEOs and Entrepreneurs. show

The Tech Blog Writer Podcast - Daily Tech Podcast. Interviews with Tech Leaders, CEOs and Entrepreneurs.

Summary: Fed up with tech hype? Looking for a tech podcast where you can learn from tech leaders and how technology is transforming multiple industries and changing the world? Tech columnist Neil C. Hughes investigates how technology is transforming both business and our lifestyle as the digital transformation of everything gathers pace. In this tech podcast, Neil interviews tech leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, futurists, thought leaders and the occasional celebrity about how tech tech trends such as blockchain and crypto are reshaping the world. Neil also shares startup stories in a series of startup interviews about how technology and innovation are transforming multiple industries in this favorite top rated daily tech podcast. Guests share their success stories, experiences and invaluable advice about how the latest tech trends affecting multiple industries so that both guests and listeners can learn from each other. An eclectic mix of guests that cover every aspect of the startup scene discussing Digital transformation, Venture Capital, Technology Startups, Advice and Strategy, Angel Investors, Bootstrapping, Business Ideas, Co-Founders, Blockchain, Crypto and Crowdfunding. We also look at how the digital transformation and technologies such as machine learning, automation, IoT, AI, AR, VR, NLP wearables FinTech, Edtech and how everything-on-demand are impacting businesses. If you are looking for a tech podcast or a startup podcast where you can learn something every day during your commute or workout, give us a listen and remember to say hi.

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  • Artist: Neil C. Hughes. Tech Podcast - Discussing Tech Trends Such As Blockchain, Crypto, AI & Startup Stories.
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 663: The Blockchain-Based Platform Personalizing Shopper Engagement | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 22:19

Universal Reward Protocol (URP) is a unique ecosystem for all retailers and brands to reward consumers for any type of shopping behavior both online and offline. By accepting to share their shopping data with the network, a shopper earns reward tokens, while the data is used by retailers to build redemption offers that best suit each customer’s needs. Shoppers can redeem their tokens through these exclusive and personalized offers. Louis Millon, CTO & Co-founder join me on the show

 662: Rossignol - A Digital Transformation Story | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 22:27

At this years Magento Live, the theme of the event was how traditional brands were using technology to drive experience-driven commerce. After watching Damien Hars share a stage with the Adobe and Magento CEO I caught up with him to talk about Rossignol. On today's daily tech podcast, I chat with Damien Hars, head of digital, marketing & E-commerce at Rossignol who talks about how digital is changing the sports business and enabling Rossignol to become a global all year brand.

 661: DC Thomson - Publishing Newspapers and Magazines In A Digital World | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 26:45

On this daily tech podcast, I am passionate about exploring how industries you would not associate with technology are evolving and leveraging technology. Printed media has experienced more challenges. DC Thomson - one of the leading media organizations in the UK, publishing newspapers and magazines. While here at MagentoLive Europe, I invited Kirsten Morrison & Alan Melrose onto the show from DC Thomson to find out more about how both the worlds of print media and advertising are evolving

 660: MagentoLive Europe 2018 - Interview With Mark Lavelle | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 19:09

Magento an Adobe company, is a leading provider of cloud commerce innovation to merchants and brands across B2C and B2B industries. Adobe today unveiled its vision and strategy to make every experience shoppable by integrating Magento Commerce Cloud into Adobe Experience Cloud, enabling enterprise companies to create highly engaging, personalized shopping experiences. I chat with Mark Lavelle. We talk about the future vision of Magento and what clients and the community can expect.

 659: The Platform Using Blockchain and Crypto to Disrupt Game Distribution | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 26:49

Ultra is building a first-class PC game publishing platform and marketplace that puts an end to the current distribution monopoly. Created by industry heavyweights and former Xbox, Atari, Dell, Uber, and Time Warner executives, Ultra plans to disrupt the distribution monopoly in the gaming industry by being fairer to developers, introducing new revenue streams, providing effective marketing tools, and establishing a rich token-based economy.

 658: Unravel DataApplication Performance Management (APM) for Big Data | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:07

Currently, there’s only one application performance management (APM) solution for big data that correlates full-stack performance metrics while providing automated insights and recommendations. It’s done by Unravel Data. I learn how these automated insights are helping businesses analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize the performance of big data apps. The company has just been named a 2018 Cool Vendor by Gartner in the “Cool Vendors in Performance Analysis; Analytics and Containers,” report.

 657: SimpleOrder by Upserve Revolutionizing The Restaurant Industry | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 33:03

On today's tech podcast, I want to explore how SimpleOrder are using technology to connect the whole house, from the front-of-house POS to the back-of-house cost management, down to the recipe level. As results, restaurants need only go to one place to get all they need to provide remarkable hospitality. I also learn more about the story behind the company, from encountering frustrating pain points that inspired them to bootstrap their way to success to the recent acquisition by Upserve.

 656: LaneAxis ICO (AXIS Token): Blockchain Trucking & Freight Shipping | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 21:21

The trucking industry is currently reliant on outdated tech fraught with paper trails, long wait times, and numerous middlemen that take advantage of independent truckers by pitting them in race-to-the-bottom competitions for loads.  I chat with Rick Burnett, the CEO and founder of LaneAxis, a virtual freight management system that seeks to disrupt the shipping industry by directly connecting shipper and carriers via a proprietary blockchain network.

 655: Lisk (LSK) The Go-To Platform For Developing Decentralized Applications | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 27:22

Lisk is a blockchain application platform whose mission is to bring blockchain technology to the mainstream through an SDK (Sidechain Development Kit) being written in JavaScript, the most commonly used programming language in the world. On today's tech podcast, I am talking with Lisk's tech evangelist Rachel Black about how Lisk is working to engage their vital stakeholder community, the Lisk Academy and how they aim to become the go-to platform for developing decentralized applications

 654: How Curaizon is Improving Healthcare, Reducing Costs, Saving Lives | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 21:29

Every day, millions of people fail to take their medications as prescribed and the resulting personal and financial costs are staggering. Worldwide, non-adherence results in $700 billion in avoidable medical costs. Non-adherence accounts for upwards of 50% of doctor visits, 40% of long-term care admissions, and more than 50% of hospital readmissions? I learn how Curaizon is using blockchain/ICO and why it is the perfect fit for solving the non-adherence problem

 653: The Story of Tech Pioneer & IDG founder Patrick McGovern | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 24:27

IDG is the world's largest technology media company. They help their global audience make the smartest technology purchasing decisions. IDG Communications, Inc. Founder Pat McGovern was a pioneer in the information technology industry, in his own way, he was equally as vital as Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. But he never sought the spotlight. Glenn Rifkin worked with Patrick McGovern and has written a book called Future Forward where he shares McGovern's legacy.

 652: Kinetica - When AI Meets BI, Welcome to the Extreme Data Economy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 19:59

How do you evaluate millions of different signals when time is of the essence? In 2009, the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) at Fort Belvoir sought the capability to track national security threats in real time. The solution needed to produce instant results and visualize insights across massive streaming datasets. Nothing existed in the market that met their needs. Data warehouses were too slow, NoSQL wouldn’t scale. Step forward Kinectica.

 651: How Audio Technology Will Impact Video Streaming Platforms | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:40

Adam Levenson, VP BD of G-audio Labs (a next-gen audio tech company for AR, VR and streaming media), discusses the current audio challenges and trends that are facing the leading streaming platforms. He also reveals which companies have recently begun to invest in new audio capabilities, versus those that are falling behind. He can speak to the latest and emerging audio technologies in the market today for streaming platforms.

 650: Greenbox Robotics - The Fully Automated Robotic Cannabis Kiosk | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:59

Greenbox is an interactive touch-screen operated vending machine designed to make medical marijuana purchase experience both easy and efficient. Greenbox will recognize you as a new or returning customer creating an experience tailored to you.  Founder & CEO Zack Johnson reveals how Greenbox Robotics is bringing automation to the cannabis market and the tech behind the self-serve kiosks such as biometric facial recognition to dispense cannabis on today's tech podcast.

 649: Zendure - How To Launch a Successful Kickstarter or Indiegogo Campaign | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 15:59

I invited Tom Haflinger from Zendure onto my daily the podcast to found out more about the secret to a successful crowdfunding campaign and learn more about their startup story. We also talk about how Zendure's new Passport Pro travel adapter has reached its fundraising goal of $30,000 USD in its first full day of crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Passport Pro: Resettable Grounded Travel Adapter Passport Pro includes a reusable fuse that can reset with the press of a button.


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