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Summary: People are drinking the Peloton kool-aid and each week we're there to brew a fresh batch. We interview instructors, employees, and fellow Peloton fanatics. The community is inspiring and increasing exponentially. The Clip Out is a weekly, audio magazine that's a must-listen for all those people who can't stop talking about Peloton. If we talked you into buying one, please consider referral code is 2M8QNZ!


 174: Apple Fitness looks to challenge Peloton and our interview with Eric Goodman | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7070

John Mills joins us to discuss Apple Fitness and Peloton's investor event. John Prewitt gives us a tour of Bike+. Ariel Levin from "Sweat with Swagger" talks about Robin Arzon expecting her first child. Dr. Jenn Mann - What is the difference between acceptance and just giving up? Crystal takes her first Peloton Bike Bootcamp. Bike+ features new calibration and allows you to reset your PRs. John Foley's 15-year goal...100 million users. Tonal now has a leaderboard. John Foley is now a billionaire. Will you be able to one day rent your Peloton? Flywheel files for bankruptcy. We hear rumors of a new clothing drop. Peloton Birthdays - Anna Greenberg and Robin Arzon All this plus our interview with Eric Goodman!

 173: Bike+ and New Tread Are Official plus our Interview with Donna Carr | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6498

John Mills joins us to recap Peloton's earnings call. We breakdown what we know about the Bike+ and the new Tread. Dr. Jenn Mann - Using Sports Psychology to Improve Your Workout John Foley was on the Wall Street Journal podcast Tech New Briefing. Peloton and John Mills were featured in Wired Magazine. Crystal makes her Peloton feel like a road bike with ROCKR. Peloton introduces resistance band classes. New Strength classes drop in Germany. Anna Greenburg has a birthday coming up. All this plus our interview with Donna Carr!

 172: We Have Details About the New Bike and Tread plus our interview with Jen Myers | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6593

John Mills joins us to discuss all the info leaking about the new bike and tread. Peloton stock reaches yet another record high. There's a new clothing line in the boutique. You can now share your workouts on Instagram Stories (IOS only). Peloton creates a Health & Wellness Council. Crystal talks about starting a new program on Tonal. Peloton makes another update to their Android App. Dr. Jenn Mann - What to do when couples who workout together can't agree on how to workout together. Robin Arzon makes Fortune Magazine's "40 Under 40" list. Matty is now a Pro Ambassador for Athlete Ally. All this plus our interview with Jen Myers.

 171: Peloton Faces Streaming Security Breach plus our interview with Debra Anzalone | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5515

Peloton faced a security breach that resulted in them sending out a 24-hour live feed from multiple studios. Jess King was seen recording a Tread class. Peloton advertises for a VP of Strength. Rebecca Kennedy is promoted to Director of Strength. Cody Rigsby's XOXO line is back. John Mills joins us to discuss Peloton's recent patent filing and a new bike from Nautilus. John Foley was on the Masters of Scale podcast. Tunde was interviewed by the Today Show. Chicago Bears' Kalil Mack gave an interview while on his bike. Tunde is partnering with Athleta Girl Aditi Shah has multiple television appearances that we're just now learning about. There's a Kickstarter for a Peloton documentary. New artist collaborations featuring The Weeknd and Ministry of Sound. UK retail chain John Lewis partners with Peloton. Robin partners with Instagram and Adidas Women. New HIIT cardio warm-ups have arrived. All this plus our interview with Debra Anzalone!

 170: All Jennifer Jacobs and Steven Little Classes are Purged plus our interview with Rich Peyton | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5701

Another purge has happened - this time focusing on the Jennifer Jacobs and Steven Little catalogs in their entirety. Peloton UK now offers extended warranties. Peloton adds (and then deletes) difficulty tags. John Mills joins us to discuss why Peloton stock prices shot up and Apple's foray into fitness. Crystal recaps her marathon experience. Dr. Jenn Mann - Are you working out too much? Emma Lovewell signs with UTA. Popsugar writes about what instructors wear on AND off the bike. Ben Aldis was featured in Forbes. Soulcycle and Flywheel co-founder discusses why gyms aren't going away. Bike shorts are back. Peloton adds new badges for the annual challenge. Strength warm-ups are here. Ross Rayburn had an IG Live with Billy Porter. Hannah Frankson launches a 5-part strength series on Vitality UK IGTV. Jess Sims is partnering with DC's Education Workforce to do a special professional development on building a thriving online community. Aditi Shah has a new meditation series. Alex's new line of clothes has dropped. (And of course, Crystal bought some.) Rebecca Kennedy had a birthday. All this plus our interview with Rich Peyton

 169: Are We Getting Bike Based Bootcamps? plus our interview with Stacey Rivere | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5527

Android app finally allows Bluetooth heart rate monitors. RUMOR – Bootcamps are coming that use the bike instead of the tread. Plus, yoga with weights. Peloton launches their Comeback program in the UK. Dr. Jenn Mann – How to get your partner to workout. Jenn Sherman is featured in New Jersey Monthly. LinkedIn has an article about Robin Arzon. Morning Brew reports on Peloton’s two new marketing hires – Dara Treseder and Karina Kogan Jennifer Jacobs is now at Ladder Teams. Crystal talks about her kickboxing lessons with FightCamp. Alex Toussaint launched his own web store. Live DJ Rides are back. Peloton 2020 is over. Prince is in the artist spotlight. All this plus our interview with Stacey Rivere!

 168: NBC-Universal Sells Its Stake in Peloton plus our interview with Vivian Feeney | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4478

Leanne Hainsby issues an apology. Peloton is hiring a VP of AI. NBC-Universal sells its entire stake in Peloton. 4th Quarter earnings call on September 10. We have a winner in our FightCamp contest. Dr. Jenn Mann - How to not let a negative world impact your workout? Forbes talks about the Black wellness experts you should have on your radar. Celtics player Jayson Tatum has a Peloton. The final week of Pelothon is here. Jess Sims and Kristin McGee went live on IG to talk about keeping your family fit. New Artist Spotlight - Ellie Goulding Pre and post-natal yoga from Kristin McGee. All this plus our interview with Vivian Feeney!

 167: Resale Prices of Peloton Clothing Skyrocket plus our interview with Todd Bohannon | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7231

We give you an update on the Leanne Hainsby situation. Peloton wins a battle in the "Purge" lawsuit. Resale prices of Peloton clothes will shock you. The New York Times talks about BLM and the world of boutique fitness. Vox finally comes around on Peloton. Jenn Sherman is featured in New Jersey Monthly Magazine. Dr. Jenn Mann - What to do when a celebrity you love says something you hate? Motley Fool is treating Lululemon's acquisition of Mirror with skepticism. Garmin is held hostage by ransomware. CNBC writes about how few people are planning to return to the gym. Peloton 4 Parkinsons has been rescheduled and you can help! Jess King and Matty Maggiacomo are celebrating Spotify Housewerk classes with specially curated playlists. New Artist Series with Common. Peloton adds 16 new family classes. All this plus our interview with Todd Bohannon!

 166: Leanne Hainsby Sparks Controversy with Instagram Post plus our interview with Courtney Snowden | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5966

Leanne Hainsby upset members of the Jewish community this week with an Instagram post. We have an update on the lawsuit over purged classes. Rumor - details on the new bike SoulCycle instructor Soeuraya Wilson quits over their selective activism. Jennifer Jacobs has a new job. Pelothon 2020 update including info on new badges and rules. There's a new line in the boutique. Quarantread 26.2 Challenge is here. What does that mean? Dr. Jenn Mann - When your brain hasn't accepted your weight loss. talks about Peloton's marketing pivot. It's your last week to enter our FightCamp contest. Jess Sims was featured on the Hurdle podcast. Tunde had a celebrity ride-along class with Al Roker. Kristin McGee was married to Jason Sudeikis...kinda but not really. Jennifer Garner hosted an Instagram Live with Chelsea. Peloton has a new video featuring users. Artist Spotlight with Lil Wayne! All this plus our interview with Courtney Snowden!

 165: Peloton 2020 is Underway plus our interview with Tracy Chou | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6659

Peloton 2020 is underway. A less expensive Tred is getting nearer. John Foley revisits How I Built This. The fitness industry is struggling with the supply chain. Dr. Jenn Mann discusses A new connected fitness boxing competitor has entered the fray. Win a FightCamp Gym! Well And Good has yoga for brain fog. Robin Arzon has started her own YouTube channel. Jess Simms was on the "Ali On The Run" podcast. Robin is featured in Haley Shapley's new book "Strong Like Her." New Peloton Artist Series features Britney Spears.

 164: Pelothon 2020 Announced plus our interview with Ty Audronis | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5850

Pelothon 2020 is here. Who's team are you on? Echelon challenges Peloton's patents. Peloton welcomes a new Head of Music - Gwen Bethel Riley. Peloton stock hits yet another high. (This is not a repeat.) Whoop now integrates with Strava. Dr. Jenn Mann talks about what to do when your partner isn't supportive of your workout regimen. Our FightCamp contest continues. Soul Cycle is setting up tents in the Hamptons. Tunde is launching her own line of lipstick. New Artist Series - The Grateful Dead. All this plus our interview with Ty Audronis

 163: The Peloton Roku App is LIVE plus our interview with Steven Little | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5480

Peloton launches their Roku app. Accessibility gets better as Peloton adds a screen reader to their tablet. Instructors are headed back into the studio. Peloton was looking to acquire Tempo. Lululemon purchases Mirror. Peloton addresses manufacturing issues with the Beyond Yoga collection. talks about the psychology of Peloton's customer experience. reports that a quarter of all gym-goers plan to NEVER return. NEW CONTEST - You can win your very own Fight Camp set-up. The All-For-One ride schedule is out. There's a new capsule collection just for Canada. Crystal recaps the Dolly ride and Whitney run. The summer mug with Robin quotes is back in stock. All this plus our interview with Steven Little!

 162: Peloton Pledges $100 Million to Fight Racial Injustice plus our interview with Greg Hoskins & Crissie McDowell | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5328

Peloton puts their money where their mouth is pledging $100 million to fight racial injustice. Peloton stocks hits a record high...and then hits it again. The new summer collection seems to be showing signs of manufacturing flaws. Jenn Sherman was on the Howard Stern Wrap-Up show. Christine D'Ercole was interviewed on the website for American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. writes about how the spa and hotel industries are adapting for a post-COVID world. Popsugar discusses the benefits of interval training. Dr. Jenn Mann returns to talk about body image. Whoop helped a PGA player figure out he had Coronavirus. The latest Peloton wannabe looks like...a snail? Fight Camp and plank punching. (No planks were harmed in the recording of this segment.) Cody Rigsby is now doing meditations (as the Peloton Prophet predicted). The next artist collaboration spotlights Dolly Parton. The Pride collection has been restocked. Updates on our upcoming Shannon Curtis online concert. All-For-One rides are happening. Peloton celebrated Juneteenth last week with classes from Chase Tucker, Tunde, and Chelsea Jackson Roberts. We report on our progress with Best Fiends.

 161: Peloton Allows Users To Select 'Non-Binary' plus our interview with Ariel Brown | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5999

Peloton will now allow users to select "Non-Binary" as a gender option. Peloton stock is up yet again. has some theories as to why. 24 Hour Fitness officially files for bankruptcy. Tread sales have started back up. German Apple TV and IOS dropped this week. We get another visit from Dr. Jenn Mann. BuzzFeed reports on Peloton delivery workers' concerns during Covid. Hydrow raises $25 million. We're hosting a "virtual house concert" with Shannon Curtis. Former guest Peter Shankman is hosting a one-day virtual entrepreneur event featuring Olivia Amato. We have information on Race For Unity. Peloton has a new artist collaboration with Desmond Child. The first boutique drop of the Summer is here. Robin Arzon is working with BeSproud. Tunde is launching a new IG series called Speak. The first guest is Jess Sims. Has Crystal caught up with Tom in Best Fiends? (Spoiler Alert: No. No, she has not.) All this plus our interview with Ariel Brown!

 TCO 160: The Peloton Facebook Group Hits 300K plus our interview with Kari Gormley | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6006

The Peloton Facebook Group hits 300,000 members. National political conventions are looking to emulate Peloton. Motley Fool calculates the ROI on Peloton stock. A quick chat with Axios' Dan Primack to discuss his super-successful fundraisers. Ally Love has nutrition tips for fueling your workout. The Crossfit CEO is out. has a list of African-American fitness instructors you should be paying attention to. NEW FEATURE - Getting The Psychological Edge with Dr. Jenn - Quarantine Resolutions Peloton snuck into an Oreo commercial. America has a kettlebell shortage! There's a new artist series featuring D. Smith. The Quest Badge adds a new badge for completing all four. A Summer line will be out soon at the boutique. Ricky Martin gets featured in a new artist series. Erik Jager has his first English class. John Raneri sets a new half-marathon record on a Peloton tread.


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