Love and Movies show

Love and Movies

Summary: A slice of life Podcast (with movies!) about two people who are still very much in love after almost 20 years. We talk about our story from the beginning, continuing each episode from where we left off. We also discuss a movie that we love during each episode (Movies have been a big part of our lives together) We started this as a way to share our story with Friends, Family and most importantly our Son. We wanted him to be able to hear our story in our own words. We're casting this out in the world in case anyone else is interested in hearing us ramble on and on :) Music by:

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 Love and Movies Episode 1: Video Stores and Sliding Doors | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:20:14

Episode 1: How we met and got to know each other. Early dates and our first Movies together. Movie: Sliding doors.


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