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Detective and Mystery – Retro Radio Podcast

Summary: Podcasting to share family friendly entertainment through old time radio, and more.


 Molle Mystery Theater – Goodbye Darling. 460524 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:37

A story that starts with the cold blooded planning of murder, and ends up as a battle of wits. Lily and George are in a marriage filled with bills, no money, and stress. Does he know about her tryst? Does George suspect the plan that his wife is planning against him? Running an ad to take on a boarder is the opening to get the ball rolling. As her lover, Curtis, answers the ad and moves in the murder is planned, with its intent to make it appear as an accident. Elaborate details are layed out, alibis are put into place, and the big moment approaches. The near miss only setws Curtis on looking for a different way to knock off George, but the wary husband might just be on to the new plans. Accidents become the name of the game. The three go on an outing where the accidents don’t work out as planned, and soon George is planning his own accidents. Who will manage to hit a home un in this game of errors? And what will the police have to say in the matter when it happens>

 Rogues Gallery – Latin Type. ep48, 460523 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 24:44

From the Mystery Playhouse, a presentation of Rogue’s Gallery. Traveling by train, Rogue meets up with a tall, dark mysterious woman. He claims to have rescued her from a pack of military wolves, but has she just traded the soldier boys wolf pack for a sly dog, as Rogue invites her to his compartment? Tough guys start appearing at Rogue’s compartment, looking for a briefcase. How convenient to have a pair of matching cases. I feel a mix up coming on. As the gangster takes the case and runs, Rogue doesn’t have much time to wonder at it before he gets a thump on the head. Hey, I like this version of Eugor, that little inner voice. Not annoying at all. Rogue wakes to find his secretary Betty has also had a thump, and the knock at the door is the train officials about the damage done to the compartment. Finding the briefcase that isn’t his, Rogue seeks out that dark haired beauty to find answers. It could be a neat trick with that knife sticking out of her like that though. With the cops handling the case, Rogue learns the dead woman is the wife of a gangster, Charlie Miller. Taking a break at a hotel, Betty calls in the story to her newspaper editor, and Rogue manages to get that case open. It’s full of $100 bills. Calling the cops in on the deal, Rogue plans a trap, unless he falls into a trap first. In smooth style, the trap is sprung, the cops get their man, and Rogue gets a little payoff of his own. PS: Betty is a reporter in this episode, but she’s normally the sultry secretary that Rogue has a hit or miss relationship with. Depending on the dames that cross his path, or however is convenient for the writers to squeeze in a gag. This has to be one of my more favorite episodes in the series. The mystery isn’t all that interesting, but I like the chemistry in this one between Rogue and Betty, and the producer did a great job with the Eugor character.

 Molle Mystery Theater – KillerComeBackToMe. 460517 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:57

A modern hardboiled adventure written by Ray Bradbury, the tale of a killer who suffers from delusions of grandure. Guns blaze, but thanks to a get away car driven by a tough dame, the green gunman makes his break to safety. Together, she becomes the brains of their outfit, and he takes care of the heavy lifting. Johnny gets a quick education, then has the chance to take over the infamous Ricky Wolfe gang. The world doesn’t know that the real Ricky Wolfe is dead, and Johnny’s big test is about to come as he tries to fool the gang. The tough guys don’t go for it, but Johnny proves he can handle the hardened killers. He takes charge, but Julie backs away from him when he no longer takes her advice. Is she jealous that he isn’t taking orders from her anymore? Or is there some real danger awaiting Johnny if he ignores what she has to say? Johnny is heading down the same path that Julie has seen Ricky go down and come up a loser. Can she stop him from coming to the same bad end? Let’s just say that when the FBI moves in, crime proves that it does not pay.

 Rogues Gallery – The Impossible Murder. ep47, 460516 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:43

A crooked judge with the reputation of being a hanging judge, is throwing a party. Mingling at the swanky affair, Rogue eavesdrops in on conversations. Calling Rogue aside, the judge shares his concern over a threatening note. What’s so significant about the note that has the venerable old judge unravelled? Judge Collins Baker wants to hire Rogue as his bodyguard. Will someone actually try to kill the judge tonight? Rogue wants to take Betty home, but only after all the guests leave, and he and the judge do a security check. Returning to the estate, Rogue is greeted with a thump on the head, and his weekly visit with his annoying inner self, Eugor. Waking up to his policeman friend, Urban, helping him, Rogue finds himself handcuffed to a bench with his own cuffs. Maybe he ought to have a bodyguard as well. Rogue and the cops go to check on the judge. All the doors are properly locked, and security measure still in place, but the judge is dead. How could somebody have snuck back in to kill the judge? A strange odor lingers in the air. Going on a clue from the threatening note, Rogue starts his footwork at the library. Will he find out any secrets about Judge Bakers past? Police seem to confirm the presence of cyanide in the room. How does that fact mesh with Rogue’s theory on the killing? The truth explodes as a tale of revenge emerges as the motive, helped along with the research Rogue has done by investigating the judge’s past.

 Molle Mystery Theater – Further Adventures Of Kenny Andrews. 460510 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:26

In a previous episode a tale of Kenny Andrews, and how he ended up in an insane asylum was told. Due to audience request, his saga is continued to report on whether he ever managed to get out. In voiceover, Kenny tells how he started a riot, and escaped. Now he faces the problem of raising a fast $200, or face going back to the asylum. To pay his debt to one gangster, he takes a job with another. His sole possession, a violin case gets him a job, but it’s stereotype of being the incognito storage place for a sub-machine gun gives him the mistaken reputation of a cold blooded killer. Kenny finds himself posing as a Chicago hit man, and hiding in the dressing room of Nicki Passion. Tough guys, bookies, and troublemakers parade through the dressing room, but will Kenny be forced to act as body guard for the sultry Miss Passion? Will his true identity be discovered? Troubles pile up for Kenny, but with the help of Nicki Passion, he hatches a plan to win the dame, and get free of his debts. He only has to survive the face off with the big gang boss. If he lives, will he be in line to take the fall with the cops as a killer? Stand by for action packed thrills and chills, right up to the end.

 Dragnet – The Big Revision. ep299, 550510. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 26:02

Joe Friday is on Robbery detail, and with partner Frank Smith, he has just captured the bad guy, and they have all the evidence they need. Now Joe needs to find the missing loot. The suspect isn’t talking despite Joe’s best efforts. With all the usual leads used up, a phone call from an informant comes in about some stolen goods being fenced. In voiceover Joe tells some of the police procedure involved in tracking down their man, and how they might try to approach their target. There’s nothing on this guy, only in handling stolen goods, so can he be convinced to give up the goods? The mystery partner is yet to be found, but there’s still some questioning to do, and a helpful bartender is key in sharing information. It could take some effort to subdue that drunken barfly, but the good news is that she knows about the bad guy. The bad news is that the robber is being released, so there’s a race on to get to the goods first. Even worse news, a body is found. Does Joe catch his man? Can he get the evidence he needs to pin the murder on him, and put him away for good?

 Dragnet – The Big Token. ep283, 550118. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 26:20

Robbery detail: Joe Friday and partner, Frank Smith, answer a call at a downtown store. The cops go to interview the victims and witnesses. The story of the robbery and shooting comes out. The trail of clues take Joe on a trail that leads to a nightclub. The torch singer showcases a new song of the times. There’s soon evidence that indicates narcotics are involved. The net begins to close around the suspect. The pressure is put on. The man spills the beans, and it’s a story of how drugs ruined his life, and drove him into a life of robbery that ended up in a murder.

 Dragnet – The Big Momma. ep298, 550503. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:19

Bunko Fugitive detail. A secretary comes to the police station to report that her boss skipped town, and Joe Friday is on the job with partner, Frank Smith. The naive woman, Clara Gibbons, shares the details that ad up to document that something is wrong about the way her boss does business. She has only been with him for just 7 months, and was offered vacation time and an all expense paid trip to Hawaii. admits to not being the best stenographer or typist, not the best looking. Her mama thinks the man just wants a secretary who isn’t too bright. It isn’t enough to pin a crime on, but the situation has Joe Friday’s interest. Clara tells how the office was cleared out, and more details about the business that sold uranium stock. Even the bank accounts were cleared out, and when Frank checks with City Hall he learns that no such business was ever registered. It’s enough to get the cops out to the building to see the vacant office, an impressive office but empty none the less. The building owner gives Joe a bit of a hard time, but isn’t too concerned since his rent was paid in advance. Since the rent was paid, and the secretary was paid up, who is this con man cheating? Joe checks with suppliers to find that no stock was ever purchased by the bogus broker. Clients are soon turned up to fill in details how they bought stock in highest of confidence. When the victims learn of the scam they are outraged, speechless, embarrassed,but the picture of how the con man gained his foot hold emerges. Bogus charitable donations of stock are made, and a word of mouth campaign spreads word about the aledged trustworthy company with the good investment. Joe puts the word out to other cities of how the con man works, and reports come back that he has been active in several places. Weeks pass and the secretary again approaches word that the con man is back in town, she says her mama saw him, and mama is always right. Before Joe and Frank can head out though, a phone call comes in. It’s the cops in Utah, and they say the bogus businessman was just arrested there. It looks like mama isn’t always right after all.

 Molle Mystery Theater – Doctor & The Lunatic. 460426 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:06

A modern tale of suspense. A crime that could only be formulated by a deranged mind is at hand. The matter rests at the foot of one of the top psychiatric doctors in the nation. Can the doc race to the scene of the crime in time to put an end to the mentally disturbed killer? He feels the murderer is in the room, and warns that each of the persons in the room could potentially be unstable enough to be the mad man. Interviews by the doctor with the participants in the story begin to reveal dark secrets. Why does the medical man feel just as guilty about the murder as the one who might have committed the crime? Is there really a lunatic involved, or might this be a calculated set up? Regardless, another body is found as the participants remain locked inside the mansion estate. The murder reveals one final dark secret, and in a final short scene we learn the shocking truth behind the doctor and the lunatic.

 Crime Club – The Topaz Flower. 470424. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:10

The exciting story of a flower that was plucked from the hand of death. Mr Sloan is found murdered when Wally finds Natalie running out of the room. As the cops talk about the case, details emerge. Sloan was a wealthy man, and a large cast of quirky characters are introduced when the cops summarize what they know with the family. The Topaz Flower is a valuable gem that is missing. Wally is something of an amateur detective who is known by the cops. He is covering up for the fact that he saw Natalie coming out of the room. Should he be doing that? A matter of a new will causes a stir. Sloan was to marry, and his new will was to leave all he had to his future wife. A point that seems to clear her of any motive. Wally confronts Natalie privately, but before she can come clean, the cops report they found the Topaz Flower in a pawn shop, sold to them by a woman. The cops begin to find clues, and make implications that make waves among the family. The body count rises when the future wife, Clara is found dead. Cllues and evidence are scrutinized. Who could have committed the murder of old Mr Sloan? Why would they have wanted Clara dead, when she no longer played a part in the inheritance? When the key piece of evidence falls into place, the cop shares with the family the exposed mystery.

 Molle Mystery Theater – Follow That Cab. 460419 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:14

Two cabbies with too much time on their hands, and a love for mystery novels find themselves in the middle of solving a real one. Julius and Moe imagine themselves as heros in a big crime investigation. They see a suspect from a crime story they just read about in their pulp magazine. A dead body is uncovered. and now its time to dig up clues to hand over to the cops to prove they found the right killer. Will the cops see it their way, or as intruders who have tampered with a crime scene, and could easily be suspects themselves? To clear themselves the cabbies find a dame who is known to be connected to the crime. Things go badly when the pistol packing woman takes them, and their cab hostage as she tries to make a quick get away. Bullets fly with the police in hot pursuit. How will this comic caper end? Join in for the ride as the final scene brings justice and closure.

 Molle Mystery Theater – Night Must Fall. 460412 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:26

In a cottage in the woods, an elderly woman talks with her niece and companion about a body that was found nearby. Daanny is a dapper, selfconfident man, who talks with the curious Olivia. Soon a mysterious, and hefty hatbox soon raises more than enough suspicions with the young niece about him. Can Olivia pick apart Danny’s story, and discover his past? Can she get to the root of his character to know when he’s acting, and when he’s not? Why exactly does she cover for Danny about the contents of the mysterious hatbox, when police come calling? Scotland Yard turns up the pressure, and Danny’s smug attitude crumbles, changing him into an emotional wreck. Suspicions, and wonder at the unknown make for thrilling moments as we anticipate that more murders could occur soon. What hold does Danny have over Olivia? Paranoia sets in for Danny, but is it yet another act? A wwierd,disfunctional love affair is portrayed as the gallows is seen in Danny’s future.

 Molle Mystery Theater – Murder in the City Hall 460405 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:41

A police detective who is rejoining the force after being forced to take time away, now hass to investigate the murder of his friend who was a judge. Early evidence hints that it might have been a woman who did the shooting, but the commissioner thinks the important evidence points to a political rival. Following a lead, the detective takes the widow to investigate a cabin at the lake. A body is found that changes everything. It’s the suspected political rival. On returning to town the commissioner still isn’t told about the body, and claims the suspect has just now filed his admission of guilt. Is the commissioner in on the murder, or is he being lied to by someone? Not sure who to trust, our rogue detective takes a different angle on finding his lead. A dame at a nightclub has been identified as a person of interest. Did she have good reason to want the judge dead? Things begin to go badly,, and the cards are layed on the table with the commissioner. The cops close in on the dame, and a tense scene with drawn guns blaze before asking questions. Have the cops got their killer? Maybe, but something doesn’t add up. In a disappointing closing scene the true killer is identified, but justice is left to the imagination.

 Rogues Gallery – The Message. ep41, 460404 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:22

Richard Rogue is on a quest to see an angel, and talks to a priest about it. His friend Mike has a kid who Rogue is trying to help. Mike named Rogue as executor of his will as part of his last moments before going to the electric chair. Is the promise that Rogue is to fulfill too much to handle? Will he have to disappoint a little girl? Rogue finds his angel, or at least a dame with the inside angle on a fortune in jewels. Will he be lured into taking the money and running away with her to a tropical paradise?? Nah, he gets a thump on the head for his troubles. Will his alter ego, Eugor, offer any insight to that strange message Mike left for him to figure out? Rogue still faces a beating, but a stroke of luck is the break he needs to get away. Back on the trail of his angel, Rogue goes to the club where his dame works as a dancer and discovers the clue he needs to unravel this mystery. Greed between thieves plays a part in making sure Rogue can take the crooks to the cops, and keep his promise to Mike. He even finds the missing jewels that nobody had found yet.

 Molle Mystery Theater – The Creeper. 460329 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:41

A melodrama of terror and suspense. The Creeper is a serial killer who has both evaded capture, but begs to be stopped by the clues that he leaves behind. Steve is a cop in trouble and on suspension, with a wife who used to be on the stage. He and Georgia are in a marriage on the rocks, and Steve hits the bars to get away. Talking with a reporter in a bar, clues about the Creeper are discussed. Is it a mad man, or maybe a woman? What’s his motive, and is there a pattern in the way the killings have gone down? The pattern points to Steve’s wife Georgia as the next potential victim. Back at the apartment, Georgia hasn’t been feeling her best, and suspicions build as wierd neighbors try to be helpful. Everybody who crosses Pat’s path sets her nerves on edge. The lock on the apartment hasn’t been working, and a man from Georgia’s past surprises her when she discovers that he let himself in. Is there anything to his accusations of her being loose with the neighbors while Steve’s away? Is her ex-lover there to protect her, or to harrass her? Paranoia grows for both Georgia and Steve. Is there any danger? Will Georgia be safe once the locksmith arrives?


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