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Detective and Mystery – Retro Radio Podcast

Summary: Podcasting to share family friendly entertainment through old time radio, and more.


 Dragnet – Big Couple. ep89, 510222 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:19

Bunko Detail. Joe Friday is on the heals of a husband and wife centered con game. At the Holy Gospel Tabernacle. Pastor’s house. Ben observes, “It’s not a very wealthy looking neighborhood.” Reverend Olsen tells how the married couple suckered him into their research work. The Herberts swindled him out of $800. Joe has enough to get started tracking down various friends and relatives. The trail leads to an exercise class. A phone call sends the cops to another church,. This time with the Herberts claiming to be writing a book. Time passes and Joe is no closer to the Herberts. But their trail of swindles is growing. The Herberts have a knack for weaseling the last pennies, or war bonds, out of folks who are down on their luck. Just when things are looking flat, a hot tip reignites the hunt. Will there be a need to get the homicide detail involved? Joe catches up with Mrs Herbert, who claims it was her husband that dragged her into this mess. Somehow. He doesn’t believe her. From here its only a short trip to stop- Mr Herbert. And the new dame he’s about to run off with.

 Dragnet – Big Cast. ep87, 510208 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:55

Homicide Detail. Twelve men are missing. On a sultry day, Joe and Ben get off to a fist fight, when they go to interview Henry Ross. He claims he didn’t know they were cops, but he has some info on a guy named Davis. Paul Davis drove to take a job on an oil derrick. But according to his wife. He never got there. Handwriting experts link Ross to the missing persons. He is also known under the alias of Henry Carter. Joe Friday continues to parade out the evidence, but will his man cooperate? The interrogation lingers on, with Joe detailing it in voiceover. Henry admits to being involved in the murders, and is willing to draw maps and diagrams of the operation. Taking his captors to a local diner, Ross feasts, while Joe describes the menu options. Ross shares the details on meeting and killing Davis. Why did he do it? Where is the body? What about the other missing men?

 Dragnet – Big Shoplift. ep122, 511011 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:45

Burglary detail. A rash of shoplifting jobs has the attention of Joe Friday, and his partner, Ben Romero. Interviewing the detail chief, the detectives go over the mode of operation of the bandits. What might connect the string of shoplift jobs together? A teenage clerk in a department store seems to be at the center of the thefts of make up and cos metics. Joe and Ben go to interview the young lady. Will she be able to offer a suitable explanation of the missing products from the departments where she has worked? Ben complains about his foot problems as the cops continue their mundane search. Another store clerk report strange packages, and an unknown tall, blonde woman in the department. What does Joe make of it? More questions reveal the unknown woman is also at the center of the robberies. The woman is identified to be the wife of a doctor. Will she hold up under the routine questioning of the detectives?

 Dragnet – Big Affair. ep129, 511129 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 26:25

Robbery Detail. A rash of jewelry stores are being robbed, And there appears to be a mastermind behind them. Joe Friday and Ben Romero are on the job to put a stop to them. Relying on an interpreter, Joe and Ben interview a French store clerk. In voiceover,. Joe Friday reports on other similar burglaries, and runs down the details known about the robber and his operation. Back in police headquarters, mug shots, and other evidence indicate a recently released convict. More robberies, more interviews, and overzealous victims may have endangered themselves. But unexpected clues could help the cops. A woman who works as a gift wrapper in a department store is quick to admit that Marty has been at her apartment off and on. She claims to know nothing about him, other than being a link to communicate between Marty and her roommate, Virginia. Checking out Virginia’s tap dancing act, Joe confronts her. Is her real worries about being found out in an affair? Or does Virginia know more about the robberies than she’s letting on? Will she help find Marty? Time passes, and the cops get their chance. Gunplay ends the reign of robbery, but it won’t quench the love Virginia has for her criminal boyfriend.

 Yours Truly Johnny Dollar – Who Took The Taxis For A Ride. 490724. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:16

Johnny is on the job to investigate the insurance claim of missing taxi cabs. What’s the story? Some new kind of car theft racket, robbing cab drivers, or maybe a sabotage scheme from a rival company? Johnny is on the scene for the next robbery that ends up in murder. In voiceover, Johnny goes over the clues that he has gathered thus far, but there’s still plenty of footwork to do. Johnny suspects the cab company owner of doing some self sabotage to get the insurance money, and sets out a plan to make sure he’s on the level. When a sweet talking dame enters the picture, it gives the hard boiled Johnny a new idea about his case. The body count rises, and our favorite insurance investigator finds himself at the point of a pistol. By now Johnny has figured out why the cabs are being stolen, and seems to be face to face with at least one of the thugs behind the racket. Now all he has to do is stay alive long enough to spill the beans, and file his report. Still need more details? Don’t worry, the racketeers tell all there is to know about the whole gory mess while they have Johnny under their control. Once Johnny escapes, and you know he will, there’s still time for a nest of loose ends to be tied up before the whole mystery can come to rest.

 Dragnet – Big Hands. ep128, 511122 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:03

Homicide Detail. An unidentified woman is found strangled in a hotel room, and its up to Joe Friday to find the killer. A visit to the crime lab presents the clues that are known in the case thus far; The report of a married couple who were attacked at their hotel is given. In voiceover,. Joe Friday tells of other accounts of women being brutally murdered. Ben Romero begins to get disgusted over the lack of progress, when an important clue falls in their laps. But will the cops miss the connection in identifying the woman? Joe’s voiceover continues to describe the investigation of the woman and to marital troubles. Past landlords confirm the description of the abusive husband. Doris Frasier has also had trouble holding jobs, due to her abuse. The investigation continues to paint a consistent picture of a battered woman. But have they turned up enough evidence to hang their case on? Despite indications he may be his wife’s killer, her husband has overwhelming support in his whereabouts the night of the murder. A man known only as George gets the attention of the detectives. The investigation heats up, drugs are involved in George’s past. Time for confrontations. Visiting George on his job helps locate the connections needed,. And lies crumble.

 Box 13 – Bite or Bitten. 490717. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:56

Dan gets an extra special telegram that arrives in box 13, one that’s sure to mean extra special trouble. A snake expert warns Dan that a dangerous snake is loose somewhere in the hotel. Dan thinks it’s just a joke, but the snake expert is way too nervous for that. Why didn’t he just go to the cops? The hotel doesn’t want the bad press of being evacuated. There’s only one point that Dan thinks is fishy, that the snake accidentally got loose. Who could have done such a thing as setting it free, and why? Dan allows himself an hour to go on a snake hunt, but in the end the cops are called, and Dan returns to his office. He can’t shake the thought that he’s missing something, then the police phone about unusual happenings regarding poison, and a dead man, but it happened blocks away from the hotel. With facts flooding in, suddenly Dan has a pretty good idea what happened, but there are still some dots to connect. As Dan continues to investigate, he gains the trust of those that he can, and springs his own trap to capture the missing King Cobra, and nab the sneaky snake of a killer. Danger and intrigue await those who are brave enough to tune in and listen. See if you can spot the clues that tipped Dan off to solve this mystery.

 Nick Carter – Corpse In The Cab. ep43, 440205 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:29

While out on the town with Patsy, Nick Carter encounters a cabbie with a corpse in his back seat, and in fear of being blamed. Riley agrees to turn his back on his natural cop duties to give Nick time to find the killer and clear Shorty. For that matter, who was the corpse, and what’s the white powder under his fingernails? Hitting the streets, Nick follows through with all the clues he can find on who might have it in for Shorty. Where are the hot spots to look? Who might offer insight to enemies for the man with a past prison record? A link to a school teacher is found, and confrontations are made. Has Nick found his man, and the link he needs to seal the deal? Is the mastermind crook too much of a match for our master detective? It’s going to take a lot to fool Nick Carter, and he manages to make the connections he needs to unravel this mystery.

 Dragnet – Big Bungalow. ep127, 511115 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:02

Burglary detail. An informant has information to share, even at the risk of his life. It’s up too Joe Friday to tell if his man is telling the truth. In the station cafeteria, Ben Romero and Joe Friday anticipate Red. Will his information be as big as he lets on? A new guy in town brags about how good his burglaries have been. As Red chows down, does he have answers like Alan’s location, or his operation, or other things the cops can use? In voice over, Joe tells about the role a stool pigeon serves. As of yet, no burglaries out of the usual variety have turned up. Nothing to indicate the kind of big time player that Alan is supposed to be. When a clue falls in Joe’s lap, it ignites a fire of investigation, as he springs into action to stake out a bar where Alan has been reported. The stakeout takes the cops to a nice sized bungalow. Will the back breaking work pay off in other ways? A rifle, jewelry, and more goods from recent robberies are turned up in the bungalow. Time to move in, and confront Jefferson Alan. The Michigan man is free with his answers about the seemingly routine questions. What might his connection to the bungalow be? The cool, soft-spoken criminal won’t crack. Despite overwhelming evidence. Or will he?

 Meet Miss Sherlock – Case Of The Deadman’s Chest. 460707 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:00

We witness the secret scene of a murder, but what does it have to do with Jane Sherlock, who was only a kid when it happened? Fast forward to the present day of 1946, and Jane telling her fiancee about her purchase at an auction. Suddenly there’s a flood of folks who want that locked chest she picked up. Why all the interest? The situation gets serious when someone tries to pry open the box to get to its contents. Bodies of the people who want the box pile up. The only clue is with a skeleton that’s found inside. There’s no identifying marks, no finger prints, no clothing, no dental work, and no false teeth. Only a broken leg that didn’t heal well. The search for answers leads back to the estate that held the auction. The racketeer who had died makes a return from the grave, and Miss Sherlock finds herself in danger in the cover up, and race to reclaim the trunk. Justice is served as the story twists are straightened out, and the mystery reveald as only Jane Sherlock can do it.

 Nick Carter – Unwilling Accomplice ep42, 440129 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 27:14

Though the opening and closing credits are cut, the story is complete. A high stakes robbery of gems means quite a haul was taken from the vault. The taunting letter left for the cops, and Nick Carter himself, is from the mastermind, and warns of a murder. The wealthy family is interviewed, but will any likely suspect be named? Even if they are, is there any solid evidence for Nick to follow through on their trail? Working with his team, Nick can pin down how the robbery happened. An abrupt disappearance makes it difficult to nail down the thief. From all appearances the trail is at an end, and no luck in solving the mystery. Nick has a hunch so strong, he has to play it for all it’s worth. Nick confronts Mr Pierce about his suspicions, but all he has to show for it is a thump on the head. How about an accomplice, and known thief? The man is no stool pigeon, and though he’s set loose, he goes out of his way to keep from making contact with his mastermind boss. How will Nick and his team bring down the elusive killer?

 Nick Carter – Records Of Death. ep41, 440122 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:22

Note: [also aired as episode 229]. A small trunk was bought at auction that contained a few articles of clothing, and a stack of recordings. Nick learns all he can about the box and where it cam. The records tell the story of a woman who is held captive. Tired and scared, her tale is one of being drugged, and held in an unknown location. Masking her secret recordings by pretending to be listening to the radio, she tries to give clues of her captors identity, as shre faces death for not signing papers. Nick and Patsy speculate over the records, and listen to the building drama as Nancy resists Ralph, and the others. In her brave resistance we learn that she and Ralph are half brother and sister. Will Raph’s plans go as far as to forge a will, and kill his step father? It may be too late for Nancy, but Nick is determined to find Ralph. The clues send Nick and Patsy to Toronto, and on a mission to find out about a missing man of a rich family. The police present the details as they know them, and a new twist enters the case. The story takes on flesh as a crippled house servant tells how he came to pack and send the box. There’s danger right to the end of the mystery.

 Dragnet – Big Hit and Run Killer. ep126, 511108 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 26:01

Traffic Investigation, Hit and Run Felony Detail. A hit and run driver escapes, after killing a woman, and seriously injuring her grandson. Now it’s up to Joe Friday to catch him. On a cold December evening, questioning witnesses about the fatality, Joe Friday, and partner Ben Romero learn the details about the panel van. How was the weather condition, was there any reason the driver may have not seen them? With all the Christmas, and holiday lights, the corner was very well lit. In voiceover, Joe Friday fills in details about the crime lab and other detectives and securing the scene. Joe and Ben discuss the clues that have been discovered so far. Broken glass at the scene, the late-model tan delivery truck, black lettering for the bakery company, but will it be enough? Things become more bleak, when a phone call announces the child in the hospital has just died. Joe continues to comment in voiceover about the tragedy of a hit and run crime. What makes a driver act that way? He continues describing how the investigation is progressing. A suspect, Arthur Singer, has been discovered, but he seems to know nothing about the incident. Will an alibi clear him, as well as the owner of the truck? Another driver for the bakery is found. Joe and Ben go to interview him at his part-time job the the coffee shop. He claims to have been at work at the time, but did someone come by to borrow his truck? Holes in his story cause Dan Miller to keep changing his account of the events, and Joe thinks he may have found his man. Is he just nervous? Is he trying to hide something? Is he trying to protect a friend? Conflicting stories mean the heat is turned up fast. The pressure is on. Does Dan really have a friend named Paul, or is this just another cover-up?

 Box 13 Killer At Large. ep44, 490619. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 27:27

An unusual request lands in box 13, a request for Dan to kill the letter writer. Is it just some kind of a prank? Dan goes to visit the man in person just to see what the real story is about. On the way, a tough guy intercepts him. What he finds is a paranoid man who is afraid of being killed. What happened? Simon had been depressed and actually hired a hit man to kill him. Having a change of heart, and discovered a reason for living, he now wants Dan to help find and stop the hit man. Can Dan help, will he? You know he will. The middleman who was paid cash to locate a hit mann is found dead. It’s still a place to start, and Dan begins his hunt for a killer. Whether the mystery man, Scot is a real person, or an alias, the gun in Dan’s back is all too real. With the information that Dan turns up after his dramatic faceoff, he is taken full circle. What news will he have for Simon Andrews about the mysterious Scot? What is the letter about that Dan has for Simon? The plot twists are just as tangled as ever as Dan runs through his courses once again. It isn’t until the body count rises that things become clear for Dan. A story of blackmail, trust, and a gambling racket explodes to the surface. Dan’s in danger from the desperate gangster, but will he be able to get out of this one alive? By the end, you’ll discover how smart and handy Dan is with the truth, and a good bluff.

 Molle Mystery Theater – Adventure Of The Fallen Angels . 460614 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:22

Audio is a little crackly. Tony Benner, a bankrupt playboy leaves a nightclub when thugs take him for a ride. He is warned to come up with his $20K gambling debt, or swim with the fishes. A mysterious note asks Tony to meet his fallen angel at the Savoy bar. Is this an answer to his problems? The angel is sent by Ace, a rival racketeer. What kind of deal can Tony help out with for Ace? All he wants to do is join the upscale country club. Strings are pulled, the road is paved, and soon Ace Kennedy has his access to the high stakes poker games the club is famous for. How soon will Tony get his payoff? Time is running out, and the end looks near for Tony, but even snivelling bankrupt playboys might commit murder when their backs are against the wall. Are the cops on to Tony? Alice, his fallen angel from the beginning of the story is back in the picture to bail him out with an alibi. Can she help out with raising the money Tony needs at the next high stakes poker game? Luck is a fickle thing, and so is the mysterious dame.


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