The Vaughn Weightlifting Podcast show

The Vaughn Weightlifting Podcast

Summary: Chad Vaughn talks all things weightlifting and inspiration. He will be interviewing a variety of fitness professionals as well as a select group of individuals that have overcome in big ways and inspire us with their lives. This podcast has the main goal of contributing to improving your journey in the sport of weightlifting AND in life. There will be stories to be told, knowledge to be absorbed, and motivation to keep pushing you forward.

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 Nadia Shatila - Teach The Movement Not The Cue | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3176

If you’ve taken the CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course, there’s a very good chance that Nadia Shatila (pronounced like “Tequila”) was one of your instructors. I run into coaches all the time that indicate Nadia as the one who “knighted” them so to speak into the CrossFit world. She has been on staff with CrossFit since 2009, she is a CrossFit gym owner(her gym, CrossFit Belltown, has been named one of the best in the world through a number of sources), a former CrossFit competitor, and more recently a 2-Time National Masters Champion AND a 2016 World Masters Champion as a competitive weightlifter. Listen in to hear us talk about the squat and other misconceptions/misunderstandings when it comes to teaching and coaching in the CrossFit and Weightlifting communities, in addition to the following topics:-Being a better coach by working to increase your abilities (movements in general) as an athlete (and vice versa)-Gym/Affiliate owner recommendations from one of the best-The importance of being “sport specific” to the Olympic lifts with your squat-Defining “Hip Crease Below Knee” and what the standard really is-Confirming the purpose of the CF Level Certificate Course-Being an introverted coach (come on guys, give us a break!)-Updates on CrossFit Seminars/Levels

 Cassidy Lance-Mcwherter - Overcoming Knee Surgeries Through Crossfit | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3673

Cassidy, a former collegiate gymnasts whose career was cut short by major knee injury, has overcome (and continues to do so) multiple knee surgeries from her past to ultimately become the 2018 CrossFit Open winner! Leading up to this recent achievement, Cassidy has become a very experienced and seasoned CrossFit competitor by competing at least at the sectional level since 2009. She competed at the CrossFit Games for the first time in 2011 on a team, and then again as an individual in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2017; also winning Regionals in 2017. You do not want to miss this episode as we dig deep into her CrossFit story with topics that include the following:-When and why she started CrossFit.-What was her training like leading up to and through the Open.-How her knees are stronger than ever through CrossFit.-Being a box owner/coach and how she makes it work with her high level of training.-The change in mindset that has contributed to her recent success.-How the input and combination of work from 3 different coaches has evolved and benefitted her.-How I feel that Cassidy is the key to her programming; a true champion will find a way to succeed no matter what.-Cassidy’s goals for the future.

 Cheryl Haworth, Part II - That's "Haworth" Without a "Y" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3139

This is Part 2 of an incredible and enjoyable opportunity for me to learn even more about my good friend and teammate, Cheryl Haworth. She is a 3-Time Olympian, Olympic Bronze Medallist, 11-Time Senior National Champion, 2-Time Junior World Champion, and Pan American Games Champion. Listen in to hear about her weightlifting journey and to get to know this individual that is so valuable to our sport and community in so many ways.Included content:-Toeing the line between training and competiting to develop the skill that is competing.-The Magic in competing for everyone.-Where she found her ideal volume to be and missing out on accessory work; what is your ideal volume, and what weaknesses might you have that you could use accessory to help overcome...-The difference in "pulls" and "deadlifts" (snatch and clean that is) and why she wishes she'd done more deadlifting; also what is the best combination of the 2....-A day at the Olympic Training Center with Cheryl, what she's been up to since the 2008 Olympics, and what Cheryl the coach is like.

 Cheryl Haworth, Part I - The "Gold" in Laziness | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3870

This was an incredible and enjoyable opportunity for me to learn even more about my good friend and teammate, Cheryl Haworth. She is a 3-Time Olympian, Olympic Bronze Medallist, 11-Time Senior National Champion, 2-Time Junior World Champion, and Pan American Games Champion. Hold up…..go back an read over that ONE more time and let it sink in, and once it does, realize that she accomplished ALL of this by the age of 25. Listen in to hear about her weightlifting journey and to get to know this individual that is so valuable to our sport and community in so many ways.Included content:-When and why she started weightlifting.-What it was like being 17 at the Olympics and winning a medal.-What has she been up to since 2008.-Why she’s never cried over weightlifting.-How the characteristic of being lazy contributed to her progress and development(and mine.)-How she played tricks on herself in competition to enhance performance.

 Episode 16: A Week in the Backwoods of Tennessee - The Whitney Scholarship | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3011

Dave Durante and Caroline Bond(Power Camp 8 Whitney Scholarship winner) join me here for Episode 16 to talk about the Whitney Scholarship and the life changing effects of Power Monkey Camp. Caroline spent the first 25 years of her life communicating with a combination of hearing aids and lip reading. Talking on the phone and certainly doing a podcast without the use of her being able to see lips was not possible. Now, with her cochlear implant she joins us with no issues!Caroline is strong in overcoming qualities and abilities, and she is using her shortcoming(s) in the process of discovering her path while helping and inspiring many others. As you will hear, SHE is a model of what we are looking for in a candidate for this scholarship…Listen in for answers to the following questions:-What is the Whitney Scholarship?-Who is Whitney?-How do you nominate someone?-What is Power Monkey Camp?-How did Power Monkey Camp start?-Why should you come to Power Monkey Camp(scholarship or no scholarship)?

 Training Skills Through the Open w/Shane de Freitas OLY | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2339

1996 Olympian, Shane de Freitas, and I discuss the topic of continuing to train your skills through the Open. Do you? How? Really think about it..... Do you even do anything or much to develop and/or sharpen and/or maintain your skills outside of the 5 week open phase?Shane gives two simple but powerful recommendations to help you stay on top of your skills, including two key, specific positions to emphasize for your overall gymnastics ability, not only through the Open, but continually if you’re not already. If the Open and your gymnastics and general skill level is important to you, then you don’t want to miss this, and I would highly recommend you don’t underestimate the “simple” considerations that Shane lays out here.

 Belief, Focus, and Action with Mekenzie Riley | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3809

2017 CrossFit Games Individual Competitor, Mekenzie Riley, chats with me about struggles she’s had and feels she is having as a competitor, as well as examples of focusing through the execution of a single, quick movement or plan of a WOD. We also dig into and discuss some potential steps that I recommend she can take(or not take) as she moves forward in her career and works to strengthen her mental game.“JUST believe in yourself!” It’s easy to say, and sounds good and positive, but it’s not as easily done as many people tend to demand that it is with a statement like that. “You HAVE to believe if you want to achieve!” Don’t let this seemingly nonnegotiable “prerequisite” lend to any hesitation in your pursuit toward your goal…work toward making it happen anyway with unconditional and relentless ACTION!I hope to help deliver a message that you DON’T have to completely believe in yourself or a specific outcome to achieve, and to achieve greatness! Here are my recommendations to help you offset disbelief and lack of confidence:1. UNDERSTAND that everyone struggle with this so you are certainly not alone.2. ACCEPT the possibility of what you’re working toward NOT happening. “I might not make this lift.” Missing the lift is a potential outcome. “I might not lose the weight.” Keeping the weight on or not losing as much as I’d like is a potential outcome.3. ACKNOWLEDGE that achieving you goal is ALSO a possibility. “It is physically possible for me to make this lift.” People make big lifts all the time. Making the lift is a potential outcome. “It is physically possible for me to lose the weight that I want.” People lose a lot of weight and completely change their lives all the time. Losing the weight is a very realistic, potential outcome.4. Get to work and stick with it no matter how confident you are in what the results will be, leaving no stone unturned or lesson unused in the process. JUST keep going, keep putting 1 foot in front of the other.“Success is largely a matter of holding on after others have let go.”William Feather

 Texas State Weightlifting Championships Recap | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2884

Meet director, Bobby Sirkis, and I chat about some behind the scenes necessities and actions of this and other weightlifting competitions, as well as why YOU(if you haven't already) should "RIP THE BANDAID" and jump on into your 1st Weightlifting competition. Finally, Bobby gives an overview of some of the highlights from the lifters, with mention of a few up and comers to look out for.

 2018 Preview | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 466

Welcome to 2018! Now that 2017 is behind us, like many for many reasons, we are going to take this opportunity to start fresh and aim toward taking this to another level with more frequent shows and new topics! Don't worry, we still plan a little more of the same giving you your(and our) fix of fitness professionals, experts, specialists with great tips and knowledge shared to help you on your journey. In addition, be ready for weightlifting competition(mostly national level) previews and/or reviews with special guest to help us chat it up about the category in question(ie, for Youth Nationals we'll talk about training youth athletes...) Laslty, we'll be introducing another NEW segment where we plan to hear from certain individuals who inspire us with their stories and their lives!

 The Healing Power of a Barbell | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2585

We could say that a barbell has the power to heal in many different ways. It is a tool that can change us physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc. In this episode we talk to the founder and CEO of Barbells For Boobs, Zionna Hanson, about how she has used a barbell to help heal many, many people in more ways than one, and how YOU can use your barbell for a higher purpose! Zionna also touches on why she believes so strongly that "giving is healing," and talks at length on how she juggles being a CEO and Mother with training and competing.

 Part 2 - Gymnastics for Weightlifting, Weightlifting for Gymnastics | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3664

DPT and former gymnast, Dave Tilley joins us again, as well as DPT and former Strongman competitor, Dan Pope, to continue the conversation of gymnastics for weightlifting and vice versa. Specific topics include:1. The importance of being a well rounded athlete to the specialist(i.e. sport specific weightlifter) vs excess specialization2. Using gymnastics in your warm ups/as auxiliary to assist in athletic completeness and more overall potential as a weightlifter, as well as potentially using CrossFit WODs(ideally without the barbell) for 1-2 weeks after each competition to allow for a mental/emotional break from the monotonous weightlifting program and to assist in physical recovery as well as against excess specialization3. Overlooked benefits of the "hollow" position for most weightlifters4. Could a lack of strength/imbalance in the upper body(whether that be shoulders, upper back, etc) be holding you back in the Olympic lifts(this can be typical to early, excess specialization)5. Of course, MORE on the squat

 Gymnastics for Weightlifting, Weightlifting for Gymnastics | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3453

DPT and former gymnast, Dave Tilley joins us to discuss the benefits of gymnastics for weightlifting and vice versa. Specific topics include:1. Using a barbell to implement the progressive overload principle for gymnasts2. Using the body awareness and stability developed through gymnastics to add insurance for the weightlifter3. Flat feet and the epidemic of kids not being able to touch their toes4. "Cue until the cows come home" and spinning wheels as coach or athlete vs proper assessment and development of individualized needs5. Using circuits or sequences(i.e., rounds of moving mobility, then squat variation, then mobility, then squat variation, etc.) to help improve mobility for specific movements vs just foam rolling, static stretching, etc.

 Volume, Part 2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2630

This Episode starts off with Chad and Adam discussing and reconfirming the importance of sufficient/good mobility and movement as it relates to the amount of work you are doing, in hopes of leaving the listeners with some thoughts that might help point them in the right direction in this regard. Ultimately, better movement and mobility typically means quicker recovery, and greater potential for higher volume. Chad continues on with giving an overview of his training throughout the entirety of his career, including the cycles for Olympic qualification and into the actual Olympic competitions; mistakes he believes he made with a few examples of how he overcame some stalled progress.

 Stalled Progress? Reoccurring Injury Setbacks? Assess your VOLUME! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3286

In our opinion, doing TOO much is currently the biggest contributor to lack of progress with the athletes that are drawn to the weightlifting and CrossFit communities. There is certainly NO lack of work ethic here, but we would say that this kind of dedication is no longer good enough when it comes to optimum performance. I, myself, spent 7 years at right around the same weights; very little to no progress during a time and age(24-31) that I should've had more in me. Looking back it's easy to see I was simply doing too much! My attitude was that if I fail, it won't be for lack of effort, or because I didn't do ENOUGH...I believe that far too many athletes fall victim to this mind set. This, especially combined with lack of mobility and/or quality technique, is usually detrimental combination and will likely knock you out of the game over and over again. Remember that hard work for most of us is the easy part, more automatic and this will not go away. SO, work on developing the quality of patience, and dedicate yourself to necessary changes, recovery, and finding your current, optimal workload and slowly progress up from there over time and as able.

 Squat University | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3621

In this episode we get to know Dr. Aaron Horschig, the founder of the VERY popular and rapidly growing weightlifting/mobility information source, Squat University! After answering one of our initial questions of why he loves the squat so much, he follows up by explaining how he believes whole heartedly that improving your squat movement/positions alone can significantly widen the base of your athletic pyramid(a pyramid has 3 equal sides so can only grow taller with a bigger base), and how he is driven to empower with simplicity with his new book coming out in March of 2017! We wrap up this powerful hour with what to look out for when using the concept of "knees out" as a cue, and whether or not to turn out the toes in the squat.


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