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Summary: A podcast about humans and technology. Panelists: Coraline Ada Ehmke, David Brady, Jessica Kerr, Jay Bobo, Astrid Countee and Sam Livingston-Gray. Brought to you by @therubyrep.

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 Episode 025: MotherCoders with Tina Lee | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 54:08

Panelists: Coraline Ada Ehmke | Rein Henrichs | Mandy Moore Guest Starring: Tina Lee: @mstinalee | MotherCoders Show Notes: 00:16 – Welcome to “Not Your Mother’s Podcast!” …we mean, “Greater Than Code!” 00:55 – Origin Story and Getting Involved in Coding 03:17 – Programming Perspectives From People of Different Backgrounds; Teaching Adults vs Children 08:19 – Work/Life Balance 11:32 – Changing Culture Around Gender Roles and Caregiving “Culture is like water in that it flows from the top down.” Nev Schulman Wants to Erase Gender Stereotypes for Parents 18:18 – The MotherCoders Organization What to expect when you’re done expecting (Medium Article)   24:27 – Teaching Frontend Development and The Stereotype that Women are Better at Frontend than Backend Work We can teach women to code, but that just creates another problem (Guardian Article) 30:00 – Silicon Valley Elitism, Sexism, and Defining Cultural Norms; “The Ideal Worker” The Motherhood Penalty 35:38 – Why do we not have many of women CEOs? 37:42 – Tactical Help for Cultural Changes Stats on Millennial Women Becoming Moms   Support us via Patreon! Get instant access to our Slack Channel! Thank you Nik Kantar! Reflections: Mandy: Donate to MotherCoders and/or support t

 Episode 024: Seeing Programming Where Other People Don’t with Felienne Hermans | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 58:10

Panelists: Jessica Kerr | Sam Livingston-Gray | Astrid Countee | Rein Henrichs Guest Starring: Felienne Hermans: @Felienne | | Delft University of Technology | Joy of Coding Conference | SE Radio | RoboCup Junior Show Notes: 00:16 – Welcome to “The Netherlands Invented Gay Marriage, So We Should Be Scared of Them Now!” …we mean, “Greater Than Code!” 01:28 – Origin Story 03:17 – Programming Perspectives From People of Different Backgrounds; Teaching Adults vs Children 06:12 – Teaching Programming as a Language; Aha! Moments Scratch Programming GoldieBlox 12:26 – Identity and why do we so often use the phrase “not real programming”? What do we define as software? Tooling Microsoft Excel Expector 20:13 –  Should everyone know programming? Why? What should they know/be able to do? (Digital Literacy) 28:27 – What is the programming equivalent of a library/librarian? 33:06 – Does STEM education make other forms of education obsolete? Why not? 35:15 – Things to Get Better at Programming Other Than Programming CodeKata 48:58 – Fighting Against “Real” Programming and Being Hesitant to Let in Newcomers 50:40 – What can we do to help spread the knowledge? Reflections: Felienne: If people say they are programming, they are. Limit belittling and surprise. Do not contaminate others with what your own idea of programming is. Jessic

 Episode 023: Politics and Software with Lorena Mesa | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 52:08

Panelists: Jessica Kerr | Coraline Ada Ehmke | Sam Livingston-Gray | Astrid Countee | Rein Henrichs Guest Starring: Lorena Mesa | | Sprout Social | The Python Software Foundation | PyLadies Chicago | Write/Speak/Code Show Notes: 00:16 – Welcome to “Hey! I Made a Bong Out of This Podcast!” …we mean, “Greater Than Code!” 01:26 – Origin Story Obama For America Campaign 05:46 – Politics and Software; Data Collection Danah Boyd: Be Careful What You Code For Support us via Patreon! Get instant access to our Slack Channel! Thank you Greg Fox! 16:43 – Working in Python for Data Collection Django Girls 19:46 – The Python Software Foundation (PSF) 23:55 – Communication and Organization Within Communities MINSWAN: Matz is Nice So We Are Nice Social Encounter Party 33:49 –  Power Structures and Forming Relationships 36:39 – PSF Funding Reflections: Jessica: Each of our languages has a metalanguage that people use to talk about the language. Sam: Needs more sleep Astrid: Cod

 Episode 022: You Are An Asset | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 56:01

Panelists: Jessica Kerr | Coraline Ada Ehmke | Sam Livingston-Gray Guest Panelists: Ryder Timberlake: @rydertimberlake and Jacob Stoebel: @jstoebel | Show Notes: 00:16 – Welcome to “Mob Programming” …we mean, “Greater Than Code!” Support us via Patreon! Get instant access to our Slack Channel! Thank you to our newest $50-per-month-level patron, Bryan Karlovitz! 02:39 – Origin Stories From All! Tim Ferriss and The 4-Hour Workweek 12:37 – Work/Life Balance and Ideal Work Environments Stockholm Syndrome If you’re looking for a hilarious podcast that focuses on issues that software developers face, such as getting fired, pay raises, strategies for pushing back on bad ideas, and even stock options, check out Soft Skills Engineering! Episode 10: Mentors and Stock Options 16:50 – Technical Interviews 20:41 – Computer Science Degrees: Are they worth it? 27:42 – Compulsions to Know: Contempt Culture Aurynn Shaw: Contempt Culture The Zens of Python and Ruby 34:12 –  Gatekeeping in Tech 37:11 – Technical Interviews (Cont’d)

 Episode 021: Social Justice Warrioring and Codes of Conduct with Phil Sturgeon | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00

Panelists: Jessica Kerr | Coraline Ada Ehmke | Sam Livingston-Gray Guest Starring: Phil Sturgeon: @philsturgeon | Show Notes: 00:28 – Welcome to Greater Than Code: The SJW Takeover 00:53 – Origin Story, Superpowers, and Bike Messengering Build APIs You Won’t Hate Instacart Had pesto chicken pasta for dinner, in honor of @philsturgeon’s interview on @greaterthancode today.

 Episode 020: Sexuality in Tech with Jenn Schiffer | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00

Panelists: Astrid Countee | Jessica Kerr | Coraline Ada Ehmke Guest Starring: Jenn Schiffer: @jennschiffer | Show Notes: 00:16 – Welcome to “Neon Abstract Podcast Erotica!” …we mean, “Greater Than Code!” 01:15 – Origin Story Bocoup 03:05 – Art 06:37 – Viewing Source and Learning How to Code 11:02 – Getting a Computer Science Degree 13:56 – Pixel Art, Sexuality in Tech, and Online Presence @aphyr (Kyle Kingsbury) Ashley Madison Scandal 26:54 – How do potential employers react to your satire? 28:41 – CSS Perverts 36:03 – Vetting Potential Employers and Company Culture; Dealing with Toxic People Takeaways: Jessica: Everyone has something that they keep quiet about because they aren’t sure of the consequences. Coraline: Being privileged enough to have the responsibility to be public and show people that it’s okay that they are who they are. Astrid: You don’t have to separate your passions. Jenn: We all need a space to feel uninhibited. Support us via Patreon! Get instant access to our Slack Channel! Get behind-the-scenes exclusives like this one! Click for Transcript   CORALINE:

 Episode 019: It’s Made of People! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:58

This episode is in loving memory of Melia L. Moore Panelists: Astrid Countee | Sam Livingston-Gray | Jessica Kerr | Coraline Ada Ehmke Guest Panelists: Darin Wilson of Infinite Red and Keyboardist in @4Minus1Trio Cheryl Schaefer of Launch Code and CoderGirl Show Notes: 01:11 – What it means to be a Senior Engineer When You Don’t Want to Go Into Management 05:07 – Generativity: The difference between your team’s output with you on it and your team’s output without you. Gregor Hohpe: 37 Things One Architect Knows About IT Transformation 13:46 – The Job of An Architect 22:09 – What are the managers doing? “It is too much to ask for your manager to be your career mentor?” Sam Gerstenzang: The Happy Demise of the 10X Engineer Everything’s an Argument by Andrea A. Lunsford, et al. Takeaways: Astrid: From Jessica’s perspective, what a software architect actually is supposed to be doing. Sam: Everything’s an Argument by Andrea A. Lunsford, et al. Coraline: I’m going to read ^ book. Jessica: More surprise episodes! Support us via Patr

 Episode 018: Growing Your Team and Mentorship with Cheryl Schaefer | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 44:32

Panelists: Astrid Countee | Sam Livingston-Gray | Jay Bobo Guest Starring: Cheryl Schaefer of Launch Code and CoderGirl Posted another patrons-only outtake from today’s precall with @CherylGSchaefer! — Greater Than Code (@greaterthancode) February 1, 2017 00:16 – Welcome to “Let’s Get this Ship on the Road!” …we mean, “Greater Than Code!” 01:06 – Origin Story and Mentorship Cheryl Gore Schaefer: Grow Your Team In 90 Days @ RubyConf 2016 Empowerment Through Mentorship 11:38 – Avoiding Burnout: “How can I show up better as a Mentee? How can you keep yourself from giving up and washing out? When you find your skills have atrophied, how do you find the resolve to try again?” ~ Ariel Spear Spot2Fish 23:41 – The Future of Tech Education Sarah Mei Computer Science Education Tweetstorm Sarah Mei People Who Apply for Opportunity Scholarships Tweetstorm   Support us via Patreon! Get instant access to our Slack Channel!   Takeaways: Cheryl: It’s valuable to have different viewpoints represented. Also, exposing people to fundamentals of tech is valuable as well. Astrid: The RubyConf/RailsConf Opportunity Scholarships exist! Also, advice for mentees and mentors is the same. Sam: Making a distinction between being a TA and being a mentor and giving the mentee ownership of their learning plan.

 Episode 017: Ruby Together with André Arko and Carina C. Zona | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:10:05

Panelists: Jessica Kerr | Sam Livingston-Gray | Jay Bobo Guest Starring: Carina C. Zona of @CallbackWomen André Arko of the Bundler and RubyGems Team Show Notes: 00:16 – Welcome to “Cyberpunk Dystopia” …we mean, “Greater Than Code!” 01:45 – Origin Stories Gay marriage: the database engineering perspective André Arko: Falsehoods programmers believe 11:38 – Ruby Together; Membership and Benefits 501(C)(6) 22:06 – Ensuring the Future of Ruby Thank you to our first corporate sponsor, Atomist, for sponsoring this episode! Check them out: 27:39 – Fair Pay and Getting Developers/Companies to Pay for Stuff RethinkDB: why we failed 39:46 – How Does Bundler Work, Anyway? [blog post] Andre Arko: How does Bundler work, anyway? @ RubyConf 2015 44:16 – Sharing and Reusing Code 5

 Episode 016: Blogging is Shipping with Julia Evans | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 46:59

Panelists: Jessica Kerr | Sam Livingston-Gray Guest Starring: Julia Evans Show Notes: Intro music by Rod Johnson: Prelude in C# minor, commonly known as The Bells of Moscow. 01:07 – Welcome to “Anarcho-Suyndicalist Tech!” …we mean, “Greater Than Code!” 02:03 – Writing Blog Posts: “Blogging is shipping.” The Recurse Center Adam Perry: Baby Steps: Slowly Porting musl to Rust 07:17 – How to Ask Good Questions Eric Steven Raymond: How To Ask Questions The Smart Way The Google Effect 20:26 – Operations (Ops); Testing in Ops “There’s this exciting thing that happens when you run software, which is that stuff goes wrong in unexpected ways!” @b0rk @greaterthancode — Jessica Kerr (@jessitron) January 18, 2017 Ryan Kennedy: Fear Driven Development @ OSB 2015 Effective DevOps: Building a Culture of Collaboration, Affinity, and Tooling at Scale by Jennifer Davis and Katherine Daniels (@beerops, @sigje) Continuous Integration 38:42 – Zines & Drawings Takeaways: Sam: Having concrete strategies for asking question more effectively. Julia:

 Episode 015: Zuri Hunter as Queen of Hackathons | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:52

Panelists: Jessica Kerr | Astrid Countee | Coraline Ada Ehmke | Sam Livingston-Gray Guest Starring: Zuri Hunter Show Notes: 00:16 – Welcome to “Snowpocalypse!” …we mean, “Greater Than Code!” 01:50 – Zuri’s Background and Origin Story Blog Digital Globe Women Who Code 04:19 – Hackathons Meet Zuri. The Queen of Hackathons. Color Coded 16:37 – Overcoming Shyness 20:47 – Navigating the Channels of Your Career Graphical User Interface (GUI) 27:07 – Developing Skills and Keeping up with New Technologies AWS Certified Solutions Architect 33:31 – Hiring Practices; Culture Fit Research: How Subtle Class Cues Can Backfire on Your Resume (“No Silver Bullet” for D&I) Facebook’s Hiring Process Hinders Its Effort to Create a Diverse Workforce An Imbalance; Casting a Wider Net to Attract Computing Women (“Dave-to-Girl Ratio”) We are (currently) listener supported! Support us via Patreon! Thank you, Colin Bruce, for your support! 50:23 – Leading While Learning Takeaways: Jessica: Helping others in small ways. #Micromentoring! #micromentoring https://t.c

 Episode 014: Cancel All Negativity with Ra’Shaun Stovall (Snuggs) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:02:30

Panelists: Jessica Kerr | Astrid Countee Guest Starring: Ra’Shaun Stovall Show Notes: 00:16 – Welcome to “DevPunks!” …we mean, “Greater Than Code!” 00:42 – Snuggs’ Background and Origin Story NYC.rb Ruby on Rails Link Slack Community Ra’Shaun Stovall: Why Is Open Source So Closed? @ RubyConf 2016   04:41 – Getting Involved in Meetups and Building the Ruby Community 09:08 – Teaching/Mentoring New Developers OH: In order to make Rails jobs be a thing in the future, you develop Rails people. — Greater Than Code (@greaterthancode) January 4, 2017 12:13 – Hurdling the Massive Casm that is Between “Junior” and “Senior” Developers In-person Mentorship Teaching from Jr. Dev Mistakes Incentivize Hiring Jr. Devs Pair Programming Nights and on Open Source Pull Request Review — Closely Closer Connections Between Junior and Senior Developers 33:09 – Teaching How to be a Developer: Are “seniors” really the “juniors”? Id, Ego and Super-ego Occam’s Razor 38:11 – The Best Ways for Juniors and Seniors to Work Together C.A.N.: Cancel All Negativity 43:13 – What can hiring managers do? 48:34 – What can senior developers do? Tak

 Episode 013: Religion in Tech with Audrey Eschright of The Recompiler Mag | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 52:59

Panelists: Coraline Ada Ehmke | Sam Livingston-Gray | Astrid Countee Guest Starring: Audrey Eschright Show Notes: 00:16 – Welcome to “Lucky Episode 13!” …we mean, “Greater Than Code!” 01:10 – Audrey’s Background and Origin Story Stumptown Syndicate Citizen Code of Conduct Free Geek 10:37 – The Recompiler The Responsible Communication Style Guide 16:24 – Community Organization; Tech Community Biases Calagator The Agile Manifesto The Overton Window 25:55 – Accessibility in Community Spaces Open Source Bridge 28:49 – Religion and Social Justice in Tech Unitarianism We are (currently) listener supported! Support us via Patreon! Thank you, Chris Sass, for your support! 34:37 – Labor Organization #talkpay by Lauren Voswinkel Distributed Denial of Women National General Strike Fight for $15 Takeaways: Astrid: Making space for others. Coraline: Tech workers face the same challenges that workers in other industries have. Sam: Importance of spiritual awareness in communities. Audrey: Go talk to

 Episode 012: Vets Who Code with Jerome Hardaway | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:25

Panelists: Coraline Ada Ehmke | Jessica Kerr | Astrid Countee Guest Starring: Jerome Hardaway Vets Who Code Show Notes: 00:16 – Welcome to “It’s Made of People!” …we mean, “Greater Than Code!” 02:17 – Jerome’s Background and Origin Story General Assembly 09:30 – Vets Who Code: Funding, Technology Stack, Curriculum, and Students John Washam: Googley As Heck 18:19 – Vets Who Code Student Experience 20:00 – Obstacles Veterans Face Getting Into Tech Location Network “Your goal is to only get 1% better every day and the funny thing about 1% is that your 1% changes every day.” @JeromeHardaway — Greater Than Code (@greaterthancode) December 21, 2016 Jacob Oakley: Learning Code with Kids 29:04 – Making the Tech Community More Welcoming to Veterans 33:37 – What should people in the tech community NOT do? Don’t Assume Recognize Women Veterans 36:55 – Getting Involved with Vets Who Code We are (currently) listener supported! Support us via Patreon! Thank you, Wayne Robinson, for your support! 38:09 – Evaluating Opportunities “The AAR” aka Takeaways: Astrid: Addressing emotional intelligence and increasing 1% each day. Jessica: Using Ruby on Rails is a valuable resource for teaching people how to code. Coraline: Time is life and life is also time. Don’t be married to the tool, be married to the problem. Jerome: Be “Greater Than Code” and ask

 Episode 011: Introducing Art Into STEM Education with Amy Wibowo | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 39:39

Panelists: Coraline Ada Ehmke | Jessica Kerr | Sam Livingston-Gray | Astrid Countee Guest Starring: Amy Wibowo BubbleSort Zines Show Notes: 00:16 – Welcome to “Trapped in a BinarySort!” …we mean, “Greater Than Code!” 01:21 – “STEAM” Education 02:36 – Getting Involved in Technology and Being a Maker 05:33 – Making a Zine and Making it (and other things) Inclusive Books With Pictures [Kickstarter] BubbleSort Zines 2.0: moar computer science zines! We are (currently) listener supported! Support us via Patreon Thank you, Thomas Schaefer, for your support! 14:03 – Passion for Sailor Moon and How it Relates to Teams and Friendship 18:21 – Introducing Art Into STEM Amy Wibowo: Sweaters as a Service – Adventures in Machine Knitting @ Madison+ Ruby This Long-Lost Nintendo Knitting Machine Would Have Let You Make Sweaters With Your NES 25:36 – Making Websites as a Full-time Career 28:22 – Human-computer Interaction (HCI) Research Takeaways: Astrid: Pay more attention to the hobbies that you have. You might be able to build a career out of it! Sam: Seeking inspiration in other forms of art. Coraline: Art gives us empathy for other people’s experiences. Jessica: Art is not an alternative to technology. It is an integral part to doing technology well. Amy: Art as admitting you don’t know everything and wanting to create a little bit of alternate reality that other people can look into and understand.


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