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Summary: Welcome to 'The House List' podcast! Hosted by Peter Agoston. All episodes are recorded in-person. We aim to capture the personal narrative with meaningful conversation. Hope you enjoy these as much as we do making them. Please Feel free to subscribe and share these freely. They are all self-funded and produced independently. Attn: SoundCloud members! We strongly urge you to re-post these on your pages! Help us get the word out on these rare and candid conversations! Produced by Peter Agoston Editing/Engineer by CJ Stewart To Advertise or Book 'The House List' Live: Feedback: Check us out on Apple Podcasts as well:

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 Ep. 46 - Riddlore (Chillin Villain Empire) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:17:18

When talking about Los Angeles hip-hop history - especially the 'L.A. Underground' - the world over usually sites Project Blowed as its center piece. As expansive as the Blowed collective is, our guest Riddlore, is undoubtedly one of it's more integral members. Crucial though is that pre-dating the birth of Project Blowed at its unassuming yet historic venue the Good Life Cafe, Ridd and a few others had a socio/political meeting-group called ABC (African Brother’s Collective) that birthed the community that would then evolve into Project Blowed. Ridd's group Chillin Villain Empire (who started in '84) would prove themselves pioneers in freestyle and some of the earliest creators of political/gangster raps. We talk about it all within this convo! Hope you enjoy! Please subscribe and share this conversation freely to you friends and associates!

 Ep. 45 - Z-Man | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:37:27

Z-Man is legend in San Francisco. That is where host Peter Agoston met and recorded this conversation with him. The Frisco native has been rapping and painting for most of his life and the two track it back from high school to present day. They used to tour together back in the day and harken back to it fondly. Enjoy this rare long-form chat with iconic local "crumb of the Bay" Z-Man. Please subscribe on your chosen format for listening to this and we encourage sharing these convos freely with your friends and family.

 Ep. 44 - JP Inc. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:20:59

Host Peter Agoston recently caught up with old pal JP Hasson aka JP Incorporated fka Pleaseeasaur in a Times Square hotel, amid the start of an extensive North American tour for Tim & Eric's Awesome Show 10th Anniversary. JP known for decades as a innovative touring act himself, now mostly works behind the scenes as a tour-producer and tour-manager for the likes of Tim & Eric, Eric Andre, Pinback and many others. He released two fantastic albums of his own material on Comedy Central Records as well - and we delve deep into the history of his pioneering live-comedy stage-show. For more info go to JPINC.TV and please subscribe to this podcast + share freely and widely to any one you know!!

 Ep. 43 - Tajai Massey (Souls of Mischief) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:19:20

Fantastic conversation with the one and only Tajai Massey - known globally for his work in Souls of Mischief and the great Hieroglyphics massive - our convo is hot on the heels of the man's latest release 'Rap Noir' (available now on iTunes - cop that!). Recorded in Oakland, California host Peter Agoston gets the latest Tajai's current career in architecture, his hotel ventures and the evolving/revolving landscape of the East Bay. There's a lot more than music when it comes to Tajai and we the two go there and back in this insightful, perspicacious conversation. Make sure you subscribe to The House List on Apple Music and re-post on Soundcloud! And buy/stream Rap Noir's new single "Let It Rain" & Watchouttt!!!" on Apple Music now!

 Ep. 42 - Mr. Complex | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:48:50

Perpetually slept on emcee Mr. Complex is synonymous with the late 90's underground hip-hop boom yet maintained a low-key level of productivity thru the current day. We track his evolution within the fabled indie-12" era to his most recent 2017 album 'Forever New'. Most folks don't realize Plex's long-running history in film-making and we go into it throughout the conversation. In fact Mr. Complex was featured on the 1st VHS of our host Peter Agoston's old video magazine series Culturama (1999). A great listen for long-time fans or heads just becoming hip to the game. Do us a favor and subscribe on iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, et al - and by all means feel free to re-post & share this convo with your peers! Thank you!

 Ep. 41 - Frankie Rose | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:29

The incredibly talented song-writer/producer/performer Frankie Rose joins us on "THL" with a totally cas' chat about life - her humble beginnings as a bike messenger in San Francisco to the salad rocks of Brooklyn rock from Vivian Girls to the Dum Dum Girls. We delve into the making of her brand new LP "Cage Tropical" which is out Aug 11th on Slumberland and dig into the dirt of her forthcoming podcast “Weird Night with Juan & Frankie”. You can order 'Cage Tropical' at - please don't forget to spread the word about The House List and subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube or SoundCloud! Thanks!

 Ep. 40 - Prince Paul + DJ PForReal | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:37:23

In this epic 40TH episode (now on YouTube!) of The House List we sat with the iconic Prince Paul and his son Paul aka DJ PForreal to talk life, music and records. We announce the long-awaited re-issue of Prince Paul's 2005 conceptual masterpiece "Itstrumental" on our host Peter Agoston's long dormant label Female Fun - we also delve into Young Paul's bubbling career in Atlanta, as a radio DJ, producer and tour DJ for mega-star Lil Uzi Vert... and how it somehow all started when Peter Agoston booked a then 15 year old PForreal his first gig as an opening to for the GZA at the Knitting Factory over a decade ago! There are lots of nuggets in this convo! Back-story on 'Itstrumental', the making of Chris Rock's Grammy winning 'Roll With The New', Stet, De La and much more. So just Subscribe and listen! Also - every epsiode is now on the YouTubes (search "HouseListPodcast" and sub there!!). Feel free to share this with friends!

 Ep. 39 - Malik Abdul-Rahmaan | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:36:10

Our host Peter Agoston didn't know a lot about guest Malik Abdul-Rahmaan before they sat down for this talk but by it's conclusion they time-traveled through one striking life story. As there is much more to this low-key Brooklyn-based beat-maker/producer than meets the eye. Having never met prior, we get treated to a pretty unique tale of how music can quiet literally keep someone one sane in the face of great duress. They also break down Malik's most recent release "Field Research: Malaysia", and we play snippets at the intro and outro of this show. Enjoy and hey please don't forget to share, like and subscribe! Help us get the word out!

 Ep. 38 - Peter Podlovics | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:28:00

Recorded live in Budapest, Hungary our host Peter Agoston met up with the long established band manager/booking agent Peter Podlovics to chat the history of the music industry in Hungary. It's a fascinating peek into this often overlooked market. Agoston asks Podlovics about numerous Hungarian bands, tracing the history of rock in this relatively new post-war playing field. There are a lot of gems in this conversation! Please subscribe on iTunes or SoundCloud after listening!

 Ep. 37 - Ivan & The Parazol | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:10:25

Recorded live in Budapest, Hungary our host Peter Agoston sat for a casual chat with the Ivan & The Parazol's guitarist Máté Balla and drummer Bálint Simon. The 5-piece Rock outfit have been steadily establishing themselves as one of Budapest's biggest and brightest bands in the last 5 years. We talk about on the band's growth, what it's like playing shows in Transylvania, as Peter gathers more context for the exciting new music scene in Budapest today. After the talk they went for Lángos. Our host's father even makes a brief cameo in the outro. Enjoy! Our next episode is also recorded live in Budapest, so please don't forget to subscribe, rate, like and share this interview freely to all your friends. Thank you!

 Ep 36 - DJ Jonathan Toubin | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:08:55

On this episode host Peter Agoston and DJ Jonathan Toubin track the New York Night Train curator/promoter's life and career by way of a lesson or two in regional music history. The Soul Clap and Dance-Off master JT breaks down a bit of Post-War Soul with a dash of post 9/11 NYC and mid 90's Texas to match. We hear of his DJ tour in Israel, the lineage of his many NYC residencies and the two reflect on overcoming their own individual tragedies to break back into the other side. It's an epic chat ripe with anecdotal gems and personal revelations. Don't forget to subscribe and comment! This episode is sponsored by House of Marley's brand new 'Stir It Up' Turntable - email us by JUNE 1st to enter to win a free one at

 Ep. 35 - Michael Alig | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:30:33

In this episode host Peter Agoston sat and spoke with guest Michael Alig in a candid look back on New York City nightlife - somewhere between the years 1985 and 1992, give or take. They talked about Alig's first parties at The Danceteria and his infamous work within Peter Gatien owned clubs: The Limelight, Palladium, Tunnel, Club USA. The Building, The Cooler, The World, and more. Established around this period was the nightlife-centric zine 'Project X', where Alig was co-editor (w/ Club Kid queen, Julie Jewels) documenting the scene from his vantage with the wry 'Club Rub' column. They spoke of Leigh Bowery, Tiny Tim, Vito Bruno, DJ Keoki and more. Illustrating further the deep-rooted NYC nightlife narrative. All while the two sift thru boxes of vintage party invitations.

 Ep. 34 - Milo | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:50:58

The House List traveled to Winooski, Vermont with a special taping in front of a live studio audience for the 'Waking Windows' music/art festival. Peter Agoston and his very special guest MILO meet for the first time and talk about life, rap, recording, touring and all the innuendo in between. Joined by production/label partner Safari Al (aka, this marks the first time ever 'The House List' podcast is recorded live. Can't you tell from the mics? It was a fun, exhilarating experience and we hope that if you aren't already hip to MILO and his 'Ruby Yacht' projects that you may be inspired to start checking for 'em. If you're fan, then you're in for treats. Just don't forget to subscribe on iTunes, SoundCloud et al and tell a friend on a message board of any kind to check this out. Special thanks goes to Waking Windows & WBTV-LP / 99.3FM in Burlington, VT.

 Ep. 33 - Mr. Voodoo (Natural Elements) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:29:42

Back with another very special episode of The House List, here we sat down with Brooklyn's own Mr Voodoo - yes, that Mr Voodoo (aka Agu Obiakor) of Natural Elements. We track the history from childhood to present day. Canvasing a NYC of another era, where Agu, became the 'poet laureate' of beloved late night radio show 'The Underground Railroad'. Hosted by J-Smooth on the revered WBAI 99.5, Agu honed his craft from intern to co-host, all the while developing what come to be one of the 'underground' hip-hop era's most respected voices. With only a few physical releases to speak of, Voodoo's notoriety grew across the globe through the 90's as demos and never-released songs made their way to NY radio and on cassettes copied and traded the world over. Voo's work as a soloist, with Natural Elements and for the imprint Fortress Records are sought after pieces of art on wax. For the fans and heads - this will be a treat and for those who many only come to know of his this very moment, we hope it'll lead you down a path of discovery. Just don't forget to subscribe and rate the podcast on iTunes and share freely with the world. Thank you!

 Ep. 32 - Grand Buffet - Pt.2 (Lord Grunge) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:08:36

... And just like that we follow-up with Part 2 of our very special, exclusive, Grand Buffet mini-series. Today we located big man Lord Grunge, deep in the hills of Pittsburgh for this candid, candor filled conversation. From his vantage point we try and track the history of the group, when Peter Agoston and GB connected, the importance of Gil Mantera's Party Dream, and the story behind his one-act play "Pittsburgh Batman". One thing is sure about Grand Buffet, beyond their comedic genius - is there deep love of music resonates vividly when you start talking to both of them. Dig into this great chat with two old buds who haven't seen one anudder in ages and don't forget to share this show with any other pals across the land whom may need to hear. Thank you! See you at the Friday Fish Fry!


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