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Summary: Welcome to 'The House List' podcast! Hosted by Peter Agoston. All episodes are recorded in-person. We aim to capture the personal narrative with meaningful conversation. Hope you enjoy these as much as we do making them. Please Feel free to subscribe and share these freely. They are all self-funded and produced independently. Attn: SoundCloud members! We strongly urge you to re-post these on your pages! Help us get the word out on these rare and candid conversations! Produced by Peter Agoston Editing/Engineer by CJ Stewart To Advertise or Book 'The House List' Live: Feedback: Check us out on Apple Podcasts as well:

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 Ep. 55 - J-Zone | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:55:44

Hot off the heels from The Du-Rites all new sophomore album 'Greasy Listening' we sat with that dude J-Zone to track exactly how he got from studio rat to the Paul Mooney of Rap to drummer of the former slappin' Funk duo. The idea being - that if you only know of him from the string of rap albums he dropped thru the early Aughts, perhaps as your own musical tastes have developed than the rich musicality of his Funky instrumental work may appeal to your sensibilities. oh yeah and don't forget to Subscribe to our podcast!

 Ep. 54 - B+ | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:40:30

Brian "B+" Cross the photographic visionary behind such revered album covers/flicks as "Entroducing", "Black On Both Sides", Jaylib, Ras Kass' 'Soul on Ice' and the ground-breaking 1993 book 'It Ain't About A Salary', is finally releasing a second publication. 'Ghost Notes' (now available for pre-order) is a soulful re-telling of his past works. Shot on film, the book shares beautiful, some times chilling photos of David Axelrod, Brian Wilson, J Dilla, B.I.G., Lauren Hill, and many more. We talk about it and much more in this extensive, heart-felt chat. Our host, Peter Agoston, is a fan so many questions are asked! - as a native to Limerick, Ireland, B+ landed in California in 1988.

 Ep. 53 - Del the Funky Homosapien | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:23:44

There are so many things I tend to associate with Del - longevity, Oakland, Funk, and a unmatched brand of creative sage-like-grit as a dude with lyrics upon lyrics for days and days. We had a great convo - Leading into the moment he had to grab a van to join The Gorillaz for a headline festival set here in NYC. On the off-set of the talk, we play an old unlabeled cassette home-made album - from there on the chat encompasses a mass of reflection, technique and opinion. It's something you can only catch here on The House List podcast - so we hope you enjoy - please subscribe and tell your neighbor too as well!

 Ep. 53 - Andrew Savage | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:11:19

I couldn't really associate one band or project soley to Andrew Savage - because I know him first and foremost through Fergus & Geronimo, many others will identify his jangly, wondering lyrics from Parquet Courts, while OGs would say Wiccans or Teenage Cool Kids. Like many a guest on 'The House List', Savage is a multi-tasking artist/owner - his record label Dull Tools is a cottage-industry of smart, innovative new rock n roll records - that he also art-directs and illustrates all the packaging for. It's where his most recent, debut solo album is coming out on. We talk about it all in a fun, candid chat - you should subscribe to this podcast when you're done! Thanks!

 Ep. 52 - Thes One Pt.2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:47:22

Part 2 of our candid, in depth conversation with Thes-One/Chris Portugal of People Under The Stairs and Piecelock 70!

 Ep. 51 - Abstract Rude | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:08:15

You simply can't have a discussion about hip-hop in the Los Angeles underground without a large chapter on Abstract Rude. Some of his earliest recordings under the name hold deep mile-markers in the history of that storied scene. 'Underground Fossils', 'Mood Pieces', the Project Blowed s/t compilation are paramount. In this rare long-form conversation, recorded in Los Angeles, host Peter Agoston and Ab Rude discuss the organic nature of how a few demos turned into projects revered around the globe - dubbed onto cassette and traded in early-internet circles, expounding far from the L.A. underground. This is for the heads! Subscribe on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, YouTube and more!

 Ep. 50 - Thes One (PUTS) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:04:01

We celebrate our 50TH Episode with our host Peter's long-time friend in rap Chris Portugal aka Thes-One of the beloved Los Angeles duo People Under The Stairs (shout out to Double K). After taking a train up from San Diego, Thes picked Peter up in Fullerton and they hung out for a couple days around the San Pedro area of L.A. Where they talked to length in what will end up being a great two-part episode. Reaching the 50th episode too has quite a bit of sentimental value to our host and if you listen to Peter's long intro you'll get the full picture. Needless to say for us here at 'THL' reaching #50 is a rather proud accomplishment. It's by no means easy but we do love producing these for you. Hey, you should advertise or pick us up for distribution! :) Here is to 50 more! Thanks for all your support!

 Ep. 49 - Sach (The Nonce) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:44:34

The Nonce's '1995 album 'World Ultimate' remains one of my favorite of that year and genre. Sach, its producer and 2nd half aside the late Yusef Afloat (may his soul rest), created an unique sonic landscape capturing the airy/ethereal sound of Project Blowed and the innocent energy of being a teenager. We get into it and MUCH more. In a week or so the podcast will turn 1 year old, next ep is our 50th. It's been a humbling, healing experience that I couldn't have done with out those closest to my heart and anyone who ever spent even 5 seconds listening (but especially to those that subscribe). Thanks and hope you've been enjoying!

 Ep. 48 - Sam Spiegel | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:30:32

Great chat with Sam Spiegel, native New Yorker, jet-setting producer/composer. We talk about his earliest productions opening with Guru's Squeak E Clean collab from '04 to N.A.S.A., 'Stop The Virgins' with Karen O and beyond. Big tings a gwan with Sam with one big single in the can for Interscope ('Mutant Brain') and another on deck ('To Whom It May Concern'). I even pry about his brief by telling cameo in 'Lost In Translation'. It's a great one with many many gems in it. Don't for get to subscribe now!

 Ep. 47 - Doseone & Jel (Themselves) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:59:38

Unrelenting talent. That is the only way I can describe Jeff Logan (JEL) and Adam Drucker (Dose One). Over a multitude of genre, regional scene, and the technological wave of change from late 90's to now - the two have maintaining a certain sense of unbreakable innovation. Our conversation winds around from the past to the present, with a lot of great stories from what now may be a bygone era. But the sheer creative abilities these two have within a group setting (Subtle, 13&God, Themselves) as well as individual artists should be celebrated and studied by generations to come. Enjoy and please share freely with your friends, message boards, blogs, etc... and Subscribe!

 Ep. 46 - Riddlore (Chillin Villain Empire) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:17:18

When talking about Los Angeles hip-hop history - especially the 'L.A. Underground' - the world over usually sites Project Blowed as its center piece. As expansive as the Blowed collective is, our guest Riddlore, is undoubtedly one of it's more integral members. Crucial though is that pre-dating the birth of Project Blowed at its unassuming yet historic venue the Good Life Cafe, Ridd and a few others had a socio/political meeting-group called ABC (African Brother’s Collective) that birthed the community that would then evolve into Project Blowed. Ridd's group Chillin Villain Empire (who started in '84) would prove themselves pioneers in freestyle and some of the earliest creators of political/gangster raps. We talk about it all within this convo! Hope you enjoy! Please subscribe and share this conversation freely to you friends and associates!

 Ep. 45 - Z-Man | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:37:27

Z-Man is legend in San Francisco. That is where host Peter Agoston met and recorded this conversation with him. The Frisco native has been rapping and painting for most of his life and the two track it back from high school to present day. They used to tour together back in the day and harken back to it fondly. Enjoy this rare long-form chat with iconic local "crumb of the Bay" Z-Man. Please subscribe on your chosen format for listening to this and we encourage sharing these convos freely with your friends and family.

 Ep. 44 - JP Inc. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:20:59

Host Peter Agoston recently caught up with old pal JP Hasson aka JP Incorporated fka Pleaseeasaur in a Times Square hotel, amid the start of an extensive North American tour for Tim & Eric's Awesome Show 10th Anniversary. JP known for decades as a innovative touring act himself, now mostly works behind the scenes as a tour-producer and tour-manager for the likes of Tim & Eric, Eric Andre, Pinback and many others. He released two fantastic albums of his own material on Comedy Central Records as well - and we delve deep into the history of his pioneering live-comedy stage-show. For more info go to JPINC.TV and please subscribe to this podcast + share freely and widely to any one you know!!

 Ep. 43 - Tajai Massey (Souls of Mischief) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:19:20

Fantastic conversation with the one and only Tajai Massey - known globally for his work in Souls of Mischief and the great Hieroglyphics massive - our convo is hot on the heels of the man's latest release 'Rap Noir' (available now on iTunes - cop that!). Recorded in Oakland, California host Peter Agoston gets the latest Tajai's current career in architecture, his hotel ventures and the evolving/revolving landscape of the East Bay. There's a lot more than music when it comes to Tajai and we the two go there and back in this insightful, perspicacious conversation. Make sure you subscribe to The House List on Apple Music and re-post on Soundcloud! And buy/stream Rap Noir's new single "Let It Rain" & Watchouttt!!!" on Apple Music now!

 Ep. 42 - Mr. Complex | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:48:50

Perpetually slept on emcee Mr. Complex is synonymous with the late 90's underground hip-hop boom yet maintained a low-key level of productivity thru the current day. We track his evolution within the fabled indie-12" era to his most recent 2017 album 'Forever New'. Most folks don't realize Plex's long-running history in film-making and we go into it throughout the conversation. In fact Mr. Complex was featured on the 1st VHS of our host Peter Agoston's old video magazine series Culturama (1999). A great listen for long-time fans or heads just becoming hip to the game. Do us a favor and subscribe on iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, et al - and by all means feel free to re-post & share this convo with your peers! Thank you!


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