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Summary: Help us produce The House List by donating any amount to: Welcome to 'The House List' podcast! Hosted by Peter Agoston. All episodes are recorded in-person. Aiming to capture a personal, artist's narrative with meaningful conversation. Hope you enjoy these as much as we do making them. Please subscribe and share freely. They are all self-funded and produced independently. Attn: SoundCloud members! We strongly urge you to re-post these on your pages! Help us get the word out on these rare and candid conversations! Produced by Peter Agoston Editing/Engineer by CJ Stewart Contact: Check us out on Google Play, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts as well: Help us produce The House List by donating any amount to:

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 Ep. 79 - Podcast Update + Milo (pt. 2) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:16:04

After a week of producing episodes in Los Angeles, we're back on track with this short update-episode. We've set up a donation function as well, so if you are a fan of this show you too can help by assisting in the production of our show. Every bit will continue to keep this show alive and progressing forward. The second half of this shorty is a catch up with House List alum MILO and SAFARI AL, recorded in person at their new record store in Biddeford, Maine called Soul Folks. Check out the blog here: - but go to it if you are ever in the area. It's a dope spot, very chill, with many many cool tapes and vibes. Run by artists, worthy of your support and knowledge.

 Ep. 78 - Thurston Moore (2007) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:47:49

For this episode of The House List, I dug or rather stumbled deep into the ancient files of 2007. On the evening of 11/2/07 I interviewed art-rock, noise-pioneer Thurston Moore for the cover of RE:UP Magazine. The conversation was recorded on a land-line into a Mini-Disc recorder and then transcribed by hand, later published as the 13th issue of RE:UP Magazine. This would mark my last written piece of journalism until I started the podcast, so since that isn't written (besides these long-winded bios), this conversation was my last piece of written music writing. It was over 10,000 words when printed. Shortly there after RE:UP closed its doors and I began working at the Knitting Factory in NYC, when that closed I began work as a booking agent and now run my own agency and do this podcast as a fun hobby. Thurston Moore's art and input has always been something I've greatly admired and I found when re-listening to this talk. The photos were taken by Angela Boatwright at the old location of Max Fish (a beloved bar in the LES of NYC). Sorry for any tape-hiss/phone-noise, CJ did his best in the editing/engineering process. Special thanks to Ryan Sawyer

 Ep. 77 - Shing02 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:23:30

On a brief tour stop-over in NYC, our host Peter Agoston linked with the one and only Shing02 to talk his life and career. Later that night Shingo performed an incredible live-show with his band The Chee-Hoos as part of their Nujabes tribute concerts. Shing02, an integral piece to the seminal Bay Area underground hip-hop community of the late 90's, is both an accomplished visual artist as well as writer/producer. He is a bridge from the past to the future. Many revere with great respect the stack of songs he collaborated on with the beloved, late Tokyo producer Nujabes - namely their "Luv(sic)" hexology. We go there, back and there again in this memorable and rare long-form conversation. Hope you enjoy & don't forget to subscribe! Editors Update (3/25/18): - Nujabes passed 8 years ago in Feb 2010. - Nujabes did an interview with Sound and Recording, not Studio Voice.

 Ep. 76 - Pal Joey | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:16:57

Master sampler/producer Joseph Longo aka Pal Joey is our very special guest on the podcast this week. Recorded while on a brief stay in NYC, our host Peter and Joey delve into the narrative in the chilly Brooklyn air of an early March midnight. They talk BDP, Larry Levan, Power Play Studios, Sade and MUCH more hopefully scratching the surface on the mystique of this often slept-on producers' producer. Further education at:

 Ep. 75 - Lord Scotch 79 / KEO X-MEN | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:36:46

The often mythologized Lord Scotch is our special guest on the 75th episode of The House List podcast. Under the moniker KEO, he's been known for his deep roots in the NYC Graf world. Yet for years, among the inner circles of old school Rap historians there has been talk of Blake / KEO / SCOTCH79th as the original White Rapper. Note the intro from 1984, two years before the Beastie Boys debut 'Licensed To Ill' was released. Brooklyn born, native, we delve deep into the topic within the frame-work of a New York City life-story. This is a hustler's tale, an artist's tale. His has had many twists and turns, up and downs. I met him through my first release on Female Fun Records, MF DOOM's 'Special Herbs' Volume 1, which he art-directed (along with Operation: Doomsday, and numerous other related titles). But even that is just a very small piece to the puzzle of this person. as you will soon come to learn. We go in, hope you enjoy. Thank you for listening.

 Ep. 74 - Dooley-O | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:06:00

In this episode we go deep into the life and career of New Haven's native son Dooley-O. In this fun, frenetic convo we pry Dooley for as much back-story on his arch in the industry as possible. EPMD, Paul C, Stezeo, Chris Lowe, Stones Throw, Egon and of course .. Skull Snaps are all covered. But there is much much more at play here. I think any artist, hip-hop or not can relate to this account of pursuing a record deal with a trusted label/brand and ultimately getting the run around, time and time again. Working with a cast of characters as wide as the stage at Toad's Place. It's a story of 1990's hip-hop, the early days of discovered breakbeats and samples in neighbors basements. Alladat. Enjoy and do not forget to subscribe! The last song is an exclusive. Find more Dooley at:

 Ep. 73 - Louis Logic | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:12:57

Host Peter Agoston and our guest Louis Dorley go way back, back to Bushwick Brooklyn where Dorley was Agoston's landlord for 10 years. They're also 'underground hip-hop' survivalists, who here trade a few war stories which leads to some personal revelations. This is an in-depth, emotional, candid talk - the kind you can only find on The House List podcast. Please take a moment to subscribe. Louis' latest musical project is called ToyFriend, here is a link: /

 Ep. 72 - Freddy Anzures | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:49:15

We're all new with Bay Area based designer/art-director/conceptualizer Freddy Anzures! Some may know Freddy for the integral roll he played in the invention of the first iPhone, but he was also the long-running art-director of Wax Poetics magazine and currently moonlights as the art-director of Glydezone Recordings. We caught up quite literally while on the run in San Francisco, so apologies for any audio rawness here. For anyone running a small label or trying to get a foot into the design world, Freddy is a person to keep an eye on. Truly an innovator. Thank you! Photo by: Drew Carolan (IG: fotoproof)

 Ep. 71 - Manifest | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:44:59

This episode isn't quite like most of our others. But it is just as enthralling if not more than any we've ever done. In today's conversation our host and for the time time to-date, our show's editor/engineer CJ, sat with guest Manifest aka Pistol Pete, for a late-night interview somewhere deep in Oakland, Calif. Around 2001, host Peter Agoston and MC Manifest often would perform together around the Humboldt Co. area - DJ and rapper duo. After moving from the area, Peter lost contact with Manifest only later to find that around 2007, that our guest, in an elaborate heist, robbed a casino in a small Northern California town for upwards of $200,000 cash and then seemingly vanished. This conversation finds Manifest, for the first time, recounting, in his own words, what happened before and after these events took place. This is meant as a cautionary tale, we at The House List don't condone many of the actions described in this re-telling and are proud of our guest for turning a new leaf in his life and re-focusing on his music. We will have him back on the show.

 Ep. 70 - Shilpa Ray | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:20:59

Welcome to our 70th Episode! We connected with the incredible song-writer, singer/performer Shilpa Ray on a chilled night in Brooklyn, NY. Shilpa and I are both 1st generation children of immigrants to the U.S., her story is one she tells with both aplomb and humility. After gigging the open-mic circuit of the East Village's Sidewalk Cafe, Shilpa's earlier works would be passed along to the luminary Nick Cave, who'd help in releasing 2013's 'It's All Self Fellatio'. Last year's full-length 'Door Girl' is where we connect so we dig our heels into the self-reflection of that great project and much much more. This will definitely be a treat for Shilpa fans and hopefully introduce folks that may not be hip to her music! Don't for get to subscribe where-ever you listen to podcasts.

 Ep. 68 - Mosi Reeves | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:11:25

Mosi Reeves is a long established music journalist journeyman who holds down this website: - and regularly contributes writings for the likes of: Rolling Stone, Spin, NPR. In the past Mosi has landed bylines at The Wire, URB, Pitchfork, Village Voice, Vibe and The Source. We got waaay back had a casual convo about music and his career in this episode of the podcast. Last year Mosi self-published his first book 'Notes on Post-Millennial Rap', a collection of his works in hip-hop journalism.

 Ep. 69 - Count Bass D | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:53:42

Elated to have Count Bass D on the 69th episode of our modest lil podcast - I quickly engaged with the Count's music when I discovered 'T-Boz Tried To Talk To Me' back in 1994 while DJing on college radio WUVT 90.7FM. That quickly lead me to his seminal, ahead-of-its-time debut 'Pre Life Crisis'. From that point, I have carefully tracked his career and have made great efforts to collect as much of his music as possible. No easy task as Count's catalog is rich with many fantastic projects/albums. In this talk we go as far back as his adolescence, playing in the church with his father, a traveling preacher. We talk DOOM, Egon, Chris Lowe, Shock G, DJ Pocket, Jon Doe and much more. This is a RARE long-form conversation with Count - so we hope you enjoy & please spread the word + subscribe!

 Ep. 67 - MC Paul Barman | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:17:41

During the recent blizzard in New York City - our host Peter Agoston sat with very special guest MC Paul Barman to talk life. Paul is known for his acrostics, has a brand new album on the horizon. Having just recently released a free-mix-tape on his bandcamp, our host had plenty to ask him. They also share a birthday as well as shared a bottle of wine over the convo, so things wind in many directions much like Paul's own rhyme-patterns. Fresh for 2018, this is the first episode recorded in the new year. Please subscribe on SoundCloud - we are trying to get sub's up to 500 by end of month!

 Ep. 66 - Joseph Patel (Jazzbo) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:52:25

We crack 2018 open with an exceptional conversation from a long-standing music industry pioneer bred out of the golden age of hip-hop journalists. A very unique man indeed - Joseph Patel also known to some as Jazzbo. In the years of print journalism, he contributed extensively to Ego Trip, The Source, URB, Rap Pages, Vibe, Mass Appeal, One Nut, Bomb, and countless others. He was at the birth of Sole Sides along with Jeff Chang, DJ Shadown, Asia Born, n' crew. Then moved to NYC, worked at MTV, Vice, The Fader and even the ill fated 360HipHop. We talk about it all and how he wrote the bio's for 'Midnight Marauders', 'Fantastic Vol. 1' and N.E.R.D.'s debut 'In Search Of...'. Lots of insight and banter for old and young. Don't forget to subscribe when you're done!!

 Ep. 65 - Jeff Weiss | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:12:55

We're all new with a spirited, candid exchange with L.A. writer Jeff Weiss on our 65th episode of The House List podcast. Long-time columnist at the L.A. Weekly, Weiss is playing the roll of fullback in the charge to plow thru the mass staff firings at the paper post-corporate acquisition. Listen closely to our convo to be brought up to speed & if you are already knowing, then you're in for a treat. Weiss who also produced a very popular podcast 'Shots Fired', blog 'Passion of The Weiss' and burgeoning record label is heated and focused. Enjoy and please don't forget to subscribe where-ever you listen to podcasts!


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