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Summary: 'The House List' is a weekly podcast about the business of show, produced and hosted by Peter Agoston. Please take a moment to Subscribe here or on iTunes! This is a labor of love so any re-posts are welcome! Subscribe on iTunes: We conversate with a wide range of friends and colleagues working in the music business & business of show. Music Journalists, Publicists, Promoters, Agents, Label owners, Artists, and much more. In the live-performance touring world 'The House List' is a term known as the designated guest-list for those closely affiliated with the venue. Over the years, I worked probably every job you can find in the music business, throughout that I've put a lot of people on countless house lists. Sure, many industry folks, but it's most fulfilling when it's just for a friend - letting them entry into something that other wise may be sold-out, closed off or hard to get into. All presumptuousness aside, that is kind of what I'm hoping for with this thing. My favorite memories from my years spent in night-clubs aren't as much the shows or parties, but the conversations with people in the midst of it all. Those one of a kind perspectives, rich and textured opinions from the well worn veteran of music. I got my start in radio and music magazine writing in the early 90's, this is me stepping back into that, at least for some fun chats with people I'm intrigued with. -Produced, hosted and recorded by Peter Agoston -Editing and Engineering by CJ Stewart -Contact:

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 Ep. 27 - Stephen Dima | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:57:34

We're all new with another exciting episode of The House List - this week we sat with beloved New York City show promoter/curator Stephen Dima. Yes, the one and only. Many bands & agents know Stephen for his work in establishing the NYC's South Street Seaport as destination for live music in the city. Through River To River, 4Knots, Seaport Music Festival, Little Water Radio and more - if you saw live music at the Seaport, most likely it's because of Stephen. We also talked about his tenure as the show booker at the World Trade Center and his years producing the New York Comedy Festival. As a native New Yorker, Stephen has stories .. we go there and back. This was terrific fun to record. I could write thousands of words just detailing our talk, so do me a solid and just listen. Subscribe while you are at it!

 Ep. 26 - Clip Show! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:49:06

Classic 'clip show' on The House List! Especially designed for the listener on-the-go so we've kept the running time under an hour. We picked out a few clips from previous podcast episodes (Fiona Bloom, Dam-Funk, Billy Jam, Michelle Cable, Just-Ice) so if you've never had a chance to check them out - this'll be an appetizer that we hope will lead you to the full episode! Also included is a short clip of Peter Agoston and NWA/Ruthless Records manager Jerry Heller talking in 2006, a radio clip with S.F. MC Z-Man circa 2003, a short drop (with a long set-up explanation) by DJ Mix Master Mike from 1999 and a pseudo interview with a taxi driver with aspirations to make beats. Enjoy!

 Ep. 25 - John Chavez | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:12:35

We've usher in our 25th Episode of 'The House List' with super special guest John Chavez. As a well known Booking Agent, many the countless artists/bands that Chavez has built and established in the touring industry - to name a few: Cloud Nothings, Real Estate, Vivian Girls, Deer Tick, Fucked Up, Wavves, Woods, Titus, Andronicus, Ponytail, Whitney, et al. For a brief period we worked together at the Knitting Factory, during the days of the Free Agency into his continued tenure at Ground Control Touring. We talk growing up in L.A., Grinnell College, living in Olympia, starting out at Kill Rock Stars, living in Bushwick venue Silent Barn. This is also a special "SXSW" episode, my first time at SX was traveling down there with John years ago. If you are listening to this down in Austin - show your screen to someone standing by you and say "hey dude, you gotta check out this podcast, it's awesome". Thanks!

 Ep. 24 - Kirby Dominant | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:57:55

Kirby Dominant's roll in the proliferation of Bay Area's storied hip-hop history is nothing short of integral. As an MC, His seminal debut album, "Rapitalism: The Philosophies Of Dominant Pimpin" was pressed-up in part by grant moneys he funneled from UC Berkeley while as a student there - yet that just one of the many sides of Kirby Dominant. In our revealing conversation we talk on growing up, his early years of being shuffled from from place to place between the Bay Area to San Bernardino. A philosophical raconteur who built himself from the ground-up. We also chat about the likes of Roy Hargrove, Mystik Journeyman ... Kemetic Suns, Fundamentals, Burnt Batch, Konceptual Dominance, Kirb & Chris, Paranoid Castle, and so much more - so if you are hip to those - you are in for a treat. If you've never heard of Kirby Dominant before than his story may certainly capture your attention, a long time friend of our host Peter Agoston, enjoy this candid chat and make sure to seek out Kirby's various musical output afterwards ..... at the same time why don't ya subscribe on iTunes and rate our podcast if you be liking it! Share it freely among friends! Thanks.

 Ep. 23 - James Pants | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:23:12

For this episode host Peter Agoston met our special guest James Pants at his place of employment in Manhattan. After spelunking the nerve center, the two situated themselves in a situation room and recorded this conversation. Most music fans know James Pants work from his releases on the Stones Throw imprint - spanning 5 full-length albums and twice as many singles. After half-a-decade in Cologne, Germany, James's musicianship and tastes evolved greatly. We talk about some key European tour experiences, growing up between Spokane, WA and Austin, TX, and his work both in the nerve-center as well as his tenure at RedBull Music Academy. It ends up being a reflective conversation on a career in transition. There are gems that can only be uncovered when an artist is well off a publicity campaign. James will tour Australia in April - make sure you catch him! Also - don't forget to subscribe & rate us on iTunes!

 Ep. 22 - Dâm-FunK | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:16:19

Peter Agoston reports from the field in this very special addition to 'The House List' podcast (have you subscribed yet?)... We have a most outstanding guest this week! The world renowned Modern-Funk pioneer, producer/multi-instrumentalist, live-show takr, record breaker, Pasadena's native song, Damon Riddick aka Dâm-FunK. Since Peter and Dam have worked closely for years, we felt it would be a bit more creative to talk about stories not related to the many projects they've been a part of .... so why not start with your first ever DJ gig (in Eagle Rock, opening up if you will, for Kam) and go from there. While preparing for a club-date in Brooklyn, NY that night, the two guys linked up in the wee hours to talk high school, growing up in L.A., Damon's humble beginnings drumming in comedy-club housebands and how influential the late, great Ricky Harris was during that phase in his career. It's a candid, light-hearted, humor filled chat between old buds. We hope you can dig on that... We open the episode with material from Dam's latest EP 'Break Out' (available on Glydezone Recordings), and close with a collaborative song Dam did with the late Junie Morrison entitled "Magic". Special shout out to Keith Eday and PB Wolf. Don't forget to subscribe! You can find The House List on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud and Google Play. Thanks for your support & keep tuning in!

 Ep. 21 - Devin Horwitz (Nature Sounds) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:54:10

This episode's special guest Devin Horwitz and host Peter Agoston have known each other for years. In this episode the two track Devin's career as a writer/photographer (and rapper?) evolved into record label stalwart. Peer into this candid catch-up as they delve deep into the history of Devin's long-running Nature Sounds imprint, his years at High Times Magazine to interning at Creed Taylor's iconic CTI. They even dip into his seminal college years making demos with Aesop Rock and Blockhead). Most notably Devin and our host worked with DOOM (f/k/a MF Doom), and Peter plies the guest for tidbits on the elusive artist's whereabouts, rumored releases and more. Yo, have you subscribed on iTunes yet? He also recalls our guest loaning him some money when he was too poor for a train ticket home! Also: Note the episode opening snippet, from a decades+ interview Agoston did with Doom in 2003 - where they in fact mention Devin - talk about serendipitous! Both intro and outro tunes were also produced by Devin (circa 2001). This is a classic listen for any hip-hop head, DOOM fan, or aspiring record-label-runners .. only on 'The House List'.. Enjoy! And please don't forget to Subscribe on iTunes, rate it if you can as well! Many more to come! Tell a friend.

 Ep. 20 - Angel Deradoorian | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:50:33

Welcome to our 20th episode! Have you subscribed on iTunes yet? Please move your finger up one centimeter and hit that button. Ok. We're good. So for this week's episode we celebrate with very special guest: singer, song-writer, thinker, multi-instrumentalist, Angel Deradoorian. We track her winding musical path from Sacramento to NYC, Baltimore to L.A. and back to NY... Many may have first been introduced to Angel's unmistakable harmonics during her time in Dirty Projectors or in appearances on records with Flying Lotus, Boots or The Roots. But our host remembers her more so as a co-worker from the 'olde' Knitting Factory (Leonard St. location) venue in Manhattan. Here Angel worked the door of a sub-level showspace known as only as the 'Old Office'. It was shortly thereafter that she released the unassuming EP 'Mind Raft', a project that at times felt both whimsical and dirge. It wouldn't be till 2015 that she'd finally unveil her debut 'The Expanding Flower Planet' (Anticon). Also, Her brother Aram played in metalcore band, Gay For Johnny Depp, which our host was pleased with himself for working into the conversation. That as much much more so join us for this special journey with Angel Deradoorian. Oh, and also, please subscribe!

 Ep. 19 - Matt Conboy, Amanda Schultz | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:09:55

"Goodnight Brooklyn" is a fantastic documentary about beloved Brooklyn venue Death By Audio. Host Peter Agoston spoke with the filmmakers, director Matt Conboy and producer Amanda Schultz candidly about its making as well as a history of the showspace itself. Having brought countless shows there as an agent, Agoston recounts some of the bands booked there in the intro, namely JEFF The Brotherhood, Arto Lindsay, Sun Araw, Fergus & Geronimo, Matthewdavid, Crocodiles, and several more. We delve into Conboy's own musical history, having played in numerous bands himself. The venue was a mainstay from 2007 to 2014 before closing in November of that year (Glasslands and 285 Kent, venues on the same city-block also vacating) to make room for Vice Media. This is a must listen if you ever enjoyed or performed shows at this great NYC music venue. "Goodnight Brooklyn" is also available on iTunes and Vimeo in the U.S. and Canada, with wider release to follow. More info at: - if you liked this one please subscribe on iTunes!

 Ep. 18 - Molecules (The Legion) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:53:31

While Bronx, NY based The Legion technically only released the one album in 1994's 'Theme + Echo = Krill' (largely produced by Molecules himself), Hip-Hop connoisseurs will remember the break out singles & videos for "Jingle Jangle" and "Legion Groove" (not to mention Molecules appearance on Showbiz & AG's "Runaway Slave"). For what it set out to be, that LP is a masterpiece, an understated homage to The BX and pastiche to The World Famous DJ Brucie B's reign at The Rooftop hotspot (amid social scene where names like Alpo, Rich Porter and A.Z., held more clout than most of the era's rap stars. I've always considered myself a diehard fan of the group - listening to the album again in preparation reminded me of what a unique album it it (famously panned, if not misunderstood, at the time, by Cheo H. Coker (Luke Cage fame)) in The Source (2Pac Cover, Sept '94). When I caught word that producer Showbiz and The Legion's Molecules had recorded a forthcoming joint project together I immediately reached out to the guys from the Bronx-bred hip-hop trio to line up a convo with the Big Man 'Cules himself. It had been a few years but Molecules and I connected again right off the bat and you can tell within this conversation. This was essentially 'Cules first time sitting down really talking at length about his life and career - and we cover a lot of ground, so I'm really happy to present this! Bonus: The House List is now available on Google Play!

 Ep. 17 - Shawn J. Period | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:32:20

Shawn J. Period made an enduring mark in music during his prolific production output of the 90's - with his seminal hip-hop trio Down South (Big Beat/Atlantic) and later across a sprawling canvas for artists like Mos Def, Black Star, DJ Krush, Artifacts, Mike Zoot, Boot Camp and numerous others. Host Peter Agoston and Shawn J. dig deep into that period of time and bring it full circle in this rare and candid conversation on his life and career. After years of communicating on the phone and email this episode also marked the first time they met in person. Both natives of Virginia - we know Peter was excited to talk about that fact, so shouts to all those in or from VA listening! The true heads will definitely find this chat a treat and if you happen to be unfamiliar with this incredible multi-instrumentalist / producer, we hope it's a great primer to his catalog of music from then to now. Afterward, don't forget to subscribe!

 Ep. 16 - GE-OLOGY | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 03:29:24

This is certifiably an epic conversation. Marking our lengthiest episode to date, 'The House List' host Peter Agoston caught up with his old friend and collaborator Ge-ology. He is an incredible visual artist, painter/collage-art, soulful music producer and the Internationally touring club DJ. Growing up in Baltimore, Ge-ology graduated from The Baltimore School for the Arts, where he had (produced/DJ'ed) a seminal hip-hop group by the name of Born Busy with friend and classmate Tupac Shakur. Geo would also graduate from NYC's School of Visual Arts, which is where he'd befriend fellow-student and future collaborator Matt Doo. Together they formed 'Dooable Arts' amassing a mind-bending look-book of ground-breaking design work for print, album-covers, clothing and more - all sans the use of computers. Agoston and Ge-ology even breakdown the process behind his creation of the seminal Mos Def single 'Body Rock' in which he made the original art and record cover. It's an deep, in-depth conversation about growing up, art, DJing, music, Baltimore, and New York. Take your time with it and enjoy!

 Ep. 15 - Michelle Cable (Pt. 2) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:48:56

Welcome back! We usher in 2017 with an all new episode and the continuation of our conversation with booking agent/manager Michelle Cable, owner of Panache Booking. In this Pt. 2, we talk at length about Panache's move to Brooklyn in the mid 2000s, where our host Peter Agoston worked as an agent for some years. We go cover specifics with some of the agency's core acts past and present, including: Blowfly, Ty Segall, Monotonix, RTX/Royal Trux, The Spits, Mac Demarco + more - we got really in depth. Listeners get a candid look into the workings of the sought after boutique agency... there is MUCH more in this special 2017 kick-off episode, so get situated and press play. But if you haven't already, subscribe why don't ya? Happy New Year from 'The House List'!

 Ep. 14 - Michelle Cable (Pt. 1) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:15:58

In the final episode of 'The House List' for 2016, host Peter Agoston sat with old friend and colleague Michelle Cable in special extended two-part convo! Cable runs the highly respected Panache Booking agency - regarded worldwide as one of the more distinguished independent agencies in North America.. Panache currently represents a roster of beloved bands including: Mac Demarco, Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, Quintron & Miss Pussycat, Reigning Sound + many more. The first part of this conversation we cover her origin story. Born in DC her family soon moved cross-country to the quaint Northern California town of Fortuna. When Michelle was in high school, she established Panache originally as a zine. Host Agoston first met Cable as a teenage publisher/show-promoter and would soon become a regular contributor to the distinctive DIY-rag. The two delve deep into Humboldt-talk - laying a rich landscape of context as old friends catch up and reminisce. Part Two continues into Michelle's move to NYC (+ most recently to LA) and the evolution of her magazine into a full-service touring/booking agency. There is a lot more covered too so enjoy part one and thank you for listening and all the support in 2016! Look for much more in the new year!

 Ep. 13 - Brian Coleman | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:59:04

Ep. 13 - Brian Coleman - Many folks out there know how deep 'The House List' host Peter Agoston's hip-hop roots travel so it's always a treat when he can sit in conversation with a fellow hip-hop journalist/collector. Here Peter and Author/journalist Brian Coleman do just that. You may know Coleman from his books - authoring three definitive hip-hop music tomes in the last 5 years - the self-published 'Rakim Told Me' and 'Check The Technique' (pts 1 and 2) - essential reading from the curious, casual fan to the intellectual inquisitive music-thinker. Funk spelunking at its most thoro. A longtime Boston resident, we dig deep into more than just the music of hip-hop but the worlds of local punk/hardcore/ska. With such ground covered in his books - host Peter Agoston and Coleman cover some key bits on hip-hop's most revered full-lengths.. Brian is also a player in the 'Get On Down' release-series - the cats behind recent Tribe Called Quest, Wu Tang and Slum Village 7" box-sets among many others. A must listen for burgeoning music writers and hip-hop heads alike. Ok.. enough bio-typing, just listen!


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