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Summary: NH Knits chronicles the knitting exploits of a Scot living in New Hampshire where the state motto is Knit Free or Die.

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 NH Knits Ep 079 - Quick Natter | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:00

Welcome to episode 79 where we have a quick catch up on my knitting, we have a wee bit audio from sheep up in Fair Isle and as always a shop update from The Woolly Thistle. Thanks for listening!     @lainemagazine   @camillavad   Magnolia Sweater   Einrum   Tidal Yarns   Riddari   Lettlopi   Humblebee Socks   Blacker Hebridean Mohair blend   Squam Art Fair   John Arbon Textiles   Faithmead   Ullcentrum   West Yorkshire Spinners   Erika Knight   Rauma   The Vintage Shetland Project by Susan Crawford    Fenella by Susan Crawford    Uniform   Making 5: Color

 NH Knits Ep 078 - What’s your name? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:45:28

Welcome in and enjoy the latest episode of New Hampshire Knits with 2 Finished Objects, On the Needles, Winners of the NHK Mitten KAL and a quick shop update, The Vintage Shetland Project and the release of Fenella yarn by Susan Crawford.   @scandiwork   Christiandatter Mittens   @ovisetcetera   @lainemagazine   @camillavad   Magnolia Sweater   Einrum   Tidal Yarns   Riddari   Lettlopi   Humblebee Socks   Blacker Hebridean Mohair blend   NHKMittenKAL2018   @makersmerch   Squam Art Fair   John Arbon Textiles   Faithmead   Ullcentrum   West Yorkshire Spinners   Erika Knight   Rauma   The Vintage Shetland Project by Susan Crawford    Fenella by Susan Crawford    Uniform   Making 5: Color

 NH Knits Ep 077 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:59:16

Thank you for listening to Episode 77 which features a conversation with Knitsonik creator Felicity Ford. Our chat took place while at Edinburgh Yarn Festival last month. Enjoy!! The Woolly Thistle Knitsonik Colorwork Sourcebook Knitsonik Colorwork Playbook will be available at The Woolly Thistle as soon as possible. #NHKmittenKAL2016Christiandatter Mittens@scandiwork@ovisetceteraRiddari SweaterLettlopiMagnolia Sweater@camillavadEinrum Icelandic yarnTidal Yarns

 NH Knits Ep 076 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:54:34

Welcome to Episode 76 where we attend EYF and have a lovely chat with Susan Crawford, author of the Vintage Shetland Project.  Sarah of Fibretrek and I also have a wee dram and discuss our thoughts on Edinburgh and EYF.  There’s also a Woolly Thistle update.  Enjoy!

 NH Knits Ep 075 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:35:18

Welcome to Ep 75 of New Hampshire Knits where you get to hear gripping tales of deadline knitting for EYF as well as hear about some of the new yarns available this month at The Woolly Thistle.  Claire will be at EYF when this airs and promises to return with stories for next time.  The chickens visit us at the end of this episode with your Moment of Hen.  Enjoy!

 NH Knits Ep 074 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:33:04

This episode of New Hampshire Knits has what’s on and off the needles as well as announcing all the new yarns coming to The Woolly Thistle in March.  Enjoy!

 NH Knits Ep 073 - A sleeve is a fine birthday present | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:20

Thank you for tuning in to Episode 73.  In addition to what’s On and Off The Needles, I share a silly mistake I made on the current WIP, I nonchalantly give a sleeve as birthday present and I get excited for the NH Knits Mitten KAL that starts 2/28/18.  There’s also EYF updates, chatter about the Blackerpodkal as well as The Woolly Thistle shop update.  Enjoy!!   Mentions and Links:   The Woolly Thistle   Edinburgh Yarn Festival   New Hampshire Mitten Kal #nhkmittenkal2018   NHK Rav Group   TWT Rav Group   BlackerPodKAL   Tightly Spun - excellent new podcast   Siri by Linnea Ohman NorseKnits ebook by Kristin Drysdale @scandiwork   Tidal Yarns   Riddari by Veddis Jonsdottir   Lettlopi Yarn   Rauma Finullgarn now in stock and expecting but update in the next couple of weeks   @knit.love.wool - Jen Steingass   Laine 4 - Preorders   Stockbridge Cardigan by Ysolda   Tukuwool   @p4chen – Patricia Selbu mitten blockers   Melody Hoffman @bmandarines   Plotulopi   Blacker Samite   Blacker St Kilda   Blacker Mohair   The Knitting Goddess - big new update coming soon  

 NH Knits Ep 072 – Purling Back | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:43:19

Welcome to Ep 72 of New Hampshire Knits where I talk lots about what’s on the needles including my sweater for Edinburgh Yarn Fest as well as what I’ve recently finished.  We have a quick and lovely Coop Cast as well as news about the upcoming NH Knits Colorwork Mitten Kal (#nhkmittenkal2018).   Lots of shop news too.  Enjoy!   Mentions and links: Queen of Purls Birlinn Yarn Brunswick Beanie by Sue Grandfield NorseKnits ebook by Kristin Drysdale @scandiwork West Yorkshire Spinners (WYS) Aire Valley DK Siri by Linnea Ohman Blacker Brushwork Tidal Yarns Jamieson & Smith 2ply @knit.love.wool - Jen Steingass New Hampshire Mitten Kal #nhkmittenkal2018 @p4chen – Patricia Selbu mitten blockersRauma Finullgarn from Norway coming soon! Blacker Yarns Stockbridge Cardigan by Ysolda   Tukuwool   The Knitting Goddess   Isle Yarns   Regia 6ply   Laine 4 - Preorders   Helen Stewart @curioushandmade Melody @bmandarines Libby @ Trulymyrtlephotos   Shetland Wool Week 2017 Annual   Shetland by Marie Wallin

 NH Knits Ep 071 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:28:41

Happy New Year and welcome to episode 71, the first for 2018.  There’s quite a bit Off the Needles, and more On the Needles along with a short farm tale and of course a Woolly Thistle update. I also start planning for “NHKmittenKAL2018” so listen in and enjoy!

 NH Knits Ep 070 - knitting natter | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:45:00

Hello and welcome back to NH Knits, episode 70! This episode has lots of knitting natter, a Coop Cast as well as a Woolly Thistle update.  I hope you enjoy, Claire NH Knits is sponsored by The Woolly Thistle who will soon be launching yarn from The Knitting Goddess!

 NH Knits Ep 068 - A Bit O’Shetland | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:20

Thank you for listening to New Hampshire Knits.  This episode brings you lovely Oliver Henry from Jamieson & Smith in Shetland followed by a Coop Cast, and a whole lot of blether about what's on and off the needles, Project Peace, and a Woolly Thistle update.  Enjoy!   Project Peace: www.thehealthyknitter.com The book referenced by Oliver Henry: In Search of the World's Finest Wools:https://www.alibris.com/search/books/isbn/9781770858473?bookbin=14264392515&gclid=CjwKCAjw64bPBRApEiwAJhG-fgVfyjrC_711qYbHG0DR7sawhkbgkt0DEp66G2ocX-PfkftW6M0EBhoC4v0QAvD_BwE For more episodes and to visit the shop: www.thewoollythistle.com    

 NH Knits Ep 067 - Birlinn Yarn Co, Outer Hebrides, Scotland | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:52:16

This episode features a chat with Meg Rodger of Birlinn Yarn Co.  The name, Birlinn, comes from the short Viking boats that were used to navigate the islands around which Meg lives and crofts.  She raises Hebridean sheep and is making devine yarn from their fleeces.  Come listen to what life is like on the Outer Hebrideas! Thanks for listening!

 NH Knits Ep 066 - Welcome Back & Anne Sinclair interview | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:31

Hello and welcome back to New Hampshire Knits.  Summer is over and I'm back from a brilliant trip home to Scotland.  This episode is a catch up as well as an interview with Fair Isle islander Anne Sinclair.  Listen as we chat about life on the island and it's textile history.   Links to topics discussed: The Fair Isle Fisherman's Kep page on Facebook Tommy's blog   Thanks for listening! Claire

 NH Knits Ep 065 - Hello Summer | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:52:08

Hello there, and welcome to another episode of NH Knits where we have an FO, wips and winners!  Thanks to everyone who took part in the #rustyKAL which finished 6/15.  Winners are announced and many thanks to those who donated prizes including @sarapomegranate @bostonjen @arabianknits @craftbuzz and The Woolly Thistle.  There's a coop cast and piggies and of course a Woolly Thistle update.  Thanks for listening!

 NH Knits Ep 064 - Catalog of Folly | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:48:55

Welcome to episode 64 where I discuss recent slip ups caused by basically not thinking and being a bit cavalier about my knitting. I have a realization that I might be becoming a bit of a product-knitter-monster, all this while I talk about my one Finished Object and several WIPS.  There's a coop cast update, a prize announcement for reaching 1000 members on Ravelry (yay!) and of course a Woolly Thistle update.  Thanks to lochnessknitfest.com for sponsoring this episode of NH Knits. Enjoy!


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