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Summary: Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Andrea Donsky, and health expert Lisa Davis discuss their passion for living a natural, healthy lifestyle. As ambassadors of all things natural, their mission is to share with others ways to become healthier by exploring better nutrition, safer products and greener options... and to help you live your life so you too can become Naturally Savvy!

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 How to Stay Sane When Interacting with Social Media | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Take control of your sanity with compassion on your social media feeds.The political posts online may prompt you to jump ship from social media. Everything seems so divisive. Psychiatrist Denise McDermott reminds that our thoughts, actions and intentions carry their own vibrational frequency. Internet communication demands we self-regulate and be mindful in our actions. Text messages and typed communications don’t always express the consideration and care that an actual conversation would hold. Try a video call or caring voicemail when in-person chatting is difficult. Dr. McDermott recommends taking breaks from social media. Remember your positive experiences with people, despite their political expressions. A loving history with a good person is often overshadowed by the polarity of the current political climate. Being mindful and thoughtful in your interactions will help you open minds and have true conversations. It’s okay to remove people from your social media if they are toxic and hateful. Listen as Dr. McDermott joins Lisa Davis to discuss how to stay sane when interacting on social media.

 Blessed with Energy: Mystery of Energy Medicine Explained | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Bioenergetic therapy is the understanding of how the electromagnetic flow works around and through the body, how it can be disrupted, and how balance can be restored.Trauma can be held in the body. Mind, body and spirit are intertwined. Bioenergetic therapy is the understanding of how the electromagnetic flow works around and through the body, how it can be disrupted, and how balance can be restored. Bioenergetic therapist Marcy Meyers explains that environmental frequencies can influence health. Negative thought patterns affect the body’s own frequencies. This type of therapy is non-invasive and not painful.  Listen as Marcy joins Andrea Donsky and Lisa Davis to share how bioenergetic therapy works.

 The Joys of Aging | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Aging can be a joyful experience.“Anti aging” products are marketing to make aging sound shameful. There is great pride in being healthy enough to survive decades. Dr. Joyce Knudsen advocates for addressing your physical, mental and emotional health. Taking responsibility for your past actions frees up mental energy. Reducing stress and expressing kindness will improve your health. She explains that life is filled with frustrations. However, you have to work with an understanding that there will always be difficulties. Enjoy life anyway. Love yourself. Laugh at things. Develop a sense of humor. Listen as Dr. Knudson joins Andrea Donsky and Lisa Davis to discuss the joys of aging.

 Narcissistic Abuse | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Beware the relationship with a narcissist.You may call your friend who posts photos for validation on social media a narcissist. In actuality, narcissism is a mental disorder in which a person’s emotional maturity hasn’t developed beyond preschool age. It is also a genetic mutation that can be spotted in the brain images for individuals who have suffered childhood abuse. Intuitive healer and empath Morgan McKean gained firsthand experience with narcissistic behavior in childhood. Empaths are often born of narcissistic parents. Narcissism runs on a spectrum. Sociopathic narcissists are portrayed as bad guys in movies. Celebrities who are out of touch are mid-level narcissists. Mild narcissism can be spotted in Instagram models. Everyone with self-esteem has a healthy level of narcissism. Signs of narcissism Noticing they have lack of empathy or remorse Love bombing and trying to move the relationship along too quickly Mirroring your likes and dislikes instantly Treating people like new toys, devaluing you when they’re no longer interested Making you feel like you have to earn the accolades they gave early in the relationship Morgan recommends eliminating all contact to avoid returning to the relationship. Eliminate the addiction to that person by blocking and hiding that person through social media and all communication methods. Listen as Morgan joins Andrea Donsky and Lisa Davis to share how narcissistic abuse occurs and how to live through it.

 Brainpowered Weight Loss | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Engage your brain for dieting success.So much conflicting information exists regarding diets. Opinions on the “best” diet vary from person to person. Psychotherapist Eliza Kingsford found that the emotional connection to food is often overlooked.  Choosing foods or eating behaviors that best serve one’s health require mindfulness and conscious decisions. Examining the patterns that lead one to choose certain foods can help change the behavior. Make sure that the feeling of hunger is attached to a desire for food. If one is truly hungry, a healthy alternative to snack foods will satisfy. Listen as Eliza joins Andrea Donsky and Lisa Davis to discuss how to engage your brain for mindful eating and how to discuss diet concerns with children.

 A Chef’s Take on the Keto Diet | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Gain insights on the keto diet from a chef.The ketogenic diet has been dominating nutrition headlines of late. It’s proven helpful for those with inflammatory disorders, as well as individuals hoping to slim down. Enjoying food is part of a chef’s daily life. A pre-diabetic diagnosis urged chef Gerard Viverito to rethink his personal eating habits. The body seeks its fuel from fats and sugars. By consuming less sugar, the body will start burning body fat. Avoiding unhealthy fats, sugar and processed food are part of the keto diet. Gerard encountered what is known as the “keto flu,” a sugar craving that leaves one feeling drained, exhausted and ill. This will pass, but it is not comfortable. Fiber supplementation may be necessary with the reduction of carbs. Listen as Gerard joins host Lisa Davis to discuss his experience with the keto diet in his own life as a chef.

 Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

When it comes to powerful compounds, there are few that compare to Cannabidiol (CBD).Barlean’s, a family-owned company, has been making healthy oils for nearly 30 years. They're big believers in the power of nature, and when it comes to powerful compounds, there are few that compare to Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a compound that comes from the hemp plant. It is one of more than 85 unique compounds found in hemp, known as cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are known to promote health and keep people resilient to changes in their environment. Barlean's creates its Extra Strength Ideal CBD using industrial hemp from American farms. Not only is it sourced close to home, it includes a full spectrum of cannabinoids and other micronutrients. Listen as Ola Lessard, VP of Consumer Marketing & Communications for Barlean's, joins host Lisa Davis to explain the benefits of CBD. She also explains why finding a good quality fish oil supplement is important for overall health. 

 Summer Teas | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Break out the iced tea for summer.Summertime is perfect for enjoying a tall glass of iced tea. Cindi Bigelow recommends mixing tea flavors to create your own summer concoction. Bigelow carries a lemon ginger, lavender chamomile, and green tea that all have a probiotic available for summer. Peach green tea with turmeric and matcha green tea with turmeric also make an appearance this summer. To make iced tea, add two teabags to three or four ounces of boiling water. Let steep for a few minutes. Pour over ice and add your favorite sweetener. Listen as Cindi joins Andrea Donsky to reveal new and healthy summer teas.

 Wonders of Aloe Vera | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Aloe vera is known for its application for sunburns, but it can also provide benefits when ingested.Aloe vera is a fantastic and natural means of healing the body. Kim McClure, Director of Marketing for Natural Brands at Lily of the Desert, explains that aloe vera contains over 200 active components. These include vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes and amino acids. People often take aloe vera for digestive issues. It helps balance the pH in the gut. Polysaccharides present in aloe vera act as nutrient carriers, carrying those nutrients to cells in need. Kim recommends taking aloe vera gel, juice or liquid for internal issues. It’s also a common salve after sun exposure. Listen as Kim joins Andrea Donsky to describe the wonders of aloe vera.

 Brain Health | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Improve memory and brain health through nutrition.Medications have many side effects. Treating conditions with nutrients first can improve health conditions without those side effects. Throughout her medical career, Dr. Kristen Willeumier learned that obesity affects brain health. Her studies of sports concussions led to nutrient-focused treatment to improve brain health. Omega-3s (healthy fats) N-cetylcysteine (antioxidant) Huperzine A (boosts neurotransmitter for memory) Acetyl-L-carnitine (aids cellular energetics) Gingko biloba (increases blood flow) A cocktail of these nutrients has been shown to improve brain function and healing. Support your family’s brain health with at least one gram of omega-3s daily along with a brain-directed multivitamin. Listen as Dr. Willeumier joins Andrea Donsky and Lisa Davis to discuss how to improve brain health naturally.

 Healing Polycystic Ovary Syndrome | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Take control of your PCOS with changes in nutrition and lifestyle.Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is the leading cause of female infertility. It is often discovered during the fertility journey and is a metabolic endocrine disorder. Symptoms include irregular menstrual cycles, lack of ovulation, and hormonal imbalance. Amy Medling explains that the hormonal imbalance often means more androgen hormones are present. This can lead to male-pattern hair loss, hair growing in unexpected places, and hirsutism. Insulin-resistance symptoms can also appear, like skin tags, spare tire and darkened skin patches. Acne, brain fog and joint pain may be present. Mood disorders, depression and anxiety are common. Most women with PCOS can get pregnant with fertility intervention. They tend to become fertile later in life. They often have higher ovarian reserves and experience menopause later in life. Between 50 and 75 percent of women with PCOS are undiagnosed. Examine your diet. Take care of yourself with nutrient-rich food. Be kind to yourself. Listen as Amy joins Andrea Donsky and Lisa Davis to discuss how her new book can help holistically treat PCOS.

 The Paleo Diabetes Solution | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The Paleo diet can help anyone address blood sugar issues.The Paleo diet isn’t just about eating big hunks of meat. It’s a framework for providing the right nutrition for blood sugar control. This makes eating Paleo an option for diabetics. Jill Hillhouse points out that humans are genetically made for a diet of unprocessed, whole foods. Today’s processed foods provide cells with misinformation, activating disease in genes. Blood sugar rises in response to glucose in the blood. Glucose comes from eating carbohydrates. Eating carbohydrates or sugars at every meal raises blood sugar, and, in turn, insulin levels. Over time, the insulin receptors on the cell get tired and down regulate. The sugar can’t move out of the blood and into the cells. Lisa Cantkier shares that legumes can have a similar affect on the body as grain consumption. Too many legumes can behave like carbohydrates in the system, raising the glucose. Personalizing the diet through documentation, trial and error is the best option for finding the foods you need. Listen as Jill and Lisa join hosts Andrea Donsky and Lisa Davis to discuss how the Paleo diet works and how it can be beneficial for diabetics.

 REVERSED: Changing Diabetics' Lives | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

How can you be proactive about a type-2 diabetes diagnosis?A type-2 diabetes diagnosis can be a shock, especially if you feel like you’re living a healthy lifestyle. There are 35 million Americans with diabetes. About two million cases are diagnosed every year. Charles Mattocks has learned about the business of diabetic treatment. It seems like the prescription-driven methods of busy physicians reduces patient options to address diabetes. His new documentary, The Diabetic You, addresses issues in medical treatment of diabetes. His goal is to enlighten patients on how to be proactive with the diagnosis. Charles also created the television show “REVERSED.” This reality program introduces eight patients to specialists who help treat diabetes. Listen as Charles joins hosts Andrea Donsky and Lisa Davis to share his personal journey with diabetes and his vision for educating those with diabetes through his programs.

 Encore Episode: 3-Step Plan for Cleaner Living | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The human body was originally designed for abundant health and energy. But, we've since strayed from that path. How can you get back on track?The human body was originally designed for abundant health and energy. But, we’ve since strayed from that path through our sedentary lifestyles, poor diets and emotional imbalance... which in turn has left us overworked, worn out and spiritually depleted. Dr. Mark Shannan believes there’s an easy way to get us back on track. We just need to do what comes naturally to us; that is, return to "The Original Design" (the basis for the title of his new book, The Original Design for Health).  The book provides a practical yet easy step-by-step guide to restoring and maintaining the human body, mind and spirit. A practicing chiropractor for more than 20 years, Dr. Shannan fuses scientific evidence with relatable storytelling to create a powerful, common sense case for cleaner, purer -- and ultimately healthier -- living. Listen as Dr. Shannan joins host Andrea Donsky to explain why it's so important to get back to this way of living.

 Encore Episode: Learning from Life's Lessons | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

All too often, we yearn for a more spiritual life but tell ourselves it's too difficult. But, the smallest prayer is heard and answered.All too often, we yearn for a more spiritual life but tell ourselves it's too difficult. But, the smallest prayer is heard and answered. The simplest overture meets with a loving response. Each of the prayers in Julia Cameron's new book, Life Lessons: 125 Prayers and Meditations, is a starting point. Taken collectively, they offer an approach to God that is powerful as well as simple. These prayers not only allow us to reach out to God, but they allow God to reach out to us. The book is called Life Lessons because each entry is a corrective to commonly held misconceptions of the divine. Like the postures assumed in hatha yoga, they stretch us gently. Through these prayers, we learn more of ourselves and the divine. Listen as Julia joins hosts Andrea and Lisa to share insights from the book.


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