Amplified Network Marketing with David T.S. Wood show

Amplified Network Marketing with David T.S. Wood

Summary: David Wood is a renowned and respected Network Marketing / MLM expert who has personally trained over 3oo,ooo students on three continents. Known for his no-nonsense approach, authentic style and dramatic results, David is praised by his peers and student alike as one of the most knowledgeable, effective and fun trainer’s in the Network Marketing / Personal Development arena. As the host of very successful show, “The Kickass Life Podcast with David Wood”, which has over one million downloads in 200 counties, David has featured some of the most prominent Authors, Speakers, Financial Experts, Relationship Experts & Thought Leaders from around the world including close friends like Mike Dooley, Jack Canfield, Tim Ferris, Don Miguel Ruiz, Marci Schimoff, Lisa Nichols and John Assaraf. Amplified Network Marketing is NEW Podcast that showcases David’s 34 years of Business, Network Marketing and Financial experience. In the show, David shares his insights and interviews some of the most successful leaders, industry experts, up and comers and Network Marketing professionals who share their mistakes, wall kicking moments, personal insights, templates, systems and secrets to personal and financial success. This show is for anyone who is committed to being his or her own boss and building a successful home based business where they can fire their boss, escape the Rat Race and become a professional network marketer. The world has changed and experts like Warren Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway), Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad), Donald Trump (The Apprentice), Jim Collins (Good to Great), Eric Worre (Go Pro), Paul Zane Pilzer (The Next Millionaire) all agree that Network Marketing is no longer a wave of the future it’s a wave of the present. Join David twice a week as he guides you on your journey to financial freedom and the life of your dreams. Connect with us on Facebook (, Twitter (@ampdNM) and on our site (

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  • Artist: David T.S. Wood: Network Marketing Master Trainer & Successful Entrepreneur, Interviewing MLM & Business Leaders.


 006 – Nat Cook – What Competing in 5 Olympics and Winning a Gold Medal Teaches You About Winning Big in Business | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:52

Joining David today is a very dear friend and someone very special to him, Nat Cook.  Nat is a 5 Time Olympian – Gold & Bronze Medalist. Nat has hung up her bikini and is now helping to motiv8 and inspire others to fulfill their dreams and squeeze the goodness out of life. Today Nat will talk about how she became a Network Marketer and will share her success. Today she will share: Playing volleyball Nat learned to be very focused in the game and on every aspect of her life. Her amazing experience winning the FIRST GOLD MEDAL in her country, with family and friends.  She shares her emotions and her motivation to be the VERY best every day. Don’t expect things to happen fast, like anything out there Network Marketing needs planning, learning and you need to work at it.  It takes practice! Watching her leaders work at this business gracefully and reach amazing goals only inspires Nat to do the same! If you want what they want, DO what they DO! What a great show, listen to what Nat would do differently if she were to start today!  She has only been in this industry for one year and she has been able to use all her skills and continues to learn and watch others in the business grow and she loves everything about the company she is with. Nat’s Favorite Books: The Way of the Peaceful Warrior - Dan Millman (Audio Version) Go Girl – An Inspiring Journey from Bronze to Gold Business of the 21th Century - Robert Kiyosaki Go Pro - Eric Worre (Audio Version) Favorite Quote: “It all starts with a Dream” “Never Ever Give UP” Check out her video Motive8me Be sure to check out these Useful Links: Today’s Songs: School’s Out for Summer - The Hit Crew No More Mr. Nice Guy - Alice Cooper To learn more about Network Marketing check out David’s Network Marketing Myth busters on YouTube here.  Also register for David’s new show Get Your 12 Free Videos 

 005 – Peta Kelly – Lead with Vision and Earn Enough Money to Retire Your Mom By The Time You Are 25 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:20

  Today David is AMPLIFIED and you will be too, as he chats to this amazing guest from Perth, Australia, Peta Kelly.  Peta is 25 years old, she has completed the transformation to entrepreneur and business owner and is building a future generation of people who take control of their lives and don’t just think outside the box, but exist entirely WITHOUT the box.  She has courage and is empowering young people around her everyday. Today Peta will share: Her background before she discovered Network Marketing and her big WHY. Being young and OPEN to LEARN and understand this industry. How she grew her Network Marketing business so quickly and hit a massive homerun Learn what her strongest income week is so far. Getting stuck in the WHAT and the HOW and the difference between the people who SUCCEED and the People who DON’T Why you should INVEST in yourself. Being blind to Network Marketing, opening her eyes and knowing she would be Successful. 10 Steps to Success to Network Marketing. The missing link for so many people. Peta’s ADVICE to all of you! Peta is amazing, she is young, and truly loves this industry, it has become so natural to her and she has done so well.  Peta is ambitious, genuine, and authentic and motivated to help others. Favorite Quote: By Rumi “forget safety, and live where you fear to live, destroy your reputation, be notorious.” Useful Links: To learn more about Network Marketing check out David’s Network Marketing Myth busters on YouTube here.  Also register for David’s new show Get Your 12 Free Videos

 004 – Susan Sly – Achieving Financial Success while Living a Balanced Life | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 46:12

Today David is so excited to be chatting with this Amazing Woman, who is a close friend and who he truly admires.  Susan Sly is an Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur.  She is an expert in balanced living and believes that we all have greatness within us and truly capable of creating more in out lives. Susan will share her story about how she discovered Network Marketing and how in her early 20’s this industry found her. On Today’s show Susan will talk about: Her life today, being married to her best friend with 4 beautiful children, their income today working in Network Marketing and how they have helped others do the same. Getting her husband onboard, being successful and how long it took to reach her goals. Having more faith BEFORE seeing those results. The importance of having self-MOTIVATION, and being ORGANIZED. The lowest part of her journey and the 3 J’s she shares when training – Jealously, Judgment and Justifying. QUOTES that Susan Uses “If not this, then what?” “If not now, then when?” A great Mentor always use to say to her “We have to be willing to do today what others won’t, so we can do tomorrow what others can’t” Books, Magazines and favorite Authors Success Magazine – Chris & Susan give their leaders a subscription to this magazine every year. Jack Canfield – The Success Principles Jim Rohn’s favorite books: - The Richest Man in Babylon by George S Clason - Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill - New Testament Susan is beautiful; she shares her life struggles and her amazing journey of how she got to where she is today, the Evolution of Network Marketing and her love for this Industry. Useful Links: To learn more about Network Marketing check out David’s Network Marketing Mythbusters on youtube here.  Also register for David’s new show Get Your 12 Free Videos

 003 – Dr. John Gray – Success Through Mentors, Positive Affirmations, Friends, Believing in Yourself and Gratitude | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:43

Joining David today is a great friend and a renowned throughout the world as the best selling Author for almost a decade for his book “Men Are From Mars, Women are from Venus”. Our guest today is Dr. John Gray, John is a Master Trainer, Author, Humanitarian and Professional Network Marketer. John share’s his beautiful journey of becoming a Hindu Monk, teaching Yoga, mediation and his role model, Maharishi and what he learned from him. Today John will talk about: Residual Income and passive income streams, how this frees you to think more creatively and do more in your life and how sharing this with more people and making a difference in the world. How John made himself More Successful by learning from mentors and using positive affirmations to prepare him for success. Surrounding yourself with successful people, believing in yourself, and feeling grateful for the support you have. John’s Book “Men Are From Mars, Women are from Venus” and the success of this book and the negativity that came with it and how Journaling his thoughts helped and the Importance of Journaling. How John came across Network Marketing and becoming successful with it. John is truly amazing he will share that Network Marketing and being your own Entrepreneur gives you a sense of responsibility and confidence and the OPPORTUNITY to grow and be successful, and help others to do the same. Useful Links: To learn more about Network Marketing check out David’s Network Marketing Mythbusters on youtube here.  Also register for David’s new show Get Your 12 Free Videos

 002 – Lisa DeMayo – A Love for Success Through Network Marketing | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:46

Joining David today is one an Ambassador in this Industry, Lisa DeMayo. Lisa is one of the Top Income Earners in two different network companies.  She has trained thousands of people worldwide for both companies and has been featured as a keynote speaker in the US and abroad.  She was featured on the cover of Empowering Women magazine and was featured in Prosper magazine, too.  She is a member of the National Speakers Association and a self-made multi millionaire. Today Lisa will share: What does Network Marketing mean to Lisa? Ongoing Rewarding and referrals in this Industry. Why the misconception with so many people in Network Marketing. What is a Pyramid? Network Marketing is a Relationship Business. Choose the company for you, and the 3 main things you need to be confident with that will work for you. Her community in her Network Marketing and what it means to her and what it has done for her. Have faith and BELIEVE you can! You will Love Lisa, she has great language and you will love hearing Lisa’s thoughts when people said “NO not at this time” to her business.   Lisa truly believes that if you can truly commit 100% and believe you will NOT fail!Useful Links:Lisa’s Book: The Art of Getting What You Want: How to Cultivate the Happiness, Health, and Wealth You Desire To learn more about Network Marketing check out David’s Network Marketing Mythbusters on youtube here.  Also register for David’s new show Get Your 12 Free Videos

 001 – Introduction to Amplified Network Marketing and David T.S. Wood | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 56:24

WELCOME to David’s Wood’s new Podcast “Amplified Network Marketing”.  For those of you who don’t know David he is the host of “The Kickass Life Podcast”.  David is a Master Trainer and Speaker, he has developed world-class personal development training programs that have impacted hundreds of thousands of people.  He is know as the Trainer’s Trainer, is a Business Leader, Author and Humanitarian who has lived, traveled and worked in over 50 countries.  He brings his passion for people, culture and the unknown into everything that he does. Today David will share his story, how he learned about Network Marketing, his passion for Network Marketing and how he became a Master Trainer. WHY you should listen in weekly: Every week David will be interviewing EXPERTS in this industry and by listening in here are some things you will learn: That you can truly be happy and love what you do Understand how to create wealth for you, your family and your loved ones Not to be SCARED of this Industry Choosing the right company and learning the right skills Building personal relationships and helping others get what they want Creating financial freedom Have whatever you want, the POSSIBILITIES are ENDLESS To become a Professional Network Marketer Listening to how Passionate David is for Network Marketing is guaranteed to bring you back for more.  He is so excited to help all of you to truly understand this business and Step out of your comfort zone and find your true power! Useful Links: Find us on Facebook Conect with us on Twitter


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Bgcurt says:

Not only does David Wood turn the fun dial way up when he trains, I am learning so much from accessing this podcast on a daily basis and putting the knowledge into my brain and into action! These audios are shifting me to the new person I want to be in networking marketing!! With gratitude and thanks David!