Bathtalk with Jade & Kidder Kaper show

Bathtalk with Jade & Kidder Kaper

Summary: Jade is a practicing therapist with lots of cool letters after her name and Kidder is a writer/producer that specializes in surgical and medical training. Kidder and Jade are happily married, have two children and record a podcast from their bathtub. Together they will tackle the topics of balancing work, parenting, and continuing to be intimate with each other. Pour a glass of wine, fill up the tub and give them a listen.

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 BTW #046 Kidder and Jade Record a Surprise Episode! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Download the Show Now! Sorry for the low audio quality. We weren’t really expecting to record an episode but since our conversation got pretty interesting we decided to use it, Enjoy, or not. From outta nowhere, Jade and Kidder take a bath and talk about everything and nothing in particular. Kidder when back to Facebook after years for no good reason. What’s a cis white male and why is there so much angst when one of them has or shares an opinion? We’re living in a time when saying the wrong word, regardless of intent, or contents can get you in a lot of trouble as we discuss the controversy around YouTube sex educator, Laci Green. - Kidder says the word, “Tranny.” …end quote and context. :P Mansplaining is explained and it sexist because it compares an individual to stereotypes of their gender instead of judging the person as an individual. We on the left are angry and our anger is not helping us win anything. It is further emboldening our opponents and causing splits and divisions among ourselves. We are not doing a good job of educating. We are not doing a good job of supporting free speech even when we disagree with the speech. We are losing much of what makes us liberal. tolerant, and accepting and often we’re doing more judging than the evangelicals on the other side. Why are we recording a Bathtalk? A friend of ours who we’re seeing in a few weeks talked us into it. Kidder has chosen to wait until tests have cleared before having sex with anyone. Kidder looks forward to a day when instant STI testing technologies help us make informed decisions about our sex partners. Kidder envisions a utopian society where all girls and boys have mechanical contraception and never again will there be another abortion and all babies are planned and wanted. Jade thinks MFM Threesomes are fun because two men can do things together that are simply impossible for one man on his own. Kidder doesn’t talk about what he’s doing at work except to say that Virtual Reality is an amazing platform that is on the cusp of changing how we engage with technology. Jade and Kidder still miss Steve Jobs. A book that changed Jade and Kidder’s understanding of each other and their relationship. Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find - And Keep - Love. The book says that Kidder and Jade’s attachment styles lead to the most problematic relationship possible. Catholic Marriage camp is a waste of time. Jade talks about how different things are now since our last recording. Jade is back to work and talks about transitioning from professional woman starting in her career, to mom, and back to a professional woman who is now interested in growing in her field. The “bad mom,” narrative is just a harmful meme that must die. Jade had an opportunity that, “literally,” landed in her lap. Relationships benefit from partners being able to fully support transitions between careers in a very special way.

 BTW #045 Coochie as our Guest Host! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Do you like taking baths on your vacations? Join guest hosts Coochie and William in the bathtub as they discuss their thoughts on vacations, spending time together, and trying new things. To hear more from Coochie, tune in every week to the Sex is Fun! Podcast. Download the Show Now!

 BTW #044 Kidder Kaper Leaves the Sex is Fun Podcast Part 2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Jade and Kidder Kaper have begun couple's therapy with a super sex-positive kink-friendly shrink. She had us read, "The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work: A Practical Guide from the Country's Foremost Relationship Expert."Now lie back and tell me about your mother. Kidder allowed his 12 year old to watch, "28 Days Later." This may have been a bad idea.  A special thanks goes out to the listener who bought Kidder a copy of, Walking Dead Board Game (Z man) from Kidder's Amazon Wish-list. It is a gosh-darn-decent game.

 BTW #043 Kidder Kaper Leaves the Sex is Fun Podcast | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Why did Kidder Kaper leave the Sex is Fun Podcast? Well, it isn't because he hates Laura Rad, Gay Rick, or Coochie. He left because he accomplished what he came to do. Does Kidder still care about sex and sex education? Of course! is going to be all about sex, but not ALL about sex. Kaperlife is going to be about living a most awesome lifestyle!!! Jade and Kidder Kaper discuss the most pansexual party ever! It was so pansexual party that it blew Gay Rick's entire concept of Kidder's sexuality. What does pansexual mean? Pansexual: Adjective - Not limited or inhibited in sexual choice with regard to gender or activity. It means that you can play with anyone you wish regardless of whether or not they have penises or vaginas. So at this party, EVERYONE played with partners of both sexes. So imagine Kidder Kaper licking Gay Rick's ass like piece of strawberry-flavored saltwater taffy, because that is what happened. Gay Rick's boyfriend, Cole, made out Kidder and ended up inserting a butt plug in Kidder's ass. Jade made out with a lot more men then women but not all of them were str8. She learned how to bite nipples now! Every girlfriend Kidder Kaper has ever had has been or become cool with the fact that they are bisexual and none of them had much of an issue with it or needed much time to question their sexuality. Kidder Kaper has a new offensive theory about Gay, Bi, and Straight and Hetero-flexible men. He believes that the big difference between gay men and non-straight men is simply this; gay men will never love eating pussy. Kidder Kaper loves eating pussy! Jade gets the Essure, a perminent sterilization. Now she feels more confident about not getting pregnant and that is a good thing. ;) Download the Show Now!

 BTW #042 Summer 2011 Part 2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

We've got a new blog and now you can read stories from Jade and Kidder Kaper all the time at Bring new excitement, intimacy and adventure to your next date night or adult party by buying an adult sex game from Great Sex Games Please visit Kidder and Jade's website to see photos and read show notes for the podcast at BathTalk Weekly In this episode you'll hear: Epic shout-out to Boris and Doris podcast. Swingercast has de-friended all of Kidder Kaper's closest friends, making Kidder's theory that some some adults never really got out of Jr. high 50% more likely. Jade answers a question about getting sexy photos taken. Her opinion, it is fun! Kidder has a dirty sexy chat with a woman who's way to young for him.

 BTW #041 Kidder and Jade hit the tub (Summer 2011) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

What's the future of the Sex is Fun podcast? Jade has had a hankering to do a Bathtalk for two weeks and Kidder blows off work to record. Jade is getting popular on Facebook auditioning new potential sex-chat partners. If you wanna apply, find her on Facebook Jade gets booted from Facebook for posting a (not-so) naughty picture. In fact, here it is. Why is Mark Zuckerberg such a puritanical douche? Mark, I know you are a total narcissist and probably are reading this right now, and I love your product but you need to make a version of it for adults. Kidder is building an earth-sheltered, beachfront guesthouse. It plays 10 comfortably. Kidder will hopefully finish the house just in time for their annual nek'ed party and this year they have invited several guests from out of town that they met in Desire. Kidder and Jade have super big NEWS! Jade plans an evening with a unicorn. Kidder sees Jade experience compersion for the first time and that begins a nearly fatal compersion loop! It spurs Jade to start cumming in the way she used to.

 BTW #040 Desire Memories Part 3 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

We regroup after the previous night's episode. Lorax and FKS join us for another episode of BathTalk. We delve more into Lorax and FKS's story. They are sober tonight and can form coherent sentances. FKS fucks like a porn star. FKS gives a little insight into is favorite reasons for swinging. We give details for the Friday afternoon orgy. We divulge what happened after last night's episode. Kidder explains the SexisFun code of conduct for swinging.

 BTW #039 Desire Memories Part 2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Lorax, Ernie, and Bigfoot join Kidder and Jade in the tub for the second segment of BathTalk. Catch up with Jade's memory of the last night at Desire. Did Jade get plowed by another man? Did Lorax keep her composure enough to finish the show, or did Ernie give her too many chocolate martinis. I bet you haven't heard this many expletives in your life!

 BTW #038 Desire Trip Report #1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Kidder and Jade are in their bath again with all the dirty details of their recent trip to Desire, Cancun. On tonight's episode they welcome special guests Lorax, FKS, Ernie and Bigfoot. Tonight we are fueled by many chocolate martinis, you must forgive us!

 BTW #037 - Talking with Cooper and Marylyn | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Tonight we have a Skype date with Cooper and Marylyn from Check them out on their site because they rock.

 BTW #36 - Rumors and Hearsay | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Kidder and Jade are looking forward to their dinner date with Cooper and Marilyn from the Life on the Swingset podcast. The Swap Fu podcast, again sparks another conversation about full swapping. Episode #239 of the Sex is Fun podcast got everybody's feather in a bunch. Facebook is a rascally place for people to spread rumors. That's good, it is time for some people to get mad about a lot of things.

 BTW #35 - Relationship Strategies | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Shout outs and thanks to Life on the Swingset and Swap Fu who inspired a Bathtalk conversation about the pros and cons of same room/separate room full-swap swinging. Kidder and Jade discuss strategies that they have employed in their relationship to keep their marriage healthy.

 BTW #34 - Anal Pleasure for Men | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Back in the new tub. We're going to Desire in Cancun and we'd like you to come. Jade and Kidder watch Tristan Taormino's The Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men. Kidder hopes you love his book, Sex is Fun, Creative Ideas for Exciting Sex and if you are intending on buying the book for someone you care about, to buy it on September 20th from Amazon.

 Kidder and Jade Invite you to an Erotic Paradise | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Please join us for the most amazing vacation ever, February, 19th-26th, 2011. We're going to Desire in Cancun, the clothing optional sex-friendly resort where we can hang out and have tons of fun. We're going to make this trip so much fun and so comfortable that even first timers will never want to go home. Sign up on our website today to save $50 for each fully inclusive day you book. You only need $500 down to get started. We can't wait to see you in Cancun. For more information, go to Listen to Jade and Lorax plead with you to join them in a tropical paradise of clothing optional bliss.

 BTW #33 - We Have a New Tub! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Join us in Desire! Sign up now for a significant discount on your trip. Buy a copy of Kidder's book, "Sex is Fun!" Questions answered in this episode of Bathtalk: What do you wish you'd done earlier in your relationship? What do you do to jump-start your relationship when in a lull? What was the darkest time in your relationship? What do you wish you had known before you got married? What advice do you have for meeting and dealing with in-laws? When are you going to start talking to your kids about sex? In becoming a wife and mother have you ever felt pressure to fulfill gender-roles in your marriage?


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