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RedBulkPodcast's podcast

Summary: When I came up with the idea for Less Than Famous I didn't think it would catch on so quickly or by so many people. In total we had over 250 applications and I realized that everyone had something to say about communities but nowhere to discuss it. After some research I decided that we all could use a medium to discuss whats going on in the community. This podcast is meant to provide that medium. Funds given to the podcast will be used in a couple ways depending on the publics input on this new project. The goals are: 1)Provide a location for community based discussion about YouTube and its various communities 2)Host a variety of guests from many corners of YouTube and other online video communities. 3)Be as professional and high quality as possible The funds raised through this project will be used first and foremost to purchase the proper equipment. Currently I am looking at purchasing two high quality USB microphones. One of these will be for myself (the current host of the show), the other will be used for guests and be shipped around the country provided that we have enough funds to pay for shipping costs. Funds may also be used to pay individuals who work behind the scenes with me such as PR, consultants, and designers (to name a few). I believe that people should be paid for the things they do professionally and they tend to do a better job if offered an incentive. The next step is going to be connecting as many people as possible. I have entertained the idea of advertising on various social media sites as well as broadcasting on multiple platforms. I am looking at using itunes as well as a possible youtube channel for video podcasts.