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War on Work - Ditch Your Day Job and Become an Online Entrepreneur

Summary: The Information & Inspiration You Need to Safely Ditch Your Day Job

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  • Artist: Beau Blackwell - Online Marketer and Entrepreneur
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 Episode 6: Sean Malarkey on Partnering, Producing, & Living the Dream | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:57

This week I'm excited to welcome serial entrepreneur and surf bum Sean Malarkey to the show. I've known Sean for a few years, and in that time he's created an incredibly successful business selling information products that teach people how to use social media platforms to grow their businesses, establish themselves as an expert, and much more. One of the coolest things about his business, though, is that he lets other people be the expert and focuses on being the producer, handling the marketing, packaging, customer support, and more. It's a business that allowed him to move to Santa Barbara to spend more time surfing and less time working. He shares how he built the business, his take on building an amazing team to support you, and his thoughts on work/lifestyle balance. In this episode, you'll learn: Why Sean left the corporate world, even though he was running the company How Sean established himself as an expert and gained a huge following via social media One of the best marketing techniques for growing your audience, establishing yourself as an expert, and easy selling How he uses partnering and producing to create amazing products in a short amount of time, and how you can do the same Why he decided to scrap his virtual team and have a local office again How he balances his free time with his work time Why Sean created his own great podcast recently, and what he hopes to achieve with it And much more! Sean has built a really fun and successful business for himself, and his business model is something I highly recommend if you feel like you don't have the time to create your own products or feel nervous about being "the expert" on your topic. Check out the interview now and let me know what you think! More from Sean: The Money Pillow - Sean's great new podcast where he interviews people who are legitimately "making money in their sleep." There are some really cool success stories on here! LinkedInfluence - A product Sean and his partner Lewis created to teach people how to use LinkedIn to generate sales, leads, influence, and more. FBInfluence - A product Sean produced with Facebook expert Amy Porterfield that shows how to use Facebook for business. It's a great example of the producer model at work. Keep Listening: Subscribe on iTunes - Please leave a review if you enjoy the show! It just takes a second. Check out more episodes

 Episode 5: Ryan Lee on Making Big Things Happen | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 43:34

This week I'm excited to welcome my good friend and mentor Ryan Lee to the show. Ryan started out as a full-time PE teacher in a rough neighborhood and now runs a hugely successful 7-figure lifestyle business. It wasn't a fluke, either; Ryan still hustles as hard as anyone I know, is constantly trying new things and pushing himself to do more, and most of all loves what he does. I think you'll really enjoy hearing how Ryan went from humble beginnings to where he is today by working hard, constantly learning and improving, and making products that people can't wait to buy. In this episode, you'll learn: How Ryan started a thriving web business in the late 90s, with no technical skills, no marketing background, and very little money How he made the successful transition from day job to lifestyle business, with no risk Little "tricks" that help you be more productive and reach your goals How to really light a fire under your butt Why a "7" just isn't good enough Why getting a product out there is better than getting it perfect How to increase your income with "hard" topics instead of "soft" topics The real secret to making significant money as an infopreneur or author How to create products that people can't wait to buy Easy pricing, using the 10x rule How Ryan started learning marketing despite not having a business background The worst and best parts of being an entrepreneur, according to Ryan And much more! Ryan is a very inspirational guy, and someone I always recommend to people who are struggling to get their dream business underway. This episode will help get you on the right track to making big things happen in your life! More from Ryan: RyanLee.com - Ryan's blog and website where you can get regular tips, strategies, and advice from the king of hustle himself FounderFly - Ryan's program with in-depth trainings on every aspect of online business as well as an active forum of other entrepreneurs. It's a ridiculously low price for everything you get, and I highly recommend it. This is an affiliate link, so if you sign up I earn a little bit of money from it. Keep Listening: Subscribe on iTunes - Please leave a review if you enjoy the show! It just takes a second. Check out more episodes

 Episode 4: Chris Mercer on How to Quit Your Job Safely | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:47

In this episode, serial entrepreneur Chris Mercer shares his "tale of two exits," one ultimately being a failure and the other very successful and ongoing. He describes how he planned his exit the second time around to ensure its success, and how he dealt with the inevitable tough times in the early days. If you'd love to leave your job but are paralyzed by fear or want to do it as safely as possible, this episode has a lot of specific, practical advice you can start acting on today. You'll learn: How to effectively plan your exit and create a financial roadmap Why you need a "runway" and how it can help you overcome the fear of leaving The mistakes Chris made with his first exit, and what he did right the second time around Why you'll never be happy following someone else's plan How to get your significant other on board with your exit and keep their support throughout the process How cutting back on your budget can actually be positive and freeing How to "budget in" failures (and even unforeseen successes) so you can work through the tough times The worst and best parts of being an entrepreneur, according to Chris More from Chris: TomiTrader.com - Chris' consulting business for online entrepreneurs Keep Listening: Subscribe on iTunes - Please leave a review if you enjoy the show! It just takes a second. Check out more episodes

 Episode 3: Sheila Brown’s Amazing Path to Success | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:41

The latest episode of the War on Work podcast features one of the most amazing comeback stories you'll ever hear. Sheila Brown was a high-paid, high-powered corporate recruiter, working with Fortune 500 companies and Hollywood movie studios before deciding to change everything and travel the world. In this episode, she shares how she went from a life of luxury and materialism to literally being in a welfare line, and is now more successful and fulfilled than ever, living a dream life on a beach in the Dominican Republic. She talks about the important mindset shifts she discovered that let her bounce back and finally start living the life she'd only dreamed of. In this episode, you'll learn: Sheila's discovery that chasing titles and money didn't end up being fulfilling at all How getting laid off was the best thing that ever happened to her Her transition from day job to high-paid consultant Why consulting is a viable option for almost anyone, and how to get started The books that changed Sheila's life and revolutionized her business The #1 downfall for most entrepreneurs, and how to avoid it How Sheila went from being wealthy to totally broke, and how she came back stronger than ever The tools, techniques, and beliefs Sheila uses to grow and thrive in her life and business The worst and best parts of being an entrepreneur, according to Sheila I know many of you are afraid to take the leap to being an entrepreneur because of "worst case scenarios," so this episode is a great reminder that you can avoid those scenarios with just a little bit of planning, and that it's always possible to come back and have an amazing life and business no matter what! I think you'll love Sheila's story. More from Sheila: Portable Incomes - Sheila's training course that teaches how to create a profitable and fulfilling lifestyle business and work from anywhere! Keep Listening: Subscribe on iTunes - Please leave a review if you enjoy the show! It just takes a second. Check out more episodes

 Episode 2: Jim Kukral on Starting a Lifestyle Business | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:25

In this episode of the War on Work podcast, I'm joined by Jim Kukral, a serial entrepreneur, self-publishing expert, avid fisherman, and lifestyle business owner. We talk about his journey from the corporate world to being a solo entrepreneur, and he shares some fantastic advice on how to start an online business inexpensively and in your spare time while you're still employed. We also talk about a lot of the pitfalls and false beliefs that thwart budding entrepreneurs up and keep them from being successful. In this episode, you'll learn: Why it's more possible than ever for entrepreneurs to become successful The big misconception that trips up new online business owners What Jim hated about the corporate world and why he had to walk away The basic rules everyone needs to know to be successful online How to turn your knowledge into problem-solving products you can sell (and some great examples of these) How simple and cheap it is to start a business today- while you're still employed Why ideas are worthless, and what you need instead The kind of information that people will pay for Why credentials are overrated How to build up the experience and proof you need to launch your business safely The worst and best parts of being an entrepreneur, according to Jim Jim's 13 reasons you're not as successful as you should be If you're skeptical about whether building an online business is really possible, or are wondering how much money, time, and effort it'll take to get one off the ground, this episode will answer a lot of questions for you. Jim has a great track record of running successful online businesses while still living a great lifestyle, and he shares some amazing tips on how to accomplish that in this episode. Listen below or subscribe in iTunes to check it out! More from Jim: JimKukral.com - Jim's home base, with links to his products, books, and free content Keep Listening: Subscribe on iTunes Check out more episodes

 Episode 1: Introducing the War on Work podcast! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 11:13

I'm really excited to introduce the first episode in the War on Work podcast! I've been doing podcasts for about 4 years, and they're one of my favorite ways to communicate and share information. When I was still in the corporate world and had 90+ minutes of commuting every day, podcasts were a lifesaver. I owe a lot of credit to shows like the Smart Passive Income podcast, Blogcast.fm, This is Your Life, and The Rise to the Top for helping me make the jump to entrepreneurship, and now I hope War on Work can do the same for you. This first episode is a quick introduction to the show and what you can expect from it. In it I cover what the show is, why I created it, and what you can expect to get out of it going forward. I have big plans for this show and have already recorded a bunch of interviews with amazing and inspirational guests, so I hope you'll subscribe and join me! My goal is to make the War on Work podcast a major catalyst for you quitting your day job and successfully following your dreams. Please subscribe to make sure you don't miss any episodes! There are great things to come. If you enjoyed the show, please leave a review on iTunes and let me know! I'd also love to hear what you thought, and what you'd like to hear on the show in the future, in the comments below. Thanks for listening!


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