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Bliss Bringers - Sex, Swinging & Kink Podcast

Summary: Podcast dedicated to helping people find their bliss. We talk about swinging, kink, bdsm, ethical non-monogamy, polyamory and everything in between and around. Each week, you can expect to hear about our adventures (and sometimes failures), get the latest naughty news, learn all sorts of other sensual pleasures and alternative lifestyles through interviews with experts, our own personal explorations and musings, and regular reports from the Luscious Lab. We've talked with everyone from wide-eyed newbies to international experts about any subject you can imagine: swinging, orgasms, bondage, tickling, sex toys, bisexuality, group sex, tantra, resorts, ... you name it! What's your pleasure?


 28: Valentines in Niagara: Swinger hotel takeover | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 48:11

The entire Bliss Bringer team descends upon Niagara falls, Ontario for a weekend of swinger fun at the  Valentines in Niagara event.  We demonstrate the "15 minute orgasm" to a packed room of rowdy swingers and train timid (sorta) wives in the art of "female dominance". Professor Tea works her "queens walk" on the local swingers, with great success and the team takes over the "dungeon"  and starts schooling the swingers in the ways of kink with bondage training and violet wand demonstrations. Reverend Jon takes up the microphone and gets the naughtiest confessions out: From wide-eyed newbies, to aspiring kinksters, to dual-penetration fanatics, from spankings to screaming orgasms, you get to hear it direct and uncut. The captain tries out Stamina max, a natural alternative to Cialis, without the side-effects and discusses his experiences with the vendor.   We ran in Michaels & Johnson, a couple of sexy tantra practitioners, who just released their latest book  "Partners in Passion".   Did I mention a good time was has by all? More information on the event and reservations can be found at the official Tabota site.

 27: Swing Train, Gang-bangs and voicemail | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:43

We talk about "Ladies Choice" gang-bangs and the infamous "Swing train" with Brian and Tange from "Tangerines Dream".  They explain the secrets of running a fun sex party for everyone, for the newbies by making them feel comfortable.  We debate exactly how many people are needed for an "airtight".  Jon says 4, Tange has it at 6.  We got listener questions  from Q&F, who call in to show their love for the "Neon Wand" that they got from our sponsor The Stockroom, from the infamous Miss Penzer and a from a swinging massage therapist. This weeks recommended podcast is "The Fetish Show", which discusses sexuality and kink (Hmmm... sounds familiar

 26: Swinging in Europe at the Brussels Sexclub | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 20:01

After playing the vanilla tourist in Europe, we decide to revisited a swingers club in the historical heart of Brussels: Val d'Amour (right next to the hotel Floris Arlequin) After an introductory chat with our hostess, we enter this cozy sex club.  The rules are a little bit different than what we are used to in the US.  You pay an entry fee, but this includes food in the (little) restaurant and  drinks at the bar, including alcohol.   Another difference: You don't usually see a smoking booth in a sex club. A good time was had by all, we debrief from our intimidate adventures in the (noisy) taxi and the hotel room.  And then we just plain old start fucking again, and brought in SinD's favorite vibrator. We are having our birthday soon!  Call us on 231 62-BLISS and let us know what you think! Our featured podcast is Ending the Sexual Dark age

 25: Whips, canes and latex at Dark Odyssey Kink conference | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:01

Jon and Sind are back from "Dark Odyssey:  Surrender", a 3 day event in San Francisco with training, demos and play-parties with the who's-who of kink. They visited classes on "fisting", "scene negotiation", "rough sex" and "erotic publishing", which are just a small part of what was available. After Mistress SinD gets her first take of receiving a whipping, we interview "Zemis", master (and instructor) of the single-tail whips and various other sorts of mindfucks. We discuss mediation by whipping, perverted clowns and sonic booms. We talk latex with Penny from Lust Designs: how she designs the outfits (from mermaids to bowling shirts), how to pick them, how to lube up and get into them. Every good kinkster needs a kilt (or a couple), so we hang out with PD Kilts and try out their warez, so we learn about the different styles and weights of kilts. The kinkshop brings their own arsenal of toys, from "fluffy" to "mean and nasty", including our first-ever floggers. And if you are looking for some classy rope for your bondage scenes, do look at the colorful options of "Rainbow rope". KJ Canes schools us on canes, their usage and the different styles you can get: from light-up canes to canes with your favorite football team or cartoon character.  These are not your old school teachers canes; they are made from various high-tech materials like carbon fiber, fiber glass, aluminum, stainless steal depending on your need. Mistress SinD has a blast testing out the new Violet wand accessories from Big Head Studios. The custom electrodes they create range from "festive" to "impressive" to "darn that left a mark!". We discuss the various unique types of electrodes, the history of the violet wand, and the fun of zapping people in the balls. Podcast recommendation: Los Swingers, a podcast in Spanish and English about a  couple's adventures in the swinging lifestyle.  They also do great jello shots. Update 2015: Sadly, the podcast no longer exists. Also: During playtime, we tied up Miss Penzer on a barrel and took turns smacking her.   She liked it.

 24: Fetish & Fantasy: Spanking asses and taking names | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 39:16

Like every year, Jon and SinD hit Vegas.... quite literally.   During the annual Fetish and Fantasy ball, they volunteer to spank the multitude of party-goers that show up and this huge "rave". During the pre-game events there was (swinger) partying going on in both the Hard Rock hotel and the Rumor hotel. A friendly Mistress rented out the "swinger suite" (we kid you not) and the neighboring rooms for an epic swinger/kink party. from bondage to spankings to rough sex and latex, every fetish was explored in detail. We give our reports and we interview over a dozen people and get their colorful opinion.  We talk to everybody from pro-dommes, experts in spankings, pain-sluts to wide-eyes clueless newbies, from  the polyamarous to the horny bastards.   References * Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball Website * Our new party favorite: The neon wand * Average Swingers podcast * BlissBringers Facebook page with all the pictures * BlissBringers Android App * Previous episodes: Dragons Gate  

 23: The O Zone and TABOTA: Sexy fun in Toronto and a sneak peek at Valentine's in Niagara | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 27:32

Professor Tea and the Captain interview Matt and Amanda, owners of Toronto's O Zone swingers' club and the couple behind TABOTA (Take a Bite of the Apple) couples events.  They tell us how they got started planning lifestyle events, how the O Zone adult club came to be, give us a sneak preview of "Valentine's in Niagara" swingers event, and give us the good on their famous Teddy Bare Picnic and the exciting new swing lifestyle resort, Hedo North. Captain and Professor Tea return to O Zone later on that cold, snowy night for some hot fun. Let their club report entice you to check it out! And a special secret that we didn't mention:  the Blissbringers team will be at VIN and doing some sexy workshops!  Join in the fun with a hands on couples workshop on the 15-minute orgasm with Captain and Professor Tea, tell your naughty confessions to Reverend Jon, and for all you sexy women, discover your feminine power with Mistress SinD and Professor Tea in their session "Walk, Talk and Touch: Harnessing the Feminine Sensual Power" (for women only). Oo la la! Links: * Club O Zone * Take a Bite of the Apple (TABOTA) * Valentine's in Niagara 2014 * Hedo North * Valentines in Niagara: our review The hosts of "The Young Turks" news show discuss the event and location:  

 22: CatalystCon West: Lube, Dildos and missing breakfast | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:37

The exciting and sizzling part 2 of the Catalyst Con West 2013 report.  Mistress SinD, Jon, Captain, and Professor Tea do another bedcast while they wait for breakfast, chat with some of our wonderful sponsors, test out a king-sized Sportsheet, the Neon Wand, some tasty Nature's Lab lube, and the new We-vibe Thrill in a live Luscious Lab, and debrief about the conference and the infamous Blissbringers kinky pajamas play party. Here's to our generous party sponsors, who made the party unforgettable: * Tantus * BnD Stainless (Boris and Doris) * Nature Labs * Sportsheets * Stockroom * Lucky Bloke *

 21: International Swingers Month at Desire | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 13:35

When we found out that our favorite resort, Desire Cancun is doing an “international swingers month“, we had to find out more! We called up Mario, who organized it, to get all the details. We love Desire Resorts Cancun because of the terrific atmosphere they create for everybody in the swingers lifestyle (or the just curious).  From newbie to veteran, everybody is welcomed.   Desire Resort & Spa is a unique couples only resort, the first and only of its kind in Mexico, that located on Cancun’s Riviera Maya, will surround you with amazing landscaping and a deliciously erotic atmosphere to unleash your imagination and stimulate your senses. A place of freedom where fantasies become real, a place to abandon inhibitions and truly be you. Imagine sharing this paradise with like-minded couples who also seek a sensuous, clothing optional upscale venue or an adventurous lifestyle experience. Check out the Desire website for information on other events, like “threesome month”. Also see our previous episodes on Desire.

 20: CatalystCon West: Educations, vibrators, parties | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:04

The entire team visits "CatalystCon West 2013", we report at length,... in Bliss Bringer style! That means lots of interviews and talks from the field, and very "hands-on" investigation. You may have heard some talks about the party in a Life on the swingset episode, but we give you the real scoop. In late September the Captain, SinD, Jon, and I met up in LA to attend Catalyst Con West, a conference designed to open up conversations about sexuality. And oh, did it deliver! We all learned a lot and we hosted--if I do say so myself--an outstanding party with the Swingset crew. Here's the report.   Of course,we caught some outstanding audio porn on tape that weekend too. Friday, pre-conference, we did the divide and conquer thing so the Bliss Bringers could be in more than one place at a time. Captain, Jon, and SinD went to Tristan Taormino's "Sex Educator Boot Camp." I took the Exotic Bus to the Wet Factory for the most awesome "Wet Tour."  When we met up again at lunch, they were all excited about what they'd learned that morning. And I had a swag bag full of lube from Wet. Here's a display of all their lube. Friday afternoon, Jon and SinD went back for part 2 of Tristan Taormino's boot camp, and the Captain and I set out to touch base with our amazing party sponsors. We had fabulous support from incredible sponsors, and that's a big reason why the party on Saturday night was such a great time. * Sportsheets gave us a SportSheet for the king sized bed. * We had a generous supply of lube from NatureLabs. * Jenna from Tantus gave us a goodie bag full of high quality silicone dildos, vibrators, and silicone paddles for stingy spankings. * Shay from the family business Vibratex added to the fun with the Nimbus (a, shall we say, extremely AMPLE vibrator--more on that later) and a whole bunch of other power toys including a Magic Wand (used to be a Hitachi). * We had condoms from Lucky Blokes. * Neon Wands and other good vibrations from the Stockroom * swag bags and a party banner from Let's just say our sponsors kept us in generous supply. Here's a sampling of what was on offer at the party: And pretty much everyone at Catalyst Con had a WeVibe because WeVibe gave their new Thrill to anyone who tweeted: "@wevibe I want the award-winning Thrill." Me? I took home a bunch of them! Drive-by interviews and talks during the day: * We-Vibe * Monica Jean from Stockroom * Sportsheets * Gabriella Cordova from Sex Positive World * Jean Franzblau from Coming Out Kinky, A Grown Up Story During the party  we ran into : * Melody Extreme * Stella Harris * Miss and Mister Technogeisha

 19: Evil Girls down under | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:22

Jon and SinD hit the Australia scene and review various events.  We interview the infamous "Evil Girls" household about their club, rope and D/s families. Subjects include: Exploring the swinging and bondage scene in Australia, tying each-other up and spanking, suspension, local munches, wildlife, power-exchange relationships with or without contracts, latex, bondage demos and training.  You get to hear Jon and SinD try to sound like an Australian didgeridoo. For those who like freebies: We are still giving away 3 month memberships to Kasidie and 1 year memberships to Lifestyle Lounge.  Listen for details.

 18: Cold Steel & Hot leather Sex Toys: behind the curtain with podcasters Boris & Doris | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 44:36

We finally get to interview "Boris and Doris",  the infamous naughty podcasters/sex toy makers/ice-hockey players and Mario kart champions! We talk about everything from swinging, shiny stainless steel toys customized for Doris's vagina, custom floggers, and the adventures in raising children with inquisitive minds. Find them on Kasidie /Fetlife : BorisNDoris In the Live Luscious Lab, we test drive new toys made by Boris and Doris:  the Gemini and a new modified version of the Capricorn.  Our stunt bunny, "Cat" shares her smiling feedback. Listeners receive a FREE trial memberships for & Lifestyle Lounge (New members only). Special offer for first 4 Listeners to leave a iTunes review:  Win a full 1 year free membership to Lifestyle Lounge.  Details are in the podcast.  

 17: Beyond the love | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:00

We chat with Dan & Dawn from the "Erotic Awakenings Podcast" about kink, card games,  polyamory, master-slave relationships and their upcoming event "Beyond the Love".  And then there's the discussion about what is a "good" swinger versus a bad one. As a bonus, we return the favor and get interviewed on "progressive swinging" .      

 16: Raunchy Roadtrip to LA | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:44

On our roadtrip to Los Angeles, we stop in for a warm visit with Phyllis Serene, esteemed author of "All my Heros are Ho's", creator of the naughty Lovebites gloves and Goddess University. We were pleasantly surprised with a big hug and welcomed into her home with formal tea together! (Full interview with Serene can be listened to in the podcast Domcom interviews). We celebrate Mr. Bill's birthday at Dragon's gate with a lot of naughty fun, during which we completely corrupt and seduce "Technogeisha" from the terrific "The Kinky Geeks Podcast".  And yes, there is a first-hand live interview debrief of her encounters with villainous Reverend Jon and his luscious redheaded wife, Mistress SinD Spending time with a poly-newbie learning the art of "non monogamy", we try to educate and recommend "Opening Up" as a guide to lead her and her husband into blissful multi-relationships. Since we were in town, we had to interview Dahna Designs, creator of exquisite corsets and costumes. Reminder: Don't forget to install the android app for a 1 touch to engage with the BlissBringers gang and automatically download all our latest podcasts and blog updates! Many of the people mentioned in this episode were also interviewed in our Domcon 1 and 2 episodes. So if you want to get up close and personal to the fun folks on the Roadtrip episode, listen to our DomCon episodes for their contact details. (Smooches!)

 15: Dee Dennis on Catalystcon | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 27:19

We chat with Dee Dennis, organizer of Catalystcon (where you will be able to find the entire gang) who describes her origins and struggles to create one of the biggest sex-positive conferences. You can follow her on twitter @DeeDennis. The captain explains our Bliss-Cruises by catamaran. Contact us for more information. Bonus: We hear from our colleagues at the  "Boris and Doris" podcast  and  the "Beyond the Love" poly conference.  

 14: Stealthy Diva, Sacred Sexuality, a Touch of Magic, and More 15-Minute O | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 49:24

Stealthy Diva tells us about some secrets of sacred sexuality and sexual healing.  Moving orgiastic energy through the body brings us back to Claudia's "A touch of magic" mind-altering massage in Cancun. The Luscious Lab makes a 15-minute O breakthrough that makes it even better! And we talk about Catalyst Con (we are going!).       References * A Touch of Magic, Massage by Claudia * Nicole Daedone's excellent Tedx Talk Orgasm: The Cure for Hunger in the Western Woman Suggestions from the Stealthy Diva * Winston, Sheri.  Women’s Anatomy of Arousal * Sundahl, Deborah.   Female Ejaculation and the G-spot * Savage, Linda.  Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality * Charles, Amara.  The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka: Teachings from the Nagual Tradition,   Sexual agreements * See Amara Charles site here for listings of Quodoushka workshops in the U.S.A. * Quoudoushka teachings in Canada (Toronto and Calgary) * Chia and Abrams.  The Multi Orgasmic Couple. * Carrellas, Barbara.  Urban Tantra. Ecstasy is Necessary. * Anand, Margot.  The Art of Sexual Ecstasy * Skydancer, James Smith, sexual/tantric healer,  Vancouver, Canada * Petals DVD   It's a film by Nick Karras about women’s vulvas and it’s really healing.  Ina Laughing Winds presents a very rich Qoudoushka  genital anatomy teaching on the bonus feature.   She share’s how to pleasure women differently depending on their anatomy type.  Every hetro guy needs this info!! * Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross’s website "Better Orgasms. Better World" is a valuable source of info about sexuality in general.  The Bodysex video is powerful. [image from Amara Charles' website]


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