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Bliss Bringers - Sex, Swinging & Kink Podcast

Summary: Podcast dedicated to helping people find their bliss. We talk about swinging, kink, bdsm, ethical non-monogamy, polyamory and everything in between and around. Each week, you can expect to hear about our adventures (and sometimes failures), get the latest naughty news, learn all sorts of other sensual pleasures and alternative lifestyles through interviews with experts, our own personal explorations and musings, and regular reports from the Luscious Lab. We've talked with everyone from wide-eyed newbies to international experts about any subject you can imagine: swinging, orgasms, bondage, tickling, sex toys, bisexuality, group sex, tantra, resorts, ... you name it! What's your pleasure?


 43: Flogging and Lusting in Las Vegas | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:07

Our gang hits "Fetish and Fantasy" again in Las Vegas. There is a lot of  spanking and flogging going on stage, as usual. This year, we have some extra complications: * A gang of "hashers" takes over the hotel and causes havoc while our gang is trying to recover from their own naughty but exhausting activities * Mr. Bill brought along a vanilla friend, who has no idea what is going on.  She gets dunked in our pool of debauchery, while we hope she doesn't drown in the craziness. Spoiler: She does fine! We even interview her before and after her experience, which leads to interesting insight into how outsiders view the world of swinging and BDSM, and how the view changes after exposure.

 42: Vintage BDSM | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:59

For your listening pleasure, we have a bunch of different subjects. Jon and SinD head to Los Angeles again to hang out with Mister Bill.   While Jon gets busy with one of his favorite play partners, the rest of the gang  talks about the history of BDSM in L.A. This goes all the way back to the early days of "Society of Janus", "Presidium" and  Treshold, when it was just a couple of kinky people playing around in a rented X-rated movie studio. We lured the makers of "SportSheets" (we interviewed and tested the product previously) to Dragons gate. We are taking the violet wand to Burning Man to zap people in the dessert! There are plenty of other random discussions, gummy bears and reviews of Jon's performance as a swinger. Bill interviews Ernest Greene (and his wife, Nina Hartley) about his newest book, "Master of O" and they trade anecdotes from way back in time (around when they invented rope). Professor T and Jon review the news: * Deliciously Disabled at the Couple's Oasis * Ashley Madison hack * Addyi Pill, aka "the female Viagra" (not really) Don't forget: Send us your questions!    

 41: NiN2015: The kinky single guy at the swingers convention | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 43:41

Villain Jon heads to one of the largest swingers events in the country, to spread the gospel of bondage and kink.  We debrief with Brian and Tangerine from Tangerines Dream about the event the parties, the "poker runs", dances and events. Jon talks about the workshops, demonstrations of flogging, electric play  in the dungeon and the problems of teaching an entire room of crazy swingers to tie each-other up. His shenanigans were also documented by "We Gotta Thing" and "Swinger Diaries". Check out Bob's interview to find out more about "Naugthy in Nawlins", or sign up now to reserve your spot for the next event! Find Tangerine on twitter as @TangerinesDreamLtd via email as  (Hit her up about parties in the bay area or workouts!)    

 40: Candy's Adventure Time | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 41:37

Jon and SinD do a bedcast debriefing about the visit to a swinger party by "CandY's Adventures".  There was a lot going on including surprise foursomes, demos, electricity play and flogging. We are going to Naugthy in Nawlins! Sign up now or miss it! (We interviewed Bob, the organizer previously) Help us by voting for us in the lifestyle awards!  Also featured in this episode: * The Violent wand * The celebrator (a.k.a. "the nina") vibrator * Couple's cruises

 39: The Hot Tub Time Machine | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 33:27

We got ourselves a few drinks and head for the hot tub, for our every own "bath-cast" (our homage to the Kapers), and debrief about our sexy adventures at the yearly swingers retreat.  Some of the stories involve spanking and flogging.  During half-time, Mistress SinD puts on her own show, which is not to be missed. In the second part, we interview "the newbies", hosts of "Primal Pleasure Parties" which includes "the art gallery" and "the winery" (as mentioned in Shira & Gavin's swinging adventure) . Sponsors: Kasidie ("Facebook for the sexually social") and Couples Cruises (No kids on this boat!).

 38: Naughty in Nawlins and on boats | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 46:27

We had a long chat with Bob Hannaford (half of the infamous "Bob & Tess" team), famous for creating spectacular events and cruises. Bob talks about the swinging lifestyle, being naked (pretty much a requirement to survive in New Orleans) and having a great time at a convention. They stared with having 100 couples, now their events welcome more than 800 couples each.  Instead of creating one big event, they create a cluster of smaller activities, so that everybody can find their own thing. The culture of New Orleans is very open to all walks of life.  Bob has been organizing a parade during Naughty in N’awlins for over 10 years, which has morphed into a "swingers pride parade".  It almost looks like a sexy political rally. The only people who make less money when the swingers take over the own are the strippers.  But they do have strip-club take-overs, to great effect! Unlike the average playroom, Bob and Tess's room are nicely decorated and inviting "Tantra Palaces".   There is also a greater variety, from group rooms to girls only rooms to "dark rooms".   Sometimes people make the weirdest noises when having an orgasm.  But it can still make you feel like a superhero. Cruises are welcome to all levels of swinger experience, from experts to newbies to nudists, and created with the same amount of care as the other events.  Most leave from the east coast (Florida), but some  have departed out of Los Angeles and Puerto Rico.  There is also a European river cruise on the Rhine coming up soon. Bob shares tips about the proper etiquette to enter into an orgy and explains the feeling of "electricity" during his first ever threesome. He just finished the design of a brand new "Colette's" in Dallas and what went into extending the existing playrooms.    They will be sponsoring Fantasy fest and a new "Couples fest" in key west.  More information on cruises at, for Naughty in N’awlins go to Featured podcasts: * Swinger Diaries (Closed) * We Gotta Thing….

 37: 2 Girls, 1 City: Practical polyamory in London | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 49:22

SinD and Victoria share their hazy recollections of a weekend together in London and debrief their raw feelings, straight from the heart: The fun of of partying, and the messiness of polyamory. Subjects discussed: * Signing up for OkCupid, getting too many responses to manage * Getting the wrong address * Practical polyamory also involves talking to the wife and telling dinosaur adventures to the kids . * Rocking out in London dance clubs * 3-way make-outs * SinD hunting 18 year-olds, and going into "Wicked tigger" mode * Trying to dampen sexual frustration with Mc Donald's food (Hint: It doesn't work!) * Leaving the kids with blue balls * Jealousy (Or just trying to fit in) * Organizing threesomes can be more complicated than initially expected * The girls define their sexuality as "situational" * How abuse as a child impacts the feelings and decisions later in life * A relationship with a married man * Lessons learned and tips for those starting in polyamory Do you know of any good podcasts we should feature?  Let us know and we will give them a shout-out!

 36: Adventures of a Single Male in the Swinging lifestyle | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:49

Can you get into the swingers scene as a single male?  Many have tried and failed (some more spectacularly than others) but we talk do Daniel, who not only lived to tell the tale, he also wrote a book about it called “swingland”. We discuss: * How to be yourself * Creepy things to avoid * Not sending pictures of your junk (unless asked for) * Making yourself useful at parties in order to get yourself to be indispensable * Playing “Poker for pussy" * Swinging as single male versus a female * Experienced couples versus newbies * Being aware of couples with internal issues * Dangers of recently broken-up single females * Sense of humor * Swinger-based TV series are mediocre at best, so we have to make our own References: * Read "Swingland: Between the Sheets of the Secretive, Sometimes Messy, but Always Adventurous Swinging Lifestyle" * David Stern: website, twitter * Featured podcast: Polyamory Weekly * Stockroom: coolest toys for the bedroom and the dungeon * Sign up for the mailing list to get the latest scoop * Review us on iTunes

 35: Fetish & Fantasy 2: Journey to the Dark Side | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:47

Just like last year, we hit Vegas like rockstars

 34:, Folsom Street Faire, adopting a pet | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 43:31

Another  "recap episode", where SinD and Jon try to remember all the adventures since last time!  First up is BondCon, a new conference at "The Armory", home of "".  We meet various famous educators, but the misses was most impressed with "Thraje" and Cléo Dubois, and the single-tail whipping skills of "Disciple". We visit Folsom Street Faire and interview random victims (to great amusement).  It turns out that bi-males do exist! Misses also adopted a (human submissive) pet, and took her to a swingers party.  This put a spotlight on the differences between protocols and appropriate behavior between the swinger and BDSM/kink communities.    In the later, there is a more strict enforcement of the "ask for consent first" rule, which sometimes gets forgotten by the experienced swingers.  Also,  one has to make sure that one scene does not take so long that one doesn't get laid.  "Cock-blocking" may have occurred, and  Jon got the woman with "worlds most impressive ass" in trouble. We use Google Calendar to schedule play-dates/training sessions.  Does that mean we are now poly? Featured podcast: The Swing Wife (Podfaded)  

 33: How to set up swinger site profiles, with Emily from Kasidie | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:12

  We talk to Emily from the swinger site "Kasidie".   She explains her travels thru the swinging lifestyle and her experiences on Playboy TV, in the "Swing" show with Scott and Nicoletta. We explain the basic principles: * How to pick a swinger site that works for you * How to look for sexy events in your neighborhood * Picking a good username/profile/handle * Getting certified as a real member * The importance of pictures (not just of your junk) * Which pictures should be public and which should be kept private * Clean your room before taking pictures!  Yes, get rid of the laundry! *  Selfies or not? * Contacting people: How many emails should you send? The girls ponder sweaty naked yoga, and the merits of yoga pants, and coming out as non-monogamous to you parents or (as in Jon's case) have your parent come out to you. Mistress SinD announces the new fitness & health section on Bliss Bringers and her own "Girls Uncorked" chapter.  For more information on that, check out Kasidie or our calendar.  We are getting ready for another "Fetish & Fantasy" event, which is bound to be awesome.  Check out our podcast of last year if you don't believe us.

 32: Swinging in the Dust: Burning man | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 31:48

The "Bliss Bus" settles on the playa at Burning Man, and we record our experiences: Dust, danger ("safety third!") at the "thunder dome", fun at the orgy dome, standing in line in the rain. But first: Reverent Jon takes "playa confessions" and a BDSM 101 course on the desert with plenty of volunteers, which we interview and spank (not always in that order). Send us your comments: Call 231-622-547 or comment on iTunes.

 31: We're on a boat, motha frackers! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:46

We debrief from our summer's adventures: The various swinger parties we visited, including some from Tangerine's Dream (which we interviewed previously) . Villain Jon tries a mud-run, breaks his ankle and then uses his "handicap" to get laid. Then we party in lake of the Ozarks, party cove.  We interview "sexkitten" on the correlation between swingers and their boats.  Mistress SinD has an encounter with a boat propeller, which left a  nasty cut. After all that, we head for Burning man! Featured podcast: Everybody Swing We are also giving away random prizes every month those leaving a review on itunes, Stitcher or the Android app.  

 30: Kama sutra revisited: Lily does India | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:44

Mister Bill interviews Lilly Leithart, who just got back from spending an entire year in India.  She reviews not just the tourist spots, temples and religious rituals, but also tests out the sexual habits and prowess of the locals.  There wasn't a boat, beach or monument that was safe from her exploits. This month's' recommendation is  "The hidden swing" podcast.    

 29: Rope bondage, Kink, Art and kittens with Midori | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:01:23

Midori is a sexuality author, speaker and educator who teaches about alternative and adventurous sexual practices, including the sensual art of bondage and BDSM. She grew up in Tokyo until her teenage years and was raised with feminist values. Midori has a degree in Psychology from Berkeley University and she served in the US army reserves as an intelligence officer. She's an educator and columnist on adventurous sexuality, is a published book author and has a couple of DVDs available. Her mission as a world traveler in presenting to universities and educational seminars encourages self discovery and personal growth. Midori is a world renowned Shibari rope bondage instructor, kink educator, safer sex practitioner and a sex positive activist. When she's not on tour or instructing sold out classes, Midori is a performing & installation artist in San Francisco. She's also known for being a foodie and has a humorous warm personality. She is well respected for her long time volunteer efforts and fight against AIDS--her goal is to see this decease wiped out and prevent any more loss of friends & family members; Last month she volunteered as a Roadie in the Cycle for Life tour in California. We down with her for dinner after she appeared on Dan Savage.  Our  interview touches on a variety of subjects: Midori talks about getting started in the city of San Francisco, how stumbling into being a sex-educator made her discover her public speaking capabilities.  For the first time she publicly discusses how rope work can trigger a meditative or hallucinogenic state for the people involved in the scene. A sofa made out of blowup dolls. Comfort station: Boob headphones.  How art exposed oneself more than "regular" play. Shoutout to "Miss Genevieve", which we interviewed earlier.  Kink and  BDSM is just "cops and robbers", with your pants off (Quote courtesy of Dan Savage).  The importance of having good safewords, that one can remember, speak and hear! Tips for "beginner kink" and practical bondage tips. A good tool for people getting started is the special bondage tape which can be applied without special skills.  Check for tingling feelings or signs of numbness when playing.  Fortefemme can get you "drunk" on "topspace", and there will now be alumni  meetings. Biking to raise awareness and funds for HIV and AIDS.   The "barebacking" (consensual and non-consensual ) during swinger or poly events and the associated "magical thinking is frowned upon.  Midori explains how her herpes saved her life, because having an STD forces one to explicitly negotiate the safety aspects of sex and become a more "responsible slut".  Everybody should practice putting on a condom with their mouth (its also sure to get you laid).  Social media is full of food porn and naked pussies. This version of the interview has been edited to fit within the time format.  The full, uncut version will be released separately for those who want the background information. Upcoming events and activities: * Rope Dojo (taken and recommend by Jon & SinD) * Control & Dominance * Fortefemme (taken and recommended by Professor T) * AIDS Lifecycle


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