The Tokyo-Edo Radio Project show

The Tokyo-Edo Radio Project

Summary: This podcast is for you who want to dive under the surface of Japanese culture. The Meiji University project aims at revealing a dimension of Tokyo (Edo until 1868) that goes unnoticed by the normal sightseer. You can expect depth, but we will also work hard to obey by the First Law of podcasting: "Thou Shall Not Be Boring". The project was born out of an effort to shed new light on the Old Town in Tokyo, a place resting on stories that beg to be told - stories of a strange world that on closer scrutiny begins to show more and more similarities to Western cultures. We are, in other words, setting out on a journey not only of discovery, but also of self-discovery... The programs should be helpful to the curious visitor to Tokyo, researchers, and anyone interested in Eastern civilisation and comparative culture.

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  • Artist: Project Leader: Prof. Dr. Soichiro Itoda, Producer: Hans Karlsson, Collaborative Researcher
  • Copyright: The Tokyo-Edo Radio Project, Meiji University



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