Healing Our Marriage show

Healing Our Marriage

Summary: Dave and Diane didn't start off hating each other, but a few years into their marriage they were on each others nerves all the time. Their families told them to get divorced, but they've decided to try to apply all the knowledge they've learned in therapy. They share tips and insights that they've learned as they struggle to heal their marriage. Come along for the journey with this non rehearsed, real life, reality radio show.

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  • Artist: David Jackson and Diane Jackson
  • Copyright: 2013 School of Podcasting


 We Didn’t Always Hate Each Other | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 22:55

Today we introduce you to Dave and Diane, how we met. We provide an exercise to go through that will remind you why you started dating your spouse. When it comes to marriage there will be good times, and bad times. Dave's Mom use to say, "For there to be a shadow there must be a light. You can look at the shadow, or you can look at the light. I prefer to look at the light." This episode shows how we met, and how we felt when we first met. We did this exercise here on episode one as every therapist we have gone to (we've had a few) walked us through this exercise. We typically come out smiling (as we did in this case). If you're marriage is not the way you want it, you can (more than likely) remember some of the "not so good" things about your spouse. Why not take some time today, and think of the good things about your spouse. The show is intended to be "self-therapy." We have attended a few conferences, read a few books, and yet we still have problems with "discussions" that escalate out of control. One night when we were out eating dinner Diane said, "I wish the passion you have for podcasting you also had for your marriage." A light bulb appeared over my head and I thought, "That's a great idea." It would be something we could do together, and it would give Diane a better understanding of podcasting (you can see this as "Dave's world"). It would give us the ability to say "Roll the tape back, I didn't say that," and be able to actual roll back the tape. It will give us insights into each other that we can go back later and review. Our hope is that this will help not only learn new skills, but to implement them into our lives on a permanent basis. Authors and Experts We Like The Bible   Gary Smalley Love and Respect Mark Gungor Jimmy Evans


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