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Summary: How to run, enjoy and win any Obstacle race.


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The FitCamp Morning Team Showing Off the Guns.Click here for video from today's workout Amanda Duffy running the box. The sprinklers were a great relief from the humidity.

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I was a little worried that this new leg workout was not going to provide the proper muscle-tearing needed to maintain decent sized legs. The reason for that was it does not include regular, heavy squats. The workout includes a lot of movements that incorporate the core which we will need to be strong during the obstacle course (and biking) portion of the May 8th competition. Once again our focus is building stamina and endurance while maintaining strength. That means high reps, less rest and lighter weight than normal. But, not extremely light weight. The workout took less than an hour and I can say, 24 hours later I can feel the soreness, so we succeeded at breaking down the muscles. Always start your leg workout with a 5 minute warm-up. It could be a jog, stationary bike, jumping rope or anything that gets the blood flowing in your legs especially if you just left work where you sit at a desk or if you just got out of the car after a long ride. Exercise #1 Leg Extension Machine I don't really consider this machine a muscle-building machine. It's almost a continuation of the warm-up. However, properly executed, with squeezes at the top, you can really feel a burn in your quads. Set #1 130 lbs - 15 reps rest :45 Set #2 150 lbs - 12 reps rest :45 Set #3 170 lbs- 10 reps rest :45 Set #4 180 lbs - 10 reps Exercise #2 Lunges with Overhead Presses / Curls On Day One we focused mainly on chest and triceps so that is the reason we add a little upper body to the walking lunge. Each lunge is for 20 steps, 10 each lead leg. Set #1 Lunges with overhead presses 15 lbs Set #2 Lunges with Bicep Curls (see video below) 20 lbs Set #3 Lunges with Overhead Presses 20 lbs Set #4 Lunges with Curls 25 lbs Exercise #3Leg Press Machine. The goal with the leg press is to work the inside of the quads. We accomplish this on the leg press machine with our legs even with our shoulders and feet straight. 4 sets / 450 pounds /12 reps Exercise #4 The Wall Sit This exercise burns the quads like no other depending on how long you can hold it. Setting a goal of one minute is an excellent place to start. Make sure your back is flat against a stable wall and your quads are parallel with the ground for maximum benefit. You'll need a longer rest period to shake out the burn as well so for this exercise we took a :90 rest in between sets. Today I used two 40 pound dumbbells. Set #1 :60 rest for :90 Set #2 :50 rest for :90 Set #3 :40 rest for :90 We finished off the wall sits with one legged raises. Lean against the wall, quads parallel with the ground for ten seconds. Every ten seconds lift one leg straight out putting all of your bodyweight on one leg. Go for one minute. No weights. Exercise #5 Elevated Stiff Legged Dead Lifts Stand on a box or step that is about a foot or two off the ground. Place your feet about 4-6 inches apart. We're doing 12 weights so you want to pick a weight you can handle but should really tire you out on that last few reps. I used 55 lbs. Hold the weights to your sides when you begin. Bend down bring the weights in front and hold them for three seconds right at the tip of your sneakers. If you are flexible and can reach past your sneakers, all the better. Stand straight up and bring the weights back to your sides. Exercise #6 500 jump rope reps After that leg workout it should be difficult to jump high enough to get the thinnest of twines under your 600 pound sneakers. But when you complete 500 jumps you will feel totally awesome. And that my friends is a killer leg (with core) workout.


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