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Summary: On The Job is a television show showcasing unique and often overlooked companies and educational opportunities in Alabama. On The Job provides an educational and informative outlet designed to give Alabama citizens a look at jobs available to them and the education and skills required to get these jobs and improve their lives. Hosted by Bobby Jon Drinkard, On The Job is produced by AIDT, Alabama\'s Workforce Training Institute in cooperation with Alabama Public Television, America\'s oldest public television network.

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/ Alabama Southern Community College – Paper and Chemical Technology Program / We write on it, draw on it, ball it up, and throw it away…but first, somebody has to make it. What is it? It’s paper.  Annually, the U.S. produces approximately 87 million metric TONS of paper and paperboard.  This paper is produced from one of our 500 paper and paperboard mills in America, 24 of which is here in Alabama.  Working in the paper and pump industry requires individuals to be trained in certain skills, some of the same skills that students are learning in Alabama Southern Community College’s Paper and Chemical Technology Program. Alabama Southern Community College’s Paper and Chemical Technology program, located in Thomasville Alabama, is one of the nation’s leading training centers for paper and chemical workers. They offer students the ability to learn about the paper and chemical field in a world-class facility with state of the art labs.  The students enrolled in this program get a chance to have hands on training making paper and other aspects of the paper and pulp industry. Website Info: Alabama Southern Community College NPT2  

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/ University of West Alabama – Industrial Maintenance Program / Most business and manufacturing facilities rely on some sort of machinery to run their business. For manufacturing industries, equipment such as PLC’s, CNC machines, and other equipment are used and require knowledge people to not only run the equipment but also maintain the equipment when it fails or requires inspections. Industrial Maintenance is a career that is always in demand and always pays well. At the University of West Alabama, students enrolled in the two-year Industrial Maintenance Program are receiving education in PLC’s, network communications, Fluid power, Electronics, and other areas that are assisting them in gaining employment with the industries in their area. We visited UWA’s Industrial Maintenance Program to get some insight about the program and what students learn. The University of West Alabama – Industrial Maintenance Program

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/ Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus / This week we’re visiting Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus in Union Grove, one of the world’s largest used fire truck sales and service companies.  The campus houses the Nation’s largest on-site inventory of used fire, rescue, and aerial trucks, including ladders and platforms, as well as other emergency fire apparatus. In addition to fire truck sales, EVT certified mechanics perform pump tests, general repairs, preventative maintenance, and body, collision, and paint work on over 500 used fire trucks every year. Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus Website Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus FaceBook Page

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/ EMPACT – Entertainment Media Production and Crew Training / In 2009, a survey by the Motion Picture Association of America found that the Entertainment industry supported more than 2.2 million job, directly and indirectly. Moviemakers use people within the area where the movie is being shot to work behinds the screens doing below the line jobs or jobs that require technical skills, such as electricians and construction. AIDT has created a training program entitled, EMPACT, to help bring EMPACT stands for Entertainment Media Production and crew training and that’s exactly what it does. It trains people on different aspects of working on a film crew for a movie production. The EMPACT Training program currently teaches in three areas: set construction, lighting, and video production. Students receive hands on training on how to use industry equipment, how to create a mock set, and various aspects of running a camera. For more information about the EMPACT training program, visit their website at www.empactalabama.com

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/ Trenholm State Technical College’s Culinary Arts Program / This week we’re visiting Trenholm State Technical College’s Culinary Arts program in Montgomery, the largest of it’s kind in the state. Trenholm’s program has drawn students from 18 countries and 30 states. This program offers career training and provides students with real world experience that prepares them for the job force and positions them for career advancement. Trenholm State Culinary Arts Program Website

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/ Civil Air Patrol / Educating our young people has become a task taken on by more than just our school systems. Entities like the United States Air Force, has created programs to further educate our young people through their methods…… methods that teach skills necessary for personal and career growth. This program is called Civil Air Patrol.  Headquartered in Montgomery Alabama, the Civil Air Patrol is a national volunteer program that’s been around since the 1940’s. Aerospace education is one of the major components taught to the cadets.  Local aerospace entities have worked with the CAPS program in this initiative.  In Auburn, the Auburn airport gives their support. As Cadets, some of these members are taught survival skills, physical fitness, moral leadership, and even aviation training.   Many cadets have the opportunity to fly an airplane for the first time through their flight encampment or academy.  Some cadets may also earn cadet officer status and may enter the Air Force as an E3 rather than an E1. For more information, go to their website. www.gocivilairpatrol.com

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/ Alabama Bass Trail / Fishing and Alabama go together like Shirmp and Grits or Football and Saturday afternoons.  Now there’s a new tourist attraction that’s taking fishing and pairing it up with conservation education.  Working together, the Alabama Bass Trail, Alabama Power and the Alabama High School Anglers Association are having an important impact on our state’s lakes and rivers. Websites: | Alabama Bass Trail |  Alabama Power |  Alabama Student Angler Bass Fishing Association | / Aquaculture – Gadsden State Community College / The Aquaculture Education and Development Center at Gadsden State College specializes in working with students interested in aquatic biology, marine biology, aquaculture and environmental science. On The Job drops in on Dr. Hugh Hammer, director of the Aquaculture program at Gadsden State, to learn more about this program. Gadsden State Aqua Science Department

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/ Chambers County Career Technology Center’s Aquiculture and Environmental Science Program / This week we’re visiting The Chambers County Career Technology Center’s Aquiculture and Environmental Science program in Lafayette.  This unique program is training and preparing students for many different types of jobs and continuing education opportunities.  We worked with students as they maintained aquatic life, transplanted plants, and measured plant nutrience.  We also spoke with a member of the Auburn extension service to learn how they partner with technical programs to provide real world experience to prepare students for the job force.

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/ Henry Brick / Wallace Community College – Masonry / Henry Brick Company in Selma Alabama has been creating bricks since 1945. With a crew of steady employees, Henry Brick produces a wide variety of quality bricks that they are proud of. Denson Henry, Vice-President of the company, talks about the history of Henry Brick. Henry Brick Company Website Following the Job and Training Break, we run a previous segment about the Masonry program at Wallace State Community College in Selma. So not only will you find out how brick are made but you can also obtain information on installing brick. Both Henry Brick and Wallace State Community College are located in Selma. Wallace Community College – Selma

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/ Pike Agriscience & Technical Career Academy / This week we’re in Goshen visiting the Pike Agriscience & Technical Career Academy at Goshen High School. This program introduces students to broad career opportunities in the agriculture industry while teaching them practical job skills and real world knowledge. The Academy provides students with industry related courses of study and prepares them for further studies in higher education. Along with career opportunities and real world knowledge the academy teaches students discipline, determination, work ethic, responsibility, and teamwork. Pike Agriscience & Technical Career Academy Website

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/ True Adventure Sports / Nestled in a quiet little spot in Northeast Alabama, about one mile from Little River Canyon is a quant and modest storefront, chopped full of adventure in store for the adventurous. True Adventure Sports is one of Alabama’s top tourist facilities, specializing in a host of outdoor extreme adventure as well as certification training. Within the beautiful scenery in the mountain, tourists are able to experience some fun and adventurous activities. Some activities that are available through True Adventure Sports include rappelling, rock climbing, whitewater kayaking or canoeing, extreme night hiking, wild cave tours, zip lining, and several other activities. http://www.trueadventuresports.com

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/ Pucker Powder / This week we’re visiting Pucker Powder in Irondale, a candy and confectioner company that is finding sweet success through innovative designs. We learn about what goes into marketing tasty products and take a look at what goes into making the candy that Pucker produces. http://www.puckerpowder.com

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/ Keeping it Real / Bills……… Bills………… Bills……… This is a word that becomes a part of most adults’ lives. It’s that subject that many people grown at, and most struggle with, but this doesn’t have to always be the case. What if there was a program for high school students that taught the students how to make paying bills less of a strain. Well, there is. The people of Cullman Area Workforce Solutions have created a program for high school students that has them “Keeping it Real” about future financial responsibilities and the impact education has in their future.

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/ Sloss Metal Arts Program / SLOSS Furnace, a Historic Landmark with a haunted past and a reportedly haunted present, is known to many as one of the scariest places on earth. Through the height of “Pig Iron” production at the plant, several workers died in horrible accidents due to unsafe working conditions and a round the clock work schedule. Shows like Fox’s Scariest Places and the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures have been to SLOSS to investigate the hauntings and paranormal activity. And now On the Job is here… …To investigate SLOSS Furnaces Metal Arts Program… Yah, That’s Right,… Although mostly known today for its Haunted History, SLOSS Furnace is also home to a thriving Metal Arts community that is helping to preserve its Metal Making History through Educational Workshops, Community Outreach and an Artist Residency Program. On the Job took a trip to SLOSS Furnace to “investigate” this unique Metal Arts Program.

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/ Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama – Part 2 / We began part 1 of a two part series highlighting the team members who work at Hyundai Motor Manufacturing of Alabama located in Montgomery Alabama. Our tour of the facility introduced us to Cedric in the stamping department, Annette in the Paintshop and Shane from the welding area. Each one of these team members showed me what it takes to perform their job and they expressed to me their love and dedication to their job. In this show, we will explore the engine shop, the assembly shop, and the quality area, leading onto the test track.


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