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Summary: Excerpts from "America This Week," America Media's weekly radio show on "The Catholic Channel" on SiriusXM, hosted by Matt Malone, S.J. Kerry Weber and Tim Reidy.

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 Father James Martin on the Met Gala and the “Heavenly Bodies” exhibit | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:02

Our May 9 guest is James Martin, S.J. editor-at-large at America. We discuss his recent interview with Andrew Bolton, “Meet the curator of the Met’s new “Heavenly Bodies” exhibit.” We also discuss these articles: Why Paul Ryan’s ‘economic approach’ to politics clashes with Catholic teaching Why the Met Gala is a good thing for Catholicism A simple way to break down social barriers: courtesy titles Paul Ryan reinstates Jesuit as House Chaplain

 Ross Douthat on the future of the church | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:24:57

Our May 2 guest is Ross Douthat, a New York Times columnist and author of To Change the Church: Pope Francis and the Future of Catholicism. You can read our recent articles on him here: The Catholic Columnist: Q&A with Ross Douthat, Dear Ross Douthat: Don’t be so worried about the church. We also discuss these articles: Archbishop Gregory: The time is right to review Mass translations Why the Chinese government is targeting young Christians in its latest crackdown Alan Jacobs: a Christian intellectual for the internet age

 Why is it so difficult to report on Latinos in the criminal justice system? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:24:20

Our Apr. 25 guest is Juleyka Lantigua-Williams, the founder and chief executive officer of Lantigua Williams & Co., an audio and film production company based in the Washington, D.C., area. We discuss her recent article: “Why more data is needed when reporting on Latinos in the criminal justice system.” Listen to the show live on Wednesday at 1:00 PM EST on The Catholic Channel Sirius XM 129, or return to this page for the podcast.  We also discuss these articles: Bishop McElroy: Catholics must fight polarization in politics and the church Teen among those killed during Nicaragua's peaceful protests Dear reluctant Mass-goers: You are the one your parish is waiting for.

 Adjusting to Catholic motherhood | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:26:18

Our Apr. 18 guest is Jennifer Fulwiler, a lay Catholic writer, speaker and host of The Jennifer Fulwiler Show on "The Catholic Channel," SiriusXM radio channel 129. We discuss her recent article: “In the midst of angst about my growing family, three words helped me find peace.”  We also discuss these articles: ‘Is my dad in heaven,’ little boy asks pope Was the British Government right to attack Syria without Parliament’s approval? Miscarriages are happening in I.C.E. custody. Will the pro-life movement respond?

 A look at life on the U.S.-Mexico border | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:26:09

Our Apr. 11 guest is J.D. Long-García, a senior editor at America. We discuss his recent article, “What life is like on the U.S.-Mexico border.” Listen to the show live on Wednesday at 1:00 PM EST on The Catholic Channel Sirius XM 129, or return to this page for the podcast.  We also discuss these articles: Why should Catholics care about Trump’s tariff war? American farmers. Top Five Takeaways from ‘Gaudete et Exsultate’ Pope Francis’ new exhortation warns against modern problems caused by ancient heresies Fasting with Farmworkers: Agriculture’s #MeToo moment More U.S. bombs in Syria will help no one  

 Meet the families who farm all of your Easter lilies | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:22:51

Our Apr. 4 guest is Jim McDermott, S.J.,America’s Los Angeles correspondent. We discuss her recent article, “The remarkable life of the Easter lily and the farmers who make it happen.” We also discuss these articles: An attack on the integrity of the census is an attack on the voting rights of minorities Is ‘dialogue’ just an empty buzzword for Christians? Pope Francis in Easter message calls for end to conflicts in Syria and the Holy Land What Loyola’s Final Four run can teach us about Catholic schools and sports

 Black Lives Matter and Martin Luther King, Jr.: a story of human dignity | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:23:06

Our Mar. 28 guest is Nichole M. Flores, an assistant professor of religious studies at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. We discuss her recent article, “Martin Luther King Jr. and the dignity of the Black Lives Matter network.” Listen to the show live on Wednesday at 1:00 PM EST on The Catholic Channel Sirius XM 129, or return to this page for the podcast.  We also discuss these articles: Everything you’re hearing about Katy Perry and the L.A. Catholic sisters is probably wrong Repeal the Second Amendment What’s more dangerous than a dictatorship of relativism? A dictatorship of positivism. Sorry, Mr. Trudeau. We won’t ‘just check the box.’ In Vermont, the latest clash between public money and the Catholic Church

 Is a deal between the Vatican and China a good thing? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:25:16

Our Mar. 21 guest is Drew Christiansen, S.J., former editor in chief and president of America. Due to Winter Storm Toby in New York City, this is an all-Jesuit show. Eric Sundrup, S.J. and Sam Sawyer, S.J. join Matt Malone, S.J. to talk about Rev. Christiansen’s latest article: Why the Vatican’s potential deal with China is a good thing We also discuss these articles: In Vermont, the latest clash between public money and the Catholic Church Loyola Chicago savors sweet 16 run after grassroots rebuild Pope Francis talks tech, sex and tattoos with young adults

 How can we minister to families in the aftermath of suicide? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:23:08

Our Mar. 14 guest is Fr. Charles Rubey, Founder and Director of Loving Outreach to Survivors of Suicide (LOSS). You can read about his ministry here: How one Catholic ministry is helping families deal with the devastating aftermath of suicide We also discuss these articles: Five years in, Americans’ love of Pope Francis remains strong Where are the millennial Catholic activists? Have Pope Francis’ first five years been a success? This Lent, I’m giving up swearing

 The world needs the Black Madonna | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:20:52

Our Feb. 28th guest is Br. Mickey McGrath, an Oblate of St. Francis de Sales, an award-winning artist and author of 18 art and faith books. We discuss his recent article, We need images of the Black Madonna now more than ever. Listen to the show live on Wednesday at 1:00 PM EST on The Catholic Channel Sirius XM 129, or return to this page for the podcast.  We also discuss these articles: Catholic colleges say peaceful gun control protests won’t impact admission Dozens of Catholics arrested as they call on Congress to help ‘Dreamers’ Chicago’s Cardinal Cupich: Listen to young people about guns Teachers are not soldiers. Arming them is counter to the message of the Gospels. The uncertain future of Catholic Ireland

 Bonus Episode - 2018 Oscar Nominees and Catholic themes at the movies | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:38:01

Join as we talk about our favorites and pull out the religious and Catholic themes found in this past year's best movies. John Anderson and Bill McGarvey, frequent contributors to America magazine's Arts and Culture section, sit down with America magazine editors, Eloise Blondiau and Fr. Eric Sundrup, SJ to discuss the 2018 Oscar nominees for Best Picture.

 Bringing pro-life and feminist goals together | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:15:41

The guest for February 21 is Serrin M. Foster, president of Feminists for Life and author of "Why pro-life feminism is more important than ever." We also discuss these articles: Pope Francis revives lapsed commission on sex abuse Dear regular Mass-goers: the seats at the end of the pew aren't for you USCCB calls on Catholics to take action for Dreamers A Catholic parish in Parkland preaches

 Searching for Our Lady of Grace in the rust belt | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:25:28

Our Feb. 7th guest is Sonja Livingston, author of several books of literary nonfiction, including the award-winning memoir Ghostbread. We discuss his recent article, What a Rust Belt quest for a missing statue taught me about devotion. We also discuss these articles: Listen this Lent Puerto Rico to receive $11 billion in disaster aid. Advocates warn it won't be enough. Why the Vatican’s potential deal with China is a good thing

 A West Virginia town looks for a new start in Trump’s America | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:32:49

Our guest on Feb. 7 is John W. Miller, a Pittsburgh-based writer and former staff reporter and foreign correspondent for The Wall Street Journal. We discuss his recent article, “Living in Trump’s America: A West Virginia town looks for a fresh start.” We also discuss these articles: Parishes should welcome women who feel unheard, Catholic leaders say in response to ‘America’ survey How your DNA points to the existence and intricacy of God The Editors: Bipartisanship is the only way forward for the pro-life movement As Winter Olympics draw near, South Korean Bishop maintains hope for peace with North Korea Pope Francis see hope for peace in North and South Korea's Olympic collaboration     

 How can we keep young people in the church? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:27:56

Our Jan. 31st guest is Ellen B. Koneck. She manages aquisitions, sales and marketing at Anselm Academic. Previously,  Ms. Koneck was the community and events manager at Commonweal and taught in the Catholic studies department at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Conn. We are discussing her recent article, “How modern technology helped me teach theology to uninterested college students.”


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