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A Year in Japan

Summary: Joseph Tame is a British Japanese Studies student currently on his year abroad at Rikkyo University, Tokyo. Over the course of the year he will be exploring many aspects of life in Japan, and offering his take on this crazy theme park through the regular audio podcast, A Year in Japan. Further information can be found on his website, www.ayearinjapan.com, which is a part of the www.TameGoesWild.com network.

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 Japan Podshow - the non-episode episode zero | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:11:56

Japan Podshow - the non-episode episode zero

 A Year in Japan - Episode 14: New Podcast Alert! (M4A version) | File Type: video/quicktime | Duration: 00:05:30

After a podfade of about 15 months, Joseph is back with a very short announcement - he's about to start a new Podcast from Japan! Japan Podshow is a brand new podcast bringing you weird and wonderful stories from the land of the rising tide of foreigners. We're looking to expose the real life of foreigners in Japan, showcasing all the success stories, and the not-so-successful-but-amusing stories, in addition to bringing you the latest news from the streets of Tokyo and beyond. We're launching in April 2009 - head on over to http://www.japanpodshow.com for the new feeds.

 Episode 13 - New Year 2008 | File Type: audio/mp4 | Duration: 00:37:16

Not exactly a Christmas special, more a New Year Ramble. In Episode 13 of A year in Japan, Joseph gets wiggy as he takes a step back and assesses his final year of Japanese Studies at the University of Sheffield. There's talk of the future too in this 38 minute episode, a lot of which was recorded in the woods in the Animal Council Clearing. See www.ayearinjapan.com for more info

 Episode 12 - a p.s. at the end of Series One! | File Type: video/quicktime | Duration: 00:04:38

In this very short podcast, I tell you about my plans for another series of A Year in Japan in 2008! Thanks to Positive Internet (www.positive-internet.com) for hosting A Year in Japan! See you in 2008!

 Episode 11 - Sayonara Japan, or should I say 'Mata ne!' | File Type: video/quicktime | Duration: 01:06:36

In the last show of series one of A Year in Japan, Joseph brings you up to date with the hectic final month of his Year in Japan as a university student. Hear the story about how a drunken hair cut almost cost him his Fuji TV Drama debut, in which he stars alongside the award-winning actress Tokiwa Takako. There's news on his engagement to *Twinkle* too - exactly how did he propose? There's also news of his next mega-exciting super duper project: 28 Days Halfway Around the World, a trans-siberian adventure that starts on August 14th 2007 (See www.9000miles.info). All this and more in Episode 11 of A Year in Japan.

 Episode 10.5: A mini-request (M4A Version) | File Type: video/quicktime | Duration: 00:06:44

In this mini episode of A Year in Japan I ask for your requests - what should I do in the last episode in this series of a Year in Japan, to be broadcast next month? It's up you! Send your ideas in to joseph@ayearinjapan.com or visit http://www.ayearinjapan.com In the meantime, I'll try and survive my end-of-year exams! http://www.ayearinjapan.com

 Episode 10: Trailwalker special (Advanced version) | File Type: video/quicktime | Duration: 00:45:39

In Episode 10 of the first ever podcast to break the world record for the number of hours spent being edited, Joseph whisks you away into the world of The Blisters and the Longlegs, a.k.a. The Trailwalkers. 100km. 7 mountain peaks. A 3500 meter climb. 31 hours. Without sleep. It was an epic adventure, and you can hear all about it in episode 10 of A Year in Japan. Includes live recordings made during the event itself, bringing you all the drama of the those dark and desperate hours. There's also a brief news update, some shout-outs, and some worrying episodes of presenter madness. You cannot afford to NOT listen to this show! see http://www.ayearinjapan.com or http://www.tamegoeswild.com/trailwalker for more info This advanced version contains lots of photos for your viewing pleasure.

 Episode 09: My NHK TV debut and the mystery of the vanishing hand towls | File Type: video/quicktime | Duration: 01:00:22

In Episode 9 of the first ever podcast about life in Japan to have been listened to by aliens, Joseph takes you on a journey through his last month in Tokyo, which has included TV appearances, starting a new semester at Rikkyo University, working part time, playing with dictionaries, Training hard for a 100km /48 hour hike to Mount Fuji. There's also the latest news from Japan including a fantastic designer bra to increase voting day turnout and some remote control cameras, tips on what to get your Japanese girlfriend or boyfriend to do for you, and lots of groovy listener feedback! A show not to be missed!

 Episode 8 - Capsule hotels, Love Hotels and Electronic Dictionaries (Advanced Version) | File Type: video/quicktime | Duration: 01:01:58

In episode 8 of the most-downloaded podcast by Joseph Tame ever, A Year in Japan, Joseph brings to you insider information on not only life in a Capsule hotel, but also play in a love hotel. If neither of those take your fancy, try a Manga-kissa, about which the Tame has some disturbing info. There's some great info about dictionaries - are the electronic type all they're cracked up to be? Plus, some amazing listener feedback that brought tears to host's eyes. All this and more on the bed-wettingly exciting 8th episode of A Year in Japan. PLUS: LOT'S OF PHOTOS AND CHAPTERS ON THIS ADVANCED VERSION!


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