Cowboyscast - Dallas Cowboys Podcast show

Cowboyscast - Dallas Cowboys Podcast

Summary: How 'Bout Dat Cowboys Cast?!?!? Here at Cowboyscast, part of the Texas Sportscast Network, we not only Talk the Talk, we Walk the Walk. Ok, enough Jimmy Johnson one-liners. We are Cowboyscast, part of the Texas Sportscast Network, and we promise to bring you the most entertaining and informative Dallas Cowboys show anywhere. During the season, we will post two new shows per week: One recapping and the other previewing what hopefully is the next Cowboys victory. At Cowboyscast, we promise not to hold anything back. If T.O. gets out of line, we'll call him out. When a player excels, we'll be right there cheering him on. Also, be sure to tune in weekly to hear who wins the 'Pat Watkins of the Game' award for most inept player. Named after the Cowboys Free Safety who apparently did not know it was in his job description to...COVER SOMEBODY WEARING A DIFFERENT JERSEY!!! Cowboyscast is brand new! So tell your friends about our high-quality, free broadcasts downloadable to an iPod, mp3 player, or right from your computer. There's a hole in Texas Stadium so God can watch his favorite team. All you need to hear your favorite podcast is a computer!

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