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Power Up Sessions by FitnessReloaded.com

Summary: Fitness Reloaded currently presents two series: 1. The Health & Fitness Duels: Ever wondered who is right? The vegetarians or the paleo folks? The running or the weight-lifting folks? Listen to two experts' point of view on a controversial topic...concurrently. 2. The Do the Impossible series: Thought that getting taller in your 40s was impossible? Or, that you could never become a fitness champion in your mid-30s if you were not exercising as a child/teen? Thankfully the impossible is actually possible!

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 Strength training or running? Two experts in the most loving debate ever! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45:03

Some people run, some people choose strength training. Both are strong advocates of why their choice is the best. You may be confused. You don't know what to choose. Should you do strength training or running? Or...should you do both? That’s why I have created the Health & Fitness Duels series. To bring light to health & fitness confusion! Today’s duel is about which mode of exercise to choose: strength training or running… Listen to strength training & running experts Jason Fitzgerald from StrengthRunning.com & Amy Clover from StrongInsideOut.com  in a "Strength training or Running" health & fitness duel. Which mode of exercise is a better fit for your needs and your lifestyle? Or, maybe you should do both? Right-click on "Download" and select "Download Linked File As" to download the podcast on your computer. Want to get more Podcasts? Subscribe to my iTunes channel. In this Health & Fitness Duel podcast, you’ll learn: Why should someone do strength training? Why running? How is strength training different from running (e.g., muscles worked, equipment used, time required, cost…etc)? What is the runners' high? Do people who do strength training also get it? Suppose I am a beginner. What should I expect after my first month of strength training/running? How do I get started with strength training or running? Who should NOT do strength training/running? For what types of people is strength training a better choice? What about running? Strength training or running? What should you do? How do you pick? About the guests: Jason Fitzgerald has been running competitively for over 14 years and ran 2:39:32 at the 2011 Philadelphia Marathon. He’s the author of 101 Simple Ways to be a Better Runner, a Top 50 Sports book for the Kindle on Amazon. Jason is the founder and coach of StrengthRunning.com, a blog about improving as a runner and injury prevention that hosts over 50,000 readers every month and has been featured in Yahoo, Health Magazine, Lifehacker, and the Huffington Post. When he’s not being a running geek or running his own workouts, you can find Jason pounding coffee with his wife Meaghan somewhere around Washington, DC.   Amy Clover, CPT, CES PN1, is a personal trainer, bootcamp instructor andBangin’ Body Coach based in Los Angeles, CA. Her blog, Strong Inside Outblends fitness and self development to empower you to overcome life’s obstacles. She recently released her premier ebook, Make This Your Moment: A Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Life… for Good, to help people make the choice to change so that it sticks. Like Strong Inside Out on Facebook for daily updates and inspiration for fitness and for life! Photo Credit: Lululemon athletica

 How Natasha Wang became a pole dancing champion in her 30s…with no previous exercise experience. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:03

Natasha Wang was never an athlete. She casually started pole dancing in her late 20s, attending class just once a week. She actually thought that exercising more than 2 times a week was just too much for her. A few years later she would find herself dominating in pole competitions, spending hours exercising every day. How did that happen? Listen to Natasha Wang talk about her pole dance journey in a "Do the Impossible" talk. What were her secrets? In this "Do the Impossible" podcast, you'll learn: What are Natasha's most significant pole achievements? How did her pole journey start? How old were she? How many times a week were she exercising? When did she start taking pole more seriously? Why? When did she do her first performance? How did she get over her stage fear? Which was her first competition and how did she train for it? How did Natasha deal with self-doubt? How did Natasha balance working full time & training? What is the most common mistake among pole dancers? The 3 things to which Natasha attributes her success. How did Natasha decide to leave her job and focus on pole full-time? Was it a difficult decision? There are many pole dancing fans who aspire to become like Natasha. What tips would Natasha give to them? THIS IS an EPISODE OF THE "DO THE IMPOSSIBLE" SERIES. YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN THE "HEALTH & FITNESS DUELS" SERIES WHERE 2 EXPERTS DISCUSS CONCURRENTLY A CONTROVERSIAL SUBJECT. Yoga or Pilates? Exercising to lose fat or build muscle? Bodyweight exercises or weights? Vegetarian or Paleo? Or, you can get them all in itunes! About Natasha Wang: Natasha Wang used to be a publicist…She started casually attending pole dance classes with friends in her late 20s. At the time she did not yet suspect that a few years later she would dominate the stage and be announced as the winner in pole fitness championships! She has now put her publicist career on hold, to let her pole fitness career blossom!

 How to get over panic attacks that you have suffered from for decades…accidentally! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 32:54

This is the first public "Do the Impossible" podcast series. In this series, I will be featuring a guest who managed to do something that the thought of as impossible...at least before actually making it happen! Today's guest is Suzanne Ludlum, a yoga teacher from Virginia. You might remember her, as she was the first guest in the Health & Fitness Duels series (Yoga or Pilates?). What I didn't know about Suzanne was that she had a deep story behind her. She was suffering from panic attacks from her teens up until she was 40. Yet, she healed, without even trying to cure herself. It just happened! Suzanne had tried all kinds of treatments. She had spent hours in therapy. Yet no treatment worked. She had actually accepted that she would have to spend the rest of her life with panic attacks. Now, this may not sound too bad if you are not suffering from them, but this is what it means for people who do... Panic attacks: You cannot be in a place with lots of people at the same time. If you do your heart will start racing and you feel like you are going to die. And when I say lots of people...three may be enough people to trigger a panic attack. Apart from feeling like sh*t, panic attacks seriously limit a person's lifestyle. For example, Suzanne would have liked to be a teacher, but a teacher tends to be in a room with lots of kids at the same time. Bye bye teacher career. Suzanne had to attend meetings at her job of course. That was another burden for her. She was always scared a panic attack would come... Yet Suzanne managed to get over panic attacks. And she did that while she was not trying. One day she realized that she was with a group of people and she actually felt fine. "How did that happen?" she thought. Yet, there she was. Her heart-beat was just fine. And she felt ok. Listen to yoga teacher Suzanne Ludlum explain how she managed to get over panic attacks. Bonus: You are also about to find out how she got more than 1 in. taller after the age of 40 ;)   About the expert: Suzanne Ludlum, RYT 500, E-RYT 200; Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner. I believe that Yoga is for every body, no matter what your age or physical condition. Practiced mindfully and safely, Yoga can transform your life. I can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, and on my website, www.trinityyogaandhealing.com or my blog, www.theimperfectpilgrim.com. Photo credit: child is a rebel

 Vegetarian or paleo: Leo Babauta & Steve Kamb in a health & fitness duel | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 52:45

Listen to vegetarian Leo Babauta & paleo-fan Steve Kamb in a "Vegetarian or Paleo" health & Fitness Duel. Which diet is a better fit for your needs?

 Vic Magary & Mark Lauren discuss: Bodyweight exercises or weights? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 24:18

Listen to fitness experts Vic Magary (in support of weights) & Mark Lauren (in support of bodyweight exercises) in a Fitness Duel between bodyweight exercises and weights. Which form of resistance training better fits your needs?

 Health & Fitness Duels: Should I exercise to lose fat or build muscle? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45:03

Fitness is sometimes plain confusing. I have found myself wondering countless times...whether I should exercise to lose fat or build muscle! Really, what are the differences between the two? How should someone exercise when they want to lose fat, and how should someone exercise when they want to build muscle? Hehe, you see losing fat and building muscle are different goals that require different training! Confusing, huh? But what if you want to do both? Lose fat AND build muscle? Now it's getting even more confusing! Oh, and there is more. I had heard that sometimes weight loss comes from losing muscle rather fat. Is that true? Solve your "lose fat or build muscle" questions today. Listen to fat loss and building muscle experts Tom Griesel & Warren Martin in a fitness duel between losing fat & building muscle! Is losing fat or building muscle a better fit for you? In this Health & Fitness Duel you'll learn: What are the major benefits of losing fat? What are the major benefits of building muscle? How can people lose fat or build muscle? How important is exercise in losing fat or building muscle? How do you know whether your weight loss is due to losing fat or muscle? When should someone choose to lose fat rather than build muscle? Right-click on "download" and chose "Save as" if you want to download the recording. About the Experts: Warren Martin, Fitness Authority & Best Selling Author, BS,  NASM-PES, CES, MMACC, Marine Corp Veteran. Over 12 years experience, Trainer, Life Coach, Fitness Business Coach, Strength Coach, and Pre-hab. Books:The Wellness Code (Best Seller) & Best Butt Exercises (amazon ebook; chapter 2). Get a free copy of Best Butt Exercises ebook or/and an auto graphed book here. Here is Warren's blog, facebook, twitter, and podcasts.   Tom Griesel, 57, author, speaker, health, wellness and rapid fat-loss consultant to corporate officers, celebrities, athletes and individuals. He has been a frequent guest on both television and radio programs offering informative as well as entertaining insight on the simplest and fastest route to rapid fat-loss and optimal health. Find him on his website, facebook, youtube, and twitter.     Photo Credit: Rance Costa

 Health & Fitness Duels: Yoga or Pilates? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:11

Pilates? Like Yoga, right? Or, maybe not? Pilates and Yoga are said to be cousins, yet they are different at the same time. Which one is better anyway? Listen to pilates & yoga experts Suzanne Ludlum &  Ginger Garner in a Fitness Duel between pilates and yoga. Which one is a better fit for you? In this Health & Fitness Duel podcast, you'll learn: Why you should do yoga or pilates vs. other forms of exercise. How many times a week should someone do yoga or pilates. How yoga is different from pilates (e.g., muscles worked, equipment used, mind-body connection, time required, cost...etc). What you should expect after your first month of pilates or yoga training as a beginner. How to recognize when yoga and pilates are taught the WRONG way. Who should NOT do yoga and pilates. Which one is better: yoga or pilates? How a yoga or pilates fan can maximize results. About the experts: Suzanne Ludlum, RYT 500, E-RYT 200; Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner.  I believe that Yoga is for every body, no matter what your age or physical condition.  Practiced mindfully and safely, Yoga can transform your life.  I can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, and on my website, www.trinityyogaandhealing.com or my blog, www.theimperfectpilgrim.com.         Ginger Garner MPT, ATC, ERYT500, CPI — is an educator in using yoga and Pilates as medicine, and is a orthopaedic and women’s health physical therapist. As a published author, Ginger pens the popular mothers health Breathing In This Life  and for Modern Mom, Fit and Fearless Birth. Ginger is an activist for improving health care in the US. She developed the first medical yoga post-graduate program, Professional Yoga Therapy, in 2001, and started one of the first holistic physical therapy clinics in the US. Ginger has written more than 30 educational programs in using yoga and Pilates for healing and a 4-volume text on the PYT method. You can reach Ginger at www.gingergarner.com and  www.professionalyogaatherapy.org. Follow Ginger on Facebook and Twitter, and Professional Yoga Therapy on Facebook. Photo caption: Back-bend: gbSk

 Expert Interview: How to get lean in 8 weeks with Marc Perry from BuiltLean.com | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:17

Are you struggling with exercise? Would you just love it if you had a specific program to follow that would guarantee you results in a few weeks? Well, this is what Marc Perry from BuiltLean.com will talk to us about today. Marc used to be in super-shape when he was a college athlete. However, he lost that figure after graduating and finding work in Walls Street... The scale numbers were gradually going up... Where would that go if Marc didn't put an end to it? Well, not only did Marc put an end to it and got his 6-pack back, but he also created a program to help others do what he did. Learn how in this interview! :) Marc and I talked about: How sitting on your butt for more than 10 hours makes you put on weight (2:34) What Marc did to improve his health while he was still working insane hours in Walls Street (3:35) How the Built Lean program can help you (4:10) What kind of people would benefit from following the Built Lean program? (5:29) Why you should NOT let yourself feel hungry - ever (7:35) How to create your own healthy meals (8:35) Why keeping a food journal for 2-3 days will help you tremendously (10:00) How fast can you expect results by starting exercise and taking care of your diet? (11:11) How does someone find the time to exercise? (12:43) The dirty little secret you don't want to have (14:03) Marc's advice on "How can I start exercise?" (15:11) The most effective exercise motivators (17:30) Where you can find Marc (20:30) The three takeaways you should get from this interview Part I (21:16) How superficial goals won't get you anywhere (21:35) The right way to set fitness goals (22:15) How men and women differ in their fitness approach (23:20) The three takeaways you should get from this interview Parts II & III (25:40) Why tracking your progress is important and how to do it (27:00) Can't wait to learn more about how to get lean? Get Marc's FREE guide here: http://www.builtlean.com/free-report/

 Efficient exercise routines: Just 16 min workouts – 3 times a week | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 39:35

Hello Fitness Reloaders! I am happy today to present you Samy Peyret, the author of one of my favorite fitness books "Max Capacity Training"! Samy advocates working out in high intensity for 16 min, just 2 or 3 times a week. That's all! Just 48 min every week and you are done! Plus, his system is great for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Listen to our podcast, and notice Samy's practical approach on exercise and nutrition. Samy and I talked about: Why it's important to not be dependent on a gym. Why bodyweight exercises? (5:18) The right way to warm up. (8:21) Why Max Capacity? Why choose efficiency? (11:00) How often you should exercise. (13:00) How fast can someone expect to see results with Max Capacity Training? (15:16) How to track your progress. (16:25) The 5 principles of eating right. (19:40) How to structure your meal so that they are balanced and healthy. (25:30) How to make a new start with exercise, even if you have had previous bad experiences of failure. (27:30) Why you should exercise with friends. (36:40) What are the three takeaways you should get from this interview? (37:30) Can't wait to learn more about Samy's system? Find all the workouts for FREE at: http://www.maxcapacitytraining.com/  


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