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Company of Burning Hearts (COBH)

Summary: FREE Podcast - Justin Paul Abraham is the founder and co-director of COBH Ltd in the UK. He is a popular podcaster, author, missionary and motivational speaker, known for his joyful teachings on the happy gospel, engaging heaven, mystical (contemplative) prayer and KAINOS (new) creation realities. He lives in the UK with his four kids – Josh, Sam, Beth and Oliver with his inspirational wife Rachel Abraham.

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 CoCo Bliss Drink | Winnie Banov | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3314

Classic bliss-filled message from our Archives. This series of messages imparted a love for the Gospel that radically changed the course of our lives. We drank the Coco!! Special guest Winnie Banov - Global Celebration. The music intro is Rob Townley (Prophetic Guitar) the end music is the incredible Benjamin Dunn. What a fest of joy! BIG shout out to our Patreon and Partner team who make this possible. The secret heroes!! - Check our page out for exclusive material.

 Giver of LIFE | Justin Paul Abraham | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2584

In this mind changing mentoring session, Justin Paul Abraham talks about the possibility of living without dying through the Spirit. "We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the Giver of life" (Nicene Creed). Includes the hope filled 100 year prophecy by the late Bob Jones of a company who will overcome death. The blissful music at the end of the Podcast is- Found by United Pursuit Band. Thanks again to our Patreon and Partner family fo supporting this channel.

 Sky Walkers | Justin Paul Abraham | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3188

Who are these that fly like the clouds (Is 60:8)? In this powerful moving message, Justin Paul Abraham calls on us to engage the updraft into Zion and to enter into a new dimension of insight and clarity, beyond visions. The Door is open, but it takes passionate pursuit, courage and faith to step into it. Thank you again - to our dear partners who make the COBH Podcast possible. We honour you! (The beautiful music at the end is a sample from - check it out. We love ihopkc and what they are pioneering).

 Happily Ever After | Justin Paul Abraham | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2836

Humanity has a limitless future. A future where all creation is transformed by Love. A future where we dance among the stars! Recorded in Northern Ireland @ Perichoresis 2019 with Justin Paul Abraham. Thank you to our dear Patreon and Partner family for standing with us. Together we are creating a bigger and brighter future for generations to come. We are one! For more videos and teachings don't forget to check out - The music at the end - Janine John Band "Relocate" available on iTunes.

 Mystical Encounters | Nancy Coen and Justin Paul Abraham | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3071

Conversation crammed full of stories with the unseen world from two modern day mystics- Nancy Coen ( and Justin Paul Abraham. Hear about Jesus appearing, Heavenly Lights, Saint Enoch, Communion and more. We hope you enjoy this inspirational conversation! Thank you to our lovely extended Partner and Patroen family for standing with us. Our secret heroes! If you want to join us - click here - - help us shape the future together. WANT more connection? Check out - Twitter - Instagram - Facebook - Youtube - Check out for more.

 Justice and the Angels | Justin Paul Abraham | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2670

Angels and the Ecclesia are interconnected communities. As we function from Above, we also interact with, activate and work with Angelic beings. We are one beautifully merged family. Join Justin Paul Abraham in this ongoing series on JUSTICE and the Ecclesia: Functioning from the Courts of Heaven. This is session 5 where we explore further dimensions of the Father's house. Enjoy! BIG shout out to Patreon and Partners. You guys are massive in our hearts everyday. The secret heroes behind COBH. Thank you for standing with us You know who you are!! Cheers! The music intro and also the end tune are samples from the incredible iHop online 24/7 feed. Check it out at - These guys make beautiful waves!

 JUSTICE and the Courts of God | Justin Paul Abraham | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1919

By popular request - the JUSTICE sessions. One of our best Podcasts yet in terms of explaining the ECCLESIA and engaging the books of YHVH' DREAMS. Poetic, revelatory, encouraging, this was a profound evening of experiencing the substance of Heaven. Justin Paul Abraham @ TRIBE in Wales. BIG shout out to our PATREON and PARTNER family who make this happen. You guys are the BOMB! Seriously!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! The excellent fade in music at the start and end is a sample from the inspirational IHOP Kansas live stream. - we love IHOP music. Until next time! Have a great summer (or winter)!! Cheers COBH

 Deeper Still | Justin Paul Abraham | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1818

A happy light hearted session for the Summer!! Recorded in South Africa at DeVine 2018. Drink. Enjoy. Get undone by Love. You are locked in the Wine Cellar forever with Jesus!! BIG thanks to all our partners and friends who make this Podcast possible. Also shout out to Godfrey Birtill for the tune at the end- It's Bubbling. Available on iTunes. GB rocks!

 Expanded Life | Justin Paul Abraham | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3265

Challenging the status quo, we are journeying into a new era for humanity, where life swallows up death. Join Justin Paul at the TRIBE in Wales as he expands on the incredible, mystical, joy-filled message of the Gospel of LIFE expansion, health and the possibility of IMMORTALITY. (The Music during the prayer is the talented Rob Townley HEAVEN SONIC. The final track is the new album RELOCATE by Janine John Band. Both are available on iTunes). Big shout goes out to our PARTNERS and PATREON supporters for making these sessions FREE and supporting us. AMAZING! You are our heroes! If you'd also like to support COBH please consider partnering with us. Cheers!

 Special Guest: Gary Oates | Angels | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3979

Gary Oates is a radical missionary and author of the life changing book "Open My Eyes, Lord: A Practical Guide to Angelic Visitations and Heavenly Experiences". In this pivotal message you will hear incredible stories of Angels working today, how to see them, interact them, and move in supernatural power. BIG thank you goes out to Gary Oates for permission to re-publish this classic message. Also our incredible Partners who fund the COBH podcasts. Finally, Rob Townley for the guitar music at the beginning. Rob Townley's music can be found on iTunes or at Enjoy!

 The AGE of ASCENSION | Justin Paul Abraham | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2817

In this era, many people will go up into the Heavens to participate in the Above! This is the Age of Ascension. This is a meaty teaching time with Justin Paul, with many insights, profound stories and wisdom on the wonderful truth. Learn about the function and experience of the word 'Al-ah עָלָה' which means GO UP. Recorded in Winnipeg Canada. Part of the Beyond Human School in 2018. Thanks to our wonderful Partners and Patreon friends who make this Podcast possible. Our hidden heroes! Cheers COBH

 Trinity and Us | Justin Paul Abraham | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2534

You're included! Jump into the deep waters of LOVE within the Trinity. In this powerful session Justin Paul shares on 'Perichoresis' the wonderful dance within YHVH. The source of Life and Bliss! The dance that shapes reality! Recorded at our COBH TRIBE mentoring group here in Wales. The wonderful dance sone at the end of this recording is by the legendary Godfrey Birtill. You can find Godfrey's transformational music at (and also iTunes etc). Go get it. You'll love it! THANKS to our lovely PARTNERS who make this Podcast channel possible! You rock! Merry Christmas! Twitter - Instagram -

 Restoring the Ecstasy | Justin Paul Abraham | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3979

Dare we go deeper? Will we tremble?! Mentoring session on Ecstasies and shocking encounters with God. Includes teaching on ascending in YHVH and engaging the Name, Mystic Prayer and biblical trances. Recorded at TRIBE in Wales with Company of Burning Hearts. BIG shout out to our PARTNERS who sow into us every month, making it possible to keep these sessions free. You guys rock!! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. See you in the Heavens! Cheers COBH team

 Courts of Heaven | Justin Paul Abraham | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3650

Fresh message! Saturated with revelation and presence. We are all being called to join the upward flow of grace into the Above Divine Government, to be clothed in authority, take our place, working alongside angelic beings and learning partnership with the Saints and Councils. We highly recommend this teaching, it contains much joy and hope. Recorded live at Spirit School with If you are enjoying Justin Paul you may want to partner with us from our website or support us on Patreon- - thank you to all who help us spread the Glad Message to the world! You guys rock! Don't forget to subscribe for FREE on iTune, Spotify or Podomatic for future messages. Also check out our YouTube channel - Justin Paul Abraham and Twitter - @WildFireRising for more! BIG blessings!

 Encounters: A Mystical Journey | Justin Paul Abraham | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2942

Justin Paul shares his story. Moving from the prophetic ministry into face to face encounters in Heaven. This is a sweet, personal and intimate session. Recorded in 2018 at Gas Street Church, Birmingham UK hosted by Helen and Joe Hudson. This is a beautiful message where the Presence of Jesus rested on the people. Enjoy! THANK you dear partners for funding this free channel. Forever in our hearts!


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