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Rick Steves Notable Travelers

Summary: Rick Steves Notable Travelers is a collection of "Travel with Rick Steves" radio interviews featuring some of his favorite interviews with well-known travelers, ranging from guidebook legend Arthur Frommer to Tuscany's Frances Mayes to humorist David Sedaris. For more travel ideas and advice, visit http://www.ricksteves.com.

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 Good-bye Audio Europe, hello "Travel with Rick Steves" | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 00:24

This marks the end of Rick's Audio Europe podcast. But the good news is there are two easy ways you can keep getting this content. The first way is to subscribe to the free, weekly “Travel with Rick Steves” radio show podcast on iTunes. It brings you all the great interviews you’ve come to love, in a longer format. Or, you can download the free “Rick Steves Audio Europe” app, which includes all of Rick's radio interviews — plus dozens of walking tours through Europe’s most interesting neighborhoods and museums. Either way, keep listening, and naturally, keep on travelin’! More info at https://www.ricksteves.com/watch-read-listen/audio/podcasts

 Sarah Vowell's "Lafayette in the Somewhat United States" | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 18:12

Author and radio commentator Sarah Vowell explains how Revolutionary War hero Marquis de Lafayette helped unify Americans after the contentious presidential election of 1824.

 Nadeau and Barlow's "The Bonjour Effect" | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 28:50

Montreal-based authors Jean-Benoît Nadeau and Julie Barlow discuss the unwritten rules of conversation in France, and the communication hurdles visitors face — even those who speak perfect French. Their book is called "The Bonjour Effect.”

 Marjorie Williams' "Markets of Provence" | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 18:12

Author Marjorie R. Williams shares tips for finding exceptional seasonal produce — and great souvenirs — in the south of France. She’s collected her recommendations and personal favorites in her guide “Markets of Provence.”

 Andy Steves' "Europe: City-Hopping on a Budget" | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 18:33

Rick's son Andy Steves shares tips from his guidebook “Andy Steves’ Europe: City Hopping on a Budget.” The advice in Andy’s book comes from his experience helping American college students make the most of their time during study abroad in Europe.

 James Sherwood's "Discriminating Guide to London" | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 18:33

Fashion critic James Sherwood introduces Rick to some of London's most elegant and characteristic restaurants, hotels, specialty shops, and other stylish scenes. His witty guidebook is titled “James Sherwood’s Discriminating Guide to London.”

 Diana Nyad: Never Give Up | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 26:23

Endurance swimmer Diana Nyad tells Rick how she set a world record in long-distance, open water swimming on her 2013 swim from Havana to Key West. Her book is titled “Find a Way.”

 Laurence Bergreen's Casanova | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 18:42

Historian Laurence Bergreen reveals what the adventurer Casanova’s uncommon life can tell us about 18th-century Venice – gritty details and all. Bergreen’s new book is titled “Casanova: The World of a Seductive Genius.”

 Salvatore Settis’ “If Venice Dies” | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 17:55

Archaeologist and author Dr. Salvatore Settis discusses Venice's population decline, which continues even as crowds of tourists and cruise-ship passengers overwhelm Italy's most beloved city. His book is titled “If Venice Dies.”

 Leif Pettersen's "Backpacking with Dracula" | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 12:06

Travel writer Leif Pettersen tells Rick about the ruthless 15th-century prince behind the legend of Dracula. The infamous character of Dracula is a major source of tourism to Romania today. Pettersen’s book is “Backpacking with Dracula.”

 Elaine Sciolino's Everyday Paris | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 18:01

New York Times correspondent Elaine Sciolino tells Rick what makes her own neighborhood in Paris feel like home and discusses her book "The Only Street in Paris."

 Gloria Steinem's Travels | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 8:04

Author and activist Gloria Steinem reflects on her decades of frequent travels, and how they gave her a sense of adventure from a young age. Her book about the topic is titled "My Life on the Road."

 Diccon Bewes' "Slow Train to Switzerland" | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 12:05

Author Diccon Bewes explains how tourism as we know it was invented by middle-class, Victorian-era English travelers seeking a pleasure trip in the Swiss Alps. His new book is titled "Slow Train to Switzerland."

 Thor Oreld's "Alt for Norge" | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 15:20

The Norwegian reality TV show "Alt for Norge" brings 12 Norwegian-Americans to Norway for the first time. A producer and contestant from the show describe what happens when the contestants compete to adapt to Norwegian everyday life.

 Fred Plotkin — Coffee in Europe | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 18:12

Food and culture expert and author Fred Plotkin explains the variety of ways people across Europe prefer their coffee.


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