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National Cynical Network Archives

Summary: Bizarre stream-of-consciousness industrial comedy music, voicemail art, stuff from Negativland, and other such fun. From Phineas Narco, Ronald Redball, Alexander T. Newport and others! In .mov format.

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  • Artist: National Cynical Network
  • Copyright: Copyright Wed, 11 Oct 2017 15:34:39 -0400 National Cynical Network


  NCN on Plundercast - Deconstructing Boredom | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:00

Originally broadcast on 7/10/11, this show is all about the psychological phenomenon of boredom. We syntopically explore this universally undesired state of ennui, malaise, doldrums, and 'blues' to find out what causes it, and what if anything should be done about it. It's actually an INTRIGUING SUBJECT found extensively in popular culture (NIN, Otis Redding, Green Day, etc.) as well as psychological and philosophical studies. Re-contextualized examples, samples and effects pour forth in this 3 hour psychedelic collage treatment of the subject. Mental quagmire or a doorway to peace and enlightenment? Includes some material from 'The Joy of Nothing'.

  NCN on Plundercast - Best Bricks | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:00

From 07/17/11, We go behind The Wall once more and offer up variations (covers, remixes and digital deconstructions, version medleys) of songs from Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'. Many, many covers and re-interpretations have been done, but this is a presentation of what we feel are the 'best' ones out there. Includes pieces from the 'Deconstructing the Wall' project done by members of the Snuggles Negativland fan Mailing List from yesteryear and many other 'versions' that we have never before played. Seek these tributes out! Many of them are well worth it.

  NCN on Plundercast - Yankinem ('Weird Al' vs. Eminem) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:00

NSFW Program originally webcast on June 26th, 2011 on WE Slack Radio, Plundercast and DFM out of Amsterdam. This week's show is a mix of mash-ups, songs, remixes, dubstep versions, collages and general variations of music by Eminem mixed with various (mostly) nerdcore pieces by 'Weird Al' Yankovic poking fun at rap music and keeping it more real than the original songs. Lots of material referring to the idea that Eminem is gay (somehow) and material from the new 'Weird Al' album 'Alpocalypse' (recommended!) as well as Yankovic 'interviewing' Eminem. 128kbps LAME encoded, 180 min. with credits read at end.

  NCN on Plundercast - The Great Big Sex Music Mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:00

This is a risque, explicit and downright dirty mix having to do with everybody's favorite subject - SEX. Portions were carried over from the now-retired NCN program 'Audiorotica - Music to Make Love To'. Obviously NSFW, this mixx Includes some original pieces by NCN as well as remixes, mashups, collages and mixes by and from Benny Benassi, Margo Ananad, A Plus D, Bloodhound Gang, Cazwell, DJ Zebra, DJ Deeon, Snoop Dog, Sascha, DJ Aristocat, C+C Music Factory, as well as some Negativland (from Sex Dirt), Dr. John, Ying Yang Twins, Queen, NIN, DJ Earworm, Crystal Method, Prince, Shaggy, Tone Loc, Tori Amos, Adam Ant, Khia, 2 Live Crew, and of course, Sir Mix-A-Lot. 180 min. 128kbps mp3.

  NCN on Plundercast - Nine Inch Catholics | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:00

A collection of pieces, both musical and comedic, poking irreverent fun at Catholicism and Easter, mixed up with some NIN remixes ('Closer to God' primarily) and some rare, new Devo pieces. Originally webcast on Easter of 2011 on DFM and Plundercast. 128kbps 3-HOUR show. NSFW.

  NCN on Plundercast - The News | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:00

Many psychedelic and comic send-ups of the news populate this collage program. Also, coverage of the Japan earthquake and tsunami and a smattering of Pink Floyd versions medleys and covers. Includes work by collage artists Hazel of the Windmills, Cassetteboy, Evolution Control Committee, Cabaret Voltaire, The Kleptones, KPFA's Subgenius Show, NCN, Midnight Voicejail, etc. A 3-hour, 128kbps LAME encoded mp3. Free download. Feel free to subscribe to podcast. Some portions are NSFW.

  NCN on Plundercast - I Don't Know | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:00

Originally conceived as a Puzzling Evidence Show tribute, this became partly about Unions, including the huge controversy and uprising in Wisconsin (at the time of it's making) regarding union-busting by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his cohort David Koch (who is impersonated in a 'gone viral' crank call to Governor Walker by writer of The Buffalo Beast blog). Other portions are some multi-layered talking by Phineas mixed with music and almost all of the 'old Doktor' Subgenius hierarchy in yak tapes from yesteryear and modern-day news about Middle East uprisings. The result sound very Puzzling Evidence type of mix you can zone out on and appreciate as background music or as something to listen to attentively. Basically a gearing up to Phinny's appearance on the KPFA 'Puzzling Evidence Show' in the week after this show was originally aired. Also included are Union Label commercials from the late 70's / early 80's, Louis C.K. asking Donald Rumsfeld if he is a flesh-eating lizard via The Opie and Anthony Show, Radiohead's latest (new) single, some remixes from Old Nerdy Bastard's 'Geeky Music Remixed', George Carlin discussing cynicism and what he hopes for, the trailer for the bogus but brilliant E(x).T. sequel, an 'Another Brick in the Wall' versions medley and a long guided meditation sequence which is new. In 128kbps LAME encoded 3-hour mp3 format.

  NCN on Plundercast - Big Machine | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:00

Originally webcast on 11/28/10. A collage show about man's relationship to technology and it's increasing co-dependent nature, origins, and destiny. Features material from William S. Burroughs - A Thanksgiving Prayer, Meat Loaf, Star Trek (TOS), National Cynical Network (including the new song 'Masters of RIAA and 'I'm Not Going to Frop Anymore', music from the new Tron-Legacy soundtrack, Kevin Kelly, Norelpref, Velvet Revolver, Cassetteboy, Gary Numan, ToToM, NIN, Bob Hope, Party Ben, Louis C.K., George Carlin, The Kleptones and More. 3 hour show 128kbps LAME encoded. Some parts may be NSFW.

  NCN on Plundercast - The Blue Moon Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:00

This was alternately titled 'Once in a Blue Moon' and was webcast on 11/21/10, a rare 13th Full Moon of the year 2010 (thus technically a 'blue moon') and is a mix featuring songs, music and comedy pieces about the moon and the 'blue moon'. Material from Frank Sinatra, The Marcels, Elvis, Patsy Cline, Nanci Griffith, Mel Torme, Bing Crosby, Crystal Method, Yello, Porcupine Tree, Genesis, Talking Heads, Cat Stevens, Evolution Control Committee, National Cynical Network, Dana Gould, David Cross, Gil Scott Heron, Brian Regan, John Prine, The Doors, Lazy, The Flaming Lips, Dean Martin, Duran Duran, and a special section in the last 45 minutes of the show all about the recent TSA airport screening controversy. 128kbps v0 3-hour mix. Just as it was originally webcast. See the links associated with this webcast on the NCN site, in the archives section, for associated links to material therein.

  NCN on Plundercast - Identity Crisis | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:00

A weird episode about identity, and the question of who we are, originally webcast on 11/07/10 on Plundercast and DFM out of Amsterdam. Includes new work by NCN including 'Guide to Being Depressed and Miserable' and 'Dirty Bandages on an Invisible Man'. Also material from BBC's Horizon episode on identity 'The Secret You', Negativland, David Byrne, Porcupine Tree, Marilyn Manson, Peter Gabriel, The Value Village People, XAM, ToToM, Mowgli Be Cool, Rush, Irixx, and much more. 3 hour program in 128kbps mode. See Links for this item under its listing at the NCN homesite for related material and information.

  NCN - Guide to Being Depressed and Miserable | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:00

This is the video version of the essay that was such a hit. Written by Phineas Narco. This is satire folks. Those who understand, know. Hope you enjoy!

  NCN on Plundercast - Mixtape for Warbear at 40 (NSFW) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:00

This show is a mixtape for my friend Warbear (of Phagoff) on his 40th birthday. Pieces and songs the remind me of him, and which he reminds me of. Happy Birthday Warbear. Includes the piece 'Invocations' by Warbear and Phineas and his spoken word piece 'Falling, Floating, Flying'. Full source information is in the ID3 tags of the mp3. 3 hours. 128kbps.

  NCN on Plundercast - Ear Candy (Complete, Uncut NSFW version) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:00

In the spirit of the rapidly approaching Halloween season of 2010, this program is called 'Ear Candy' and is all about confections, sweets, chocolate and goodies of all sorts. A mixture of light and dark pieces, this program has, sprinkled throughout, revisited clips from the 'Deadly Chocolate' show mixed by Phineas Narco, TradeMarkG of The Evolution Control Committee, Big City Orchestra and UNIVAC on the UBRADIO Salon Show, which plays on DFM radio out of Amsterdam, some time ago. Psychedelic remixes of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, erotically oriented candy-themed pieces and songs by Bow Wow Wow, Sammy Davis Jr., Bob Rivers, Talking Heads, Steinski, Cassetteboy, The Bran Flakes, DJ BC, The Archies, Go Home Productions, Hot Chocolate, and more! In 3-hour NSFW Complete Uncut 128kbps mp3 format.

  NCN on Plundercast - Words (Complete, Uncut NSFW version) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:00

An overview of the subject of language in song and media, this is the complete uncut (probably NSFW) version of 'Words' put together in the Fall of 2010 and originally webcast on, and on 09/26/10. It explores the world of spoken language and speech, how it has developed, it's origin and nature, and it's uniqueness to human life and identity. Includes music by Subgenius founder Philo Drummond, mashups by DJ M.i.F, The Bran Flakes, The Kleptones, DJ Lobsterdust, Divide and Kreate. Covers by NCN, Big City Orchestra, Phinny singing 'Talk' by Coldplay as well as NCN's Stark County Treasurer Speech spoof as well as songs by Laurie Anderson, Devo, Gadgetto, and many, many others. Blade-encoded 128kbps 3 hour mp3.

  NCN on Plundercast - Songs About Home (NSFW, Uncut, Complete) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:00

Just as it was streamed on 09/19/10, 'Songs About Home' is just that. Featuring music by The Mummers, North Sea Radio Orchestra, Easy Star's Lonely Heart's Dub Band, Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, The Toyes, John Prine, Henry Hall and the Gleneagles Hotel Band, Deep Purple, Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon, Devo, Elvis and Bertie Higgins. Also mashup, experimental and collage work by The Bran Flakes, The Tape Beatles, RIAA, DJ Mei-Lwun, DJ Morgoth, and new work by Stallio! Also, version medleys by NCN and comedy material from George Carlin, Cheech and Chong, Nick DiPaolo, Sam Kinison and unreleased Bill Hicks. In 3 hour NSFW format. 128kbps LAME Encoded mp3.


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