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Summary: The Daily Interaction Podcast, with Farnoosh Brock as your host, talks about all the social exchanges in your personal life as well as your business, your career, and the workplace. This show gives you specific tips on being an effective communicator by understanding and refining how you say things, how you position yourself, how you relate to others, using subtle, smart, and practical tools and techniques. What are the best ways of saying it, writing it, typing it, speaking it and meaning it exactly as you intend it? Join us each week as we share stories and strategies of taking your daily interactions to a higher level.

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 Episode 101: 3 Steps to Know When to End Things | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 17:29

Why We Need to End Even A Good Thing Welcome to Episode 101 and the final episode for The Daily Interaction show. Today's topic is why and how we need to end even good things in life. You know that nagging voice in the back of your head that says you need to get out of something, or do something else with your time? Everything may be going great in your business, or your relationship, or even your job, and a part of you just stops being totally into it. That's when the voice in your head starts talking louder and louder. If you ignore the voice, it will keep harassing you until you listen. You cannot continue ignoring your inner voice without consequences. I ignored my inner voice for years when I was at corporate - and finally, I was able to get out of that job and into my business because the voice got louder and louder. You have inner wisdom. You know best what's right for you. In that example, my inner voice knew that I am not made for a corporate career, and I was meant to walk the entrepreneurship path - and it was right. So how do you listen to your inner voice and gather enough information so you make the right decision? In this episode, I talk about the 3-step process that is very useful when you apply it overtime you hear that voice complaining about something you are doing - and this can be something very bad such as a toxic relationship or something very good such as a cushy lucrative easy job. Get very curious. Curiosity quiets the self-judgement and heavens knows we have more than enough judgment to deal with, and curiosity opens the door to clarity. Observe what is happening. Observe why you are feeling this way. Observe a lot and ask yourself questions. Be gentle and kind to yourself. We are very fragile and vulnerable on the inside. So exercise plenty of kindness in your dialogue as you gather your information. The iTunes Page: Subscribe & download! The RSS Feed: Follow the Feed! Listen to the show: Why I Am Ending the Daily Interaction Podcast As you may have guessed, the nagging voice came to me a while ago about my beloved podcast, and I did the most natural thing of all: I completely ignored it. Until I could not ignore it anymore. This is a perfect example of when you hear the nagging voice about the good and even great things in your life. Why would you want to end something good? Why would you want to stop doing something that brings you and others usefulness and even joy? So I went through my 3-step process, and when I got very curious and observed why I am feeling this way, I realized it is not because I don't love podcasting and creating something that you enjoy. Of course I do. There are just other pressing projects, books, commitments and works that call my name and need my attention. To all my listeners: THANK YOU for your love. Stay tuned for more!  This marks the final podcast of The Daily Interaction Show. I am proud to say that the podcast was sponsor-free and ad-free and completely free for 2 years, and that I produced a show for you every week except 2 random weeks where life and circumstance simply overpowered me. We had a great run, and you can access the entire archives anytime. Going forward, the focus will be on Prolific Living blog, as well as other surprise works I have in store for you. Hop on the list below not to miss a beat, and stay confident, stay brilliant, and share your thoughts on how you end things in your life when the time is right and when that inner voice beckons you to do so.

 Episode 100: Making Positive Life Changes with Leon “The Encourager” Bullard | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:37

Making Positive Change with Little-Known Communication Secrets "As is a tale, so is life. Not how long it is but how good it is that matters." ~Seneca Welcome to Episode #100 of The Daily Interaction Show and to my conversation with a gracious grace, Leon "The Encourager" Bullard on how to make positive change first in your life and then in the life of others. If you can communicate it well enough, you can have anything you want in life. ~The Daily Interaction Show Leon is an author, a wellness and fitness professional, and a brilliant communicator and speaker, with a strength in clarity and persuasion. As a personal development expert, Leon is focused on educating, coaching and encouraging others to live healthier and more productive. He has over 10 years work as a fitness trainer and 8 years work as a behavior modification coach and speaker. He is the author of Triumph At Last. Also Leon has a great newsletter at if you want nudges for staying healthy. His focus is on healthy living and he is a supreme example of that so he lives and breathes his own advice. And he is a wonderful speaker from years of knowing him at Toastmasters. For today's talk I want to talk about the courage that it takes to help people make changes in their lives and Leon is doing that with his business and also with his powerful speaking so we'll get his secrets on that. The iTunes Page: Subscribe & download! The RSS Feed: Follow the Feed! Listen to the show: How to Make Positive Change One with Communicating Well Here are the interview questions I posed Leon Bullard in our conversation: 1. Leon, it's a luxury that I know you so I can base my questions on personal experience :) and I always noticed that you were a natural persuader. How do you do it? How can we learn the basics of persuading the people in our lives without coming across as pushy? (Feel free to give us examples) 2. I still remember in 2009, you gave an amazing speech at a Toastmasters contest. Are you still active in Toastmasters and how are you using your public speaking skills in your own business? 3. So I know your passion is about helping people become healthier in their lives, and we share that passion. What made you decide to pursue personal development and helping people get healthier? 4. Okay let's talk about some of the challenges because I am sure you have had to work hard on your amazing communication skills. What are some of the difficulties you faced AND overcame along the way? 5. Let's say I am really shy, terrified of interacting with people much less groups, but I am dying to get my story out there because I know it can help create positive change for some people. What is the first step I could take to overcome this debilitating shyness and get courageous? 6. Leon, was there anything that I didn't ask you that you want to share on this topic of getting the courage to help people change. 7. If you could give my listeners one actionable takeaway today to help them inspire positive change in the people in their lives, what would you say? IF YOU LOVE US, and want to show your appreciation for this free podcast, won't you give us a shout on iTUNES! Thank you for showing your LOVE!

 Episode 99: 5 Secrets to Creating Massive Business Success | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 18:28

Welcome to Episode #99 of The Daily Interaction Show. Today's solo show comes to you from a speech that I gave earlier this week. I just spoke at Women of Power Summit held this past Tuesday - teaser video here - and it was such an honor to speak to th...

 Episode 98: Little-Known Facts to Getting A Job Fast with Joshua Waldman | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 41:12

How to Get A Job Fast in Today's Social Market Welcome to Episode #98 of The Daily Interaction Show and to my conversation with a talented and wonderful guest, Joshua Waldman, on little-known facts about getting a job today. If you can't communicate it with skill and savvy in the online world as well as in person, you will be hard-pressed to find the right job, but if you know these little-known facts on job finding that Joshua shares with us on the show, you can increase your chances of getting noticed and picked up by the right employer significantly. Joshua is an author and a social media expert at helping job seekers undertand how to position themselves at an advantage in today's social world. He presents keynotes, trainings and breakout sessions around the country for students, career advisors, consortiums and professional organizations and he is a super nice guy to boot. He gives you a ton of information on getting a job fast at Career Enlightenment. We talk about how you should present yourself to the world, how you should manage your online reputation and what to do when things go wrong so you can quickly fix the damage. So take a listen and I'll talk to you on the show. The iTunes Page: Subscribe & download! The RSS Feed: Follow the Feed! Listen to the show: Questions on Getting a Job Fast in a Social World Whether you are college age or in your 60s and returning to the job market, you have got to understand these tips before you can secure a great job: 1. Joshua, the job market is so different with the advent of social media but not just for the new graduates. Anyone that is getting back into the job market will experience these shifts too. So can you share with us your top 3 tips for how a candidate can use social media effectively to get a job? 2. I am very curious to know what you think about the value of a college education today for job seekers. I suppose it depends to some extent on the degree. You need a medical degree to become a doctor or a law degree for lawyer but beyond the traditional job types, what are some ways college may be over-rated? 3. I read your book, A Student's Guide to Surviving Facebook after College, and wanted to ask you to comment on the importance of keeping personal and professional life separate (if so) and what are some practical tips in that area? 4. Joshua, of all the social media platforms, if a job seeker had to pick one, what would it be and why? 5. So when it comes to presenting yourself, your resume and profile, do you think it's best to be traditional or is it okay to get creative, such as videos and blogs and portfolios of your work if you have such a thing or any other ways beyond traditional resume? 6. How important are job interviews really? They say most of the decision is made before companies even you on-board for the official interview. Is that true? 7. Interview tips: I know this is a nerve-wracking thing for all of us. What are your best tips for more the job seekers who really need the job and yet don't want to appear desperate? 8. There is so much more I'd love to ask you! Is there anything else that you wish I had asked or that we had shared with our listeners today? Any parting messages for my listeners? IF YOU LOVE US, and want to show your appreciation for this free podcast, won't you give us a shout on iTUNES! Thank you for showing your LOVE! This podcast is part of Prolific Living Media and it is produced weekly and released every Friday. For questions and comments, please email the podcast:

 Episode 97: How to Be a Coach and Mentor to Yourself | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:46

Welcome to Episode 97 of The Daily Interaction Show. Do you want to hire a coach or have a mentor but can't afford it or can't seem to find the right one? Today I answer Silvia's question and show you how to be a coach and mentor to yourself. From Silvia, a listener request: What can a person who is in a stage of life where there are no mentors available do? We all know the importance of a mentor (or mentors) in one's life, but there are times when a person might be flying solo (work wise), in strange waters and with not many people who would serve as mentors around. Like living abroad, in a place where you don't speak the language, the society is very different from your own culture and you work by yourself, not in a company with a formal structure. I would think about hiring a coach, but say there are financial impediments at the moment. Listening to podcasts and reading is one way I found. What else would you suggest? How can you take the best out of the means you have? What are these means? Thank you Silvia for asking the question. There IS a lot you can do without hiring a coach. The iTunes Page: Subscribe & download! The RSS Feed: Follow the Feed! Listen to the show: I admit I have been very resistant in hiring coaches for myself. I had several mentors at work but investing in myself was not a concept I truly embraced but then I decided to put my money where my mouth is last year and I've now spent several thousand dollars in my business and my own improvement. Results? I can say the skepticism has fallen and I've seen the progress that I can make with a one on one coach. So I'm starting the answer with sharing personal experience and letting you know that it's okay to have resistance, doubts to hiring coaches. Sometimes the resistance is purely financial but sometimes it's emotional too. And you need to respect it. But to your question, when you are not in a position to work 1:1 with a coach, what do you do? Let's dive into the conversations to have with yourself. Remove the bad influencers immediately: First, let's take stock of what is the current input into your system, before we modify it. Who are your current influencers? Who do you hang out with? What programs do you listen to? What material - reading, listening, watching - do you consume? As you think about these people, ask yourself questions: Are they negatively affecting your enthusiasm for work? Are they giving you bad or good advice? Do they have your fulfillment and happiness and best interest at heart? Sometimes, even the people closest to you may not be your best advisors. Click to Tweet. So after you have pruned the current influencers in your life, take stock of where you are. And take a deep breath. Look around and ask "What do I need now?" Check out In-person events and meet-ups in your area Start small but find a group of people in your local area that you can connect with. Start small and look at all the options available to you. Start with some of the free ones. If you are interested in starting a side hustle or changing jobs or advancing your career, there are groups/ meet-ups that happen in every place now. Look them up and attend a local event, and when you go there, introduce yourself at least to 3 people. Have a conversation. and give the meeting/event a chance. Secret meet-ups not announced, you have to know someone - so hang out with people you want to get to know in your town….. You also need to be conscious of everything that influences you - so the books you read, the podcasts or audio that you listen to …. and also it has to be in line with where you are going so if you don't know where you are going in your career, then you are in exploration phase so inspirational stuff motivational stuff is helpful such as Tony Robbins, If something makes you feel bad or small or insignificant STOP watching, listening & consuming it! Click to Tweet this.

 Episode 96: The Secrets to Polished Speaking with Sharon Hill | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 32:22

Welcome to Episode #96 of The Daily Interaction podcast and to my conversation with a brilliant communicator, a vibrant source of energy and delight, and also someone that I consider a good long-time friend, Sharon Hill. The podcast motto is simple: You can have anything you want in life if you can communicate well enough! A little about Sharon: Sharon A. Hill, author, speaker and MBA, spent more than 20 years as a development and marketing manager at Fortune 500 giant IBM. As a Toastmasters International award winner, Sharon displays mastery and confidence speaking for audiences ranging in size from 20 to more than 500. Sharon Hill teaches, writes, speaks and coaches individuals and companies about the skills necessary to become grounded in all human interactions while leveraging the advantages of technology. She offers learning combined with a keen sense of humor to enhance and complement each experience. The topic we explore is two-fold, first, her passion with Toastmasters and what you my listeners can expect to get from considering a toastmasters club in your area and communicating with poise, etiquette and grace whether you are on or off the stage. Ready? The iTunes Page: Subscribe & download! The RSS Feed: Follow the Feed! Listen to the show: Interview Questions on The Secrets to Polished Speaking 1- Sharon, let's start off by having you tell us how and when you came by Toastmasters, and what makes you still SO passionate about Toastmasters. I was active in Toastmasters between 2003-2010 and of all the people I met, you left the largest most indelible impression on me. 2- There is this "je ne sais quoi" about some people that just attracts us by being there. You talk about "becoming grounded in all human interactions" and I suspect this has a lot to do with their 'elusive' power if you will. I want to hear you talk to us more about that. How do we become grounded? 3- I've heard and seen you speak on numerous occasions, Sharon. You are always so polished, so resonant in your voice and so connected and yes very grounded. Is there a prep routine that you follow, anything from warming your voice or meditation or mind work that you could share with us? 4- As you know, Sharon, we get terrified when we think of public speaking. Even after years of doing it, I get nervous about it and I've just come to believe this is a human condition. But there are so many ways to deal with it. What are your recommendations? What are some techniques that work particularly well? 5- You know, I think of these processes as a journey, and in this case to becoming a great communicator. And in my experience, in these journeys, there is often a turning point where you experience a shift so great that it helps you leapfrog to the next stage. Sometimes it's just a bolt of self-awareness, sometimes a particular event or something a friend/coach shares with us. Did anything similar happen to you and could you share it with us? 6- To what extent would you say that Toastmasters has been instrumental to your success as this fabulous polished communicator? I know that it helped me tremendously. And would you say that anyone can get these benefits from Toastmasters? 7- For those of my listeners that may still have doubts or other reasons not to consider joining a club, what other ways can they improve their communication skills? What do you recommend? 8- Sharon, there is so much more I'd love to ask you! Is there anything else that you wish I had asked or that we had shared with our listeners today? Any parting messages for my listeners? So did you take one tip away from how to become grounded in your speaking?  IF YOU LOVE US, and want to show your appreciation for this free podcast, won't you give us a shout on iTUNES! Thank you for showing your LOVE! This podcast is part of Prolific Living Media and it is produced weekly and released every Friday. For questions and comments,

 Episode 95: Body Language: What Messages Are You Sending at Work? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 24:35

Welcome to Episode #95 of The Daily Interaction podcast. Today's episode is all about your non-verbal communication with focus in the workplace. How are you presenting yourself through your body language? Are you even aware of the message you are sending? Do you like the message? If not, how do you change it to fit your ideal of what you want to say to the world about who you are and what you are all about? Quick Announcement: The Healthy Juicer's Bible Book signing & Fresh Free Juice with Demo in Cary NC June 11th B&N at 7pm. Details for your invite. The iTunes Page: Subscribe & download! The RSS Feed: Follow the Feed! Listen to the show: First, a self-examination. What do you think your body language is saying about you? In other words, if you don't say a word with your mouth, what is the conclusion someone may draw about you? What words might they use? Confident? Timid ? Smart? Knows what she is doing? Acts bossy? Ignores people around him? Feels like she is better than the rest of us? Really in charge? Your homework: write down the top 3 things you think people might say about you - alright. Then ask yourself: Do I like these descriptions of myself? Are these the words I want them to use to describe me? If not, what do you want them to say about you? Let's match up your body language to what they will say. I am going to take a guess here. You want them to say you are confident, a leader, smart and in charge, on top of things, someone who delivers results, listens well, a kind helpful resourceful person. And yes, they can say all of that about you just by watching and observing your body language. How does your body say this? How can your body say this? Posture first: Let's start with your posture - how you carry yourself? Are you stooped? Do you hunch over? Or are you standing tall - shoulders back - head over shoulders - chin back - hands at your side? Eye contact next: Focus on making eye contact. You don't have to stare. If you have trouble with this, at the very least, avoid looking up or away or at the floor. Your work is to observe, observe and observe. Never judge. Never grade. Never be harsh. Just watch what is happening! The process: first you become very conscious and aware of yourself, then you pay attention and might get a little uncomfortable, then you begin to change and then it becomes comfortable and second nature. So how did you do? How is your body language? And what changes do you now need to make to get that message precisely right? Do you love The Daily Interaction? Give us a shout on iTUNES to show your love!  This podcast is part of Prolific Living Media and it is produced weekly and released every Friday. For questions and comments, please email the podcast:

 Episode 94: Unraveling the Lunacy of Romantic Relationships with Alan Stransman | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 52:53

Welcome to Episode 94 of The Daily Interaction Show. We are going where we have not gone before in this episode to explore love, loss and lunacy of us in romantic relationships. This is a conversation is with one of the best writers I've ever read and someone I am delighted to call my friend, Alan Stransman. Alan Stransman is the author of two books: “Don’t Let Your Dream Business Turn Into a Nightmare: A Cautionary Tale for Would-Be Entrepreneurs” and “So, Why Have You Never Been Married?: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Lunacy". Alan began his professional career as a teacher of English and Film at the high school level, and then transitioned into broadcast TV production. In 1999, Alan Stransman created the television series “Spectacular Spas” and then founded one of the first day spas in the world for men, called The Men’s PowerSpa, in downtown Toronto. That entrepreneurial venture was the basis of his first book “Don’t Let Your Dream Business Turn Into a Nightmare”, which The Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario has been teaching as a case study in entrepreneurship programs. Alan’s second book “So, Why Have You Never Been Married?” is a funny, poignant and intimate account of his lifelong pursuit of love and tenderness, and is an homage to the writers that helped shape his sensibility: D.H. Lawrence, Henry Miller, Philip Roth and William Wordsworth. Alan is also a ghost writer that helps you write your own memoirs and one day I hope to hire him to write mine! The iTunes Page: Subscribe & download! The RSS Feed: Follow the Feed! Listen to the show: Special Gift: Download the transcript of this entire conversation here. Questions on Memoirs and the Lunacy of Romantic Relationships with Alan Stransman 1. My first question for you is why you wrote your memoirs? I interviewed the author of Funny in Farsi, Firoozeh Dumas, and she told me that in her experience, everyone wants to write their memoirs but each of us for our own reasons. Yours? 2. One unexpected reaction I had from reading your memoirs was how much it reminded me of the way I used to handle disagreements with my ex-boyfriends or even with my husband. Full of blame, self-righteous, hurt, screaming, defensive and feeling like the worst victim in the world over STUPID STUFF. It was pure lunacy. This is hardly ever the way a man acts (in my experience). What would you say is the reason behind this crazy outrage in us women in your experience, Alan? 3. One of the most common reactions was when the women in your memoirs had some hidden expectations and the man - you in this case - had no clue about these and therefore could not fulfill them. The women would just get mad without showing much interest in SOLVING the problem. Now, you dated women from all walks of life but this seemed to be a common thread: Getting MAD. They may have shown their anger differently but they still all got mad at these secret expectations. Can you help us understand that and perhaps avoid that in our own relationships? 4. So we talked a little about lunacy. Let's move on to love and loss. I felt sad when each of your 3 most significant relationships came to closure, each on their own bitter terms. Sad not just for your loss but also the loss of what could have been and what came so close and yet slipped away. I know I am not alone in saying that sometimes we ruin a good thing and look back with regret. How do you look back at the loss you experienced? What does it represent to you now? 5. The real gist of your book is in the epilogue and the Wallace Stevens poem, The Emperor of Ice Cream. And the fact that people do not love what is, they love what seems. "Let be be the finale of seem", says Stevens. If we really loved each other for who we really are, how would love end? But where is that distinction? Do we make up stuff in our head and project it to the person we supposedly love? 6. Alan,

 Episode 93: Be Less Careful: Time to Claim Your Creative Genius | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 21:02

Welcome to Episode #93 of The Daily Interaction podcast. The other day, my voice coach told me to be less careful. LESS careful! It's not an advice you hear every day. What does she mean, I wonder? But I liked the sound of it and later, I got exactly what she said which inspired this podcast Let's get less careful and more creative together. In this solo show, I want to tap into the source of all your success and unique contribution to the world: your creativity or your creative genius as The Artist's Way at Work calls it. The artist's way is NOT a book intended for only the traditional artist. It is called as such because if you LIVE your creative genius, you are an artist. As am I. As is everyone else. Creativity does not just mean you are drunk and in the clouds, holding a paintbrush and drawing on a canvas. Sure, that can be creativity but it's not all there is. Creativity is also creating your own business plan, writing your book, pulling together a session with a client, taking care of your pet and parenting your children . It is a matter of owning up to your own internal creative genius and then APPLYING it, bringing it to life. The 4 stages to unleash your creative genius: 1. Perception - Bust the myths: Creativity does not mean you are not serious or responsible - the opposite. 2. Acceptance - End the denial - creativity exists within all of us. 3. Permission - Give yourself permission to be creative. Write down the vow. Sign the paper. Carry it everywhere. 4. Awakening - Have fun as you awaken. This is the best part where you learn to tap into that creative genius. Let's go deeper into each of the stages and remember to listen to the podcast for the full reveal: 1. Perception "It is one of the paradoxes of creative emergences that by taking ourselves more lightly, we take ourselves and our work more seriously." Creativity creates an outlet, a way for you to be more of yourself. 2. Acceptance Creativity does not belong to a select few. Our society associates big extremes with creative types. The negative extremes: crazy, broke, drunk, irresponsible and positive extremes are brilliant, genius, special, visionary and unique…. both are so hard to live up and so no wonder we go into our shell and leave creativity to the business of others. The Artist's Way at Work tells us creative types can also be realistic, responsible, solvent, cheerful, interactive, sane (my favorite) and optimistic! 3. Permission Who needs to give you permission today to brush your teeth or go to your friend's house or attend an event? If you are over 18 years old, most likely it's YOU! Okay then! Now why then do we steal away the permission - the RIGHT - to be creative? Maybe in the past, teachers and parents stole it away. Maybe they mocked or ridiculed or sneered or gave you the look. That was then. Leave it where it belongs: in the past. Starting now, give yourself full and utter permission to be creative. It is NOT silly. It is your human nature yearning to find a home so please stop suppressing it. 4. Awakening Awakening happens after the first 3 stages and it is the most remarkable part. The question is HOW do you let it flow and awaken? Listen to the full episode to really understand the 4 stages and how to apply them in your life. If you want to put together a plan to tap into your creative genius - which could be holding the key to a lot of seemingly unrelated struggles in your work or profession, schedule a free consult with me! The iTunes Page: Subscribe & download! The RSS Feed: Follow the Feed! Listen to the show: IF YOU LOVE US, and want to show your appreciation for this free podcast, won't you give us a shout on iTUNES! Thank you for showing your LOVE! This podcast is part of Prolific Living Media and it is produced weekly and released every Friday. For questions and comments, please email the podcast:

 Episode 92: Who Would You Be Without Your Story with Byron Katie | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 52:00

Byron Katie Shares the Method of Self-Inquiry My guest today on the Daily Interaction Show is Byron Katie. Katie created The Work, which is a self-inquiry method that teaches you how to free yourself from your thoughts, the cause of your suffering, an...

 Episode 91: How to Take Your New Relationships to the Next Level | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 33:23

Welcome to Episode #91 of The Daily Interaction podcast. How do you take new budding relationships to a deeper, stronger and more meaningful stage. What comes after the initial meet-and-greet and how can you stay top of mind with those whom you meet an...

 Episode 90: Becoming Aware of Your Voice with Marlena Reigh | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 39:12

Welcome back to Episode #90. This Interactive Interview Series brings you a second expert on using your vocal instrument, your voice, and your best asset in all the communication in your life. Our guest is Marlena Reigh. We visited an excellent topic in the communication power "toolbox" a few weeks ago - using our instrument, our voice with Sally Morgan and today, I want to revisit that with another fresh perspective with another expert on the topic, Marlena Reigh. I watched a talk Marlena had given on video where she used a powerful and creative approach to bring my attention immediately to my voice. I was instantly intrigued me to invite her to the show to learn more about becoming aware and better using our voice. Marlena Reigh is a voice image specialist with over twenty years of coaching, speaking and seminar-leading experience. She has worked one-on-one with over 1,000 voices and is a published author of books and tapes on voice image and presentation skills. Marlena coaches professionals in various fields and offers corporate seminars to teach unique approaches to personal communications, voice and presentation effectiveness. These approaches promote action that yields positive and lasting results and has significant impact on their success. The iTunes Page: Subscribe & download! The RSS Feed: Follow the Feed! Becoming Aware of Your Voice Interview Questions with Marlena 1. My first question for you is about awareness. I imagine it's an easy sell to tell someone that their voice is important to their success. But most of us are not even aware of our voice, its impact, etc. How do we bring about a sense of awareness around our voice so we can begin to improve it? 2. Let's start with something fun and easy because our voice is such an intimate part of who we are. What would you say is the easiest place to start improving our voice? Do you have a fun exercise for us to do here on the air? 3. On one of your YouTube videos, I love the way you say: "The voice is a physical experience." And you went on to show us that for each experience, we have a physical association that reflects in our voices. Would you talk to us about that some more, Marlena? 4. You have some great looking programs and one of them is "7 Exercises for a More Dynamic Speaking Voice" and the one that jumped at me was learning to be objective about our voice. Would you mind giving us examples of how we can do that? 5. I talk a lot about managing various forms of self-sabotage that we seem to master as adults and I love using positive affirmations because they work! Would you share with us any relevant mental/emotional reinforcements that we can do to benefit our voice? 6. Our final question - which is the same question I ask all my interviewees: I want to leave our listeners with actions! What are one (or two) things that we can all do RIGHT AWAY to improve our voices? If you want to take advantage of Marlena's generous gift, send her an email here: Marlena Reigh. IF YOU LOVE US, and want to show your appreciation for this free podcast, won't you give us a shout on iTUNES! Thank you for showing your LOVE! This podcast is part of Prolific Living Media and it is produced weekly and released every Friday. For questions and comments, call the show at 240-347-3693 or email the podcast:

 Episode 89: Affirmations and Blurts to Win Over the Inner Critic | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 21:57

Welcome to Episode #89 of The Daily Interaction podcast. You've read my posts on affirmations, such as the only 100 affirmations that you will ever need and my take on "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Haye, who initially inspired me to work with affirmations. When I first learned about this, I was fascinated by the concept that simple phrases, affirmations to be specific, can shift your thinking and change your reality. And I was shocked when they actually did! But the problem is that no matter how hard you work, you have an inner critic with a fat ego that makes fun of all the affirmations you create, and sometimes the voice of that inner critic is much louder than the sound soothing logic of any affirmation. This episode, you and I are going to put that inner critic to rest, so that we can allow our affirmations to serve us. This is a new and practical element that helps you to hear and see that inner critic. The new element is called "blurts"! Blurts and affirmations, when used together, are powerful in helping you break out of bad habits and create new paradigm shifts in your life. That is, if you are interested in making these shifts in your life and in moving to an empowering direction. If yes, come along! In this episode, we go through the process of defining affirmations, defining blurts, and turning the blurts around to make a most positive affirmation and using this tool to win over that inner critic. Quick definitions for Affirmations and Blurts Affirmations: Positive present-tense statements that you repeat to yourself in a mantra form. Blurts: Nasty clever responses that your inner critic comes up with in response to your affirmations. The exercise that I share with you is from "The Artist's Way at Work: The Way of the Dragon". You write down your affirmation of choice 10 times and then you come up with the natural blurt in response to each time you wrote your affirmation. You need to listen for the blurt and hear the exact words that your inner critic uses and then write that down next to your affirmation. When you have finished the exercise, you will be turning each blurt around to a positive statement and you need to do so not just by making a generic positive statement but in creating an exact and true response to that blurt. The takeaway in this exercise is that you create a safe inner fortress and protecting yourself, and your dreams and your desires safe from this inner critic and that you are able to use affirmations effectively in your life. The iTunes Page: Subscribe & download! The RSS Feed: Follow the Feed! IF YOU LOVE US, and want to show your appreciation for this free podcast, won't you give us a shout on iTUNES! Thank you for showing your LOVE! This podcast is part of Prolific Living Media and it is produced weekly and released every Friday. For questions and comments, please email the podcast: So what are your thoughts on affirmations? Do you even believe in their power to make a difference at all? Do you ever hear your inner critic interrupt the process? Share away in the comments below!

 Episode 88: Lessons from an Ex-Lawyer Disney Power Host with Lou Mongello | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 44:28

Welcome back to Episode #88. This Interactive Interview Series brings you a truly inspiring guest: Lou Mongello. If you have ever had a childhood love, obsession, desire, that you fantasize about doing for a living, this story is for you. Lou Mongello is one of the most amazing people I met at NMX in Jan. 2013 and his story is going to inspire you to make even the most drastic turns in your career and your life. Lou Mongello used to be a successful lawyer. Today, though, he is a widely recognized Walt Disney World author, expert, host, speaker and historian. He is the host and producer of the WDW Radio show, which has been named Best Travel Podcast for 7 years in a row. WDW Radio offers audio podcasts, live video broadcasts, plus an active blog, newsletter, discussion forums, and live events. Lou is author of the Walt Disney World Trivia Books, and author and narrator of The Audio Tours of Walt Disney World. He is also the Founder of the Dream Team Project, which has raised more than $250,000 to send children with life-threatening illnesses to Walt Disney World. So why did Lou go from being a successful lawyer and owner of his own IT consulting company to the Disney business? Simple (although far from easy): To pursue his passion and share it with others and that's what we explore together in this interview because if you are waiting to start your dream, or afraid that it won't work, or any other dozen obstacles in between, Lou is going to put all those excuses to rest so you GET STARTED already, darling! Take a listen! The iTunes Page: Subscribe & download! The RSS Feed: Follow the Feed! If you can communicate well enough, you can have everything you want in life! Click to Tweet this! Interview Questions: Lessons from an Ex-Lawyer Disney Power Host 1. I am sure you have noticed that Disney has made its way into all cultures. I was at a high-level business meeting in Tokyo once and the lady running the round-table introduction asked everyone to say their name, role in the project AND (I kid you not) their favorite Disney character. My question for you: What would you say it is about the Disney brand that is so universal? Can Disney teach us anything about interacting with people? 2. Podcasting is a huge part of your life today and has enabled you to spread your message far and wide. How did the idea of a Disney podcast come about? What were your thoughts (and fears) and goals with creating a show around Disney? 3. As an ex lawyer and IT consultant, being a phenomenal radio show host is so far from the realm of that work but how did you make the career transition? How did you communicate your message in such a way that others relate to it so well? 4. You are on audio and on video and on social media & blogs AND in person. So you are using ALL forms of communication to interact with your fans and followers. What would you say is a common theme to your effective and compelling communication? 5. Our final question - which is the same question I ask all my interviewees: I want to leave our listeners with actionable steps in their own lives. What are one (or two) things that the listeners can do RIGHT AWAY after this show to infuse better communication, better messaging and maybe even a booming business around their dreams? IF YOU LOVE US, and want to show your appreciation for this free podcast especially on our anniversary, won't you give us a shout on iTUNES. Click on "View in iTunes" and rate us from inside iTunes! Thank you for showing your LOVE! If confidence is the single biggest barrier between you and a savvy person who gets whatever he or she wants, then hurry and grab your FREE 21-Step Confidence Building Series or sign up below for this FREE confidence course:

 Episode 87: How to Create an Information Diet that Inspires Action | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 23:22

Welcome to Episode #87 of The Daily Interaction Show where we learn how to create an information diet that inspires action. Think about it. The information that you consume, in passive or active ways, is more powerful than you realize. It influences your thoughts, decisions and actions. So take a proactive approach and create an information diet that inspires action. I LOVE living in this incredible digital age. When I try to imagine the way the world would be without it all, I just remind myself that I have LIVED in the age where we did not have any digital information! I have seen this phenomena emerge and have participated in its growth from the very start, and perhaps that is why I love it all the more. Between living in an information age and living in the old world, I choose this one time and time again. What about you? In this show, I talk about how you can observe and decide what to do about the massive information shoved in your face all day and night long. Then we explore ways to consciously choose whether you want to consume that information, and finally we tap into how you can create a system and a deliberate way of seeking the information that actually interests and inspires you. Are you ready? The iTunes Page: Subscribe & download! The RSS Feed: Follow the Feed! Show Notes for How to Create an Information Diet that Inspires Action 1. Observing all the channels of information that you consume with - or sometimes, without! - your knowledge by becoming acutely aware of everything that comes to you. 2. Remembering that you have a choice and making a conscious decision on what you want to consume and what you need to discard. 3. Understanding the correct source of the information, is it yourself enabling it or someone else? 4. Putting the right filters and elimination process in place after you have observed all the channels of information. 5. Learning how to break the bad habit of automatically consuming whatever comes your way and becoming aware of the process of changing habits. 6. As a result of all this, freeing up the time you thought you never had!!! IF YOU LOVE US, and want to show your appreciation for this free podcast especially on our anniversary, won't you give us a shout on iTUNES! Thank you thank you for showing your LOVE! This podcast is part of Prolific Living Media and it is produced weekly and released every Friday. For questions and comments, please email the podcast:


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