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Addie Kania, Hypnotherapist

Summary: Hypnosis to Lose Weight, Stop Smoking, Reduce Stress and Self-Help

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 AddiePodcast #22 Stress Innoculation | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:01:01

From a recent successful "Stress Inoculation" for the staff at Merrimack Valley Hospital, this broadcast is a brief summary of  helpful and practical information taught during the seminar. Techniques from Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil and the ancient Hawaiian practice of Huna are included. Excess stress from modern life can lead to substance abuse, weight gain, lack of sleep, smoking and other compulsive coping behaviors. This brief self improvement and self empowerment episode will provide helpful and healing techniques. As alway, please see my new video introduction at That site is a "Treasure Trove of helpful self empowerment and self help information. Be Well for there is only one of you! Addie Kania, Hypnotherapist

 AddiePodcast #21_Re-Vision your Dreams with the Law of Attraction | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:01:01

Have you lost your goals and dreams to Economic Fear? The media is constantly broadcasting these negative vibrations everywhere and all the time throughout the airwaves. How are you responding to this overwhelming message of negativity and fear? Take control of your life by using the law of Attraction to go UP the Vibrational Scale! Come and join us to “Re-Set” and “Re-Tune” your vibrations to Success and Achievement. This Podcast will help you to use the power of positive imagery to Re-VISION your Dreams. For more information please visit my homepage at Be Well, Addie Kania, Hypnotherapist

 AddiePodcast#20 Law of Attraction in ACTION | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:01:01

The Law of Attraction has brought you here for a change! Has the LOA been working for you in ways you truly desire for your best life? Did you lose the weight, create abundance and wealth or find the relationship of your dreams? If not, pay attention because this episode is a very specific "How To" Podcast that offers you the missing ingredient not found in The Secret!  Also included as a bonus towards the end is my "Gratitude Breath Meditation" to help you focus and vibrate on a clearer and higher frequency to acheive your goals. Be Well, Addie Kania Please visit my homepage a for a "Treasure Trove of self-help and self-empowerment information.

 AddiePodcast #19 Unlimited Body | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:01:01

Hello, this is Addie Kania, Hypnotherapist, Energy Worker and Law of Attraction Coach. We all know through Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction that your thoughts are always emitting a frequency to which the Universe responds, reflecting in your reality. However, do you realize that your thoughts profoundly affect your physiology? In this Podcast I will be interviewing Dick Belair about "Unlimited Body," a healing approach that views the body, not as a physical object with a limited set of possibilities to maintain or create health, but as permeated with spirit substance that is endowed with the miraculous power that creates life and self-corrective health. It is a gentle, non-intrusive, hands on healing approach to support you in experiencing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. We are excited about sharing this powerful, yet gentle personal development and healing energy system with you. Dick can be reached at  I am sure you will enjoy this information and he will welcome your comments. Also, please visit my website at for a "Treasure Trove" of self help information. My hypnosis CDs and MP3 downloads are available to help you lose weight, stop smoking and help improve your life condition. Be Well, Addie Kania

 AddiePodcast #18 Good Vibrations | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:01:01

The Law of Attraction is all about vibrations. In previous podcast I have discussed chanting, musical bells and energy healing though EFT. Today I am interviewing a Sound Therapist, LeeAnn Pepin. By ths use of a series of sophisticated tuning forks, LeeAnn explains how our body and minds are affected by harmonic sound frequencies. When she demonstrated "a frequency attunement " with her tuning forks, I was totally amazed at the feelings and sensations that occurred as a result. Listen and through this podcast you will actually hear and experience a demonstration of her healing art. LeeAnn discusses a several healings and therapeutic experiences using sound vibrations. For more information on LeeAnn's work you can visit her at . As always please visit my homepage at There you will find a "Treasure Trove" of resources for self improvement and self help. Take Care and Be Well! Addie Kania .

 AddiePodcast #17 EFT, Law of Attraction to the next level | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 16:03

Have you been trying to use the Law of Attraction and not getting the results you've been hoping for? Still haven't lost weight, found the right person and your bank account is on empty? EFT, or the Emotional Freedom Technique is your solution. The effectiveness of this energy psychology approach is creating a world wide buzz  in the self growth community. EFT can restore health,peace of mind and balance. EFT is used for emotional and self-esteem issues, anger management, anxiety, fears and phobias, addictions and compulsions. It's also used for physical illness and pain, just to name a few of the human conditions it addresses. After listening to my podcast, the following free resources will give you everything you need to understand and use this simple but life changing technique yourself! For a FREE download of the new EFT book "15 Ways to Health, Happiness and Abundance" visit Also at that site you can view the trailer of the new DVD "Try It On Everything." Because this new DVD offers a solution to extinguishing your negative emotions, thoughts and vibrations, I predict this empowering video is the next level in understanding and implementing the LOA principles of "The Secret" to work for you. Gary Craig is the founder of the EFT movement. If you are interested in Gary Craig's complete EFT training manual go to his website at Please visit my personal website at where you will find a "Treasure Trove" of other self development topics. Be Well, Rise and Shine your Light! Addie

 AddiePodcast#16 Wellness Celebration | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:01:01

Celebrating Wellness and the special people that inspired me. When I was asked to be a Keynote Speaker at the Annual National Cancer Survivor's Day at a local medical center, I almost said no...Until I heard it was a day of Celebration and Encouragement. Well I said YES. See how a Shift in  Attitude and Energy can change your life. Tune In and be inspired by my personal experience. Be Well, Addie Kania, Hypnotherapist. For a "Treasure Trove" of Wellness and Health, visit my homepage at


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