WIHI - A Podcast from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement show

WIHI - A Podcast from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Summary: It's free, it's timely, and it's designed to help dedicated legions of health care improvers worldwide keep up with some of the freshest and most robust thinking and strategies for improving patient care. Welcome to WIHI, a bi-weekly podcast from the IHI, a not-for-profit organization founded in 1991 and based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. IHI is a reliable source of energy, knowledge, and support for a never-ending campaign to improve health care worldwide. IHI works with health care providers and others to accelerate the measurable and continual progress of health care systems toward safety, effectiveness, patient-centeredness, timeliness, efficiency, and equity.

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 WIHI: New Guidance for Governance of Health System Quality - What Trustees Should Know and Do | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 01:02:23

Is there a better way for boards to fulfill their mandate of ensuring health systems live up to theirs on quality?

 WIHI: Building the Will and Skill to be a Clinical Improver | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 01:02:23

Clinical and administrative leaders in health care know how difficult it is to shape one, unifying workplace culture. And while interdisciplinary team-based care is becoming more common in health systems, the range of people taking care of patients perform their jobs based on very different professional backgrounds and training. Can quality improvement break down these silos?

 WIHI: Lowering Readmissions, Reducing Disparities | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 01:06:23

Initiatives to reduce avoidable readmissions are the norm in US health systems today. What happens when hospitals and health systems look beyond to the non-clinical issues upstream that have a big impact on rehospitalizations?

 WIHI: Connecting Patient Experience to Culture and Strategic Aims | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 01:06:23

Most hospitals are understandably preoccupied with patient experience scores. High-performing organizations worry when their scores plateau, and those with mediocre scores wonder why their attention to better customer service hasn't improved the numbers.

 WIHI: Addiction Treatment Demystified: Proven, Practical Steps for Complex Care | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 01:01:23

About 5 percent of patients in the US are individuals with complex needs. Many show up at hospital emergency departments with a combination of physical, socioeconomic, and behavioral health issues. The burgeoning field of complex care is trying to break the cycle with new interventions and supportive services, but addiction, a common thread among the complex patient population, is often dealt with differently.

 WIHI: Strategic Pathways to Population Health | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 01:01:23

Health systems face numerous challenges in their efforts to improve population health. What makes a comprehensive strategy, and where do health care systems start?

 WIHI: Giving Patients and Families the Tools to Be Health Care Improvers | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 01:02:23

Patients and families are playing a greater role in health care quality improvement. Now, some organizations believe it's essential for them to have training in basic improvement to enhance their influence and involvement.

 WIHI: How to Make Change Happen - An Introduction to IHI's Psychology of Change Framework | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 01:02:23

The biggest challenge to quality improvement projects is often not measurement or process. It's people.

 WIHI: Pursuing Health Equity in North Carolina | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 01:02:23

Eight health systems are working with IHI to elevate health equity to a strategic priority, confront institutional racism, and improve the livelihood and health of their patients, employees, and surrounding communities in eastern North Carolina.

 WIHI: Sustaining and Strengthening Safety Huddles | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 01:02:23

The safety huddle has become an important way for hospitals to surface safety concerns affecting patients and the workforce. But what does it mean for patient safety when huddles become just another meeting?

 WIHI: Mobility Matters for Age Friendly Care | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 01:02:23

A new initiative wants to emphasize the physical and mental health benefits of mobility and encourage great mobility for older patients as part of a broadening vision of age friendly care.

 WIHI: Mindfulness and Patient Safety | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 01:02:23

As stress-reduction and other health benefits of mindfulness become better known, clinicians are discovering that they, too, need new ways to deal with stress.

 WIHI: Practicing More Careful and Thoughtful Diagnosis | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 01:02:23

What's next when the diagnosis process is causing as many problems as it's trying to solve?

 WIHI: What's In A Name? Health Care's Chief Quality Officer | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 01:02:23

Health care systems are under tremendous pressure to create and sustain transformative changes on multiple fronts patient and worker safety, overall quality of care, moving from volume to value, and population health, just to name a few. At the center of the storm, overseeing these efforts and nurturing the culture and vigilance required to stay on track, is the Chief Quality Officer.

 WIHI: Opioid Crisis - Changing Habits and Improving Pain Management | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 01:02:23

As efforts continue to curb the opioid addiction epidemic in the US and reduce deaths from overdoses, the underlying problem of overprescribing remains very much in the spotlight.


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