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Summary: As a world-renowned dog trainer and star of It's Me or the Dog, Victoria Stilwell is one of the world's most recognized and respected dog trainers. Join Victoria and her co-host (and It's Me or the Dog alum) Holly Firfer as they discuss everything from the hottest dog-related topics of the day to the inside scoop from the set of It's Me or the Dog. A fun, informative and lighthearted look into Victoria's life and work, the Positively Podcast series also offers fans the opportunity to have Victoria answer their questions on the air. Other features include celebrity interviews, Victoria's Animal Academy quizes, Did You Know facts, favorite YouTube clip discussions and much more.

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 Positively Dog Training Episode 322 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:44

Holly stumps Victoria with an Animal Academy after Victoria recaps her skiing trip. Dr. Duffy Jones of Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital ( calls the Positively Hotline to discuss allergies in pets, including Victoria's Chocolate Lab, Sadie, who suffers from extreme itching and licking on her foot during allergy season. Ask Victoria questions include: * How long is it ok to crate a dog, and how do you know what size crate to use? Should you put food and water in the crate? * A one year old cavachon eats everything, from cookies, to paper, to even socks. How do you stop dogs from eating inappropriate things? * Two 5 month old Golden Retriever siblings fight when walked together. How do you stop them from redirecting aggression on each other? * A 2 year old Pug has a habit of licking carpets and eating hair off the carpets. How do you break such a bad habit?   Watch Video of Victoria Skiing:

 Positively Dog Training Episode 321 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 47:44

What happens to your pets when you leave them behind? One enterprising woman has developed a unique twist on the answer to that question by setting up a business called 'After the Rapture' which looks after people's pets once the rapture has occurred. Victoria and Holly discuss. Victoria also talks about her ski vacation. Dr. Marty Becker calls the Positively Hotline to discuss his Fear Free vet visit protocol, which includes making the pet carrier part of the household fun furniture, the use of pheromones to create positive associations with the carrier, the use of certain green, organic petraceuticals, the use of Through A Dog's Ear music, specialized 'wait management', placement of pet carrier, clipnosis, Thundershirts and much more. Dr. Becker also talks about how he has time for all of his work as an author, web personality, TV personality, and how he ended up as America's Vet on Good Morning America and resident vet expert on Dr. Oz.   Show Notes: * After the Rapture website ( * Thundershirt ( * ( * (

 Positively Dog Training Podcast Episode 320 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 43:01

Victoria and Holly dish the dirt on the Oscars' red carpet fashion hits and misses, then give their guesses for who will win the big categories. Victoria describes her high tea with the American Humane Association, and also her visit at the Global Pet Expo, including her talk for the American Pet Products Association's Professional Women's Networking breakfast. Also discussed, the great work being done by Dr. Marty Becker (America's Vet from Good Morning America) to help create fear-free vet visits, the interesting design characteristics of certain dog toy products, Victoria's Swedish dog training seminar, the Miami Dog Bite Prevention conference on April 26th, and Victoria's recent inclusion on the board of directors for Canine Assistants. The Positively Hotline interview is with Channing Seideman, who has been paired with a Canine Assistants epilepsy seizure response dog. Ask Victoria questions include: * A shelter volunteer in Chicago who is directed to her local VSPDT trainer, Sara McLoudrey of Root Dog Training. * A German Shepherd puppy who attacks an older dog when she passes near and is also difficult to control in public. * A foster dog that digs big holes in Australia. * A disabled dog owner whose dog will not pee or poo while on walks, but waits to do the business at home. * When does a puppy become an adult, and is a puppy a good choice to add to a household with 3 cats.

 Positively Dog Training Podcast Episode 319 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 49:13

Victoria and Holly discuss Banana Joe, the Affenpinscher who won the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, Victoria's time with the Guardian Angels when she did security for a Jane's Addiction concert, update on Dognition and the exclusive discount available to Positively Podcast listeners, cold weather tips for animal safety. The cue of the week is the 'Stay' or 'Wait' cue. Ask Victoria questions include: * How to stop indoor scent marking from an otherwise housetrained dog * 8 year old dog snippy behavior when tired or near bedtime * Is it silly to eat from the dog's bowl before them to teach them who's in charge? * Poodle/terrier cross jumps up on, follows and gets in strangers' cars Show Notes Podcast signed book contest email address: ( Dognition ( 'Stay Cue' YouTube clips ( Cold weather tips: * ( * (

 Positively Dog Training Podcast Episode 318 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 43:34

Victoria and Holly discuss appropriate Valentine's Day gifts for long-married couples, Victoria recaps her recent trip to film in Ireland, the Pope's resignation, snowstorm Nemo in the Northeast US, Punxatawney Phil's prognostication, thoughts on the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, Tonik, the human-looking dog. The winner of the big dog photo contest is announced, and the new small dog photo contest is revealed. Also: Victoria's upcoming appearances from Florida to Sweden and beyond, the exciting launch of Dognition - described as a Myers-Briggs personality test for dogs with ongoing training and lifestyle support. Victoria introduces a new regular segment of the podcast called 'Cue of the Week' and talks about the importance of recall (or the 'come cue'). Holly tries to stump Victoria with a new Animal Academy quiz. Show Links: * Dognition ( * Send a funny photo of your small dog to ( to enter the contest to win a personalized copy of Victoria's new book, Train Your Dog Positively ( * Find a Victoria Stilwell-licensed dog trainer. (   Ehow Pets Recall Videos:

 Positively Podcast Episode 317 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:34

Victoria reveals her trip to Ireland to shoot for an upcoming secret project, while Holly describes how she lost her filter and says what's on her mind. Also, details about the upcoming VSPDT Miami Dog Bite Prevention Conference on April 26th and Victoria's new book, Train Your Dog Positively. Tampa-based VSPDT trainer Amy Weeks of Amy's Canine Kindergarten calls the Positively hotline to discuss reasons behind the spike in severe aggression behavior issues, and to help answer this week's Ask Victoria questions including: * A 3-male dog household where two of the three are neutered, and all three have begun fighting with each other * A 10-month old Cocker Spaniel with a weak bladder, who pees minutes after she's just gone potty outside * A husband who is threatening to put a nine-year old Beagle mix because he has started nipping * A 2-year old Shih Tzu/Maltese/Yorkie mix who growls whenever he hears anyone else making sounds. Show Notes: ( Family Paws Parent Education ( VSPDT Trainer Search ( Miami Dog Bite Prevention Conference ( (April 26) Contest to win personalized copy of Victoria's new book: * Contest link (Big dogs) ( * Email a photo of your big dog to (

 Positively Podcast Episode 316 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 46:27

Victoria and Holly preview the Superbowl, then discuss the recent story from Houston where a child climbed over a fence and was killed by a dog that was chained up. Also: Victoria's upcoming Miami Dog Bite Prevention conference ( on April 26. Victoria and Holly talk to Family Paws Parent Education founder Jennifer Shryock on the Positively hotline about the Houston story, the National Canine Research Council, what makes tethered/chained dogs dangerous, the Dogs & Storks and Dog & Baby Connection programs, the Liam Perk Foundation, Doggone Safe, and how dogs give us clues about how they're feeling. Ask Victoria questions include: * An otherwise healthy dog who has begun peeing in the house despite the only change in the environment being a new bathroom remodeling * A 7 year old min-pin who wakes up 3-4 times per night to eat * The fallacies of the concept of 'calm submission' and supposedly 'calm submissive states' Also, contest details about how to Win a personalized copy of Victoria's new book, Train Your Dog Positively. Email a photo of your big dog to ( to enter.   Show Links: * Podcast contest: Listen to the podcast and check out this page ( to see dogs who don't realize how big they really are, then to enter for a chance to win a signed copy of Victoria's new book, Train Your Dog Positively (, email a photo of your big dog to: ( * Doggone Safe ( * Family Paws Parent Education ( * Dog & Baby Support Hotline:  (877) 247-3407 * Miami Dog Bite Prevention Conference ( (April 26) * Pre-order Victoria's new book (

 Positively Podcast Episode 315 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 52:52

Holly describes her CNN shoot in Jerome, Arizona, discussion of ghosts and spirits, Victoria's newfound dedication to eat more healthily, and how to feed your dogs a better diet. On the Positively Hotline, Minneapolis-based VSPDT trainer Amy Sandmann ( talks about her work with Pet Partners ( (previously called the Delta Society) as she and her giant therapy mastiff, Howie, make the rounds at Twin Cities children's hospitals. Ask Victoria questions include: * What to do if you suspect or know someone is running a puppy mill or involved with animal cruelty * A 4 month old shelter rescue Chow/Lab mix won't back down and shows a lot of defensive behavior * A 3-year old Chihuahua with multiple health issues whose medication might be causing various behavior issues * A dog with anxiety issues who is ruining the house and is not re-homable * A 3 1/2 year old yellow lab with impulse control issues who crosses dangerous roads in order to scavenge from nearby food sources.   Show Notes: Funny Talkin' Animals YouTube Clip Pet Partners ( VSPDT Trainer Amy Sandmann (

 Positively Podcast Episode 314 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:13

Recaps of New Year's Eve festivities, Holly's Re-Giftmas party, national bill requiring service dogs to be returned from overseas battlefields, not thought of as equipment, and allowed to return as military heroes. Victoria's interview with expert trainer Pia Silvani. Ask Victoria question include: * The role of 'dog psychology' in training, as well as dominance and pack theory versus positive reinforcement training. * How to help a dog who is grieving and changing behavior due to changes in living partners. * 5-month old housebroken Great Dane who continues to have occasional accidents in his crate. Show Notes: * Pia Silvani (  -  Vice President of Training & Behavior, St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center (

 Positively Podcast Episode 313 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 39:03

A Holiday-themed podcast for your end-of-year listening pleasure! (Warning: not a lot of dog talk here.)

 Positively Podcast Episode 312 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:12:04

Dr. Paula Bloom joins the podcast as Holly & Victoria discuss the Morrison's Christmas advert featuring a dog being fed raisin-filled Christmas pudding, the tradition of holiday card letters and family photos, Paula's new book, 'Why Does He Do That? Why Does She Do That?', the psychology behind the 'Christmas Puppy or Kitten' syndrome, and Dr. Bloom's take on why this time of year especially makes people feel the need to be the best. Ask Victoria questions include a one-eye-blind Lab who has started barking at people and other dogs, a supposedly untrainable beagle mix whose sense of smell overtakes his willingness to listen to his owners, and more. Show Links: * Paula's book 'Why Does He Do That? Why Does She Do That?' ( * Morrison's Christmas Commercial (

 Positively Podcast Episode 311 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 48:21

( of Reindog Parade in the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Christmastime weather in Chicago, Victoria's daughter's thoughts about shock collars, Noah's Ark, Peter Emily Veterinary Dental Foundation, the importance of animal dentistry. Victoria also discusses the Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) method with its creator, Grisha Stewart. Ask Victoria questions include: * Adopted Maltese/Yorkie mix who redirects onto her Westie friend by biting her legs whenever guests come through the door * a Gordon Setter who has started growling at things he doesn't like after previously being well-adjusted * and more... Show Links: * Noah's Ark ( * Peter Emily Veterinary Dental Foundation ( * Reindog Parade Photo Gallery ( (via Atlanta Botanical Gardens' Facebook page)

 Positively Podcast Episode 310 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:47

Beverley Cuddy, Editor and Founder of Dogs Today magazine calls the Positively hotline to discuss what goes into editing Dogs Today magazine, how the battle between dominance and postive training relates to the book '50 Shades of Grey', how she feels about the debate over training methods, the Alan Titchmarch TV interview with Cesar Millan, the state of dog-related programming in the UK and more. Ask Victoria questions include how to help a Pharaoh Hound who has started showing aggressive behavior since being attacked twice by other dogs in a dog park, a male Australian Shepherd originally trained using aversive methods who now sneaks out of the house at every opportunity, and an 8-year old Beagle rescue suffering from separation anxiety. Show Notes: Dogs Today subscription link (

 Positively Podcast Episode 309 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 55:40

Recaps of Thanksgiving with Holly and Victoria's family, the upcoming Bail Bond program benefiting the Gwinnett County Jail Dogs program featured on Ehow Pets, and Holly hijacks Victoria's Animal Academy again with a tricky cat quiz for Victoria. VSPDT trainer Sam Wike of The Inner Dog in Long Branch, NJ calls the Positively hotline to discuss how Hurricane Sandy affected people and their pets after the storm, including the amazing work being done by local and national shelter groups, airlines and other organizations. Also discussed, pet abandonment, Sam's history as a canine police officer and work in the military, the rarity of being a male positive reinforcement trainer, the disadvantages faced by female positive trainers, his crazy upcoming training session with a 220-pound dog. Ask Victoria questions (featuring guest trainer Sam Wike) include a Pomeranian who bullies other dogs in the household and barks at the other dogs outside, one year old Collie who plays rough in the snow with the 5 and 7 year old kids in the house, how pharmacological tools may help a fostered one year-old Terrier mix who is terrified of everything, and how to help an 18-month old Beagle having trouble with housetraining.

 Positively Podcast Episode 308 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:54

A Thanksgiving-themed episode where Victoria and Holly are joined by their husbands (and Alex) and they all discuss what they're most thankful for. Holly quizzes the whole group with a new Animal Academy segment and Victoria's daughter Alex showcases her memorization skills by singing the 'Fifty Nifty United States' song.


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