Laugh it Off with Craig Shoemaker Podcast show

Laugh it Off with Craig Shoemaker Podcast

Summary: Finally, health care you can afford! "Laugh It Off" is a freeWebcast/Podcast focused on experiential laughter and the healing effects it has on our mind, body, and spirit. Using his tools as a minister, doctor, Love Master, and award winning veteran of comedy, Craig will take your calls, emails, and tweets to administer the appropriate cure for whatever ails ya.

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 Laugh It Off - Last day at Toadhop w/ Craig Gass & John Shanks - 11/27/13 | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 00:00

Last day at Toadhop w/ Craig Gass & John Shanks It was our curtain call with Toad hop today and we definitely went out with a bang albeit a little crazy! First the lovely Anna David fills in as co-host while Amazing comedian and impersonator Craig Gass joins us at the top of the show and tells us how he gets people to hate celebrities while having an impersonation-off with Shoe! Tracy morgan has toes & buttholes, and Alec Baldwin has fun as Al Pacino. John Shanks comes in at the second hour and gets some big names to call in to the show while getting to know what goes on behind the scenes on X factor! Our time at toadhop was fantastic and while we will miss them we're looking forward to everything the future has in store for us and we can't wait to show you!

 Laugh It Off - Dante The Comic & Obstacles - 11/20/13 | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 00:00

Today we discussed dosher woods, a long-awaited clear the space, phantom vomits, Craig wears the same clotes, Rodney Dangerfield & drugs, Anna david joins us to talk about overcoming addiction while the crew ribbits, Joel wants to know what a bottom is, Dante comes on and makes craig struggle with an ad, Inside scoop of Last comic standing, "getting" showgirls, and Craig wants to retire if.....

 Laugh It Off - Erik Griffin & Moving - 11/13/13 | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 00:00

Today Craig made the announcement that we're moving! We also talked about Samuel L. Jackson's broken collar bone, lip muscles, digging to china, Sarah's mean in the parking lot, Craig is afraid of women, a long awaited laughidation, Erik 'Montez' Griffin joins us to talk dating, save-a-ho, stripper hustle, titty sucking at the movies, honky central, and "massage" parlors.

 Laugh It Off - Steve G. Jones & Magic - 11/06/13 | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 00:00

Today we learn about rip and reads, Craig's radio voice, nerdy magicians, the REAL santa claus, Nikki calls in, laughing till you puke, Facebook experiment, Jack "likes" Craig, Steve G. Jones comes in to hypnotize us and help Craig with the ex, Sarah is puffy, Joel manifests gas money, and the gang takes a suggestibility test.

 Laugh It Off - Wacko & Abundance - 10/30/13 | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 00:00

Wacko & Abundance Sarah is back and we talk about Jesus' lawyer, being a diamond, shower bench, having someone bathe you, butthole of America, Mike calls in to talk about shaving an upper quadrant, Another shoemaker nickname, Wacko joins us to tell us how he got his name, scare the pants on them, and gangs like clown too.

 Laugh It Off - Lucky Deluxe & Being "PG" - 10/23/13 | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 00:00

It's the second week with our guest co-host illeana Douglas and we talked Boston Red Sox, S*** people say to stars, taking a 2nd look at movies, 1-2-3-fur, Susana Lee/Lucky Deluxe has great feet, propping Craig up, peeping comics, putting on the cleavage, Burlesque Xerox, and secret club handjob.

 Laugh It Off - Brad Williams & Preparation - 10/16/13 | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 00:00

Brad Williams & Preparation Today was loaded with so much fun with our fill in co-host illeana Douglas! We discussed titty sweat, mob stories, soda gun, t.v. premiere fails, transvestite bodybuilder, Brad Williams talks about his sex set list, human eclipse, lap dance challenge, Cyndi calls in and gives the group compliments, Sarah Sweet-ophile, and spankbank definition.

 Laugh It Off - John Shanks & Production - 10/09/13 | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 00:00

John Shanks joins us right at the beginning with nerdy questions for famous musicians, Melissa Etheridge secrets, Dodgers vs Yankees, Craig has met "everyone", Brian Johnson's a pirate, John has a sexy voice, Kevin Cronin calls in, John stays with us for the whole show!, who is shnook's?, babies ruin careers, change a word get a third, and music sweatshops.

 Laugh It Off - Myles Weber & Shutting Down - 10/02/13 | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 00:00

We were off for another week but we came back strong with Shoedicker Siamese twins, gorilla handshakes, bucket of knowledge, Joel likes S&M, frat boy torment, maybe man-mate, "wait for the baby" line, Shoerama care, Scott Miller calls to talk politics, Myles Weber joins us to talk about being a fat kid, being an 80's movie, ass bone torture, doing the work of Jesus, and singing to Russell Brand.

 Laugh It Off - 09/25/13 | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 00:00

Description not available at this time, check back later

 Laugh It Off - Brian & Jill and Honesty - 09/18/13 | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 00:00

We talked Craig wearing pink, Confession time, Javathiest, Father Sarah, salty beer, hand eyepatch, Steiny calls in, being a mogul, a new look, Dr. Shoe gives us a checkup, reverse racism, Brian & Jill talk about the temptations, chopping birds, speaking in accents, lovemaster origin, another installment of 'laughing at the stars', and sleeping with Kenny Loggins

 Laugh It Off - Fred Stoller & Change - 09/11/13 | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 00:00

Today we talk about Siri being a bitch so Morgan Freeman should replace her, Amanda Bynes breathalyzer, 9/11 truth, ky jelly in the airport, Craig Armstrong talks reality tv, Fred Stoller and cuddle dummy, "monkey" safe word, nerds are cool, keeping answering machine tapes, taking back numbers, Larry David lets Fred go, Rusty & single moms, 3 dog night reunion, Fred pays for his self-esteem.

 Laugh It Off - Mike Black & Morals - 08/28/13 | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 00:00

Today Craig peed on Britney Spears' lawn, moose knuckle, We meet Craig's new assistant Kimi, Craig gets backup, Craig's ticket documentary, comic con prostitutes, Mike Black "attack" talk action figures, genital Ken, a great right turn, Outing Kimi on the air, Jousting theme music, our first game of laughing at the stars, caller Keith wins a new shirt.

 Laugh It Off - Mike Catherwood & Consistency - 08/21/13 | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 00:00

Sarah's a diva, Craig feels like batman, One nut willy, Joel does his first laughidation, Jumping the shark, after dinner speaking, Mike Catherwood talks zen sports, taking Sarah's bra off, Broken vagina?, masturbate addiction, and home depot crying section

 Laugh It Off - Kira Soltanovich & "Spirituality" - 08/14/13 | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 00:00

Sarah's trying to get over the weather, sweating with the oldie, Craig is lesbian-like, bathtub boning, Hollywood orgy, penis wobble, Craig Shoemaker sandwich, Kira Soltanovich 'anal expert' joins us fresh out of pilates, jew angle, minora-tee, Craig speaks Russian, and Jews on ice.


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