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Summary: If you are a graphic designer, web designer or a visual designer of any kind, this is the podcast for you. Each episode tackles a different graphic design related topic, from finding better clients to online portfolios to making sure you get paid. We also offer tips and tricks in our "Do Yourself a Favor" segment and advice when we answer a listener question. The Deeply Graphic Design-Cast is hosted by three successful, working designers with a wealth of real world experience to draw upon, so listen close! You're bound to learn something in each and every episode. Email listener questions to Yours may be answered in a future episode!

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  • Artist: graphic designers Wes McDowell, Brandon Voss & Mikelle Morrison
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 DesignCast 42: Finding a Graphic Design Job After Graduation | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 52:00

Well it's summer, and that means lazy beach days and tropical cocktails consumed from hollowed out fruit shells. Unless of course, if you're a recent design school graduate, in which case you better be busting your ass trying to find a job! In this episode, we have Dustin Pearce sitting in with us to tell his epic saga of graduation, waiting, disappointment, inspiration and redemption. He has a lot of great firsthand advice to impart, so if you're working on finding a graphic design job after graduation, are still in school, or on the job hunt in general, you will get a lot out of this conversation.   We also answer a few more listener questions about good websites where you can pick up some freelance work, and how (or if) you should tell your boss that their creative talent is sorely lacking. Watch Dustin's Video: Job Search Marathon from Dustin Pearce on Vimeo. Show Links: Dustin Pearce's online portfolio Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey  

 DesignCast 41: Getting Clients On Board With Your Ideas | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:50

Do your clients always go along with your creative ideas and concepts? If the answer is yes, then you can skip this episode. But if you're like the rest of us, sometimes it takes some convincing to get your clients to see things your way, and trust in your expertise. In this episode, we have special guest Sam Cox, creative director at Digitally Roasted, sharing his methods, as well as how far you should go before giving in. We also discuss the rare occasions when giving in to a client's idea actually benefits the project. (It can happen!)   As usual, the gang answers a few new listener questions. This time around, topics include why splash pages are outdated, and Photoshopped mockups in your portfolio.   Do you have any advice for getting clients on your side, or any stories where you either convinced a client, or ended up learning something new by listening to your client? Leave a comment below!

 DesignCast 40: The Listener Question Rager! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 54:49

These past 40 episodes have flown by, and to mark the occasion, we are doing another listener question party show. We love these shows the most, because we get to really involve you, the listener. This time around, we have even more questions to answer, including TWO audio questions! So hold onto your hats, folks, it's about to get real up in here! This week, our questions cover: How to split up the money in a multi-person shop How to figure out how much to charge a client Alternative ways of accepting payment from clients How many variations on a logo are appropriate to include Whether or not you should work for another company before going out on your own Advice for people who decide to change careers, and go into graphic design later in life How to communicate your role in a project when it was done in a team environment  

 DesignCast 39: 2013 Logo Design Trends | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:11:41

While we're in full-on trend-reporting mode, lets shed some light on one of our favorite topics - logo design! On this episode, we were lucky enough to have Bill Gardner, founder of to sit in with us, and talk about the logo design trends that have cropped up over the past year. I say lucky, because this guy literally wrote the book on logo design trends. Actually, make that eight books.   The Logo Lounge annual trend report for 2013 just came out, and we get to pick Bill's brain for an hour about what he has been seeing, which trends have legs, and which ones are likely to be completely played-out this time next year. For this episode, we recommend listening somewhere you can look at the online trend report at the same time. We talk about a lot of visuals that are difficult to put into words, and seeing what we're talking about would be a huge help.   In addition to talking about the 2013 logo design trends, we also answer a couple new listener questions about the benefits of getting professional representation as an illustrator, and how to handle micro-managing clients.   Wes also has a big announcement about his brand new e-books, Get Graphic Design Clients and Rock Your Portfolio Website. Both books are available on Amazon for free through June 19, 2013, so you should act fast! Show Links: Get Graphic Design Clients e-book (FREE through June 19) Rock Your Portfolio Website e-book (FREE through June 19) LogoLounge 2013 Trend Report

 DesignCast 38: Web Design Trends of 2013 Part 2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 41:18

If you listened to the last episode, then you have already gotten a taste of some of what the web design world is showing us this year. In this episode, we wrap up our list of our favorite web design trends of 2013 that we found in Patrick McNeil's The Web Designer's Idea Book Volume 3. While the last episode focused more on design styles, this time, we focus more on design elements that you can use to keep your web designs current and on-trend.   We also answer 2 new listener questions about ripping off existing logos and whether or not "bevel and emboss" is a trend worth pursuing.   What do you think of these trends? Have you read the book? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!   Show Links: "Peeking Out" example One Page Sales Pitch example Wood example 1 Wood example 2 Pinterest Effect 1 Pinterest Effect 2 Monsters 1 Monsters 2 Tiled

 DesignCast 37: Web Design Trends of 2013 Part 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 49:15

We discovered an awesome little book called The Web Designer's Idea Book Volume 3 by Patrick McNeil. It is so handy, so chock full of all the newest web trends that we just had to let our listeners in on the action. In this episode, the gang brings up their favorites of the trends presented in the book, and we talk about why and when you might use them in your own work. Since there are too many trends to cover in one episode, look out for our next episode where we will wrap it up with even more web design trends for 2013.   And before you ask, no the book isn't a sponsor. We just really, really like it.   We also answer a few listener questions about firing clients and how freelancers can get their hands on some affordable health insurance.   Show Links:

 DesignCast 36: Should You Ever Offer Discounts? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 52:41

One thing designers constantly hear is to charge what you're worth, and don't discount yourself. However, there are times in every designer's career when it seems like a perfectly reasonable idea to offer a discount. Whether its for a friend or family member, or in an effort to win over a new client, we talk about all the different scenarios you might encounter, and when it is appropriate to offer a discount.   We also answer a few listener questions about convincing potential clients that they shouldn't hire an amateur, and how to make a seamless transition from a smaller design market to a big one.   Since the subject of designer discounts can be controversial to say the least, if you disagree with us, feel free to comment below. Just keep it respectful please! No eye-gouging or fish-hooking will be tolerated. Show Links: (use promo code DEEP4 for 30% off. Expires May 31, 2013) (use promo code DEEP60 for half off web hosting for the first year)

 DesignCast 35: Designing Within a Niche | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 46:58

To be a generalist or a specialist... its one of the biggest quandries we as graphic designers face. While working in a niche will make your appeal somewhat more limited to the mass market, the potential to dominate one particular niche is a very tempting proposition. In this episode of Deeply Graphic, we have Kristi Duce back with us to discuss her brand new niche design business. We talk about how she found her niche, and where she is in the process.   We also talk about the benefits (and drawbacks) of a career in niche design, and the different types of niches that you might want to consider.   As always, we answer a few new listener questions. This time around, we help a listener who is having trouble with staggering and juggling various web design clients, and another who wants to know the best way to go about breaking the news to current clients that her rates are going up.   Have you found a niche that works for you? Tell us about it in the comments section below!   Show Links: (use promo code DEEP4 for 30% off. Expires May 31, 2013) (use promo code DEEP60 for half off web hosting for the first year)    

 DesignCast 34: Branding Yourself as a Graphic Designer | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:25

Of all the things that designers do, coming up with your own branding can be the toughest. More than just a logo, your branding is the personality of your business. It's important if you want to attract the right types of clients, and to tell the world who you are as a designer or design studio.   In this episode, the gang talks about things to think about and steps to take when coming up with your personal branding. If you already have a brand, and are looking for a fresh start, we also cover how to best handle a seamless re-brand. So if you're looking for some solid graphic designer branding tips, you won't want to miss this episode!   Digging into the mailbag, we answer a listener question about whether or not to hand over native files to clients, as well as the possibility of jumping into a career as an art director right out of school.   Show Links: "How to Talk to a Graphic Designer: Bridging the Gap" (Overnightprints resource center article) (use promo code DEEP3 for 30% off. Expires April 30, 2013) (use promo code DEEP60 for half off web hosting for the first year)  

 DesignCast 33: The Smart Way to Showcase Your Work (Portfolio Site Pro-Tips Series) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 46:59

To conclude our Portfolio Site Pro-tips series, the gang talks about the best ways to show your work on your website. We talk about why lightboxes might be a tired trend, and how to structure your portfolio pages for maximum impact for potential clients, potential bosses AND Google.   We also take on a few new listener questions about whether or not you should tell your clients the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. They were both very interesting, and the answers were interesting as well. Honest.   Show Links: (use promo code DEEP3 for 30% off. Expires April 30, 2013) Overnight Prints newly redesigned site (use promo code DGDESIGNCAST for serious savings on your order) (use promo code DEEP60 for half off web hosting for the first year)

 DesignCast 32: How to Get Amazing Client Testimonials (Portfolio Site Pro-Tips Series) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 49:36

Would you ever buy a product or service online without seeing a rating or review? Neither would we, and neither would your potential clients! The best way around this is to turn your existing graphic design clients into raving fans, and let them do the heavy lifting of selling you to others.   Not sure how to ask for a testimonial? We cover that, along with how to make sure you get clear, concise, and specific testimonials that future clients will be able to trust. We also talk about where to put them on your portfolio site for maximum impact. So listen close, you won't want to miss any of this information. Check out one of The Deep End's video testimonials below:   We also tackle a few new listener questions about inexpensive ways to market yourself as a designer, and when you should start thinking about expanding your business.   As always, if you have a testimonial or testimonial section on your own site, or if you know of any good examples online, leave the link below in the comment section! Show Links: (use promo code DEEP2 for 30% off. Expires March 31, 2013) (use promo code DEEP60 for half off web hosting for the first year)

 DesignCast 31: How to Make Graphic Design Case Studies Work for You (Portfolio Site Pro-Tips Series) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 39:23

Ever wonder how you can make potential clients see what exactly you can do for them? Well the Deeply Graphic gang is on the case! On this episode, we're talking all about case studies, which can be an extremely powerful tool to help future clients see how you have helped previous clients. When done right, they will do the math and realize that you can help them in a similar way.   Listen for killer tips, including what every good case study should include, how to present it, and where it should fit into your portfolio website. Check out one of The Deep End's video case studies below:   In addition, we answer a couple new listener submitted questions, both to do with the ethics of accepting and offering a referral fee.   If you use or know of any great case study examples online, go ahead and link to them in the comments section below! Show Links: (use promo code DEEP2 for 30% off. Expires March 31, 2013) (use promo code DEEP60 for half off web hosting for the first year)

 DesignCast 30 : The Dirty Thirty Listener Question Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:44

Well we made it to 30 episodes, and we have you to thank for it! To show our appreciation, we have put together what may be our best listener question show yet. We get so many great questions from you, our listeners, that this is the best way to get through a bunch of them and make everyone happy. In this episode, we answer questions on an array of graphic and web design-related topics, including setting up your home office, how much web coding a designer SHOULD know, finding a design dream job while constantly on the move, what to do when a good project goes bad, and how often you should be showing the progress you're making to your clients.   Next time, we will be getting back into our "Portfolio site pro-tips" series. Show Links: OvernightPrints Resource Center (use promo code DGDESIGNCAST for around 50% off your entire order.) (use promo code DEEP1 for 30% off. Expires Feb 28, 2013)  

 DesignCast 29 : Secrets to a Powerful Homepage (Portfolio Site Pro-Tips Series) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:00:29

There's no place like home! The homepage of your portfolio website is the first impression you will likely make on potential clients, so make it count! In this, our second in our "Portfolio Site Pro-Tips" series, we will take a look at some "above and beyond" things you can do to make your homepage work even harder for you and your design business.   We talk homepage "welcome" videos, social media sharing strategies, a way of keeping your homepage content fresh automatically, and how to properly entice your potential clients to stick around your site to see everything you have to offer.   In our listener question segment, we talk about what design skills are the hottest, and how to go about getting work from big companies.   Please share your homepage in the comment section below. We would love to see how you are utilizing yours! Show Links: OvernightPrints new Resource Center (use promo code DEEP1 for 30% off. Expires Feb 28, 2013) Mikelle's homepage

 DesignCast 28 : Crafting the Perfect “About” Page (Portfolio Site Pro-Tips Series) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 58:11

Since a graphic designer's most valuable showcase of their work is the portfolio website, we thought it would be a great idea to do a series on how you can make the most of yours. In this, the first installment of the series, Wes, Mikelle and writing expert Kristen Fischer talk about what you can do to take your "about" page to the next level, so that your potential clients or employers can see you for the creative genius you really are. We go over what you should definitely include, what you should leave out, how to make your personality jump off the page, and how to entice visitors to take the next step once they have finished reading it.   In our listener question segment, we talk about how to best represent yourself on LinkedIn, and we hear from one listener who finds himself in a really, really bad work situation.   Please share your "about" page in the comments below. We would love to see what you've got! Show Links: (use promo code DEEP12 (expires 1/31/2013) Kristen Fischer's About Page Freelance Radio podcast


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