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Summary: Transmissions from Atlantis is a podcast dedicated to Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror created by author JC De La Torre and his lovely wife Rita. They discuss all things speculative fiction, including television, movies, books, comics, audiobooks, video games and anything else dealing with genre fiction. As rabid Whovians, JC and Rita will always slice out a few minutes of their show to talk Doctor Who. The show is produced weekly and promises to provide JC and Rita’s unique perspective and passion for speculative works.


 Episode 12 – The One That Previews Dragon*Con | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

We're on the eve of the greatest fan run Sci-Fi Con in the U.S. (and maybe the world) and TFA is all in! In this episode we give you the low down on the costumes we will be wearing and our entire schedule for Dragon*Con (subject to change). We'll also preview Doctor Who at Dragon*Con, Pond's Life and the Series 7 premiere. Rita's Reading Review returns with George R.R. Martin's A Dance of Dragons - the fifth book of the Song of Fire and Ice Series (Game of Thrones for you uninitiated). Remember last week how we told you how much we loved Being Human (U.K.)? What a difference a week makes! JC and Rita lose their minds in a rant over series 3 and 4 during our Retro Review. Be warned - if you haven't seen series 3 or 4 and don't want to be spoiled - you MUST fast forward past this section. There is major spoilage in this segment. We also give you our review of True Blood's season finale - Save Yourself. One word - WOW! There are spoilers here, too. Consider yourself warned. As always, the schedule and pertinent links are after the jump! Schedule 2:22 - Opening True Blood Review 5:00 - True Blood Season 5 Finale - Save Yourself 15:37 - Where will TFA be during Dragon*Con? Our 2012 Dragon*Con Preview Rita's Reading Review 39:02- A Dance of Dragons (Book 5 of the Song of Fire and Ice series) by George R.R. Martin Retro Review 50:17 - JC and Rita's Rant on Being Human U.K. (SPOILERS...HEAVY SPOILERS) Doctor Who 1:06:15 - Series 7 Episode One definitely during Labor Day Weekend - September 1st 1:08:23 - Sylvester McCoy will be at Dragon*Con along with Kai Owen and John Barrowman of Torchwood 1:09:23 - Live Event for the 50th? 1:15:32 - Pond Life Episode 1 1:17:54 - Closing Feed: ITunes: ESO Dragon*KHAN! Report: TFA Teaches You Who:

 Episode 11 – The One About Horror | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

It's a frightfully good time on TFA this week as we focus on the horror aspect of the show. We open up with a discussion on the scariest shows on television (past and present). We give you our True Blood Episode 11 and season 5 review while looking forward to the season finale.  In News of the Weird, we tell you about Navajo Rangers who are living real life X-files investigators. In our Retro Review we give you our take on Series One and Two of the U.K. version of the werewolf, vampire, ghost drama Being Human. Our Doctor Who segment keeps the theme rolling as we talk about the scariest episodes of Nu Who and we also give you the low down on the premiere of Series 7. We also get a quick Dragon*Con blip in there as well. So, grab a loved one, turn down the lights, hide your eyes and prepare for chills as TFA goes spoooooky! The schedule and links are after the jump! Schedule 2:18 - Opening SCI-FI News 3:56 - Scariest TV shows of all time 22:20 - Dragon Con report – what we plan on doing, what costumes we will do etc…. True Blood Review 29:35 - Season 5, Episode 11- Sunset 37:06 - Season Finale thoughts 37:42 - Season Review of trublood News of the Weird 41:41 - Man fights to keep remains of wife in front yard. 47:20 - Weird death row last meal 50:24 - Navajo X-Files? Retro Review 53:56 - Being Human UK Version Season One and Two Doctor Who  1:04:35 - When will Series Seven Premiere? 1:10:33- Scariest Doctor Who episodes. 1:19:20 -Closing Feed: ITunes: ESO Dragon*KHAN! Report:

 EPISODE 10: The One About JC and Rita’s Bloopers and Dragon*Con | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

You thought you got rid of us didn't you? No! We're back for our double figures-sode Episode 10. After a one week hiatus to finish off our TFA Teaches You Who video project, we're back in our crazy full effect for you, our beloved listeners. First, in celebration of reaching a milestone that many startup podcasts never reach, we're going to give you a quick peek behind the curtain and give you some stuff that you'd never hear in the final edited broadcast of the show. We're also going to give you our thoughts on how it's gone so far and where we see the show going in the future. We're going to give you the scoop on a steamy affair from two of the most well known actors from the legendary sci-fi show X-Files. Mike Faber has beamed down from the mothership to give us the lowdown on the largest fan run Sci-Fi Con in America - Dragon*Con. In news of the weird we're going to have the Roswell aliens times two, the Loch Ness Monster and a billionaire who really wants to build Jurassic Park! Because we're so excited that the series 7 premiere is only weeks away, we go Who in our Retro Review with our review of Series 6 (Nu Who) of Doctor Who. That leads into a monster Doctor Who segment this week where we bring back in Earth Station Who host Mike Faber to join us in a discussion about Series 7, the 50th anniversary (are the Ninth and Tenth Doctors in?) and if you could choose one Nu Who episode to show a newbie to represent the show - which one would you choose? All that, plus our True Blood review of Episode 10 Gone, Gone Gone. The schedule and pertinent links are after the jump! Episode 10 Schedule 2:24 - Opening 2:39 - TFA Teaches You Who (and the Opening, cont'd) 6:10 - Thoughts on Reaching Episode 10 8:30 - Schedule and length for future episodes 10:14 - Bloopers, Vulgar Fights and Other stuff you don't hear on Tranmissions From Atlantis SCI-FI News 18:47 X-Files Love Affair? 21:00 Eccleston to play villain in Thor 2 Transmissions Received 25:30 Dragon*Con with Mike Faber News of the Weird 55:33 More Roswell News - TWO UFOs at Roswell? 59:04 Billionare Rumored to be building a REAL Jurassic Park 1:02:15 Nessie Finally Caught on Camera? Retro Review 1:05:31 - Series 6 of Doctor Who (Nu Who) Doctor Who News 1:38:35 – Mary Tamm’s Husband hours after her eulogy. 1:43:40 -  Apologies for the missed Spoilers warning in the doctor who segment last week. 1:44:08 - If you were to introduce a newbie to Doctor Who (Nu Who only) - Which episode would you choose? 1:51:11 - Chris Eccelston - "I have More to do as the Doctor" 1:53:40 - Matt Smith wants Chris Back 1:54:09 David Tennant all but confirms his Doctor Who 50th Anniversary appearance on G4! 1:57:54 New BBC Two drama to mark 50th anniversary of Doctor Who 2:01:59 - Series 7 BBC Autumn trailer

 Episode 9 – The One About Dr. Geek’s Laboratory, Doctor Who’s Opening Ceremonies Snub and Daleks vs. Weeping Angels | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

JC and Rita are back and in rare form. With JC all hyped up on Nyquil, we fight to the death on Daleks vs The Weeping Angels (trust me, you don't want to miss that one).  JC goes bonkers over Doctor Who being excluded from the opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics. We talk about the Brooklyn Monster and a man who was cured of Stereoblindness by going to see Hugo in 3d! We give you the scoop on a sequel to Independence Day, what new series the executive producers of Walking Dead are bringing to AMC and the end of Eureka. We have a very special Transmissions Received segment where we get to meet the labstaff of Doctor Geek's Laboratory - our new brother podcast on the ESO Network. For the Retro Review, we give you the low down on the Star Trek the Next Generation season one blu-rays. In addition to the earlier segments on Doctor Who, we remember the wonderful companion of the fourth doctor, Mary Tamm.  We talk Matt Smith on the cover of EW and we give you some 50th anniversary and series 7 spoilers. We wrap this baby up with our True Blood review. Folks, if you've never tried TFA before...this is the one to listen to! The show schedule and links are after the jump! Episode 9 Schedule 2:20 - Opening News of the weird 4:25 - Goofiest Things from the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics 14:42 - Brooklyn Bridge Monster 17:00 - 3D Film cures man of Stereo Blindness SciFi News 21:20 - Walking Dead Producers Bring Area 51 to AMC 24:20- Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich finally working on ID4 sequel 28:10 - Eureka Series Finale  Transmissions Received 32:17 - Lab Staff of Dr. Geek's Laboratory Dr. Geek Links Email: Website: ITunes: Dr. Geek’s Laboratory Podcast Facebook: Twitter: @drgeeklab YouTube: Retro Review 1:18:35- Star Trek the Next Generation - Season One Remastered Blu Ray Release  DoctorWho 1:24:13 - Mary Tamm, Romana I, passes away 1:30:17 - Matt Smith on the cover of EW 1:34:41 - Multiple 50th Anniversary Specials for 2013 and Matt Smith for 2014 1:37:56 - SPOILERS! Guess What Famous Statue is a Weeping Angel? 1:41:40 - Daleks versus Weeping Angels True Blood Review 1:46:25- SPOILERS! Season 5, Episode 8 Somebody That I Used to Know 1:54:12 - Closing Feed: ITunes:

 Episode 8 – The Batman’s Final Bow | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Holy Episodes, Batman! We finally stopped fooling around and put together episode 8 of Transmissions From Atlantis. In this action packed installment, we review not one, not two but all three of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. Included in that of course is the Dark Knight Rises, the latest blockbuster. Is Bane as good as Heath Ledger's Joker? We discuss in depth. We'll also let you in on the Jesus crab, which university has an Alien Hunter Course and 15 Sci-Fi Predictions that came true. Sherlock in the modern world is hardly a novel concept but there appears to be a battle brewing as to who does it better - the Americans or the Brits? It's CBS' Elementary versus BBC's Sherlock. Who wins? We'll tell you. We'll talk Game of Thrones, as Elijah Wood (Frodo) got to sit on the Iron Throne and George R.R. Martin talked about which scene he is dreading seeing on the HBO television show. Rita previews Kaza Kingsley's Erec Rex fantasy series. For our Doctor Who segment, we ask the question - How has the Doctor changed in the last 50 years? When will Matt Smith be leaving and what is the Doctor Who Experience? We'll wrap it up with our True Blood review! See the schedule and important links after the jump! Schedule 2:20 -Open 3:15 -We are now officially members of the Doctor Who Podcasters Alliance 4:40-Batman Massacre News of the Weird 9:04 -University of Edinborough Offers Free Online Alien Hunter Course 11:31 -Jesus Christ Image Found on Crab 14:51 -15 Sci-Fi Predictions That Came True Sci-Fi News 30:17 -Elijah Wood (Frodo from LOTR) sits on the Iron Throne of game of thrones 32:15 -Elementary vs. Sherlock 40:07-George R.R. Martin reveals which thrones storyline he's 'dreading" Retro Review 44:34 -Batman Begins 49:29 -The Dark Knight Sci-Fi News Continued.... 54:42 -The Dark Knight Rises Review Rita's Reading Review 1:03:42 -Rita Previews Kaza Kingsley's Erec Rex series  Doctor Who 1:07:26 - How has the Doctor Changed in the last 50 years? 1:22:30 - Does the Eleventh Hour episode hold a clue to exit of the Ponds? 1:34:41 - When is Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who? 1:37:30 - Did Karen Grope Matt in her last scene on the TARDIS? 1:38:15 - Steven Moffat says Series 7 will have future-soides! 1:40:46 - Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff has Opened! True Blood Review 1:43:18 - Season 5, Episode 7 - In the Beginning 1:51:13- Closing Feed: ITunes:

 Episode 7: Ascendio 2012 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

It's a very special TFA Episode this week as we focus on the Harry Potter convention Ascendio 2012. We'll take you deep inside the con with discussions on Muggle Quidditch, Chris Rankin's (Percy Weasely) Q&A, the Quill Track and JC's Wardrobe malfunction. We'll also interview facebook cosplay legends Perseus and Draco LePage, hosts of Ascendio 2012's Fashion ball. We'll also talk a little Artemis Fowl in Rita's Reading Review and we'll give you the scoopage on Doctor Who at San Diego ComiCon. We'll wrap it up with our review of True Blood episode 6 - Hopeless. It's a big episode but we bring you the very essence of one of the best Harry Potter cons we've attended. The schedule and important links are after the jump! Schedule 2:22 Opening Ascendio 2012 3:43 Our Thoughts on Ascendio 2012 7:12 Untold Tales of Beedle the Bard 10:25 Ascendio 2012 LIVE! featuring --Muggle Quidditch with Bridget Seigel --Troubled Girl Films with Hansi Oppenheimer --Untold Tales of Beedle the Bard with Alicia Gravely --Alumni House Tournament with Becky Mallet --Harry Potter fandom with the entire panel --Ascendio 2012 with the entire panel 1:03:43 Chris Rankin's After the Saga Q&A 1:55:59 Quill Track at Ascendio 2012 2:03:24 The Fashion Show at Ascendio 2012 2:10:04 Interview with Perseus and Draco at Ascendio 2012 2:15:32 The Manor Ball 2:23:14 Rita's Reading Review - Artemis Fowl Doctor Who 2:25:46 What Arthur and Karen will be doing after Who 2:31:35 Episode Spoilers from ComiCon 2:39:20 John Barrowman is nuts! 2:42:12 We love the Ponds but... True Blood Review 2:48:07 Season 5, Episode 6 Hopeless 2:56:18 Season 5 So Far.... 2:57:25 Closing Important Links John Barrowman interviews Matt Smith and Karen Gillian on G4 Doctor Who ComicCon 2012 Panel Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Matt Smith, Karen Gillian and Arthur Darvill at Nerd HQ (ComiCon 2012) Feed: ITunes: Watch the site as we will let you know when pics and videos from Ascendio 2012 are available!

 Episode 5.1 – the Jeremy Robinson Interview | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Something very strange happened with our interview of Jeremy Robinson in Episode 5. We're not exactly sure what happened - but here is the full interview in it's entirety. You can visit Jeremy's website at SecondWorld is available wherever books are sold. The original Episode 5 podcast will also be updated with the corrected audio file. Again, we apologize to everyone for the technical glitch and thanks to those who brought it to our attention.  


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