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Summary: Band of Badgers Presents aims to introduce you to some great music from talented bands and artists out there on the independent music scene today. There will also be talk about gigs and festivals and if you're lucky there may be a few asides which it will be my mission to make at least a little bit funny. Please give me time! All in all Band of Badgers Presents endeavours to bring you a playlist of songs that will inspire you to check out the featured artists further.


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The full blogcast to accompany this latest podcast will be up as soon as possible, so please check at The Playlist: 1. Gladiator – Wings of Apollo 2. Spooks – The Scholars 3. Last of The Hobo Kings – Mary Gauthier 4. Never Letting You Go – Robb Murphy 5. Birdsong – Mark Nichols 6. In The Wreckage – Reichenbach Falls 7. Microlove – Summa 8. I’ve Been Waiting – Lavers 9. Bad Karma – The Como Brothers Band 10. Hold On To Saturday – Wings of Apollo Thanks for listening.

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The blogcast for this latest episode of the podcast is yet to be written so please check at I will update this section once it is ready. Apologies for being so behind but do check the blog as the blogcast will feature lots more music. The Playlist: 1. Love The Thunder – The Scholars 2. Indigo – Bloodflower 3. Resolve – Arcane Roots 4. Parachute – The Como Brothers Band 5. Ignorance – Lightfire 6. Interlude & Burning Out – I Divide 7. Love Has Gone - The Lost Souls of Pompeii 8. Useless – Anokato 9. That House We Built From The Wreckage – Phil McMinn 10. Kings - Sukh Thank you for listening.

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This latest blogcast is even more overdue than my overlong overrunning overview/review. Never mind, with just the final part of that to go, featuring some of the top live gigs I was fortunate to get to last year, I've decided I just MUST get podcast #12 out there already. Especially as I've now already recorded podcast #13 and got that up on podOmatic! So much for that schedule encouraging me to get these done quicker. Ha! Ah well, I did make it quite clear I'm not really one for such schedules. They just mess things up anyway. *drinks to non-schedules* I shall continue scribbling things down on my multi-coloured post-it notes. That seems to do the trick. feels a bit odd writing up this now given I've recorded podcast #13 already. Shock! I do believe I am doing what they call 'multitasking'. Or as UK comedian Miranda would correct me, it is what everyone calls multitasking, there is no need to add, 'what I call'. Miranda is a strange phenomenon don't you think? I may be isolating any non-UK readers/listeners here so apologies for that. It is a British sitcom based on a very silly thirty-something woman called, surprise surprise, Miranda. It really is just so silly but I do find it almost sidesplittingly funny. It seems to be rather divisive however. A bit like marmite in that people either love it or hate it. I say that about Marmite but I'm a fence-sitter when it comes to the yeast extract. I like it on a sarnie if I'm having cheese or crisps with it but not on its own. And it ruins toast in my opinion. Back to Miranda, some people just don't get it. I like that silly aspect of it, it is stupid but funny with it and at times even clever. Now, 'What have you done today to make you feel prooooouuuuuud?' Well, I've almost finished writing a live review of Luke Jackson's recent gig at The Stables in Milton Keynes that he's going to post it up on his very own website. There's loads more I'm working on but I really need to be getting on with this so keep an eye out. Not literally remove your eye from your sockets of course. Oh dear. I think I have caught the Miranda bug. Best crack on with the playlist and stop all this buffoonary! Oooh, what a cool word. Buffoon. Boofunary. Me likes. The Playlist: 1. Sirens – The Slow Readers Club 2. The Burning & The Falling Down – Face The King 3. Rule And Bant – Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman 4. Shuffle & Deal – Gilmore & Roberts 5. The Stealing Arm – Gilmore & Roberts 6. Evil Girls – The Days 7. Rampart Street – Ben Glover 8. Take Your Loving Back – Michele Stodart 9. The Hill – Flight Brigade 10. Old Scenes – Boat To Row For loads more information about those featured and lots more besides please visit the blogcast at Thanks for listening.

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I know this one has been published and up for weeks by now, but I simply couldn't withhold it having completed the recording and mixing. Share, share, share. That is what it's all about and there are the two amazing and fantastic new singles from Derbyshire's indie-rock ravers Whitemoor and Oxford americana maestros The Dreaming Spires, which I really wanted to play and get out there. Thank you if you have already had yourself a listen or download and thank you doubly for coming back for another one or even just to check out the blogcast. Finally, it is here, yes. I must admit the weekend I spent in Oxford a few weeks back really made me realize I need to make music my life's work. The journalism, promoting and all that side of things I mean, not the music making. I don't have any talent in that respect (I will dare to admit I am seriously going to pick up and dust off the guitar I have and start learning though. Did I say dust off? I better book it in for some kind of industrial clean, it has been standing idle so long. Will probably take me an age just to tune it now. No excuses however, I'm getting right on it!). Just hanging out there and going to those two awesome gigs (The Dreaming Spires & Tom McRae) bought it home again. In fact, all gigs do really. And yet I have to turn down so many I could attend for free in London simply because of logistics and finances. I also missed my first real opportunity to see The Scholars in Birmingham thanks to this pain in the backside of a lingering cold that is inflicting so many people. My immune system is usually not too bad. It's all about the fruit and veg. Just not in this particular case, I guess. The guys even ended up headlining that night due to the main band pulling out. Well done to them and please do go grab yourself a FREE DOWNLOAD of the awesome alternate version of their latest single Wired, it is a treat! More gigs are to be announced soon and nothing is going to prevent me getting to one now I can assure you! For the complete blogcast accompanying this episode of the podcast please visit: There is so much more up on the blog. More on the featured playlist as well as even more fantastic music and news. The Playlist: 1. High Lights - Whitemoor 2. Just Can’t Keep This Feeling In – The Dreaming Spires 3. Strangers We Meet – The Black Feathers 4. What it Takes – Russell Toomey 5. The Man Who Had Everything – Scott Matthews 6. On This Great Day – Andy Ruddy 7. Threadbare – Everything on Red 8. To Make You Proud – Page 44 9. No Justice, Just Us – Go.Fly.Win 10. His Voice – Brooke Sharkey Thanks for listening.

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Howdy then folks. Welcome to the blogcast for the latest podcast, the tenth, no less! Apologies it's been a while to get this one completed but as I mentioned in a previous post, I am trying to get ahead with recording the podcasts so I can keep up a decent amount to air via Acoustic Spectrum. This one is likely to have its regular two plays before I get #11 finished for it. #11 is indeed all ready to record but that blogcast will be another few weeks away at the very least. The songs for #12 are also now all in and they're coming in fast and furious for #13. In between these I also have another special show lined up. How would you like to hear a mix of some classic favourites with one or two recent gems? It means I get to play some golden classic but it will of course be for streaming only. Still, it will be available nonetheless. Do I have some great tunes lined up for that one. I'm sure you're going to really enjoy it. It may well transpire due to licensing and all that jazz (not actual jazz you understand, but feel free to do jazz hands every time jazz gets written. That's four lots now. I'm watching. Come on, get in the spirit of things peoples!), that I can only let that special show play via Acoustic Spectrum so make sure you tune in at 7pm (GMT - feels so strange after using BST for so long) on Thursdays or you will miss out. Then I will let my cat at you. She's a mean one too. This is due to her age you understand, and not necessarily her nature. She's like a Cylon, The Rani and Servalan all rolled up into one fluffy bundle. Okay, I apologise to any non-sci-fi geeks out there who will have no idea what that means, or indeed how bad it will be if I let my cat out at you. So, best way to avoid finding out is to tune in to the show at Acoustic Spectrum and listen to those classics. I anticipate it will be a few weeks before it gets played as I am hoping to get #11 sorted for next Thursday (8th November) because I have a few new singles to play. I will however try and keep you posted via twitter. If you're not following me on there then you can find me @roberto_baggins where you can see all the rubbish I tweet all the time. Before cracking on I'm going to ask you for a wee favour (in addition to visiting and listening to the podcast, yes but stick with me). Thanks to the lovely New Zealand singer-songwriter Julie Lamb, I discovered there's a European Podcast Awards. She kindly asked if my podcast was entered into it which, given I'd never heard of the thing it wasn't and so I said I'd check it out. Having done so I decided to propose Band of Badgers Presents for nominations. Scary stuff! Now, I know given the number of podcasts out there in the category (Personality) and how wonderfully amazing people make them, I have little chance of winning. However, as a typical never win anything kind of guy I'm well on the 'It's the taking part that's fun' bus. I'm aware there are still a couple of issues with my sound quality, mostly with my speaking parts. And no, I don't mean me having a 'cold voice' on this particular episode. There is some horrid echo thing going on I can't seem to eliminate. I am working on it but I do use a simple free software program to mix things. I paid for Wavepad but not knowing what I was doing, I failed to pay the right price to get the mixing capability. Yes, I know I am a tech fool. The pittance I get paid doesn't stretch to me rectifying this situation any time soon I'm afraid. I've already cancelled Christmas, effectively. If I won this I'd get software I believe but even if not I'm on it soon as I can afford to upgrade my Wavepad. My point is (yes I do have one, cheeky), that I'm aware of this little niggle in sound quality but if you enjoy the podcast, like what I ramble on about at times and the information about the artists and bands I give out; and more importantly if you like the music I offer you each time, then please stop by and vote for me. I will be ever so grateful.(continued)

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Please visit for the blogcast accompanying this latest episode. There, you will find a full playlist with links and a whole host of other top music news. Thanks for listening.

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Please visit for the blogcast to this podcast. Thank You.

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Howdy all. Herein lies podcast number six. Not quite sure why I welcome you all in this way given the title says it all (as does your ability to count) but ah, well. I may as well continue the way I started. Besides, I like to give you a warm welcome and express my gratitude for taking the time to stop by. I am fully aware how precious free time can be and I'm also fully aware about how much I can ramble on, at times. I studied Philosophy, so that should say all there is to about that. Rambling can be good. Depends what one rambles on about of course. I really should relegate my rambles to the end of the post shouldn't I? That way you're not faced with it at the start. That is if you haven't just skimmed it briefly quickly moving on to the playlist and other music news below. I certainly don't blame you to be fair but check out my exciting new musical promotion proposal. While at Truck Festival a couple of weeks ago (I know, I know, where's the review? I honestly wish it hadn't taken so long and I'm not moaning (okay I may be moaning about the lack of time issue again but well, it is an issue after all. Perhaps cloning myself would assist in some way. Two (or more) of me to speed things along a bit)), seeing all the luxurious campervans in attendance made me think, wouldn't it be groovy (the youth still say groovy, right?) if I had one myself and was able to go on a grand musical adventure visiting as many UK music festivals as I could next year. Covering the length, breadth and width of the entire UK (including Northern Ireland, if they'll have me) attending one every two or three weeks. What a mission it could be. Perhaps helping raise money for charity along the way as well as assist in promoting for whoever would be generous and kind enough to sponsor the whole thing. Yes, there is that. I'm still no lottery winner just yet. Writing up the adventure would be an amazing experience too as would all those bands and artists I would get to see. And what about Band of Badgers Presents Live Sessions whereby artists or bands performing at the festivals sing a song or two inside (or rather by the side as a campervan is not a TARDIS - although who knows maybe one might well be a TARDIS, the camouflage is kind of the point is it not?) the home on wheels? Maybe I am just dreaming, especially that last part, or reaching a tad too high but hey, at least I'm reaching somewhere. I can see it now....a band of banjo (and guitar, flute, violin, drums etc...) playing badgers painted on one side of the campervan. Oh, right, yes. I appear to have woken up now. Part 1 of my Truck review will follow this post quite quickly, by the way. Just in time for Bakewell Music Festival this coming weekend. Bring it on! Enough of all that for the moment though and on with (cue Echo sound effect) the playlist. The Playlist: This Heart's Built to Break - The Scholars Mad Hatter - Echo & Drake Our Little Empire - Lavers Accordion - Brian Wright To The Sea - Kid Conventional BYOB - Let's Go Safari Coast Fiction - Porthaven Moon - T E Morris Kia's Song - Nate Jones Ghosts - Perry Hood For the accompanying blogcast packed with loads of information, links, tunes & videos visit my blog >> Thanks :-)

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Welcome to the fifth Band of Badgers Presents podcast. I know, I know, it has still seemed to take a good few weeks to get this one completed and out but so many other things seem to be occupying my time. Mostly work of course as one must seemingly waste an entire eight (or more) hours for five consecutive days each week in order to live but such is the way the world works at present, sadly. No sponsors have yet come forth following the plea I made in podcast #3. Perhaps my advertisement to be sent over to the US and cover some great gigs over there was a little too much to begin with, frightening off any potential sponsors? Like I mentioned, I'm very flexible so if you can offer me any other type of work along similar lines (producing a music show of some sort, writing about music or helping with promo, for example) then do get in touch because I assure you I'm a very hard worker and will be well worth the money. I am kind of semi-serious by the way (don't ask and you don't get so they say (those they make their appearance everywhere don't they?)). Well, completely serious about finally kick-starting something akin to a career and in an area I thoroughly enjoy and can revel in. This is a vital existential component for a happy life, surely? Quite why it has to be so difficult to get to that point I'm unsure. Perhaps that is part of the point? The harder it is to get where you might truly want to be the better things are when you get there (if you get there). If anything, it feels good to finally be at a point where I know what I do want. Okay, enough with the serious work chat for now and on with the show before you all click away on to something else. Please head on over to for the blog post that accompanies this latest podcast. Here you will find all the links to the artists and bands on the playlist. 1. The White Hind - Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman 2. Huldra - Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman 3. Perfect Stranger (Acoustic) - The Last Republic 4. Shanty (Live at Bush Hall) - Luke Ritchie 5. Through You - Lightfire 6. Sex in the City - Eric Unseen 7. Alpha Street West - Butcher the Bar 8. Cosmic Ambulance - Lavers 9. Let Them Know - Aidan Logan 10. You Should Be Feeling This Elliot - Jinnwoo 11. Drop of Rain - Mark Blasco

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I'm a little frustrated it has taken another whole month to get podcast #3 out as I've had the playlist sorted for some time now. That said (or written, rather - why do I always write that?) I want things to be done properly and I've been waiting for the arrival of the new microphone. Now I no longer need to apologise for the lack of quality of my own ramblings. Well, by lack of quality I mean the sound quality of course and not my, at times, digressions. There's a slight but not drastic change to the playlist but you can expect Nick Burbridge, Silverbox, Lightfire and Porthaven to be popping up in the next few podcasts. With having some much needed time off work I should finally be able to get ahead with recording at least the next two podcasts which means I'm hoping to get them out a little quicker from now on. There's also potential for some internet radio play which is another reason (but not the only one) I've invested in the new microphone. Like it says on the website (, Acoustic Spectrum is all about free music promotion and has been created by three truly amazing individuals who are staunch supporters of indie music dedicating so much of their time to numerous activities that do just this. Tom Oswald, an entrepeneur who has also set up his own indie record label, Red Dragon Records ( together with the editor of Fatea magazine (, Neil King and station director Jody Goldsworthy utilise their links within the industry to import radio shows worldwide and export their own shows back to those stations. So, it's kind of like a big internet radio network if you like. If you're a band or artist who needs to get some airplay or promotion sorted then check out Acoustic Spectrum but don't forget the other two fantastic outlets offered by Tom and Neil in terms of Red Dragon Records and Fatea magazine. While I'll be more excited than a puppy with a new bone (that sounds kind of wrong but you get my point), if I get some internet radio play for Band of Badgers Presents, this will be more so because I'll be able to fully pay back all those who have kindly let me feature their music so far. Aside from absolutely loving sharing these playlists, it is primarily to help with promotion and exposure so getting so many more listeners would be amazing! The Playlist: Eve - fiN - Turbulence - The Scholars - Don't Worry - T J Courtney - Dance on, Graves - Good Friend - Dirty Stop Out - The Repeat Offenders - Song for Infinity - One Cure For Man - First Light - Under a Banner - Storyteller - Sam Beeton - I Held You Once - The Epstein - Chasin Elephants - The Havenites - Bowies in Space - Flight of the Conchords - Please check out the film Turbulence featuring The Scholars because from the promo bio below it's got me salivating in anticipation of seeing it: When a failing music venue staffed by fools looks set to close, manager Keith launches a last ditch Battle of the Bands competition. More by accident than by design, musical genius is unleashed by a rapping transvestite, some precocious indie rockers and a barmaid with a golden voice, who together save the world they love. Turbulence, a laugh out loud comedy from a BAFTA winning team. The Scholars also have a tumblr age at It was here I read a really passionate post from band member Tim Mobbs about why people don't seem to be going to gigs these days. He writes about the quality of venues and the crazy drinks promotions on offer whe(continued)

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Here I am again but this time with the second episode of my music podcast. Episode 1 went very well and is getting some plays so I'm quite happy with it so far. I have so much more music yet to play as well as much more from all those who kindly featured in the pilot podcast. Gigantic universe-sized big thanks to them all and for everyone who has checked it out so far. I've already got an almost completed playlist for episode 3 which I'll hopefully have out in about two to three weeks (unless you'd like to offer me some money to quit my job and do this full time in which case I'd be able to speed up the turnaround considerably). I thought I'd have this one up online sooner than now but time just doesn't hold up does it? That's a whole other discussion for another post (or 12) so I won't even start getting into my lifelong fascination with time right now. Okay so I was unable to follow through on my promise of using a better microphone this time round but this is on the 'to do' list, flagged in red and underlined several times. Oh, it's in bold too! I must therefore apologise for the slight sound distortion at times but thankfully this is only during the bits I'm waffling on about stuff so you know what to do! That's right, just hit that fast forward button/option. You might need to get that replaced after just these first two episodes. Or take out some insurance exclusively for that button. Putting this playlist together was just as much fun as the previous one and features the following: Introduction - I Divide The Arrival - I Divide Paralysed Lullabies - Sky Burns Red Superstar - The Dead Famous Answers - Page 44 Let the Good Times Roll, Kid - First Things First Not Every Song From the Sixties is a Classic - The Dreaming Spires I'm Leaving Home - Dan Donnelly Shopping Centre Song - Rainy Boy Sleep Sarah - Winter Mountain Digits Point - Howard James Kenny Blackbirds - One Cure For Man Another Time - Under a Banner The Levellers release their new album, Static on the Airwaves 25/06. You can pre-order this via a number of websites but if you do so by 07/06 at the Proper Music website your copy will be signed. Please do check out Tweep Nation, the podcast run by Dionne and Amber who I mentioned because they really will have you rolling around the floor laughing your arse off. Also, a book to add to your reading list, especially if fantasy is a genre you enjoy or like to dip into, is Dionne Lister's recently released debut novel Shadows of the Realm . I also recommend you check out the line up for this year's Truck Festival because there are some fantastic acts on the bill. I'm a fool for not having a ticket yet but that is also on the 'to do' list. This is right at the top, at the sides and the bottom just so I don't miss it. It also has huge arrows pointing inwards to it and a little note by the side saying I will be severely beaten with very smelly wet fish if I fail to get a ticket and it sells out. I'm on it. I promise. I really don't want to miss this! The Dreaming Spires I've seen and feature in this episode with their brand new single. British Sea Power I saw at Beautiful Days Festival a few years ago as I did with US band The Low Anthem who appeared there last year. One of their songs featured one of the guys using a saw as an instrument. Yes, an actual saw as in sawing a plank of wood saw. Like your dad on a Sunday afternoon. 'It's time to just go and saw a plank of wood in half!' (Eddie Izzard) It was different but nevertheless it was musical! Villagers and Frightened Rabbit I first saw play on Later with Jools Holland and I've been enjoying Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and Mystery Jets for a number of years already. Not 100% sure I've heard any of the others but I need to have a closer look. The Last Republic I played and championed (continued)

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Welcome to the first episode of this music podcast where I aim to introduce you to some fantastic bands and artists on the independent music scene today. I also hope I'll be able to play one or two songs from more established acts that are on my favourites list. The track list for the episode is below so please check out the links where you'll find more great music and downloads on offer: 1) Alone in Berlin - One Cure For Man - 2) Inseparable - Under a Banner - 3) Reaction - Whitestar - 4) Love is a Burning - The Survival Code - 5) Infidelity - Mutineers - 6) Open the Door - Andrew Page - 7) Break Me - The Walla Recovery - 8) Can We Keep This - Angel Kelly - 9) white Lies - Luke Jackson - 10) CCTV - The Last Republic - 11) But Without Light - One Cure For Man - Permission was granted by all the featured bands and artists on the playlist so a very big thank you to all of them and for the support and encouragement they have given to me in putting this together. A thank you also goes out to Mark Blasco at for the theme tune. Please also check out Mark's own music at


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