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Summary: Uncensored talk about just anything, funny bits, interviews with people from all aspects of life. We believe we are making the common a little smarter. Talk about pop culture, politics, music, sports, movies, beer and broads. Join us live every Friday night at 8PM EST on www.edgefm.net and www.livestream.com and of course download our shows.


 Hard Rock, Cocoa, and Joe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 9045

I'm not sure what happened in this episode because the asshole writing this was missing for most of it. What I do know is Johnstown has weird Christmas traditions and in Alabamy your lucky if you get your presents. The fellas talk of Russia, some other current events and Christmas..... don't forget Krampus!!! yodi ol ady olady o lay!

 Broken Hearts | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 10747

Guess who is back with a brand new invention.. it's Steve and I was just trying to quote a little Vanilla Ice, Steve doesn't have an invention.. or does he? Curt's heart sent him to the ER. He seems to be ok but further testing is needed. Let's hope it's not gay cancer. This episode wasn't all sad.. can you say "pop goes the genius? Hell yeah pop genius is back! opps I mean It seeeems pop genius is back! plus more shit ... enjoy the show fucko!!!

 05/19/2012 PBR, Pet Cemetery, Wrestlers | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 10151

- We're drinking 40's of Pabst Blue Ribbon tonight, the more you drink the more you like it. - Curt's couch crabs. - A new drug called Devils Breath being used to turn people into zombies. - We watched a video of a guy hammering nails through his balls. - Steve is depressed and wants to make some changes. - We get on the topic of the movie Pet Cemetery. - Curt and Steve spend a little time talking sports. - Steve shows the guys some cartoons from http://www.apocalypsecartoons.com - Reality show The Devils Ride comes up. - Curt's two minute news and Steve wrestler commentary.

 05/11/2012 Bullying, WeinerBBQ | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7089

- The starts off with a bunch of random talk. - Strangers talking to you because of the shirt you're wearing. - A suggestion was made to do a live remote at an anime convention. - A couple news stories about girls who were bullied and killed themselves this week. - Curt's suicide book. - A kid tries to jump in a pool, from a third story rooftop. - Some more stories about student teacher sex. - WeinerBBQ video is watched...Google it. - Talk about disturbing videos and a few more are watched.

 05/04/2012 Mom bangs son, The Remote Control | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7149

- Show starts off with a news story about a mom who has sex with her 15 year old son. - Curt's bad Dunkin Donuts experience. -Steve's grandmother. - Some TV remote discussion. - More twitter talk. - We call People Who Hates People who are doing a show at Tromadance just like we did last year. - Killer Bud calls in to talk about weed. - Some grandparents tow there 7 year old granddaughter behind their SUV.

 04/20/2012 Constipation, Porn, Pissing | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 8304

- Steve's constipated and is hating life. - Curt's traveling habits. - The guys think Steve is really a senior citizen. - Jewish superman. - Science teacher porn star. - Some talk about our teachers from school. - Curt's story about a woman with her tit hanging out. - Tattooed people drink more. - There's a place where you can pay to kill zombies. - Pissing while driving is talked about. - An old lady crashes her car into a store. - Sex while driving a car?


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